tagErotic HorrorRise-12 AM

Rise-12 AM


*All characters appearing in sexual situations in this and all future installments of this series are 18 years of age or older. The protagonist is 19 in this prologue and so 20 in the story proper. The other two characters engaged in the sexual act within the prologue are both 18*

Rise-12:00 AM

"On August 16th 2015 The Beast of Madness broke free of his bindings and began it's assault on the world. The gods attacked and killed the beast but it's vile influence spread from it's corpse and covered the world eliciting a change." This is all we've been told about what caused the event. About the event itself we know more. The world changed. The continents merged into one mega continent, the landscapes morphed into hideous or ethereal planes, the oceans became four circling seas of deadly liquids, the sky became a dark void that drives mad anyone who gazes into it for too long and the vast majority of people became... Well, a couple of things.

When the change hit few were left unaffected. Those affected generally became one of three things.

The unfettered: People who have lost all inhibitions and humanity acting entirely on their base instincts or most guarded desires.

The Illustrious: People gifted with strange abilities seemingly at random. Most of whom were promptly driven mad by their new powers or simply realized that with these powers and the breakdown of society occurring around them they were no longer held to moral or ethical standards and so became, for lack of a better word, evil.

And lastly The Abhorrent: People whose physical forms were mutated beyond recognition becoming monstrous beings. Some retained their sense of self but their hideous forms caused them to be shunned by others around them normal, unfettered and illustrious alike. The rest embraced their monstrous new forms or simply gave in overtime to the opinions of others becoming what people had immediately assumed they were.

When the change happened I was a student at an all girl boarding school. I was studying with my roommate when she suddenly became one of the unfettered. Through this it was revealed she was a lesbian who had a secret sexual attraction to me. At least that was the logical assumption given that one moment we were pouring over the books the next moment she was pushing me down on my bed, her lips pressed against mine.

I didn't struggle at first too shocked by what was occurring to react. As her lips forced open mine and her knees pressed between my legs I came to my senses and began trying to push her off. She allowed me but used that time to slide off her knee length socks and use them in her next attack to bind my wrists to the bed post. Socks don't make the best rope for binding someone but it was enough to hold me. I struggled pulling at the binds as she moved back to her goal. The school had a uniform consisting of a button up blue shirt and far too short, purple, pleated skirt. I had long assumed that the uniform had more to do with the headmaster's repressed sexuality than making us look formal or whatever the intent of school uniforms is supposed to be.

She moved slowly, teasingly, as she undid button after button ignoring my desperate pleading. As she undid the last button she slid my shirt out of the way revealing my plain white bra. Her hands slid over the soft pale flesh of my stomach as she pressed her lips back against mine. I closed my eyes as her tongue slid into my mouth and her hands pushed under the cups of my bra roughly squeezing my tender breasts. I squirmed beneath her as she molested my breasts however, at this point one of her knees pressed hard against my groin eliciting an involuntary gasp of pleasure. This was apparently all she needed to decide I was enjoying this and that she should advance at a faster pace. She broke the kiss and slid her hands out of my bra as she moved down my body. She grabbed my legs and proceeded to slowly peel off my own pair of knee high socks and then pulled my legs over my head before securing them to the bed post as well. I was now stuck helpless with my hands and feet bound to the bed post and my skirt pushed up by my raised legs revealing my pink and white, horizontal striped cotton panties which, I am ashamed to admit were already slightly damp from the involuntary pleasure I had received.

She wasted no time in getting them wetter as her finger began to trace slowly up and down over my slit eliciting small squeaks of pleasure. Eventually she stopped and instead applied a second finger and began to slowly push her fingers in. She couldn't get her fingers in far but she did manage to push my panties into my slit soaking them. At this point she grew tired of teasing me and slid her hands to the waistband of my panties beginning to shimmy them down or should I say up my legs until they were left dangling right above my face. Whether intentional or unintentional this had the effect of forcing me to constantly look at her face lest I be forced to gaze upon the soaking symbol of my shame. She pulled up her skirt at this point and began to shimmy down her own cum soaked panties. Hers were pure blue with a tiny red ribbon on the front of the waistband.

Once she had them off she proceeded to gently force them into my mouth muffling me and forcing me to taste her pleasure. She then moved forward her hands resting on my legs as she slid her pussy against mine and slowly began to grind against me. It felt good despite the situation and, despite my attempts to stop myself, I began moaning uncontrollably. It almost made me thankful for the disgusting gag. Unfortunately this wasn't enough for her and after a short while she pulled away searching around for something to use. Her gaze eventually settled on the pencils we had been using before. She began to insert the pencils point first into my pussy. I screamed into the gag and began to squirm but that only made it worse as it made it harder for her to get them in properly resulting in her stabbing me in very delicate places. Eventually she managed to get enough in to satisfy her. I think it was about 12 and she carefully slid the eraser ends into her own pussy before beginning to thrust back and forth against me. This wasn't pleasurable for me at all but it was apparently for her. She began moaning loudly with each thrust even as my eyes filled with tears.

After what seemed like hours of torture she seemed to finally hit her limit and she came with a loud scream of ecstasy before falling against me becoming suspended by my legs and her resting on my panties. At this point the door to our room opened. I had figured at the time that someone had heard her scream and had come to investigate. I had figured I was saved. Unfortunately for both of us only the first part was true. What entered the room was another student. She was naked and covered in blood. Specifically her face around the mouth and her arms from her hands to her elbows. She eyed us with obvious pleasure. I began to struggle desperately realizing that this was not a saviour and getting very disturbing implications from the areas the blood covered. These were quickly proven right as the student grabbed my roommate by the hair pulling her off of me and to the floor before biting into her neck My roommate struggled for a few seconds then began twitching before becoming still. It was a textbook kill.

The kind you see wild animals pull off in nature documentaries. I was then forced to watch, horrified and knowing that I was seeing my own future, as the student calmly began devouring her. She started by peeling off pieces of skin and eating them before moving onto hand fulls of meat and guts. It took her less than an hour to reduce my roommate to a bloody pile of bones. She then moved on to me. All this time I of course had not been idle. I had been trying desperately to free my bonds. She moved beside the bed and began examining me curiously apparently trying to decide where to begin. At this moment I managed to free one of my hands and I desperately swung at her. This proved to be a mistake as she caught my hand pulled it towards her and then bit into my wrist. She tore out the veins in my wrists with her teeth and then let go, my arm falling to the bed gushing blood. I screamed in pain but was cut off as she stabbed her hand into my stomach and began tearing out my guts. I mercifully fell into unconsciousness at this point.

I died there and then I woke up in The Midnight Hotel. This will take some explaining. See it turns out I wasn't unaffected by the change. I wasn't made an unfettered. I was made an illustrious. My power was the power to revive upon death. Every time I die I wake up at The Midnight Hotel the following day. The first time I died was August 16th 2015 at 4:30 PM. I woke up August 17th 2015 at 12:00 AM. The hotel itself is strange. There are only two rooms. My room contains nothing but a small bed and I can't seem to enter the other room. The entire hotel, I assume, is painted a dull grey colour and the front lobby consists of just the exit door and a table with a check in/check out book on it. There are two names in the book. One is mine the other I don't know and for some strange reason every time I read it I immediately forget it. Both names though are registered for 24 check ins. No dates given. The first one under my name had a tick in the checked in column. I ticked the checked out column before leaving. That was a year ago.

I spent some time learning about the world after that. Found out about the cryptic statement I quoted above and met some other benign people. Mostly normals with a few illustrious. I have no idea what happened to my real family but I was "adopted" into a new family. A small group of normals and my new sister Katherine. She's an Illustrious with the power to age others rapidly with a touch. As a result she constantly wears a full leather bodysuit and face mask with attached cowl. It looks pretty bad ass. Aside from her the family consists of my niece, Sera, who was a gamer before the change and thus coined the term respawn to describe my power, My brother in law, Mark, who's coincidentally an expert marksman, and others who I haven't really had the honour of meeting. They don't trust me entirely and given most of the other illustrious I met I can't really blame them.

We call ourselves the unchanging. For the most part we just try to survive but I've realized with my power I can do more. I can fight. Maybe I can even find out how to turn the world back the way it once was.

You're probably wondering who I am. Well after I died things like my name and age stopped seeming as important. I suppose if one needs to refer to me they can just call me Rise.

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