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Review: The Ultimate Companion


Thrills. The Ultimate Companion.

Starring Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds), Jason Schnuit (as Dan Tagart), Teanna Kai (as Adriana), Kimber Lynn (as Christy), Uri Kolokol (as Tyler), Melissa McKee (as Jacqueline), David Guzzone (as Jasper), Madison Gray (as Selena) and Nicki Dolan (as Dr. Barbara Teller).

A female sex robot seems too good to be true.

* * * * *

A female scientist, Dr. Teller, leads a young man, Dan, into a lab area and explains to him that this is where the chemicals are tested for aphrodisiac qualities and he quips that beer usually does it for him. An assistant comes in with a vial of blue liquid and announces that the chemical is ready to test. Dr. Teller reaches for it, ignoring Dan's warning about testing it in such a manner and drinks it down. She begins to cough, removing her glasses and unbinding her hair while Dan watches, concerned that she's ill.

When she begins to undress, he looks at her strangely but drinks the potion she gives him and becomes as hot and bothered as he is. His clothes come off as well and soon, he has her pinned to the wall, rubbing her breasts while he licks her pussy through the black lace panties she's wearing. Next, she returns the favor, pulling his pants down and sucking his cock. He rids her of her panties and goes down on her again, then slides into her, fucking her hard until they both cum. Afterward, he asks if she's okay, then tells her that it's going to be one hell of a story.

Dan tells his colleagues that the FDA refused to approve the aphrodisiac because it was too powerful and the guys don't believe his story. He picks up a rack with six vials of orange liquid and says, "That's okay. All the more for me." Felicia begins the editor's meeting with the question, "What is the future of sex in the 21st century?" and wants to focus the next issue on cutting edge sex technology.

Jacqueline pipes up and says that she's heard of some men's colognes that drive women wild. As others make suggestions, Dan asks who the new reporter is and when the meeting ends, Felicia introduces him to Christy. Dan extends his hand but she doesn't take it; he asks her a question and she doesn't respond. Felicia presses a few buttons on a remote, gives an order for voice recognition with Dan and Christy lowers her head, rebooting. Dan doesn't know what's going on and doesn't believe Felicia when she explains that Christy is an android.

When Christy raises her head, lights flash in her eyes and she stands, introducing herself as the Christy 9000 Cybernetic Pleasure Companion and says that her programmers have chosen him to test all over her features. Felicia tells him that Christy is his for the weekend. Dan still thinks that it's a joke but Felicia hands him the remote and tells him that he wanted a story and she expects it at the end of the weekend.

Dan takes her home and chases one departing roommate, Adriana, out before bringing her inside. Christy tantalizes him with a show of her functions, showing her flexibility and her large breasts. He's very impressed but asks if she can whip up something for dinner. She replies that she is not programmed for housekeeping. When she goes to change into her nurse's outfit, another roommate, Tyler, shows up and he's stunned to see Christy. Dan introduces them and Tyler also finds it hard to believe that she's an android.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of a sex survey they've taken. According to their readers, the five sexiest bedroom toys are: 5. Blindfolds, 4. Mirrors, 3. Video Cameras, 2. Costumes and 1. Imagination.

Dan goes to undress and Christy says that she can sense that he's nervous. She takes her nurse outfit off and puts his hand on her breast, telling him that she likes to give and receive pleasure. Just as he thinks it's getting hot, Christy says that her battery is low and plugs herself into the wall outlet. As a result, a fuse is blown and Dan says that he's going to go sleep on the couch.

The next morning, Christy tries to awaken him but he's deep asleep. She undresses and rubs her breasts against his cock while licking the inside of his thigh. When that doesn't work, she rubs her nipple against his mouth but he still doesn't wake up. Even using his hand to squeeze her breast doesn't work so she goes back to rubbing her breasts across his groin, pleasuring herself with her fingers while she rubs his bulge. She cums, kisses him then lies down at the end of the bed.

Dan awakens her later and is still unnerved by her. While on his computer in the den, Dan is interrupted by a half-naked Christy, dressed only in his boxer shorts and he asks her to put some clothes on. She leaves just as Adriana arrives. She's back early because her boyfriend broke up with her. Nervous, Dan offers to buy her breakfast but before they can leave, Christy comes down, dressed in a schoolgirl's uniform and begs Dan to give her a spanking.

Adriana replies that she didn't know he was into role-playing and Dan says he isn't. Tyler comes in and calls him his hero. Dan tells Adriana to go get ready and Christy says that she can sense that she is distressed and Dan asks her to give Adriana a massage.

Another Readers Poll survey pops up. Top five sexiest cyborgs: 5. Maria (Metropolis), 4. Borg Queen (Star Trek), 3. Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost In The Shell), 2. Pris (Blade Runner) and 1. The Fembots (Austin Powers).

Christy runs a bubble bath for Adriana and she asks how they met. Christy explains that she's an android and shows Adriana a blinking disc on the back of her neck. Adriana asks if she can touch her and just before they kiss, Adriana pulls back, saying that she doesn't kiss strangers. Christy tells her that she's built to please, undresses and joins Adriana in the bath.

Soon, the women are caressing each other's bodies and kissing each other. Christy goes down on Adriana in a standing position, then has her sit on the edge of the tub, squeezing Adriana's breasts as she sucks her pussy. Adriana drapes herself over Christy's leg and they hump each other until they cum together.

Another Readers Pool survey appears. Top Five Dress-Up Fantasies: 5. French Maid and Millionaire, 4. Highway Cop and Biker Chick, 3. Sheik and Slave Girl, 2. Night Nurse and Patient, and 1. School Girl and Principal.

Fresh from the bath, Adriana talks to Dan about the android and he tells her that he hasn't test-driven her because she's too high maintenance. She doesn't believe him and Dan says that the real reason is that she's too perfect. Christy overhears and walks away, upset. Dan says that she's too programmed and that she's not capable of feeling emotion. Later, Adriana comes down dressed to kill and tells Dan that she's going out dancing with the girls. He suggests that she ask Christy to come along but she says that she already did and Christy said that she was busy.

Christy comes downstairs, tells Dan that she overheard what he said and has a solution. She must delete all of her sexual knowledge and she presses the disc on her neck, going limp. Dan carries her into the bedroom and when she awakens, he kisses her. She's surprised and asks what it was. Dan is overjoyed to show her again and they begin to make love, this time, with everything new for her. He touches and licks her body, taking care to suck her nipples and she flips him over, rubbing her breasts all over his body before spending some time sucking his pole. Christy impales herself on him and rides them both to an orgasm.

Felicia's voice awakens Dan from a daydream and he looks around, surprised to find himself in the editorial meeting. When he looks up, Christy is sitting across from him and she gives him a knowing wink.

OPINION: One out of four. Pure Limburger cheese. Avoid at all costs.

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