tagErotic HorrorRevenge By Objectification

Revenge By Objectification


This story is for adults only! Do not read any further if you are a minor or offended by nudity/sexual content!

I would like to thank Zipulips and Sihaya for their editing contributions.

Written by Petrifry


Julie and I were sitting on the couch in her campus apartment.

"Rick, I'm not asking you to stop living the way you want to live. But you need to understand I've never been with a guy and I'm not willing to become a notch on your bedpost." She was a tiny (barely 5'1" and about 100lbs soaking wet) shy, soft spoken, studious kind of girl, definitely not the "hook-up" type.

"I know, Julie. If I wasn't willing to understand that, I would have been gone the second I realized that about you." I said. "The way you are is very commendable. I am just blown away from getting to know you these past few months. I'm tired of random hook-ups and I respect that you hold men to a higher standard than that."

I then leaned over and kissed her. She put her arms around me and started kissing me back.

"Let's make tonight a new beginning for both of us." I said softly in between kisses.

Still kissing and with our arms around each other, we made our way into her bedroom. I stepped back and took off my shirt, exposing my large muscular torso. She un-did her scrunchy, letting her long, light brown hair fall down to the middle of her back. Nervously, she stood and allowed me to undress her. Her body had a natural slenderness to it, not so much from working out. She wasn't hot in a "Hollywood" sort of way, but her natural beauty was consistent whether she was dolled-up or just hanging around in sweat pants and a t-shirt.

Eventually, we were naked on the bed. I never got too fancy with those innocent girls. Basically, I use my sweet talk to get their clothes off, then we always end up with me thrusting back and forth in the missionary position. There's was nothing like hearing a girl with a quiet, shy exterior moan in pleasure with a touch of pain. Even though I'm rather large guy, man, was she tight! Prior to that night, she had been a 19-year old virgin!

The next morning, I was dressing as fast as I could before she woke up. You could say I had a gift. I could talk any woman I wanted into bed. I was usually really good about sweet talking them in the after-math of it too, but this was definitely a situation where I needed to just hit the road quick!

As I was leaving the building, I was chuckling over when she said 'notch on the bedpost'.

My phone then beeped with a new text. I was expecting it to be one of my many girls,(If it were Julie, I had no intentions of returning it) but it ended up being my one of my professors.

I walked through the door of my archeology 101 classroom, where Dr. Sandra Stone had told me to meet her immediately. Her classroom looked more like a museum with all the unusual artifacts in display cases everywhere throughout the room. She was facing the board, writing some notes on it for her next class (she also taught sculpting to the art majors).

From the back view, she could easily be mistaken as a student, since she was about 5' 4", slightly stocky, but with a well curved frame. During class her wide, perfectly round butt and her straight, brunette hair that went down just past her shoulders, had always distracted me. I'd have loved to have added her to my list of 'one nighters' I had here at college.

When she turned back around her face revealed that she was in her early forties, but still absolutely bangin'! Her bespectacled brown eyes were burning a hole right through me it seemed. She slightly smirked over busting me checking her out, but she quickly got serious. "Plagiarism is an offense punishable by expulsion!"

"But I can't get expelled!" I pleaded "Can't I just write a new paper? I'll give anything to avoid facing the humiliation of getting kicked out of college. What would people think?"

The smirk returned to her face. "I'll tell you what. Let me talk to one of my sculpting students. She took this archeology class last semester and aced it. She'll tutor you to get you caught up. If your new paper is less than perfect..." she took off her glasses and said with a mocking smile, "you're gone."

Later on I went to the gym. I was having a tough time focusing on my workout, knowing that this was probably the last time I was ever going to see the campus gym. I was sitting in the chest press machine when this little blonde hottie zipped in front of me. I damn near lost my grip on the handles.

She was about 5'6" with long, slightly wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body that showed she was a regular in the gym. She had her gym bag over her shoulder and was wearing jeans and a cropped shirt that revealed her nice tight abs.

"Hey Rick." It was this girl, Tessa. I recognized her alright. I had nailed most of the girls in her sorority and I had a one night stand with her last year. She was the "bad girl" type, but I still had to feed her my lines about how I didn't want a relationship. She seemed strangely okay with it, and what was even stranger was that we became friends after that. "Looks like I'm your tutor." She started to laugh. I knew right away she had some crazy idea.

She explained that if she was going to help me I was going to have to help her with her sculpting class...as a nude figure model. I was quick to comply. It's not like she had never seen me naked before.

As we arrived at the house, I recognized a lot of the girls that were hanging out front, as well as in the hallway when we first walked in(I had banged most of them). Normally, they either avoided me or gave me dirty looks. It was weird that they were smiling as I walked by, almost as if they were anticipating my arrival. The door at the end of the hallway opened into Tessa's living room. She must have done something to get good status around there because she was living in an in-law apartment. "Wait here." She smiled, then went into her kitchen. When she came back she had a glass of wine. "A little something to take the edge off." She explained.

I laughed because I was already calm. "You've seen this before." I said motioning to my body. I had been working on it for years. I had actually gained both some size and tone in the past year.

"Mm hmm," Her smile had become a seductive grin. "and you just might see something later too." She ran her hand across my chest "Try the wine anyway, I made it myself." She handed the glass to me and I tried a sip. It was fruity tasting but I couldn't figure out what kind. I'm a beer guy mostly.

Tessa walked across the room and turned to face me. "Time for you to get naked." She stood with her arms crossed making it clear that she was going to stand and watch me. Her blue eyes were glazed with excitement.

"Your gonna sculpt in your living room?" I asked.

"My way of sculpting doesn't make much of a mess. Now lose the clothes."

I stripped while she stared in admiration. Between pieces of clothing, I took big swigs from the wine. It really was good. By the time I took my last sip I was completely naked.

"So you like the wine?"

"Y-yeah." I said. I was feeling pleasantly buzzed but it didn't feel like alcohol. "What is this? What's happening to me? I can't move!" I was too buzzed to be scared, but I knew for a fact I had been drugged.

Tessa approached me. Her grin now had a touch of evil in it. "Relax. Its just a blend I put together to help you keep still while I make a statue out of this incredible body."

With a soft touch, she ran her hands up my biceps, across my shoulders and chest, then down my abs. She took a step closer almost kissing me, pushing her body against mine and continued her hands down the crevices of my obliques, then the sides of my legs. She took her hands off and walked behind me. She placed her soft hands on my traps and gently glided her fingers down, going along the striations in my back muscles. "I'm going to capture every inch of you in stone."

Despite the feeling of intense euphoria I was still coherent enough to realize that Tessa was acting kind of strange. As she was stepping back around, she ran one hand across my butt. She then put her finger in the ripples between my pecs and traced them, continuing down the cuts in my abs, stopping just before my manhood (which by now was so hard it was almost painful). "That comes after." She whispered. Her touch had made me astronomically aroused to the point where I knew it wasn't normal but at the same time I didn't care. It had to have been the drink and it felt amazing!

Tessa took my glass in one hand and gently pried my fingers off with her other hand. She walked back across the room bending over to place the wine glass on the table. Just watching her heart shaped ass was sending me off in my own world. "Be right back." She called over her shoulder as she went into her room.

I then heard the sound of squeaky casters, followed by the sight of Tessa pushing a large mirror with a duffle bag hanging from her shoulder. She placed the mirror so I could see myself and slung off the bag and opened it. She pulled out a shield. Why did she need a shield to make a sculpture?

"You see Rick, your about to watch a plan unfold that Dr. Stone, my sorority sisters, and I have been working on since last year. For starters, Julie wasn't a virgin. I think you were guy number 2 or 3 for her. We needed the bait to be able to play the part perfectly and she was closest to the real thing. Before we went through with this plan, we wanted to test you and see if you really were that much of a low-life. Congratulations, you passed. Anyway, Dr. Stone showed me this shield and explained it's powers." Tessa held it in the mirror. It had the face of Medusa engraved on it. "As you can see, the reflection does nothing to you. Also," She then held it in front of her face. "Because I'm a chick, I can look right at it and still...nothing."

She lowered the shield and focused her evil smile my way. "When Dr. Stone called and told me we had a candidate to test this out, I thought 'awesome' but when I found out it was you, well that was just too perfect! You're whole life you've looked at women as nothing more than sex objects for your own pleasure. Now it's your turn to found out what it's like to be treated like an object. With this shield, I'm going to turn you to stone. You will be suspended in the feelings of arousal which you are feeling right now, but make no mistake about it. This is for our pleasure." She then said with a giggle, "As far as sex afterwards, well, you're definitely fucked!"

Needless to say, I still didn't take her words seriously but it was clear to me that the situation was weird. I still had the euphoric buzz and the sexual arousal, but I found I could force myself to move slowly. I forced a step towards her.

"Nice!" she said "Your even going to pose for me."

As I took a second step she tilted her head slightly and said, "Mmm...That'll do." She stood with one hand on her hip and held up the shield as if she were a proud warrior. The eyes on the shield as well as her eyes began to glow red.

I instantly froze in mid-walk. My body felt like I had dry skin to the thousandth power, almost as if I was covered in paint and it was starting to harden. I noticed in the mirror - my skin was turning gray. There was a crisp, cracking sound. I had to do something quick! I gave it my all to try to move. I tensed my body up and flexed all my muscles out as far as they would go. If I could speak I would have grunted like I was bench pressing. With all that effort, I felt myself budge about an inch and saw tiny cracks appear all over my body. Before I could even relax my muscles, the cracks quickly smoothed out and the grayish color was getting lighter. Now I couldn't move at all. At first it felt like I was encased in a stone shell but as the color got lighter and the cracking began to sound muffled, it felt like it was sinking deeper into my body. My eyes became little white orbs (I have no idea why I could still see). In the mirror, I saw myself standing there with very detail captured in stone, just as Tessa had said. I had become a white alabaster statue! Tessa's eyes and the shield's stopped glowing. When she lowered the shield she looked as if she was shaking off some cobwebs.

"That was a rush." She replied with a deep exhale.

There was then a knock on the door. "All set!" yelled Tessa.

The door then opened and Dr. Sandra Stone walked in. She looked me up and down as she walked past me. Tessa put the shield back in the bag and handed it to her. She looked at the bag then at me. "Cool!" She commented with an approving nod. She was looking at me in utter amazement, but she seemed more impressed with the effects of the shield than the fact that I was standing in front of her totally naked. Dr. Stone put on her glasses and pulled out a small notebook. In a state of awe she circled around me and inspected me.

She then stopped to knock her knuckles on my chest. As she began jotting down data she admitted to Tessa what she'd done. "I hacked the computer and fixed his records. As far as anyone knows, he got expelled for plagiarism. You'll get a cut of the cash I get for the shield, you get to keep him," She then smiled. "and by the way, he looks absolutely beautiful! He definitely gets you a 4.0 for sculpting class."

"The best thing is we don't have to listen to anymore of his bullshit."

After Dr. Stone left, Tessa yelled into the hallway for her sorority sisters to come in and check this out! As they began piling in, the site of me naked, muscles flexed, turned to stone, and with a big hard-on was met by many giggles. I also heard coos like "wow!" and "That shield thingy actually worked!" Around twenty-five or so girls had filled the room. In time, they all had drinks and a party had gotten underway. They cranked the music up and danced everywhere around me. Throughout the night they continued making comments like, "Tessa knows how to make a man stiff!" or "That body was already rock hard!"

Tessa then called for everyone's attention. "Sisters, tonight is a victory of sorts with a pretty sweet trophy to show for it." She explained to the girls that with the curse she had put on me, I was aware of everything going on around me and that my sexual arousal was more intense. It was like being the entertainment at a bachelorette party. As they became more and more under the influence, and even more rowdier, they took turns dancing provocatively in front of me and running their hands all over my body just as Tessa had done earlier. The sensation on my stone body alone was more incredible than any orgasm I'd experienced before. I still couldn't wait until they got to my favorite part but they would always stop just before touching my member (still 100% at attention in its stone form). Clearly, they were messing with me and I couldn't do anything about it.

At one point during the night, Julie stepped out from the crowd. It looked uncharacteristic of her, the way she was shaking her hips and waving her drink overhead. She lifted her shirt up, just below her breasts as if she were about to flash me. She then let it drop back down and waved her index finger. Even though her voice was drowned out by the music I could tell she was saying "Uh-uh." She then turned her hand around and held her middle finger a few inches from my face. This brought an eruption of cheers.

As the party ended and the last group of girls was leaving, Julie made one last comment to rub it in about my current state. "Hey Rick, don't go anywhere!" I then heard her and her friends laughing as they disappeared into the hallway. It was weird, yet quite arousing to hear her innocent sounding voice speak with such nonchalant evil.

After closing the door, Tessa stood behind me. "So, Mr. Big-Man-on-Campus, did you seriously think you were going to get away with treating us like objects? Well it looks like you're going to be our object for a l-o-o-o-n-g time." She looked me in my stone eyes through the mirror and whispered in my ear. "This just gives whole new meaning the saying 'your ass is mine' hee hee." She gave my stone behind a couple pats.

She then made her rounds shutting off the lights and took one last look at me before going to bed. I felt myself dozing off as well. I guess even as a statue you need to sleep.

When I awoke I saw that I had been moved. I was on a pedestal at the far end of the long hallway facing towards the front door where I stand to this day. I'm part of the tour whenever the new girls are being shown the house. Whereas the new girls just take a quick looks at me as they walk by, the girls from the party would occasionally pause to look me in my eyes and give me a quick wink.

As the years went by, I recognized fewer and fewer of the girls from the party that night. Eventually, they had all graduated and moved on, never revealing to the new girls that I had been a real man once. To the current sorority sisters living in the house, I am nothing more than a decoration. I am a mere object for their viewing pleasure.

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