tagMatureRich Bitch Pt. 05

Rich Bitch Pt. 05


I hope you enjoy this story.


Sunday morning at Ivan's

While still in a deep sleep, I dreamed that my breasts were being touched. What was happening? Oh yeah, I was in Ivan guest bedroom the morning after going to the soccer match with the posse. Laying on my back, I slightly opened an eye to see what was going on. I realized my new young friend Linda, the girl that had shared the dares at the match, was rubbing my large melons. With barely one eye opened, I saw that she was propped on an elbow and inspecting my breasts rubbing them very gently the way girls can.

I kept quiet until she rubbed down my stomach and found my fat muff. She lightly stroked in exactly the right place. She stroked until I had the most pleasant orgasm.

I finally spoke, "Well that is a nice way to wake up."

Linda said, "I'm sorry. I was just admiring your body and well thought you would like a little wake up call."

"Oh, don't be sorry. What a nice way to wake up. But how can you admire my middle-aged body?"

She moved her hand back to my large melon and said, "I know you had some work on them, but it is so hard to tell. I can't believe how big and full they are. They hold their shape so well. You have a firm but shapely stomach. And you pussy is well big, fat, soft and I am sure men love it."

I raised on my elbow and pushed her on her back. Her breasts were natural, so they flattened out to spread to the side where mine stood up even when I was on my back. I started rubbing her young breasts. I said, "No need to be envious of my breasts, these are big, natural and wonderful." Her areolas were small and very red with small hard nubs. I could see her nipples hardening and elongating.

She closed her eyes and started to moan. As I played with her nipples to make them even longer, she whispered, "I had wet dreams all night and couldn't help myself this morning. Sorry if I offended you."

I said, "No problem. I don't mind a little girl action." I rubbed down her stomach to a navel ring. I said, "You are so slim. Your stomach is so flat and hard. I could never get your shape."

She whispered, "I think you know that men like your shape. You are a buxom vixen. I guess I am a big tittied hard body."

"I like your naval jewelry." She had a pieced navel with a gold ring with a short dangling chain mesh.

I continued to her patch of red pubic hair that had been shaped in a triangle above her clit. Her white skin made the red patch of hair stick out. Her pussy was a small slit in an otherwise smooth mound. I found her small swelling nub, hidden by the hood. She moaned as I stroked this nub. She jerked with an orgasm.

She raised on her elbow and hugged me saying, "Thanks I needed that, but wouldn't you like a nice hard male dick to start the morning. Let give Ivan a wake-up call. Or is that against the rules."

I smiled, "Not that I know of. The sleeping naked is Ivan's rule. The not sleeping with Ivan is my rule. I want to keep some separation between us."

Linda asked, "Because you work together?"

"And the age difference. We are just fuck pals."

"Then let's go get some hard dick."

We quietly opened the door to Ivan's room. He raised on his elbows, "I was just about to go wake you girls."

We stepped side by side to his bed. Linda asked, "Which set of titties do you like best?"

Ivan sat on the bed facing us. He said, "Well now that is a question that requires some investigation. Let's see." He took Linda's breasts and rubbed all around them. He pinched her nipples. "These are mighty fine breasts. Let's see how they taste." He kissed each breast and then sucked her nipples hard. "Hum, hum, taste like peaches."

I found myself anxious to have my breasts touched. He turned to me, "Now for these cougar tits." He repeated the process. The attention I was getting made my nasty woman parts twitch in anticipation. It helped that Ivan was getting hard from working with our breasts. "Hum-hum, taste like watermelon and about the same size. I hate to say this girl because I know y'all want a winner, but it is in the eye of the beholder. Both of you have wonderful breasts."

Linda said, "Ok what about pussies. I think men like Sofia's big fat dangling pussy as opposed to my skinny lady parts."

"Well now that will definitely require more inspection." He lightly rubbed Linda's Mon Pubis concentrating on her stomach and neatly trimmed pubic hair. He said, "I really like the naval jewelry and the red hair. Let's see how the pussy feels." He rubbed across her tight pussy lips and she let out a moan. He then pushed a finger into her vagina and Linda jerked a little. I knew she had a small orgasm.

Ivan said, "That is a mighty fine pussy. Let me compare to Momma's pussy."

I was anxious for him to touch me there. Funny you would think after the fuck fest the night before would dampen my desire, but it only seemed to accelerate it. He first rubbed the small mound of a stomach. He said, "I like the shape of your stomach." He gently pushed my legs apart, which I gladly did wanting him to have access. He said, "I got to admit that big fat puffy pussy makes me want to fuck it." He pushed a finger into my wet lips and I had an immediate orgasm.

I had so many orgasms the night before. Was there no limit to how many orgasms I could have? He said, "I think there is only one way to decide."

He laid back on the bed with his nice hard dick sticking straight up. "Ok Linda get on and let's see how your pussy feels."

Linda straddled him and slipped his hard penis into her wet hole. Linda let out a big sigh. I placed a pillow under Ivan head, so he could see Linda's beautiful tight body. I straddled his legs behind Linda, pushed my groin as close to her ass as I could, matched her rhythm back and forth, placed my hands on her pleasure mounds in front and pinched her nipples. She whispered, "That's nice, Mom."

I said, "Ivan look at these natural mammaries. Aren't they better than my artificial melons?"

Ivan said as he joined me playing with Linda's mammaries, "They are certainly nice."

As Ivan continued to rub and pinch Linda's pleasure mounds, I rubbed down her stomach to her navel. I said, "And can you believe how hard and flat her stomach is." I lightly rubbed her red pubic patch and said, "And this is pretty, isn't it?"

Ivan said, "Can't argue there."

I slipped a finger on her clitoral hood and gave it a little extra pressure. Linda moaned very loudly, "Oh gawd, that feels good."

I said, "Don't you like the smooth tight white pussy?"

Ivan said, "Yeah, this young tight pussy is squeezing my dick like milking a cow."

Linda said, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, ..."

She was having a huge orgasm now. As she finished, "Thank you, Ivan. Sofia, I think it is your turn as much as I hate to get off this wonderful dick."

I moved back to let her untangle from Ivan. I straddled him the same way she had. She got behind me and began to match my movements. My ass was so big I think she was able to masturbate as I rocked back and forth.

She took each of my breasts in her hands and said, "Ivan, can you believe how these big, round full watermelons stand out. They are like big cones of ice cream that want to be licked. Don't you think?"

"Took the words right out of my mouth."

Linda describing my body in such glowing terms enhanced the sexual pleasure coursing through my body, starting between my legs.

She took Ivan's hand and placed them on my soft watermelons and moved to my navel. She said as she kneaded my stomach, "Don't you like the nice soft shape of her stomach? Wouldn't a navel ring look good here?"

Ivan said, "I love her stomach. Yes, she needs some body jewelry."

I was overwhelmed from the feelings coursing in my body. She then pushed her hands to my Mons Pubis. She said, "Ivan what to do think of her big puffy pussy lips?" She had pushed a finger onto my extended clit. My clit was one of those that extended naturally out from under the clitoral hood. It looked so much like a miniature penis when I was aroused, which I was now.

"Quite frankly, that plump pussy makes men think it needs to be fucked. It is like a comforting pussy that caresses a man's penis. It is extremely sensual to see her miniature penis extend. It says, 'fuck me'."

With this I had a massive orgasm that sprayed my juice on Ivan's groin. I yelled, "Oh fuck me that was huggggggggggggggge..."

As I was coming down, I heard, "My goodness that was a good one." Behind us, naked, was Kiko.

I jumped off Ivan, "Oh Kiko, we are sorry. We just, ah, ah." I looked at Linda trying to find the words. Linda had jumped up and was also staring at Kiko, not knowing what to do.

Finally, Kiko laughed. "No worries girls. I just want a turn."

I said, "Please, we are finished. Your turn."

Ivan had sat up and said, "Girls, why don't you get cleaned up and fix breakfast. Kiko and I will join you after I have taken care of my main girl."

I said to Linda, "Let's get a shower and let Kiko have her turn."

We left the room but saw that Ivan had put Kiko on the bed and was working on her pussy with his mouth. Something in me wanted to stay and watch. I was becoming such a bad girl.

As Linda and I went to take a shower, I said, "That was his main girlfriend, Kiko. They have an open relationship, so I don't think she will be mad. At least I sure hope not. Kiko is a friend."

Linda said, "Well, I enjoyed it anyway. He has a nice dick."

I said, "Oh yeah, I had a big orgasm, but I think we know he likes your body better." I was becoming obsessed with people liking my new body and looks.

"Actually, I think we don't know. I wished I had your olive colored skin instead of this freckled white skin that has to be kept out of the sun. I bet you tan in no time."

"I do but I don't try to tan. My skin is naturally this color. And I like your skin. It is very feminine."

We got in the shower. For the second time in a few hours we soaped and cleaned each other. We toweled each other off. Linda said, "All I have to wear is this bandana and that skirt of yours is nasty. What are we going to wear?"

"Ivan's rule is that I have to wear what he wants when I am here. But I agree we can't put back on last night outfits. What's left of them anyway? So, the choice is naked or see if we can find something."

We found a couple of Ivan's button up dress shirt in the laundry hamper.

I found egg, cheese and other ingredients and got it ready to make an omelet. I also found some bacon. Linda set the table for four. As we waited for Ivan and Kiko with a cup of coffee, Linda asked, "Seems like we should know each other. I mean we have spent the night together, shared some very intimate moment, so who are you?"

I said, "I am an old divorced cougar."

"You aren't old, but you definitely are a cougar. What do you do when you aren't playing with the boys?"

I asked, "I assume you are a student."

"Yes, I am a sophomore student studying to be a medical lab technician."

"Are Roy and Earl boyfriends?"

"I think it would be best described as fun pals. Nothing serious. Now answer my questions."

"I am an office worker. I work at the same firm as Ivan."

The door opened to Ivan's bedroom as Kiko and Ivan came out. I hurried to the kitchen to start omelets for everyone. I first fixed the plate for Kiko and Ivan, then for myself and Linda.

Ivan had introduced Linda to Kiko. Since they were studying for medical degrees they had a lot in common.

Ivan said to me, "Well your cooking has really improved. This is very good."

Linda said, "You mean you are new to cooking?"

I said, "Yes, I had to learn because of Ivan's rules."

Linda said to Ivan, "Sofia was telling me you work in the same office."

"That's right. That is how we met."

"She says she is an office worker."

"That's right." Ivan and Kiko were looking at each other knowing this wasn't flying.

Linda looked at me with a knowing smile, "Okay. If you want it that way. And I have to admire the way you three stick together. But, Sofia, it is hard to hide your intellect. I'm not as smart as you or Kiko but I have a good sense of people. I know you are more than just a divorced, sexy cougar who works in an office."

I said, "Can I trust you?"

Linda laughed, "Hey in less than 24 hours we have shared several men together, been butt fuck by the same man at the same time, slept nude together and masturbated each other. What do we need to do together for you to trust me?"

I looked at Ivan and Kiko for some reassurance. Kiko said, "I think you should trust her. You want friends and it is hard to be friends without knowing the other person."

I said to Linda, "I do want to be your friend, even though I could be your mother."

Linda laughed harder, "What an image. Me riding my mother's ass while some guy neither of us even know fucking our asses and twats. My mother looks nothing like you. Come on I can keep a secret."

I told her who I was. As we finished eating, Linda said, "Holy shit. I knew you were somebody, but I never imagined that. You must be extremely rich."

I said, "I guess you could say I am a rich bitch most of the time. Right, Ivan?"

Ivan shrugged and smiled.

Linda said, "So, Ivan, you provide her security along with, ah, other services."

I knew she wanted to say pimping services. Ivan said, "Essentially. I am very grateful to Miss Ricci for helping me and I would do anything for her."

Linda said, "I don't think Sofia is your name. Let me get this right though. You are inexperienced sexually? In spite of the fact that you give a great blow job and have a talented anus. You took those dick's in the ass like it was nothing."

I said, "I guess I am just a natural. Linda, I am telling the truth. Until Ivan and Kiko started helping me, I was just a rich bitch executive. Hard as nails. Isn't that right Ivan?"

Ivan said, "No doubt. I mean the person who built one business and now manages a business empire is a hard-driven executive. Not just that has a PhD in electro magnetics. Whatever that is."

I said, "Linda, please keep it to yourself. You could take a picture, sell it to the tabloid and make some money. But, you would make an enemy. And lose a friend. I can be a very good friend."

Kiko said, "We only put on this charade to protect a successful woman."

Linda said, "Don't worry. I respect that. That is what I want for myself."

I said, "I need to get home. Let's clean up so Ivan can take us home."

Kiko said, "I need to get back to my studies."

Linda said, "No hard feeling about my Best Cougar Friend and I fucking your boyfriend?"

Kiko said, "None at all. If I had been here, we would have shared him. Enough for all of us."

Kiko hugged us and left. Linda and I cleaned up. Linda said, "I need something else to wear to go in the dorm. Anything I can wear?"

I said, "Let's stop by Target and I will buy you a new outfit."

Ivan said, "I have tee shirts that should be thick enough and long enough to wear into Target."

Linda and I raised more than a few eyebrows as we shopped for Linda's clothing. She took them to Target restroom and dressed in a new sundress complete with a new bra.

As we came up to Linda's dorm, "Sofia, are you going to call me. I really do want us to be friends."

"I will. You can count on it. I had a blast."

"Me too." We hugged as she got out of the car.

As we drove home, me sitting in the front with Ivan, Ivan said, "Did you have fun?"

"I did."

He asked, "Is that the limit of what you will do?"

I knew he was asking did it go too far. I thought and said, "No, I would go further. It was so thrilling when I thought the cops were serious and I had to screw my way out of it. I think I liked being a cougar. Using and being used. I am sure there is a limit, but it wasn't this weekend."

Ivan gave me a smirk smile and said, "Good. I'll see what I can do."

What had I just done? Did I really want to be more challenged than I had been this weekend?

He let me off at my house.

Ivan becomes a permanent employee

The next week was again back to the old Mercedes. Tight assed and dressed to be respected as a hard-driven business woman.

When I got to the office I called in my secretary, Denise. Now Denise was older than me. She was probably close to Sally's age. She had been my assistant since Ricci Security started. I had never asked her about herself. She was short, about five feet tall and round everywhere, dumpy some would observe.

"Good morning, Dr. Ricci," Denise said as she entered my office. "You have a review of the Wilkinson investment this morning with Harold and lunch with the CEO of RS. This afternoon, I have several people wanting to be on your schedule."

"Good. Denise, I want to talk to the Head of Security this afternoon. Shouldn't take more than thirty minutes. Also, can you get Ethel on the phone sometime." Ethel was my personal shopper.

"Yes, Dr. Ricci. Anything else."

"Yes," I said and paused thinking about what I was about to do. "Denise, you have been with me for a long time now. Right?"

"Well, more than a decade."

"Tell me something about yourself."

Denise looked at me like I had asked her to solve world hunger. She finally said, "Well you know I am married and just turned fifty-five?"

"Yes, that is in your personnel folder. Do you have a happy marriage?"

Again, that look of confusion. She finally said, "For almost thirty years. My son is having his first child in November, hopefully. That will be my first grandchild."

"That is wonderful. Let me know what I can do for them. Maybe you want some extra time to see that grandchild. Do they live close?"

Denise said, "They live across town but close enough. Dr. Ricci, are you okay?"

"I am. We have known each other long enough that I should know something about you personally. You know all about me." Well, up until recently, "I know very little about you. Isn't it time we get to know each other?"

"Yes, Mam. It is just that, ah, ..."

"I know. This is not like me. But, Denise, can't I be successful and still be a little human with the people I trust. And Denise, I trust you." For the first time in conscious thought I realized I did trust her.

"Thank you, I am very loyal to you. Anything else?"

"I want your opinion. I am thinking of dressing a little more, ah, feminine. But I don't want to give people the idea I am anything but professional. I think you do a good job of balancing the two. That is why I am talking to Ethel. I want your opinion on what I wear."

"Dr. Ricci, I would be happy to do that. You do dress very masculine but with your figure and looks now, that is still very sexy. My advice is to be careful and not move too far. You have so many men working for you, you have to the careful."

I smiled, "Thank you, Denise. You will be my monitor. Don't let me go too far. Keep me up to date on the new grandchild and please get your daughter a generous gift from me. Just put it on the card. That's all."

Squeezed between meetings I talked to Ethel and told her I wanted to dress a little more feminine. The Head of Security came by and we decided to make Ivan's employment permanent and give him a raise. The Head of Security was going to let him know.

I had my navel pierced that week. I wanted to wear something to work that reminded me that I was also Sofia. The artist tried to talk me into vaginal piercings. He almost talked me into it, but I decided against it. Just too long to heal and I didn't want to slow down my fun with the posse. I settled on a diamond stud with gold dangling chains from my navel. I also got several anal plugs with different colored jewels. I hoped I would get the chance to show these off to Ivan's boys.

Later that week, I wore one of the new more feminine outfits. It had an A line skirt that hugged my hips and showed a little more leg than normal. The lace bra pushed my fleshy orbs up and made my substantial cleavage even more so. The yellow silk blouse hid the bra but still showed some pushed-up flesh. The blue blazer tapered to my waist and showed off the smaller waist I now sported but accentuated the flare of my hips. I thought Ethel had done a good job of how to be feminine but still professional. The four-inch heels made my height even more so, but it made my calves look so sexy.

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