tagNovels and NovellasRider Ch. 06-09

Rider Ch. 06-09


Chapter 6

A Riding Lesson

At least I was right about there being no mice in the loft, and even though everything in it was incredibly dusty and only after she was sure I'd checked it thoroughly she insisted on following me up in to the treasure house of memories; memories triggered by the innumerable assorted objects we found there, many of which had been mine.

Amongst other things I found an old cowboy hat and as I shook the dust off it I smiled, remembering the Christmas my aunt had given me the outfit that went with it, and the times I'd spent hunting the garden for bank robbers or horse stealing Indians. Mandy noticed my dreamy look and brought me back to reality by asking what I was thinking about.

"Oh, the fantasies I had as a child. With this hat on I became sheriff of Deadwood Gulch, the fastest gun West of the Mississippi, feared by every outlaw in the territory."

She gave me an understanding smile. "I used to pretend like that too. Though in my case I was the world's greatest horse-woman. Winning an Olympic medal for my country. Fantasies are really strong when you're a child, aren't they."

"Not only when you're a child Mandy. I've had some pretty powerful fantasies about you." I admitted.

"Me? Fantasies about me?" Then, with a note of rising excitement in her voice, she added. "What sort of fantasies? When?"

"Oh, for instance, the first evening I saw you with Champ, before we'd even met. Watching you riding him, controlling him so skilfully, I couldn't help imagining what it would be like if you were riding me, sexually I mean."

"Me on top you mean?"

"Yes - but not just on top, somehow actually riding me. That's the thing about fantasies, they don't have to be practical."

"That does sound exciting, I mean, for me too." she paused and from the look on her face and the excited flush that coloured her cheeks I could see that my fantasy had caught her imagination. "The more I think about it the more I'm sure I'd like it too. We must have a think about how we'd go about it Rob."

"O.K. - but for now let me make a practical suggestion. I'd better sort some of this stuff out, it won't take long but I don't want you getting covered in dust. So as it's already making my throat dry why don't you go down to the kitchen, clean up our lunch things and then, while I sort out the things I'd like to keep you could make us both another cup of tea."

"O.K. I'll give you a call when I've got it ready."

Of course once I got started just about everything I picked up brought back a different memory and so I really didn't notice how quickly the time was passing and that Mandy was taking far longer than I'd expected. By the time she called out to me I had put the few things I wanted to keep into a couple of boxes and put everything else to one side for my cousins to pick over or dispose of.

Mandy had cleared our lunch things away and found some biscuits and as we sat munching and drinking I couldn't help noticing that she was unusually quiet, that there seemed to be an air of controlled but nervous excitement about her, but as I was still recalling some of the memories the things upstairs had aroused I wasn't really concerned about what might have been going through her head. If I'd known what else she'd been up to while I was in the loft and what she was actually thinking about, neither of us would have bothered to drink the tea.

Then she got up and started to wash the cups and plates and, seeing her from that angle made me suddenly conscious of something I hadn't really noticed before - just how tightly her jeans fitted her. They hugged her bottom like a second skin, the back seam fitting tightly into the crack between the cheeks of her arse and I found my eyes drawn down along it then imagined how it must also be cutting up between the tender pussy-lips I'd been licking and sucking earlier.

So by the time she'd finished and turned back to face me, although one appetite had been satisfied, another had been re-stimulated and there's no way she could have missed the hungry look in my eyes. But she gave no indication that she'd read it and gave me no time to do anything about letting her know how sexy I was starting to feel again, instead she aroused my curiosity by holding out her hand and saying. "If you've finished I'd like you to come and see something."

I took her hand and let her lead me through the house to the front room, then stood silently as I looked around to see what she'd meant. Although I could see what she'd done, the implication of its purpose didn't immediately hit me. She'd moved the long, narrow music seat into the centre of the room, taken several of the smaller cushions from the settee and put them on it and covered them with a towel, then on either side she'd piled several large books.

But she couldn't wait for the penny to drop and moved across to stand beside the seat, saying in an excited voice. "See, you lie on the bench, I get on top but instead of kneeling astride you, I'll have my legs down either side, standing on the books. That way I'll be able to grip you with my thighs, the way I ride Champ. I think I've got the height right but we can change it by just adding or taking away one or two of those encyclopaedias I found in the book-case. And as well as acting out your fantasy, I'll be able to watch your face, see your reactions to whatever I'm doing.

What do you think?"

The moment I understood what she'd done, and even more importantly, why she"d done it, I found myself recalling the details of the fantasy I'd told her about. The fantasy in which she took control of my sexual needs in exactly the same way as she skilfully used her legs to control the raw, animal power of Champ. And before she"d even finished explaining how she thought it would work, I found myself visualising her above me, slowly, very expertly, taking me closer and closer to the ultimate climax.

And as I tried to imagine just how that would feel, I felt my body responding to those thoughts and images, felt my cock stiffening yet again.

"I think it's perfect Mandy." I managed to say, clearing my throat in an effort to disguise the tension in my voice. "Come here and let me give you a kiss for being so creative, and another because I haven't had one for ages."

"That's only because you haven't seemed to want one since you sucked me off. In fact I was beginning to think you might be losing interest already."

"If you want to, you can feel for yourself how much, interest, as you call it, I still have."

As she came into my arms she let one hand drop down to my crotch, her fingers immediately closing around the rapidly growing length. "Ah, yes! A demonstration is worth a thousand words. But how long has he been like that? You should have let me know earlier, I could have found something useful for him to do."

"Such as?"

"Such as taking care of this violently awakened sexuality, as you so politely called it. As I said, whenever I'm near you, I get this very strong need to be fucked."

"Maybe you'd better learn to take care of it for yourself."

"Oh I often do that." she paused, giggled and then added. "Oh, you mean, I should come on to you. I thought you meant I should get myself off, you know, masturbate." she explained as I pulled her close and clamped my lips to hers.

I could tell from the immediately hot, passionate way she returned my kiss that she must have been thinking about acting out my fantasy for some time and was in no mood to waste too much time on preliminaries. When we came out of the clinch she whispered. "I just have to go and get something out of my bag, I won't be a minute. So, while I do that, why don't you get undressed, make yourself as comfortable as you can on the bench. Then think about what's coming."

After she'd slipped out of the room I did just that, undressed, settled myself down and closed my eyes.

The first memory that returned was seeing her that first evening, riding Champ around the training area, her youthfully firm breasts bouncing at each of the horse's strides. But then the other, far more powerful image replaced that, of her long, lean thighs gripping his flanks, flexing as they controlled his every move. I tried to imagine how it would feel when they were gripping, controlling me in much the same way. As those thoughts and images rolled through my brain I found myself getting more and more excited - and felt my cock thickening, lengthening, stiffening, then starting to jerk upright.

I had been too engrossed in my own thoughts to hear her coming back again but, as I felt it rise I heard a faintly whispered - "Aah!" - then heard her say more distinctly. "Keep your eyes closed."

Although she managed to do it without touching me, I somehow sensed she was getting one foot up on to one of the pile of books and lifting the other leg over me on to those on the other side.

"You can open your eyes now."

I hadn't expected her to have anything on, but what little there was actually made her look even sexier than if she had been totally naked. I guessed the underwear was new, some of the things she had mentioned that she had brought with her specifically for my enjoyment. It was made of some sort of white, lacy material that let a lot of her evenly tanned skin show through it. The panties were a tiny vee shaped piece, barely big enough to cover the full swell of her mound, held in place by a thin ribbon of matching lace. The bra cups were hardly any bigger and as she bent forward and I felt her fingers closing around my still rising cock I saw that like it, her nipples were already stiffening, their tips poking out through the material.

But although her breasts were exciting, and especially because of the angle I was seeing her from, her sex was the real focus of my attention and I found myself staring at that irresistible mound. In my mind I stripped away the flimsy covering and pictured the blonde-haired swell - and the pouting, sweet tasting pussy-lips beneath it.

She noticed where I was looking and while her fingers kept hold of my shaft she began to move, sensually swaying, rotating and undulating her hips and pelvis. I tried to imagine what it would feel like if she did that while I had my cock inside her, and felt it jerking higher. Seeing my immediate reaction she smiled and lightly trailed the finger-tips of her other hand slowly down across my chest and stomach.

She paused for a moment and it was only then that I realised that she hadn't positioned the piles of books where I would have expected, instead of being level with my waist they were further back, down near my knees. But my curiosity as to why she"d done that vanished as I felt one hand slipping up around my cock-head and the other spiralling up and down the hard length.

The combination of her body"s suggestive movements, the images flickering through my head and her lightly caressing hands soon had me gasping at the intensity of what I was feeling, and the anticipation of what was still to come. Then, even through the steadily thickening haze of pleasure I found out that her positioning of the books hadn't been a miscalculation. After another quick glance at the tense expression on my face she slipped her hand down the jerking shaft, bent forwards and, opening her mouth wide, slid her moistened lips smoothly down over the bulbous head.

I heard myself groaning with delight, the muscles in my thighs and belly contracting as she slowly pushed her head lower, taking in more and more of my cock. As I watched most of it disappearing I felt her fingers tightening their grip around the base and then, as though in time to the beat of some inner music, she began to slowly bob her head up and down.

The feel of her soft wet lips slipping up and down and every now and then giving a really hard suck soon had me writhing helplessly. She looked up from time to time, the look in her brilliantly sparkling eyes reminding me of what she'd said earlier, about wanting to be able to watch my reactions.

As her stimulation continued, the semen gathering in my balls began to make them ache, an ache that grew stronger the longer her lips and mouth continued working their magic. But although the pressure rose higher as the volume increased, her untiring fingers gripped me so tightly they held the flood back. I heard myself uttering low moans, then harsher, more guttural grunts as the pressure inside me rose. An irresistible urge made me begin to thrust upwards, and I heard her muffled, gurgling sounds of pleasure as I fucked her mouth and throat.

She took me to the very brink, somehow sensing when it would take just one more thrust, stroke or suck to bring the seething mass boiling up through my straining cock. Then, having brought me almost to that point of no return, she lifted her head, using both hands to grip the rock-hard mass, one low down around the base, the other immediately below the bloated, dark purple coloured head. "That's exactly the way I imagined it would look." she murmured as she stared down at the result of her handiwork. "Just hold on for a few moments, I'll just move the books a little, then we can start."

"Start!" I gasped. "What on earth do you call what you've already been doing to me?"

"Oh, that's just preparation." she answered with a broad grin, then got up off me and began to move both piles of books. Having satisfied herself they were in the right position she hooked her fingers in the ribbon around her waist and tugged the skimpy panties down over her hips. As she stepped out of them my eyes were automatically drawn to the plump, lightly haired mound, then, as she lifted her arms and slipped off her bra, to her mouth-wateringly uptilted breasts.

"God that's exciting!" she said, and looking up I saw that her eyes were fixed on quivering display my cock was making. "It's so big, and looks so powerful! Just looking at it makes me feel unbelievably sexy."

As she continued to stare down she lifted her hands, one cupping and squeezing her breast, pinching the already stiffened nipple, the other slipping up between her legs, her fingers caressing and then probing up into her sex. Then, in a voice so quiet that I barely caught the words, she murmured. "My stallion. My proud, lusty stallion. Let's see if I can tame him." And, stepping up on to the pile of books and swinging her leg over me, gave me a clear view of the glistening, pouting red gash as she stood poised above me.

Having made sure of her footing she reached down with one hand and, taking a firm grip around the base of my cock, bent her knees and lowered herself down towards the rigid, throbbing mass. When she was just a little above my cock-head she paused for a moment, then used her other hand to spread her pussy-lips apart before pushing herself lower. As I felt the tip of my cock slip up into her I groaned aloud - then heard Mandy's voice blending with mine as the bloated head drove deeper.

Slowly forcing herself down the shaft she steadily filled herself, continuing the agonisingly slow plunge until her mound and swollen clitoris were jammed hard down against the back of her hand.

She rested there for a moment, then, slightly relaxing her fingers and using her thighs to grip me, she began to move slowly up and down, moaning softly with pleasure as she finally began to actually ride me.

Although almost completely overwhelmed by the new, much stronger sensations beginning to flood through me, I looked up at her - her face and neck were already flushed, her breasts taut, their nipples spiking sharply. Unable to resist the impulse I reached up and lightly brushed the silky smoothness of her skin, then taking the jutting peaks between my fingers, I rolled and squeezed them, and in response, heard her groan and felt her pussy tighten around my cock.

Just then, as I watched her reaction to what I was doing for her, out of the corner of my eye I thought I caught a movement, outside the window, instinctively I turned, but with the sky darkened by the rain-clouds I couldn't make out anything but the shapes of the trees being blown around by the wind. Satisfied that's what had caught my eye, I turned my full attention back to Mandy and instantly forgot the momentary interruption.

Her movements were slow and deliberate and the sensations she generated were absolutely incredible. Although she was taking most of her weight on her feet, her thighs gripped me tight and I could feel that as she did when riding Champ, that grip was actually the key to the fine control of her movements. But as well as the excitement generated by the feel of her thigh muscles flexing as she steadily rose and fell I could feel another set working. Working even more effectively in heightening the intensity of my pleasure, working me towards what promised to be the ultimate climax.

It had been her thighs and what they would do for me, that I had been fantasising about - but although they were controlling my body in the way I had imagined, I found that the lining of her cunt was an even more powerful source of almost excruciating excitement. As she pushed herself down it still clung tightly to the shaft, relaxing just enough to allow my cock to penetrate deep into her hot, wet core. When she'd taken it all in, with her pelvis ground hard down against her still gripping fingers, she paused, and the lining seemed to tighten. Then, as she began to lift herself, I felt it resisting the steady pull, as though her cunt was actually trying to siphon the semen up through my cock.

Once she reached full height, with just the tip of my cock-head held between the soft, moist folds of her pussy-lips, she again paused, as though wanting us both to enjoy not only the sensations we were actually experiencing but also the anticipation of those that were to follow. Then, when it felt as though every nerve and fibre in my body was stretched to breaking point, she once again began that slow, but electrifying descent.

Again and again and again, apparently untiringly, she rode me. My cock felt bigger and harder than ever before. The build-up of semen in my balls made them ache with the intensity of the pressure. The thrills coursing through every part of my body sent me into a delirium of pleasure. I wanted desperately to come, but wanted even more for the mind-blowing sensations to just go on, and on, and on.

But of course eventually, as the pressure grew stronger I realised that quite unconsciously, I had actually begun to urge her on by thrusting myself up at her. And even though I felt her leg and thigh muscles working harder, trying to control me, they could neither fully prevent nor completely restrain my increasingly forceful upward thrusts. Thrusts that gradually picked up speed and urgency as the internal pressure and needs grew even stronger.

Apart from a regular background of moans and grunts of mindless pleasure and the occasional exclamation as a particularly exquisite sensation coursed through one of us, neither had really spoken, we were each too preoccupied with what was happening to our bodies to talk. But as the pressure build-up inside grew to an almost unbearable level my tortured body began to demand its release. "Faster now Mandy! Please, just a little faster!" I groaned almost plaintively.

And to my relief and as though directing Champ, she replied by making a clicking sound in her throat and digging her knees more sharply into my sides as she steadily increased the tempo of her ride.

Although she'd done exactly what I asked her to do, at first in spite of the increased speed of her movements, as her knees tightened their grip of me they reduced my capacity to thrust up into her and that only increased my blissful torture. But, quite soon after that the hard, fast ride seemed to be turning into a gallop.

I heard myself gasping as her movements became more urgent, the controlled, rise and fall giving way to harder, sharper actions and realised that she was finally being driven by her own, quickly growing urgency. And, as her body responded to that she must have slightly changed her grip of me because I found I could again thrust upwards. My thoughts as to what was happening to her were confirmed when I heard her beginning to make a series of loud, explosive grunts each time my cock punched up into her. Even then her cunt still maintained its tight grip, intensifying the thrills I was feeling, pushing me ever closer to my climax.

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