Rich Bitch Ch. 1


She began bouncing up and down on my face as I ate her and I could tell her movements were quickening and she screamed and I felt her orgasm on my tongue, drinking it in. I sucked on her tight pussy until the flow stopped and she pulled her legs off my shoulders and put them back on the ground, although her weak knees made it hard for her to support herself with them. I hadn't gotten to feel her mouth last night, so I pushed her to her knees and took off my gunbelt and opened my pants and brought my cock to her lips and she dove on it, swallowing it all in one thrust as she moaned deep in her throat.

She sucked on my cock, like she hadn't had one in years and I grabbed her head and stroked her pretty blonde hair as she engulfed me. I looked down and saw this 19 year old beauty swallowing my cock with each thrust and feeling her chin hit my balls and I grabbed a handful of her hair and pumped her mouth full of cum as she sucked hard to swallow it all and moaned as she did.

She slowly pulled her mouth off of me and looked up and I saw my jism hanging on her chin and I pulled her to her feet. That was about the best blow job I ever had and I grabbed her tits and squeezed them and then spun her around and pushed her halfway up on the hood of her car and spread her legs. I grabbed my nightstick and twirled it in her juices and then put the end just inside her pussy lips and she moaned loud. I pushed it in a couple of inches and her tight pussy fought to adjust to it's size as she begged me for more.

I got almost 5 inches of it in her and began to pump it in and out as she arched her back and screamed out her orgasm and I watched her pussy grasp my nightstick as her juices flowed over it. As her body went limp, I pulled it out and decided to rub it across her anus to see her reaction, "No!!" she screamed.

"A cock, but not that," and I removed it and lay it down as I stroked my cock and brought it to her puckered little rectum. She could tell it was my cock this time, "YES!! FUCK MY ASS!!!" she screamed and I pushed my cock in her and she tried to fuck it back. She raised her legs and wrapped them around me, as best as she could as I hammered her tight little ass. I grabbed her handcuffed wrists and pulled her against my cock as I fucked her.

She began to scream uncontrollably as her orgasm ripped through her and it was all I could stand and I fucked my load into her tight ass hole. I slowly released her wrists and she lay back down and I pulled my cock out as her rectum fought to hold on to it.

'She was one hot fuck,' I thought to myself and I began to harden again as I remembered she still had one hole I hadn't filled yet. I rolled her on her back and she complained that the handcuffs hurt as she rested on her arms and I uncuffed her and recuffed her hands in front of her. I moved between her legs again and pushed my cock to her waiting pussy lips as she drew it inside and I bent my head to her perky little tits and she yelled as I engulfed her tit, "They hurt from being rubbed on the hood. Be easy," and I lightly sucked her nipple as I prodded her loins with my cock. She wrapped her legs around me and prompted me deeper as I slammed into her tight box. She wrapped her handcuffed wrists around my neck as I sucked on her tits and blew my load in her, both of us moaning loudly as I did.

We slowly recovered and she kissed me, "That was a dream come true," she said as I uncuffed her and she gathered her clothes. I pulled my pants up and redressed, and watched her dress. After she dressed, we talked, "I am a married man Melissa. And I love my wife very much. But I had to have you again," she smiled, "I know Bob. That's why I had dad ask you to keep an eye on me. I wasn't totally out of it last nite, I just pretended to be," and she kissed me.

"It will be our little secret Bob, But I expect to see you the nights you work to help me with my problem." I looked at her questioningly, "What problem is that Melissa?" She stroked my cock through my pants, "I'm a bad girl, Officer and you need to handle me sometimes," and she kissed me and got in her car and left. I walked back to my cruiser and looked at my watch, I'd been off the air for and hour! I struggled for an excuse and then pulled the fuse out of my radio and dropped it to break it and then put it back in. I stopped at a payphone and called in and told them my radio didn't seem to be working and they bought it and had me leave my cruiser to have it looked at. I showered at the station and changed, not wanting Karen to smell Melissa on me and put on my civilian clothes and headed home.

The house was dark when I got home, 'good Karen's asleep,' I thought as I headed up the steps. She was in bed and the moonlight showed her beautiful face as I pulled my clothes off and got into bed. I pulled the covers over me and settled into my pillows when I felt her hand moving over my thigh. Her fingers pulled my cock out of my shorts and stroked it as she moved her face to mine and we kissed and amazingly, my cock was getting hard again. She stroked it's length as her tongue probed my mouth and she used her free hand to expose her tits to me.

She did have some gorgeous tits, I had to admit that. Hers and Melissa's were about the same size, but Melissa's were tighter, whereas Karen's had a slight sag, as I stroked her nipple feeling it grow in my fingers. She removed her mouth from mine and tearing my grip from her tits, pulled her gown off and then moved down to my crotch where she took my cock between her lips, sucking it ever so gently.

I grabbed her legs and pulled them to straddle my face as I smelled her scent and her pubic hair tickled my nose. I dipped my tongue into her and she sucked me harder as I did. I tongued her pussy and then lightly nibbled on her clit, which made her go crazy on my cock. 'She never could resist that,' I told myself as I felt her juices begin to flow and she devoured my cock, forcing it deep into her mouth and grating her teeth over it as she withdrew. Her fingers massaged my balls as her mouth swallowed my cock and it felt so good.

I wondered though, if I could come again so soon, after feeding Melissa so many orgasms, I didn't have to wait long to find out as my cock erupted into Karen's sweet mouth and I heard her trying to swallow it all. I increased my eating on her pussy as she jerked and flooded my mouth with her gift, and I swallowed all of her as well. She moved off of me and came up and kissed me and we shared each other's gifts as our tongues probed each other's mouths.

She moved up and offered her tits to my waiting mouth as I sucked one and then the other and my cock, much to my surprise, was stabbing her thigh. She threw her leg over me and reached down and guided my cock into her canal as she slowly pushed down on it, taking all of me inside of her. She raised up and began to rock back and forth on my cock, fucking me ever so slowly. I raised my head and captured a nipple, sucking on it as she fucked me.

She jerked her tit from my mouth as she bolted upright and screamed and I felt her pussy spasm around my cock and get so wet as she came. She speared herself on my cock at a faster rate now, trying to make my cock fill her with cum, and I was afraid that there just wasn't any left to give as she worked it in and out of herself. She arched her back and came again as she fucked me, screaming for me to join her and I finally felt my cock spurt it's juice into her as she slowed to a stop and kept me inside of her and dropped down and kissed me. As my cock withdrew, she moved down and cleaned it with her mouth and I prayed it wouldn't even act like it was getting hard again, I was totally spent! She got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and came back and we snuggled as we went to sleep.

I woke up to an empty bed, as Karen had gone to work and I jumped in the shower. I finished my shower and got out and came back into the bedroom to find Melissa, sitting on my bed! "How did you get in here?" I asked her as she smiled at me. "Nobody locks their doors around here," she said as she grabbed my towel and jerked it off. She grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me towards her, "I need this Officer," and she smiled. "No!! Not here!!" I said as I took her hand off of me. "This is our little secret Melissa, and it doesn't include you in my home!" and she hung her head.

"Just let me blow you and I promise to never come here again," she said as she smiled up at me. My cock was beginning to harden and I said ok, just this once. Then she pulled my nightstick up from behind her back, "But, you have to fuck me with this at the same time!" and she smiled.

'What had I gotten myself into,' I asked myself as I took the nightstick from her and she pulled her skirt up around her waist, revealing that she had no panties on. She grabbed the nightstick and pulled it to her lips, licking all around it and drawing it into her mouth and then as she pulled it out, she deposited a small amount of spittle an the end and lowered it to her pussy as she spread her legs and pulled it inside of herself.

Then she pulled my cock to her mouth with her other hand and sucked me in her mouth swirling her tongue around it. I began to fuck her pussy with the nightstick as I fucked her mouth with my cock and she opened her shirt and rubbed her braless tits. As her excitement built, she accepted more and more of my cock and the nightstick as her fingers twisted her nipples and she arched her back and my cock slid into her throat as the nightstick plunged deep inside of her and a muffled yell came out and it was too much and I unloaded my cum in her throat as she struggled to breathe through her nose and swallow too.

As my orgasm subsided, I looked to see a good 8 inches of my nightstick inside of her and she sucked to get the last of my cum. Her nipples were bright red from her twisting and as my cock left her mouth, she fell back on the bed, my nightstick still buried in her, "That was fucking awesome!!!" she said as she got her breath again. My nervousness got the best of me and I rushed her to go, before we got caught. She stood up and still had my nightstick protruding from her as she slowly pulled it out, savoring the feeling and then offered it's slick surface to me to lick.

Her juices tasted great as I licked them from the stick and then she asked me to eat her, "NO!! You need to go now!!" I told her as she pulled her skirt down and fixed her shirt and then kissed me, rubbing my cock back to life as she did, "Now, Melissa!!" and she reluctantly turned me loose. "Daddy will be away on business for the next two days, come see me," she said and smiled, "No, I can't take that chance," I told her. She blew me a kiss as I watched that ass walk away from me and towards the stairs and then I heard the front door open and close.

I got dressed and headed out, making sure that Melissa had left no telltale marks to give us away. I found a wet spot on the sheet and got a washcloth and cleaned it up and then left for work.

After roll call, the sergeant called me in to his office, "Bob, I've got a special assignment for you for the next two days," I looked at him, "Yeah, Sarge. What is it?"

He handed me a piece of paper signed by the sheriff, "Seems like Mr. Barnett will be out of town for two days and he has requested you to protect his daughter. Seems like someone's made some threats against her life. It has him quite upset and the sheriff offered around the clock protection and Mr. Barnett asked for you specifically."

I could have died, that scheming little rich bitch. She knew her daddy's money and influence could get her anything she wanted and she was right.

"But Sarge, 48 hours straight duty?" I asked him.

"Sheriff's orders. Call your wife and tell her you are on special assignment. Overtime will be included and Mr. Barnett has promised to reimburse the sheriff's department for your salary."

I was torn, one part of me wanted to fuck Melissa half to death, but the other side didn't like the fact that she had manipulated me this way. "That's all Bob," and I turned and left. Served me right for fucking the little bitch and then taking her home to daddy, he liked me now. I went by the mill to see Karen at work and she was kind of upset that I would be gone for two days straight, but said she understood that it was my job. 'I was going to have to teach this little rich bitch a lesson after all this,' I thought as I left the mill and headed out on patrol.

I saw Melissa's car parked at the old drive in movie, it hadn't been open for years, and I drove in to look for her. I parked by the concession stand and saw that the door was open and walked towards it. There, sitting on the counter was Melissa, still dressed in the same clothes and she smiled as I walked in, "Hi Bob. Been waiting on you to come by." I saw her start to spread her legs as I walked up and her blonde bush slowly came into view, my cock twitched.

"Why Melissa?" I asked her and she reached down and stroked my cock through my pants.

"I want to fuck you Bob and I don't want to be rushed," she said as she unzipped my pants and fished my hard cock out.

"But why say you've been threatened Melissa?" I asked as she jacked my cock.

"They have Bob. Those two guys from the other night said they were going to rape me for real," and she slipped down off the counter and dropped to her knees and slipped my cock in her mouth. She was a conniving little bitch, but I had to admit that I liked fucking her as I grabbed her head and tried to jam my cock down her throat like this morning. My cock went deeper and deeper as she sucked on it and it soon made it to her throat and exploded, sending a torrent of cum down her throat as she gulped it down. She slowly pulled my cock from her mouth, licking it all over before letting go and pulling her skirt off and climbing back on the counter, spreading her legs, "Eat me Bob."

I put my head between her legs and licked her wet slit and her clit, as I spread the lips of her pussy with my fingers. I looked up and she had opened her top again and was twisting her nipples as I sank my tongue in her and she writhed on the counter. She threw her legs up on my shoulder and thrust her pussy at me as she shrieked and came on my face. I lapped up her juices and nibbled on her clit which caused her to cum again as I watched her contort her nipples in her passion.

I grabbed her skirt and cleaned off my face and pulled her down and took her hands and handcuffed her to the a support pole in the middle of the room and pulled her by the waist until she was bent over and stretched out as far as she could go. I kicked her legs apart with my knee as I brought my cock to bear on her rosy ass hole, "Oh God yes Bob, FUCK MY ASS!!!" she screamed as I pushed my cock in. I skewered her puckered little hole as I realized that I had come to enjoy ass fucking and pumped her with a frenzy as she wailed and begged me to fuck her harder.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her ass to meet my thrusts as she got even more vocal and had yet another orgasm, still begging me to fuck her harder. She began to constrict her ass hole around my cock and it made me explode into her tender ass as I screamed out my own pleasure.

'If only Karen would let me have her ass,' I thought, it may never have come to Melissa. I pulled my cock out and leaned back on the counter to catch my breath as I looked at my little rich bitch, handcuffed to a pole, her tits hanging out, naked from the waist down as my jism leaked from her ass hole.

I uncuffed her and told her I had to get back to work as she dressed and I pulled my zipper up, "See you tomorrow Bob. We're going to have a great two days," and she blew me a kiss as I walked out. I finished my shift without seeing Melissa again and it gave me about 6 hours to recuperate before I went home to Karen. The bedroom light was still on as I pulled up and I knew she would want to have sex, since I would be gone for two days. I walked into the bedroom to find Karen, quietly reading a book and she smiled up at me as he walked in.

I pulled off my uniform and climbed into bed and she moved next to me and I could feel a hard nipple pressed into my side as she kissed me. Her kiss started slow at first, but then deepened as she drove her tongue into my mouth and her hand moved to my cock, gently stroking it. My cock grew at her touch, aching to get out of my shorts and she obliged it as she stroked it's length. Her hands stroked it and cupped my balls as she kissed me and my hands went to her rock hard nipples and rubbed them.

She pulled away from my mouth and stopped and took her night gown off and then pulled my T-shirt up and over my head and tugged to get my shorts down and as she got them off my feet, she buried my cock in her mouth and her hands worked on my balls. I was trying to decide which one of them gave the best head, when Karen suddenly stopped and raised up to face me, "I want you to fuck my ass Bob," I could have fainted.

All the discussions and my continued requests and now, out of the blue, she wants me to fuck her in the ass. "You've always argued against it. What made you change your mind?" I asked her. She sat and stared at me for a long while and then showed me the book she was reading, an erotic novel and she smiled up at me, "This woman in the book had never been fucked in the ass before and she described what it felt like. I want to try it. I'm not saying that I will definitely like it, but I'm game," and she smiled. My cock got so fucking hard, I was getting very used to Melissa's tight ass, but I knew Karen's was virgin and that turned me on.

She went to the bathroom and got some kind of vaginal moisturizer that we had used when she had a dryness problem and handed it to me, "Tell me what to do," she said and looked at me. "Well Babe, I'm no fucking expert, you know," and she looked at me and got sad, "What is there to know?" I said and motioned for her to get on her hands and knees and told her to stick her ass up in the air and I shoved a couple of pillows under her stomach. I pushed her legs apart and her anus came into view and my cock jumped an inch, then I squirted the moisturizer onto it and rubbed it in, slowly working my finger inside and she jumped, "Got to relax Babe," I said and she apologized as my finger worked the moisturizer inside her rectum.

I let my fingers stroke her pussy as I worked on her ass and she relaxed and began to moan and I added a finger to her ass and squirted some more lube on it. I pulled my finger out and buried my thumb in her pussy as I moved my cock towards her virgin hole and she jumped as the head of my cock made contact, "Relax Karen, you have to relax," and I pushed slightly forward and the head popped through and she gasped. I left the head there and worked on her pussy with my thumb, although the angle was bad. I fucked her pussy with my thumb and felt it get very wet and she began to moan and I slowly slid some more of my cock in her ass, no objections.

I had to remove my hand from her pussy as it became impossible to do both and my cock slid in to it's full length and she moaned loudly. I began to fuck her now, slow and easy, and she began to loosen up and even fuck back. I placed my hands on her waist and fucked her harder, constantly picking up speed and I heard her moan louder and then she began to pant and scream out as she came, thrusting her ass back at me, burying me deep inside of her and that was all it took and I felt my cum shoot into her and I slumped over her back, buried in her sweet ass. "Oh God Bob, that was a lot better than I thought it would be," she gasped, out of breath. I pulled my cock from Karen's ass and got up and headed for the bathroom and she followed. We cleaned up and got back in bed, still naked, and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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