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Review: Sexy Pictures


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Fifteen (15) Sexy Pictures.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Lezley Zen (as Leslie), Frank Mercuri (as Barry), Taylor St. Claire (as Tama) and Chris Gustafson (as Chad).

A happily married couple who can't make up their minds on what to do for their anniversary decide to have their own erotic film made.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Sexy Pictures, she tells the audience that tonight's subject is sexy anniversary gifts. She says that sometimes we all need a little help in that area.

Leslie is the first caller and congratulates Veronica on the one-year anniversary of her show, then begins to tell the audience about the sexiest anniversary gift she ever received. Leslie and Barry have been married for 5 years and each year, they try to come up with something different. This year, they were stumped on what to do until a conversation with Leslie's best friend, Karen.

Leslie is a petite woman with extremely huge breasts and shoulder-length black hair and her husband, Barry, has a medium build and short dark hair. Barry arrives home early and says that he's figured out what to do for their anniversary and Leslie says that she has an idea also, but tells him to go first. Barry says, "Remember when we were tired but we wanted to do it but we needed a little jump start? What did we do?"

The answer to that question is that they watched a porn movie together and the scene changes to the two of them in bed together, watching a show. Leslie asks if this makes him horny and he says yes. It seems that it's not quite having the same effect on her but when he reaches for her and starts kissing and touching her, she responds.

Barry begins to kiss her, then moves to her breasts, nibbling on her nipples before removing her panties and giving her pussy some attention. They trade places with Leslie on top and she impales herself on his cock, bouncing until she has an orgasm. Again, they trade places with Barry in back and he pounds her until they both explode.

Barry suggests that they make their own video and Leslie agrees. The next day, they visit the company, called Sexy Pictures. Tama, a blonde with huge tits, tells them about the company and gives them a catalog and a video example of the company's work. At home, they sit down to watch the video and to their surprise, it's Tama. It seems that the air conditioner had broken down and needs to be repaired and she's keeping herself cool by rubbing ice onto her neck and in between her breasts.

There's a knock and a handsome guy named Chad with medium build and short, dark hair, comes by to fix the machine. While he's tinkering, Tama goes into the other room and starts to undress, unaware (or not?) that Chad is watching her. The movie seems to be getting Barry and Leslie hot. In the video, Tama goes in to take a shower, notices Chad watching and invites him in. The action between Barry and Leslie heats up. Chad does down on Tama in the shower, then arises and slides into her from behind.

Though they make an appointment the following week, Leslie is still uncomfortable with one aspect of the filmmaking. Chad and Tama will be in the room with them while they're making the video. She wants the movie to be as natural as possible and recalls that Tama also said that she and Chad did not have to be in the room, either. They work out the story on that visit, then return again to actually make the video.

Tama comes in to give them bad news: the automatic camera is broken. Leslie is upset because she wants to make the video today, their anniversary. Tama explains that the automatic camera won't be fixed until next week and that the only way to have the video done today is by using the hand-held camera and that would mean Chad and she would be in the room with them. Leslie is at first uncomfortable with that idea, but Tama talks her into it.

They arrive on the set they've picked, dressed in costumes from the Regency era and Tama gives them a few pointers. The action begins and Barry blindfolds Leslie, then cups her breasts from the back, removing her bustier and panties. He lifts and places her on the bed, tying her wrists to the bed posts. Now secured, he removes his own clothing, then starts kissing her, concentrating on her breasts at first, then on her pussy, giving her a hard orgasm.

He removes the blindfold, pulls her up and they start to fuck sitting upright, their bodies slapping together until she cums, then they change to doggie style, with Barry again pounding her from the back. They cum together.

Leslie says that they forgot about anyone else being in the room and that the greatest thing is that they can relive it over and over again. Veronica has to interrupt for an unusual request and smiles as she introduces another caller: Tama. Tama says that she and Chad were listening and immediately remembered Barry and Leslie and wants to tell the rest of the story. Veronica is intrigued and Tama continues.

Tama tells how seeing Barry and Leslie and how much they loved each other inspired them to make another film of their own, with the same set and costumes as the other couple used. Chad undresses Tama, gives her a little head, then takes her doggie style first, then has her ride him until they cum.

Both couples thank each other for their experiences and wish Veronica a happy anniversary.

OPINION: One out of four. You've heard my complaints before about this series. No penetration and vanilla sex, at least vanilla to me. I do have lots of praises of Taylor St. Claire's breasts. They were very large, yes, but very real. Not hard and immovable like Lezlie Zen's boobs.

Once again, I say, rent or buy real porn. Leave cable sex for the conservatives ...

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