tagMind ControlRite of Passage Ch. 03

Rite of Passage Ch. 03


Taking a cup from her daughter, "You discovered some things."

Jillian nodded, "Several including that my parents are sexual maniacs."

"Listening?" Margaret teased. "Not showing respect for our privacy."

"Well you two were following my Dom session." She countered.

The first part and that was to observe your mental abilities." Ben replied. "What is this?" He looked at the four captives.

"Jack is a natural submissive and has given himself to me as the strong Mistress he needs, despite the oaths I don't trust these two and Frank's fate has not been determined."


"Jack," Jillian called. "Gag him and 10 strokes with a cane."

"Yes Mistress, thank you mistress."

Ben observed, Jack, "Yes he won't be a problem. He is has no desire to sexually assault anyone."

"The women, I don't trust." Margaret said.

"Nor do I."

"You still have something to learn about subtlety." Ben admonished. "We can enforce with a little mental conditioning the slave oaths."

"Than put Jack in charge of them?" Jillian relished their slaves reaction.

"Which leave Frank." Her mother observed.

"I took the liberty of inviting Abby over." Jillian informed them.


Abby Carstairs had known about the Sandow abilities and kept their secret for several years. After the rape, Margaret helped her break through the psychological barriers. Once she was angry her recovery had began. Ben had arranged with his boss Misty to have Abby trained by Miko a former Yakuza.

Misty was the only person, Jillian had ever met whose mental powers rivaled her father.

When their tall dark hair friend came in. they saw the result she moved with grace and confidence.

"You said a surprise." She said to Jillian.

Her friend pointed at Frank.. Her expression did not change outwardly and her internal control was there as well.

"He was part of a gang that tied to attack me." Ben said. "Jillian suggested that you should decide what to do with him"

"Release him," she began stripping.. "No tricks or aids"

Frank was still arrogant, "So the little girl want to face her big bad attacker."

Ben telekinetically removed his restraints.

Abby walked toward him with no fear.

Frank tried to kick her in the cunt.

She ghosted past and hit him in the short ribs, followed by a leg trip.

The predator fell flat on his face.

Abby climbed on his back and grabbed his neck.

"I am going to paralyze you unless you submit."

"I submit," the bully cried.

"You submit what!"


She struck as he fainted.


"Is that all you need?" Jillian asked her friend.

"That all," She grinned. "Even if I want to fuck, I am a 100% lesbian. As your father knows."

He nodded, "She is part of Misty's sex orgy group."

"Sex orgy group?" Misty said in their minds. "You should talk."

"You're the one who trolls clubs for slaves," 'he countered.

"Margaret, he deserves another spanking."

"You still need your first!"

Margaret looked at the other females, "They are going to have a mind bending match in another few minutes."

May I interject, "Jillian said meekly.

"You may not, " the both responded. Than in a quieter tone, "Misty and I do this periodically to test ourselves."

"Don't worry dear," Misty added.


"Talk about arrogance," Jillian exclaimed

Yes but I love him anyway." Her mother responded.

"I was referring to Misty," Jillian fumed.

"She is that," Abby agreed. "But the bitch is also a lot of fun."

Jillian looked over to Jack and the three others. "You did not hear this conversation. Get them working on the rest of the house."

"What about him?" Jack asked ; gesturing to Frank who was curled up in a fetal position.

"Worm. Stop shirking and get back to work. Each hour you and Petra will spank , Kristen and Frank.. And Petra you will give Jack a blow job."

"Yes Mistress," they chorused.

Oh and Jack?"

" Mistress?"

"Keep up your strength for later."

"You have been pretty arrogant yourself, "Abby observed.

"Just using my powers, "she looked into the other room. "Damn, I can't sense what is going on there."

"Patience it won't be long," her mother assured her.

"Than what?"

Her mother grinned, "Too bad you're Het like your father, because there will be an orgy."

The door opened and Ben walked out unsteadily.

"You had to do it," Margaret scolded.

"Dad all you all right, "Jillian asked.

"Yes I am fine once your mother decides to give me something for the headache."

Margaret placed her hands on his head.

"Eventually," Ben continued. "You will have to face Misty or me in a mind bending contest."

"Good, I'll put her down."

"Talk about conceit, "Misty said to her telepathically. "We will be there in 10 minutes. Abby you are welcome to stay too."

Misty walked in followed by a tall beautiful red head and a dark hair stunning Asian who was Miko.

Miko nodded, "Well done."

"Thank you Sensei."

"Jillian you have never met Miko or Katherine my legal analyst." She walked over to Ben, "I hate losing."

"Does that mean.."

"No Jillian, it does not mean you get me as a slave." Misty answered.. "It means that I go through one and only one session with your father."

"And Katherine." Ben added.

"Fuck Misty you didn't have to put Miko and me in the bet!" Katherine stripped.

"Wait a minute," Margaret said. "Does that mean I was on the line too?"

Ben looked a little sheepish, "You do get Miko as an apology."

"Me too, "Abby added.

"But Abby..

"Margaret, I am an adult and I have a thing for older women."

Jillian frowned, "Makes me a little jealous I have only one sex toy today."

"You could use Frank," Abby suggested. 'I won't mind."

"But I would, " her friend replied . She looked at Kristen and Petra. "I will try the other side."


Margaret had the naked Abby and Miko at her feet. She was still a little uncomfortable about Abby's previous trauma. "This is your last chance to back out, if we go ahead I will use you as a sex toy."

Abby sighed, "Artemis and Ishtar I give myself as a slave to Margaret."

Margaret's voice turned stern, "Sluts on your feet, I want to look at you." She started probing with cold fingers on Abby. The girl shivered at her touch.

"Do you want me to punish you?"

"Yes Mistress."

Margaret bent her over and began spanking her. "Count cunt."

After 10, Margaret kissed her. "You want to please me?"

"Yes Mistress, Margaret."

"Crawl over and bring me a paddle." She went over to Miko and handcuffed her." You should be mad that Misty put you up in the wager."

"I am Mistress."

"Good, she looked at Abby." Spank your teacher."

Abby was startled. "Now!"

The girl went to work on the Asian's ass as Margaret pinched her nipples.

Miko grunted, "Harder!" The Yakuza demanded.

Abby obeyed, "How is that bitch!"

Margaret laughed, "Abby on your hands and knees. " She hobbled the girl's ankles." Crawl around the room." She grabbed Miko's head. "Lick my pussy."

Miko stuck her tongue in. "That's it, Abby worship my ass."

The young girl crawled over, "I suppose I should be glad, that Ben put me up for a wager. Miko I do hope you and Katherine as going to punish her later."

"We will Mistress, Misty subs a lot more than she used to."

"Abby start worshiping Miko's ass."

Margaret put on a strap on. She grabbed Abby's hair, "I am going to fuck you!"

"Thank you mistress."

She was relieved there was no fear in her mind.


"Jack bring those two sluts in here." Jillian instructed.

"Yes Mistress."

Jillian threw Frank in the cage. "We are not done with you yet."

She looked at Petra, "Worship me."

Petra knelt at her feet.

"What do you want?"

"To please you mistress."

Jillian looked at Kristen. "Worship Jack."

Kristen knelt at Jack's feet.


"It is fine," she assured him,. "Part of their punishment and slavery is to submit to a man."

Jack nodded and grabbed a crop, and began working over Kristen.

"Thank you Master."

Jillian looked at the red head, "On the bed and spread you legs.." Jillian mounted her and began playing with her tits.

"Thank you mistress."

She flipped over as the woman engaged in a 69.

"Stick your tongue bitch!" the psionic yelled.

Jillian was getting very horny, she mentally grabbed a double head dildo. Sharing it with her slave. "Lets fuck!"

As the two women went at it, Jack grabbed Kristen and tied her spread eagle and began a hard fuck.

"You thought you were a Dom. She is a Dom!"



"This was interesting, but I prefer men. Sluts go fuck Frank."

"Yes Mistress ," they chorused.

Kristen dragged him out, as they began a threesome.

"Petra I release you."

The girl's eye cleared. "You are their Mistress." Jillian told her.

"Thank you mistress."

Jack joined Jillian on the bed.

She kissed him, "I'll stick with the real cock." She said thoughtfully. "At least until I get to fuck Misty!"


"You're daughter needs to be taken down a peg." Misty observed.

"Slave, that is no way to talk about the Master's daughter." Ben admonished.

"Screw the slave talk," Misty said. "I'll honor the terms. What are we going to do when she crosses the line?"

Ben turned serious, "Scare her. Now, I want to see you two sluts wrestle for me."

The two woman faced off. Despite her small size, Misty did not give an inch. They rolled around for some time. Finally Katherine used her weight and sat on her.

"Well done Kate, Misty starting eating your conqueror's pussy." Ben stood over Katherine. "You my dear deep throat it."

Ben and Katherine climaxed at the same time.

"I'm glad you are a good fuck," Katherine muttered. "I really hate subbing to just anyone."

"Hmm, Misty this is your fault you know."

"I know, Master."

Katherine go put on a strap on." He grabbed Misty's ass.. "Its time for you to learn some humility." He parted her cheeks as Katherine stuck it in Misty's mouth.

"We are not stopping until we all have at least. five"

"Take it Bitch!" Katherine shouted. "I'll teach you for making me part of your bets."

Later as the trio relaxed in bed. "That was tough," Misty reflected. "But it does get me off, when I lose control."

Lying beside her. Ben mused. "Well I hope you win the next match, Margaret is too gentle to be a Dom."

"If that's the problem, "Katherine put in. "I'll tie you up and make you my bitch anytime."

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