tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRhair Entry Ch. 2

Rhair Entry Ch. 2


Mom was always hungry for sex but my initial foray into sex was not very pleasant. My friend Bernadette was a voluptuous beauty. She was very buxom and we often used to go out to the beach. She did not mind that I was a whore’s daughter and we had lots of fun together. We used to walk on the beach with our shoes in our hand and enjoy the splash of water against our ankles. Bernadette was extremely hirsute and even though her jeans were folded just above her ankles thick hair grew on her calves. We talked about our future and how she had received an offer to act in a movie and her plans to make it big on the screen. She was a beauty and I was happy for her. As for myself being a whore’s daughter my dreams were limited and I was hoping to become a florist in the city.

We were so caught up in our thoughts that a big wave caught us by surprise and completely wet us. Bernadette took off her wet jeans and her soaked T-shirt, and stood there in her panties only. Her massive breasts spilled out of her bra and she had huge bushes of jet-black hair in her unshaven underarms. I had not taken off my shirt since I have a heavy pelt of hair in my unshaven armpits and my pubic hair spills out of my panties too but seeing Bernadette not ashamed of her hirsuteness emboldened me to remove my shirt too.

As I turned around I saw a few boys looking at us intently. He stared right at her and that's exactly what she'd hoped he'd do, rather than walk away or turn around and he was staring right at her breasts, covered with goose bumps, the nipples stiff from the cold water. We could see that a big, hard bulge was quickly forming in the crotch of the man's jeans. It was very arousing and it was a sight I always relished. I really liked to see that a guy had a stiff cock under his pants, and that it was I or maybe Bernadette who had given him that stiff cock. We walked further away when I heard some catcalls behind me. “Isn’t that hairy girl that whore Serena’s daughter? I heard that her mother fucks two or three men together. She sucks off men while another fucks her. Maybe her daughter likes it that way too”.

I was aghast and ashamed to hear the sneering tone of these hooligans. While I loved a big cock and sex was something I enjoyed it was at my terms. Bernadette seemed to enjoy the talk and I was angry with her for enjoying the men having fun at my expense. I walked away from her and despite my protests did not join her back. Anyway it was getting dark and I wanted to go home but I was waiting for my shirt/jeans to dry so that I could wear them again. I looked for a secluded part of the beach and having found one with no one around I sat down there. I was wondering where Bernadette was even as my anger subsided.

I finally saw her about 50 yards away. I was transfixed at the sight. There were two men close to her standing either side of her as she unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. What happened next I still don't believe as she reached up taking a cock in each hand she slowly started to stroke them both. She leaned forward taking the taller one in her mouth and started to suck him with long full strokes until he was fully erect. All the while she continued to stroke the shorter man who had a larger cock. She was slurping loudly and sucking him in deep and quick. Then she started to alternate between sucking one then the other. She kept stroking them both and started to lick their lengths and flick her tongue quickly along them. I had seen Mom sucking two huge pricks sometimes trying to cram both pricks in her mouth but seeing Bernadette do so excited me and I was a little wet from watching her suck the two huge strangers. I was concentrating on what she was doing when two guys were upon me. On caught hold of my wrists and pulled me towards him. My face was level with his crotch and I could see the huge bulge in his jeans. The other man caught hold of my hair and pulled it making me scream in pain. As she licked along the bottom of Darrell's cock, she looked over at me and said, "What's the matter whore? Don't you want to have some fun too? Surely you have sucked cock before like your Mom. You know your Mom has sucked my prick in the whorehouse and she sure enjoyed my large prick don’t you want to see my cock" My face turned crimson and I felt dirty and violated even as he tugged at my head hair. “Johnny unzip yourself and show the hirsute whore your big prick. Let her get used to your prick before I show her my massive pole.” Johnny looked at the other man and did not seem bold enough to unzip himself “are you sure Frankie wont we be caught?” he said.

Frankie pushed the other man and ordered him to unzip himself. “Johnny once she sees your salami she will devour it. She’s a whore’s daughter and she will love sucking your cock like her mother. See her friend loving cock”.

I turned around and saw that Bernadette was on her knees straddling the shorter man while sucking on the larger man. I could clearly see the man whose cock was in her hairy pussy was thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. The look on her face was of total abandon. Johnny standing next to me soon unzipped himself with his pants around his ankles stroking his cock a foot away from my face. I turned away from him only to see to my right was Frankie standing in the same fashion. Frankie was really big. I looked down at my breasts and realized that indeed my nipples were poking through my bra and I realized just how incredibly damp I was. I was amazed at myself in that I let them do this with no resistance. I shivered when Johnny rubbed the tip of his cock around my clearly visible nipple. He told Frankie, "she is so wet and ready for us and isn’t she so hairy. Look at the long strands of hair in her unshaven armpits." and I knew he was right as he could feel my wetness that had soaked through my panties and I do have extremely bushy armpits. Frankie said “Johnny you have not seen he Mother’s matted armpits. The whore has so much hair in her armpits and pubic mound that you cannot see her pussy”.

Johnny was excited while Frankie was composed. I now turned and looked up at Frankie but I could not see anything as in front of me was the largest prick I had seen. The huge shaft extended down his right thigh, as thick as my forearm; He was circumcised and the knob was enormous, it looked almost as big as a football. I was fascinated by the size of it, and could feel a hot blush spreading rapidly over my face. He grabbed my hands and put it on his hot pulsating monster prick even as my hand was shaking. I took hold of the shaft and he positioned the head of his bulbous prick near my mouth. I was so humiliated, kneeling half naked in front of these strange men, with my mouth open, ready to suck their cocks.

Frankie said, “bitch start sucking my hard prick as he tugged at my unshaven armpits”. It hurt and I started to swirl my tongue around the head, he started moaning a little. I closed my mouth on it and started sucking. It wasn't long before he started really moaning. Johnny said, "Better swallow it all whore," and just then, Frankie shoved his cock right in and started pumping my face. I couldn't do anything but kneel there with my mouth open while he fucked my face. He grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth on his cock. He stood perfectly still and used my hair to move my mouth back and forth on his cock. It was hitting the back of my throat and was making me gag. This just made him laugh and do it more roughly. Finally, he groaned loudly and pulled his cock out and sprayed my face with his hot cum. Then he slapped my face with his cock a couple times. Johnny was jerking himself and he made me stroke him as well.

Frankie pulled me up off of my knees and said “Johnny I think she is ready to be fucked.” I was to be raped by these animals.

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