tagMind ControlRite of Passage Ch. 02

Rite of Passage Ch. 02


"That's our daughter", Ben said proudly.

"My turn," Margaret answered. She strode over to Petra and pressed a palm against her right tit.

Petra screamed.

"Normally my touch is for healing." Margaret informed their female captives. "But", as she laid one hand on Kristen's breast. "I can cause cold."

Kristen shivered.

"Or heat.", as she went back to Petra.

The red head began sweating.

"Or a different type of pain ", going back to Kristen.


"Lets make this more interesting," Ben suggested. He took out two blindfolds and head sets out of the remaining bag. Then blinded and make the two former Doms deaf.

Margaret kissed him , "I hope you have some toys just for us."

"Oh I do."

Margaret continued her torment, Ben could sense the confusion and stress Kristen and Petra were feeling. But he felt no pity for them.

When they both came to the point of orgasm, Margaret did something very cruel.

She froze it and than removed the masks and phones.

"Please!" Petra pleaded., "Let me Cum!"

"Yes, "Kristen added. "We beg you!"


'We'll be your slaves, willingly."

"You are already," Ben pointed out.

"I will give an oath of fealty," Petra offered.

"Fealty hmm, all right. Repeat after me. I Petra Kimball swear myself, to the Sandow family."

"I Petra Kimball swear myself to the Sandow family"

"I exist to serve their sexual and non sexual desires."

"I exist to serve their sexual and non sexual desires.

"Now Cum!" Margaret said touching her.

Petra exploded, "Thank you mistress!"

"You may begin," her Master told her. "By whipping your former partner." He handed her crop.

Petra hesitated.

"You gave us your oath," Margaret reminded her.

The red head nodded, "Sorry Master, Mistress." She went over and began on the blonde's right cheek.

"Petra, what are you...

"Silence!" She responded hitting her again. "I am their slave."

"Master Ben, " Kristen said. "What about me?"

"You are the ringleader" he replied. "So we may make you the slave of our slave."

"Or," Margaret suggested. "We may let Jillian fry your brain."


Petra swatted her pussy, "You are being tiresome."

"Very good start", Margaret told her. "Now tie her in a reverse prayer."

"Yes Mistress."

Petra expertly tied the her former friend up.

"Now Kristen give me a blow job."

Petra forced her head down.

Margaret sat down beside her husband. "Petra eat my pussy."


Kristen and Petra had been tied on their backs with there legs intertwined. Ben grabbed a vibrator and began playing it over their pussies. Margaret made sure they were kept on the edge of orgasm, while Petra worshiped her tits.

Kristen ball gagged could only endure the agony.

Finally Margaret gave them some relief.

Ben took Kristen's gag out.

"Do you wish this to end?"

She nodded franticly.

"Than swear a slave oath to Petra."

Kristen began, "I swear fealty, she hesitated than saw Margaret's expression ."As a slave to Petra."

Petra looked at her, "May I fuck my slave in your presence Masters?"

Margaret laughed, "You may fuck her as I fuck you."

The woman put themselves into a centipede as Margaret fucked Petra and Petra fucked Kristen.

"Take it bitches!" Margaret yelled.

"Take it cunt," Petra said to Kristen.

After they came, Ben came over. "My turn."

"What is your wish?" Margaret asked.

"Tie the slaves up." Wrapping a long whip around her neck, "Than have my wicked way with you."

Ben put the slaves in a 69 and put penis gags on both of them and lead his wife to their bedroom. Using telekinesis he put in her in a spread eagle position. "There is time for mental and time for physical." As he penetrated her.

"You beast," she cried.

Ben kissed her, "I am the beast master, you are the wild creature.." He had them float in the air

"Fuck my ass!" she demanded.

He grabbed her hair in a ball as he went to work.

"Yes!" She screamed in painful exctasy

After having sated himself, he released her.

Margaret kissed him, "My turn." She floated down and grabbed a pair of handcuffs.

"You have been very bad and you deserve to be punished, "Margaret scolded her husband.

"What are you intentions?" He asked.

"A good spanking, "She pulled him on her lap and began alternating cold and hot hands.

"Oh mistress."

"That's it, take your punishment."

Margaret bound him spread eagle. "Now fuck me again." as she mounted him.


I never knew my parents were so kinky, Jillian thought. Looking at Jack, "Your mind is your own.

The large man shook his head, "I still wish to serve you."

Jillian was surprised and looked at him, "I see. " She grabbed and squeezed one his muscles. 'You are submissive to women."

"Yes Mistress."

You have served Kristen and Petra., what are you feeling now?"

"Desire to serve the stronger woman." He replied honestly.

Jillian played with his hair, "So if I commanded you to punish the family slaves. You would?"

He nodded, "Yes Mistress Jillian." He hesitated. "I do not need to serve every woman; just a strong woman. After today, Kristen would not be able to dominate me."

She rose and put on a fresh strap on, "If I fucked you with this. Would you enjoy it?"

He smiled, "Yes Mistress Jillian, because you would be fucking me."

She return the smile, "Than crawl over here slave and lubricate it."

Jack began deep throating it.

"That's it" she cooed. The young psychic pushed him on his stomach.

"Please fuck me, " he pleaded.

"Yes slave, I will." Jillian gently pushed the tool in and just let it rest there.


She grabbed his hair, "You are still a slave, don't forget that!" Jillian started pumping. She probed his mind and saw that he was enjoying himself and was finding it fulfilled as her toy.

After collapsing on him, "Slave release that piece of shit and bring him over here."

"Yes Mistress." He untied Frank.

"Wimp," He punched the bigger man in the ribs.

Joe hit him with a back hand knocking to the floor and began pummeling him.


Jack looked up.

"I decide his punishment," Jillian informed him.

Jack looked down, "Forgive me Mistress, I forgot myself.."

"That's all right, now bring him here."

Jack dragged Frank over.

"Make him clean my cock."

Jack obeyed.

"Restrain him." Jillian walked over to Frank and slapped him contemptuously. "You have not learned your lesson, but you will."


Ben and Margaret came down to breakfast. Jillian has prepared omelets.

He looked over and saw Kristen, Petra and Frank cleaning the floor with toothbrushes, Jack stood over them with a whip.

"Coffee?" Jillian asked.

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