tagLoving WivesRichard's Reality

Richard's Reality


This story is the third in the Tell Barbara series.

Richard has been very excited about the sex that I have been having with Frank and his friend Kevin and the excitement it has brought between the two of us. He seems to be more frisky and playful when it is just us, (which isn't much lately). He's happier and seems to have a better feel of himself.

I only have a few days left before Frank goes back home. I think though, that Kevin may stay in our life, which I know will make Richard really happy. Keep him hopping and guessing and wondering what I'm doing when I'm not home. It makes me hot, just thinking about it.

Tonight Frank and I are going to dinner and Kevin is meeting us afterwards. I think we're going to a motel instead of coming back to the house.

We found a few real sluty dresses for me. Frank helped me pick them out the other day when he took me shopping. The one I'm wearing tonight has slits up to my hips and Vs deep into my cleavage, no back until my hip. I feel so sexy in it. Plus I'm learning to walk in stilettos. It's tricky, but I know it looks much sexier than two-inch black pumps.

As I tried them on and modeled them for Frank and the other men in the Fantasee Fashions last week. I got a lot of attention and I was surprised at how many men found my breasts attractive at my age. But I was the center of attention. With each dress I tried on, there was a different man helping me into the tight sexy dresses.

I know Richard would have gotten rock hard watching these men touch my breast and suck my nipples. My pussy was so wet, had it been more private, I probably would have played with them a lot more. Then told Richard all about it when I got home, just telling him about them sucking my tits made him hard as a rock.

He took me into the closet and fucked me on the floor until I exploded with one of the strongest orgasms we have shared in months. He was like a man possessed with lust and desire. He sucked my clit and finger fucked me until my juices were so thick it felt like cum. Then he guided his throbbing hard dick to my pond of passion and fucked me deeper than I remembered he could. It seemed as if the excitement of my teasing made his average prick grow beyond imagination.

It's a good thing that he had that vasectomy three years ago, after our last child was born. Or I'm sure I would be pregnant today.

He fucked me deep and hard and more sperm shot into me than he had produced since the surgery. My nipples were so hard and I was so hot that I didn’t even realize that I had carpet burn until later that night when I was fucking Frank.

Frank was so excited because he had seen Richard fucking me. He first feigned anger that I had sex with my husband while he was still here.

"I wouldn't have minded had you just given him a blow job or something, but you let him fuck you!" he yelled at me. Then he took me in his arm, his passion driven by his so-called anger, and fucked my ass like it was a pussy. He didn't stop until there was cum running down my butt and onto my legs.

He called Richard in to clean him and me up. "Come on, cuck boy, clean her up so I can fuck her some more!" I have a lot of cum to get rid of tonight since you took her this afternoon!" he struck out at Richard.
Richard crawled onto the bed, cautious of Richard's wrath. He kneeled in front of Frank and took his still pumping cock into his mouth. He sucked the thick seed that flowed and swallowed it quickly. Then he ran his tongue the length of Frank's prick and around the purple mushroomed head that was angry and spewing more and more cum.

Then he asked, "Would you like me to clean my Mistress, Master Frank?" as he bowed his head.

"Yes, sissy boy, clean her ass so I can fuck her pussy good!" he commanded.

I lay on the bed with my head down and my ass sticking high in the air so that Frank could comfortably slide his cock in and out of my tight butt hole. As he fucked me he had slapped my buttocks hard with his hand as a punishment for my fucking Richard.

When Richard bent over my butt to lick my ass clean of Frank's seed, Frank stripped him of his jeans. Then he walked out of the room. Frank started the clean up of my but. His tongue stimulated the nerve endings in my ass and it was very exciting. He was gentle and the warmth of his lingua was soothing to my sore ass.

Frank returned and I noticed that he had something in his hand. "I am going to teach you, Richard, that while I am around, you may not take your Mistress without my permission!" he said as he approached the bed. I could not get a good line of vision on what he had in his hand, but it looked to me like my wooden handled hairbrush.

I felt him climb onto the bed and then I heard the slap as he brought the handle of the brush down on Richard's buttocks. I felt Richard flinch as the strike surprised him. He had not seen it coming or prepared for the force.

He continued licking and soothing my ass as Frank was assailing his. "You will ask permission to fuck your wife until I leave this house, do you understand, sissy?" he said.

"Ees, Masser Aank, I oo unnerstan!" Richard mumbled as he continued licking and sucking the thick cum out of my butt.

Then Frank crawled onto the bed and took Richard in the ass while he cleaned me up. I could feel the shiver that ran through Richard as Frank lubricated his butt. Then the pressure as Frank's sheathed prick slid into his tight anus.

As Frank pounded him from behind his tongue burrowed deeper into my ass. Richard opened his mouth and I could feel his lips as they fanned out on my butt cheeks. He face pushed in the pulled away each time Frank's cock pressed into him.

"Mmmmmm," I heard Richard moan as the cock attacked him. I couldn't tell if they were moans of pain or pleasure. But I could feel his cock growing as Frank's thrusts pushed his prick into my legs.

Suddenly, the pressure on my ass was released as Frank pulled him off me and threw him flat on the bed. His orgasm racking his body. Frank leaned on Richard's prone body as his cum filled his cavity.

I took Richard's head on my lap and stroked his cheek and forehead as Frank finished his copulation.

Richard's body racked with pleasure or pain. He himself had at least one orgasm. I guess his prostate was well stimulated. Much better than my middle finger could do; I'm sure.

"Now, that was a good boy, Richard," Frank praised him as he lay there with his head on my lap, still convulsing from the orgasm he had had. "Go get cleaned up then find something beautiful for your wife to wear because I'm taking her out to dinner tonight," He instructed Richard.

Richard crawled off the bed and ran to his bedroom quickly just in case the kids had awakened.

Frank scooted beside me and started kissing me passionately. His tongue jutted into my mouth and he forced me to the bed. He was so hot he overpowered me with his passion. His hands explored my sensitive tits and I could feel his hard prick bumping against my thighs.

"You really are frisky today aren't you baby?" I cooed in his ear.

"Well, I'm going to be leaving soon and I want to be sure that he remembers that I have first dibs on this luscious body while I'm here. As long as I'm around, I expect him to bow to my needs! And you are just too beautiful to resist. Every time I see you, I want to touch you and make love to you," he whispered then kissed me hard and deep.

Then he ripped off his jeans and released his hard cock. I licked my lips at the site of its large head bobbing up and down in its aroused state. "Mmmm, that's the most beautiful cock I've ever seen and it works so well too!" I teased.

"Let's see how well it's working today, baby," he said as he nuzzled my neck and straddled my body. With two fingers he separated the lips of my already wet pussy. Then he guided his eager prick to my accepting love canal.

He didn't have to strain to get his thick cock into my cunt because she had gotten use to his girth. I was so lubricated from Richard and the thought of the pleasure I was about to enjoy with Frank that it was like someone had poured a can of 3-in-1oil in me.

Closing my eyes, I felt his thick dick slip deep into my hot box. Frank was taking it really slow. He was in no hurry to make me cum today. His lips gently nipped at my nipples as his dong slowly pistoned in and out of my twat. The sensation of this slow dance was more intense than when he attacked me vehemently.

With this relaxed pace my nerve endings seemed to be more attuned to his touches and there were subtle little feelings that I noticed when he was deliberate in his love making to me. I felt the tickle of his bushy pubic hair as it lightly brushed against my smooth shaven mound. The slap of his balls against the membrane separating my ass from my pussy was more substantial. I listened to his breathing as it escalated from calm to passionate. All of this made our sex more than I could ever have imagined.

We fucked longer than usual on this lazy afternoon. The kids were with my friend Samantha and I wouldn't pick them up until right before dinner. Richard had his instructions, although I knew he would be peeking through the bedroom door each time he passed in the hall. Touching himself each time he caught a glimpse of Frank fucking me or licking my tits.

Just before he was ready to cum, Frank pulled out of me and crawled to my face. I opened my mouth and he slipped his cock into it. My tongue encircled his plum and I could taste my juices on the shaft of his firm cock. Stroking my mouth slowly and deep I could feel his thick cum climbing to his silky head. Within seconds the splash of hot seed filled my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as possible savoring the salty taste.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" he sighed as his body released all the energies he had built up while watching Richard and having sex. "Damn, I hate that I need to go back home. I want to take you with me!"

I giggled and said, "Won't happen, my life is here with my wonderful husband and my beautiful children. That is the life I chose and want always. I love having you, enjoying the sex we share, and I want you back whenever you can come but I cannot leave my family just for sex."

"Yeah, I know; I think that's what makes you so sexy, your love for your family. Something I never had in my marriage," Frank said somewhat sadly.

"Well, I guess I'll console myself in a hot shower, then" he teased and rolled of the bed.

I followed him then turned to Richard's room to take my shower. It was getting late. I had to go get the kids and start dinner.

Richard was sitting on the side of the bed beating off as I walked into the room. "What are you doing!" I scolded.

"I'm sorry, but watching you with him makes me so horny. I love seeing his cock slide in and out of your wet pussy. It is just so sexy and erotic!" he said as his load spurted out the end of his cock and onto the carpeted floor. As soon as he recovered, he ran to the bath to get a washcloth to clean his mess off my floor.

I walked over to the dresser and took my wooden handled brush into my hand. I closed the bedroom door and sat on the bed slapping my hand with it. When Richard returned to clean his spilled seed, he smiled.

"Mmmmmm I get a spanking for being bad?" he asked.

"Yes, Richard, you are. You know that you are not supposed to touch yourself without permission from Frank or myself. Now bend over and get ready for your spanking. You know that my new lover won't put up with your playing with yourself when he takes over," I patted my lap inviting him to lay across it.

"Does that mean that when Frank leaves you will take on other's to pleasure you since I can't?" his voice rose with excitement.

"Kevin will still be around and he is fun. I'm sure we'll still see one another. He has shown a lot of interest in continuing after Frank leaves. Plus he said he has a friend who wants to meet me. So, yes, I guess we will continue this lifestyle. It is very enjoyable for both of us. But I will always love only you, you do know that don't you?" I explained.

"Oh yes, Mistress, I know that and it is what I want. I just want you to have the sex that I cannot provide. And I want to be your loyal husband who takes care of you and our children," he assured me.

"Good boy, now lay over my lap so that I can punish you properly!" I commanded.

Richard's cock flinched in anticipation and I watched it sway as he walked toward my lap. He climbed onto the bed and across my lap. I rubbed his white buttocks gently with my hand then with the back of the brush.

"Tell me Richard, why were you masturbating?" I questioned.

"Mistress, I snuck into Frank's bedroom while he was fucking you. Seeing him take his cock from your pussy and slip it into your mouth made my little prick really hard. The pressure of wanting to fuck you was intense. I had to relieve myself!" he explained in a shrill voice of excitement.

"But you didn't ask permission, did you sissy?" I asked.
"No, Mistress, I am sorry I was a bad boy, I promise to be a good boy next time," he whined in a squeaky voice knowing what was about to happen. "Please, Mistress, I promise to obey you and your Bull next time!"

"Too late sweetheart, you were a very naughty boy, now I must remind you of your place in our home. You are to serve me and my lover's and not touch yourself unless you have the permission of my lover or myself, do you understand that?"

"Yes, Mistress, I do understand. I will not touch my useless Johnson unless I am instructed to do so from you or your Bull, Mistress!" he recited.

"Now how many whacks do you think you deserve for being such a mischievous lad?" I inquired.

"Fifteen, Mistress!" he cried.

"Hmmmm, sounds like a good number to me," I said and raised the brush over his smooth, white ass.

Grabbing his dick with my left hand, I proceeded to punish his misbehavior, Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! …. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

I ran my hand over his now pink butt and it was feeling warm already. I lightly swirled the wood of he brush over it as well.

"Have you been having any more naughty fantasies lately, dear?" I wondered.

"Ummmmm, well, yes Mistress. I have this one of you with three Bulls at once. Each of them is fucking one of your orifices. You are airtight and I am licking and sucking everyone. My cock is so hard that it feels like it will just burst when I think of this. In my mind's eye, I can see your face blushed and smiling even though there is a dick in it," he confessed and I his prick grew tight in my root hand.

"That's a bad boy, Richard, wanting me to have so much cock that I can't even breathe!" I scolded. "That is a major fantasy, I think it will take a lot of whacks for that one, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress, at least twenty!" he cried.

"Get off my lap," I directed.

He looked up at me, pleading with his eyes, "Why, Mistress, are you not going to punish me?"

"Oh, yes, I'm going to punish your Richard, but I need more leverage for this one. Now, lay over the side of the bed. Hands and head on the bed, butt hanging over the side," I explained.

"Yes, Mistress," he cowered.

Once in position, I stood beside the bed. Richard's buttocks were all I could see. I lifted my brush and brought it down on his tender skin.

"I don't want to hear a whimper escape your lips, do you understand?" I instructed.

"Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress," Richard whispered.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! …. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!
Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! … Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!
His skin was warm to the touch and the shad had darkened to red. He never even whimpered.

"Any other stories you want to share with me dear? Or have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes, Mistress, I have learned my lesson," Richard conceded.

"You may get up now." I instructed.

He stood before me, his cock standing out like a flagpole. "Why are yo still hard? Do I have to spank that off of you?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, I will try to get rid of it!" he looked at his tool.

"No, I'll take care of that miserable little cock myself. Down on your knees," I told him.

He did as he was told. His floppy Johnson bounced in front of him. "Stay there until I return."

I went into the kitchen and pulled out a champagne flute. Then I went into the bathroom and pulled out a pair of old hair color gloves. Richard was still kneeling where I had instructed him to be.

I kissed him and then said, "I'm going to get rid of that for you baby!"

I placed the head of his prick in the flute, then reached behind him and pressed my gloved hand into this tight asshole. I reached deep and found his prostate. Then I started massaging.

Richard moaned with pleasure as my now expert fingers kneaded his sex trigger. His hands went to his tool and I slapped it away. "I'm doing this, I don't need your help, baby."

"Ohhhhhh," he whined from the stimulation of his prostate gland. "It's so tight, ahhhhh!" he explained the feeling he was having. Then suddenly, the thick, yellowish sperm squirted into the glass nearly tumbling it.

"Hold that so it doesn't spill, baby!" I whispered as I continued to ravish his G-spot.

He filled it over three-quarters of the way full, and his limp pecker fell between his legs.

"Good boy, now run me a shower because I need to get cleaned up and go pick up the kids from Samantha's before I get dinner," I instructed him.

"Yes, Mistress! Thank you Mistress!" he said as he rose and headed for the bathroom.

At the door he turned and said, "I'll start dinner for you, Mistress, do not worry about that." Then he turned the water on for my shower.

I stripped my clothes off in the bedroom and when he emerged from the bath, he smiled and asked, "May I please lick your beautiful breasts, Mistress?"

I love the feel of Richard's tongue on my tits. It is always very commanding and feels really good on my hard nipples. I shook my head up and down. He approached me; using noting but his mouth he pulled my teats into his hot mouth and suckled me as my children once did. It made my knees weak and me wet again. I had to place my hands on his shoulders to keep from falling to the carpeted floor.

I finally managed to push away from his stimulation and stumble to the bath. The spray of the hot water relaxed all of my muscles and I had to hold onto the wall mount to continue standing. My body had not been so calm in the past three years. All this sex was a good thing.

After drying my hair and dressing in a light summer dress, I got in the car and went to get the kids. Frank was on the computer when I left and Richard was starting dinner.

Samantha is in her late 30's, tall, slender and pretty, very smart and with a sort of "feisty" personality. I like her a lot. We met at in a Mother's group and now take turns watching each other's kids and get together for play date for the kids. We also get together socially with our husbands. She's a good friend that I tell almost everything.

"Mommy, mommy!" the cried as I drove into the driveway at Samantha's. The kids were running in and out of the spray of the sprinkler. They ran up to me and hugged me with their wet hands, clothes and hair. I laughed and hugged them close.

"Did you have a good time with your friends today?" I asked.

"Yeah! We played in the sandbox and ate cheese sandwiches for lunch and then we got to take an outside shower!" they told me excitedly.

"Yes, I see that!" I laughed. "Now you need to dry off and get into your going home clothes," I told them.

Sam came up to me and said, "They all had a good time and having them to play with my three made it so much easier for me. You know they're welcome here whenever they want to come."

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