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Hi, my name is Don and this is a story based on events that happened last summer. It took me nearly a year to be able to write about it, but I had to share it with someone, so thanks for reading this. The events that happened that summer afternoon were based on events that had been building up for several years. My wife Jill has an odd friendship with a woman named Lisa. Their "friendship" started in high school and it seemed that no matter what they were involved in, they took it as an opportunity to try to "one up" the other.

Both women are now in their early 30's, but act as competitive as they did as teenagers. Lisa and Jill have retained their "friendship" in spite of their intense competitive relationship that they have. Any outsider observing their behavior towards one another would think that they were life long enemies, instead of friends. Jill lives to top Lisa and this drive has influenced most of the decisions that Jill has ever made, including marrying me.

I work as a chemical engineer at a global pharmaceutical firm that has a research facility in our town. Jill found me her freshman year, while I was a senior and we dated and got married when Jill graduated with her teaching degree. Jill knew early on that she wanted to marry a guy that would give her the lifestyle that she had grown accustomed to, since her dad was a successful small businessman that enjoyed spoiling his daughter. Since Jill was so involved in cheerleading and studying in high school to compete against Lisa, she rarely dated and she had remained a virgin until our wedding night.

Lisa played the field in high school and in college and Jill would tease her for her "looseness", but Lisa wanted to make sure she sampled all of life's pleasures before settling down. Lisa was not stupid and managed to graduate with a 3.5, a few notches below Jill. However, both women ended up teaching at the same high school. Jill taught mathematics, while Lisa taught English. Jill would often make remarks on how Math was so much more important than English and how she should be paid more. Jill's opinions became even more vocal when Lisa married John, the new P.E. instructor.

Because of Jill's desire to one up Lisa, she constantly pushed me into taking on new projects and to climb the corporate ladder, so that I could provide her with more of the "finer things" in life. I loved Jill and wanted to please her, so in being so passive I created a spoiled brat. I never felt that I was in control of the relationship. In fact, I was always surprised when I saw a guy do what he wanted and how it did not matter to his wife, since she would do whatever he said. I just figured some guys had found women that were more "wired" to please their man. Lisa and John's relationship was like this. Lisa would do anything to please him, like he was her drug dealer and she was a crack addict. While I on the other hand would work like a dog at work and around the house and rarely got an "I appreciate you" sex session from my wife.

In spite of my wife's opinions of him, John and I had always gotten along pretty well together. In fact, last spring when John heard that we were going to put in an in ground pool, John offered to teach me to swim, since I had never learned how. I work a lot of hours, but John said that he often works out before school and that I could come over to the school gym and get my lesson before work. Jill insisted that we get a pool, since she hated the idea of being seen by her students in her bathing suit at the local beach. A side benefit of the pool was that it allowed Jill to rub it into Lisa that she had a pool and that Lisa would never be able to afford one on her and John's salary.

When I arrived for my first lesson, John pointed to the locker room and told me where to change and that he would be in the pool, where a couple of the freshman swim team guys were doing laps. This was the first time that I saw John without his shirt on and I was impressed with his chiseled physique. Since I work so many hours I have become a bit soft and I was hoping that with the pool I could at least start to swim a few laps and firm up a bit. Turned out that John was pretty patient with me and the initial lesson went well. I agreed to come each morning for the next month, and we discussed my training program as we headed into the locker room. As I was soaping up I saw John walk in with the freshman boys and my jaw nearly hit the floor. Besides being so buffed, John happened to have one of the largest cocks that I have ever seen. When soft, mine barely hangs 2" and is just shy of 5" when fully erect. Shoot, the boys that walked in easily had more hanging than I did. Easily, I had the smallest pecker in the locker room that day. John easily hung down over 6" and was quite thick. I felt a bit intimidated standing there with my "wee willy" next to a man that could easily be a porn star. John must have noticed my staring as he smiled, but he never said anything to add to my embarrassment.

That night in bed, Jill asked how the lesson went and she was pleased that I was going to stick to the program since she has always loved the water and it eased her guilt in making me buy her the pool in our backyard. Jill was surprised to hear that I showered at the school, but I told her that with my project I did not have time to drive home.

Jill asked if the guys showers were separate stalls, like the women's shower rooms and I told her how it was just a big room with several nozzles sticking out of the wall. Jill mentioned how she would have hated the lack of privacy, but I told her that every gym that I was ever in was designed the same way. What happened next really surprised me. Jill reached over to me and said, "So how did "little Don" fair today? " "Little Don" is what Jill calls my cock when she is feeling playful. Jill calls it Little Don, not cause she thinks it is small, but that she thinks it has a mind and personality all of its own. Until our honeymoon, Jill had never seen another man naked. Jill is quite petite and with her small 5'2 inch frame she is nice and snug for me, so she has always assumed that I must be "quite endowed".

Besides having very limited dating experiences, Jill lives a very sheltered and conservative lifestyle. We have never seen an adult movie or purchased sex toys or anything else on that level. So, as Jill was prying on how I was next to John I knew it would kill her to know that she would be getting something less than her rival Lisa. So, I did what any other normal guy would do that wanted to keep his wife happy, I lied to her. I did not just lie, I told Jill a "whopper" telling her how John was even smaller than the freshman boys that were in there with his little "button" between his legs. I told Jill that I was easily twice John's size and Jill squealed with delight as she jumped on top of me. As she was riding me, she said, "No matter Lisa can be so bitchy sometimes, probably the lack of meat in her diet." Jill was riding me so hard, that I slipped out a couple of times before she had orgasmed. I think when it slips out it teases her clit even more causing her to climax so quickly. Afterwards, Jill told me on how she was so glad that she did not have to settle with a guy like John.

As Jill smiled and giggled to herself thinking how she had another thing that Lisa didn't I lay there thinking about what I had just done? As I thought about it I realized that there was no way that Jill would ever become the wiser about my lying to her. Jill and I would never discuss sexual things with another couple or friend, but Jill just liked knowing that she had something over Lisa. As I thought about this I realized that I had nothing to fear about Jill finding out, so I went to sleep feeling happy that I was able to once again provide my wife with another victory over her nemesis.

The weekend before July 4th, Georgia was sweltering and I was glad that we had the pool to cool off in. Jill wanted to show off our new kitchen and her latest love, her new Lexus GX 470, which cost me most of my bonus. I have often felt that if she had to choose between me and the new Lexus, that it would be the Lexus.

Jill could not wait to rub in our new toys with Lisa. Jill called Lisa and invited her and John over for a pool party. Lisa asked Jill if they could invite Beth and Tom over, since Beth was new to the area and taught History at their school. Beth and Lisa socialized a lot after school, but Jill hardly knew her. However, Jill thought the idea of rubbing it in Lisa's face with an audience was great and readily agreed. Jill told Lisa that we would pick them up at 2:00 PM, so that she could show Lisa how nice her new car rode. Jill added, "I doubt that you and John would ever get a chance to ride in something so nice, again." Jill giggled as she hung up and let me know that we would be picking the other couples up next weekend in her new car.

When we woke up Saturday, I reached over to Jill hoping for a little "play time" before the party, but Jill jumped out of bed and told me that we did not have time. I had been working a ton of hours that month and it had been weeks since Jill had made love to me. Being the type that does not like confrontation I got up and helped Jill prepare for our afternoon pool party.

Jill and I drove up to Lisa and John's modest home and I cringed as Jill commented to Lisa on how she would probably feel pretty frustrated with her car after being in the Lexus. Jill added, "Once you have experienced a ride like this, all other cars will just frustrate you." Lisa, just nodded politely, but did not comment, but smiled as she rubbed John's leg. As I looked in the mirror, Lisa seemed very cool, like she had something up her sleeve.

We picked up Beth and Tom at their apartment. You could tell that they were newlyweds as they giggled and kissed in the back of the car. I thought they were a nice couple and I was looking forward to getting to know them better.

Jill had quite the spread laid out and I blushed several times as Jill rubbed into Lisa's face on the things that we had done in our home. Jill spared no expense and even stocked our new bar, so that our guest would be so impressed. This was uncharacteristic of Jill, since she rarely drank. Jill showed the couples where to change and told them to meet us on the patio when they had their suits on.

As Jill and I were changing, I kept looking over at her admiring how she looked. Her blonde hair and nice tan seemed to go so well together. I felt it was a shame that she kept her figure hidden behind such a modest bathing suit. Jill wore a navy one piece that was modestly cut. Since Jill had always felt so self conscious of her small bust, she picked the suits with a built in padded bra that made her look bigger and prevented her nipples to poke through when she was cold. I often told Jill that if she was an AA or a DD cup, I would lover her just the same, but she told me that she would never wear a bikini around people that she worked with. Jill said, "Perhaps, when you get that next promotion I will let you buy me a bikini for me to wear for you around the house." I smiled at the thought of seeing her 34A bust enhanced by one of those Wonder bra bathing suits that I have seen at Victoria's Secret.

As Jill and I were getting things ready, our guest walked outside and my eyes must have looked like they were coming out of my head. I have always thought that Lisa was a pretty woman, since I had a thing for brunettes. Lisa has long brown hair and looks like an Amazon next to Jill, towering her by at least 6". What was most shocking was the swimsuit that Lisa chose for today, a thong bikini that made her bust look like they could have provided shade for a small boy. I thought that they would easily be a D-cup or larger. Her bottoms were so snug; I could have sworn I could see her "camel toe" which seemed so prominent and sassy.

I quickly excused myself, worrying that my erection would be seen and made up an excuse to go in the house to get something. While inside, my curiosity got the best of me and I went into the bedroom that Lisa and John used to change and I reached into her changing bag to pull out her bra. I nearly came in my pants as I read the 36DD tag and was going to jerk off in our bathroom when I heard Jill yelling for me. The fear of Jill or someone else catching me quickly made my erection go away. I knew I could not let "little Don" get carried away today, since out of all of life's forbidden fruit, the rival of your wife' is the most forbidden of all.

When I went to the grill, I was happy to see Beth come outside in her bikini, too. Beth is an attractive blonde, but her bikini was no where near as provocative as Lisa's. Also, Beth appeared quite a bit bustier than I would have guessed. I had never noticed this before since I had always seen her in "teacher's clothes before. Beth's breast looked so firm and full, but she was easily a cup smaller than Lisa. However, with the scare I got earlier I was not going to verify it like I did Lisa's since it would be a disaster if I got caught. I never realized how much Beth and Jill resembled each other, until I saw them both together. Beth looked a little blonder, a little younger, and a lot bustier than Jill, but their smile and facial expressions seemed identical to me. I thought to myself as I looked over my patio, a man can have worse days than staring at 3 pretty women half naked in his backyard.

Fortunately for me, all the guys wore loose fitting trunks, so it was not obvious if a guy was packing 4" or 14". Jill pulled me aside a few times complaining about how Lisa and Beth were dressed. I had to act like I was just as offended, while deep inside I wanted to see both their tops ripped off, so that I could see even more of them exposed.

As the afternoon wore on and as more drinks got consumed the atmosphere became more relaxed. As our guests finished a game of water volleyball, each woman climbed on her husband's shoulders getting ready for a game of "chicken fights". If you have never heard this game, basically you have your girl on your shoulders trying to pull the other girl off and become the winner. The guy tries to maneuver the two of them to give his girl more of an advantage over the other players.

Lisa yelled over to Jill, "Hey Jill quit working on the house and grab that husband of yours and climb on top of his shoulders, so that we can play a game of chicken fights. Unless, of course, you are too afraid to lose?"

Jill responded, "Lose? To who, you and John? Just because you're taller does not mean you have any advantage over me. In fact, your height and your choice of swimwear will work against you!"

Lisa yelled back, "Well, bring it on bitch!" and everyone laughed at her challenge.

So, Jill threw off her wrap and took my hand and led me to the pool. Jill then climbed on my shoulders and adjusted herself to make sure she was on good. Lisa announced that the last couple left standing with his wife on his shoulders is the winner. The women then yelled, "Go!" and we all tried to get in position to knock off another couple. Knowing how Jill would want to save Lisa for last I went for Beth and Tom, but both couples must have made some plans in advance, since they both surrounded Jill. Soon, Beth and Lisa grabbed a shoulder strap of Jill's and did a quick yank almost causing one of Jill's pink nipples to be exposed in front of Tom. Jill was so busy trying to conceal herself that she lost track of Lisa as she grabbed her from behind and pulled her off of my shoulders. In my attempt to stand up, I bumped into Tom's legs, causing Beth to lose her balance, so that only Lisa and John were upright.

Lisa screamed, "We won, we won!" Jill angrily got up to the surface, trying to get her hair out of her eyes. Jill then said, "You cheated, no one said that another couple could do such a dirty trick as to pull down one's swimsuit! We were setup!" Lisa just laughed and told Jill, "All is fair in love, war, and chicken fights!", and everyone but Jill and I laughed at Lisa's remark. Jill was angry and was about to let her temper get the best of her. I tried to calm her down when Lisa said, "Do not worry, the guys did not see anything they have not seen before, except only smaller, a lot smaller!" Lisa and John were laughing as Lisa added, "Do you think John and Tom are going to be all flustered after seeing your mosquito bites exposed, when they can see ours anytime they want?" I assured Jill that I doubt if they saw anything, but just the thought of it made Jill stew. Especially, seeing John grin and enjoy Jill's predicament, someone that she saw at work on a regular basis.

Jill just replied, "Any more than a mouthful is wasted, fortunately for me I have more of everything else that you could possibly want!"

Lisa said, "What do you mean by that? Care to make a wager? Second thought, no sense betting with you, you would just back out anyhow!"

This made Jill even angrier. Jill said, "I will put my new Lexus up as collateral, if I welch any bet that I lose with you! What do you say to that?"

Lisa just said, "Bring it on! You have always been all talk and no action! To show that I mean business, I will hand Beth my Jeep keys to give to you if I welch!"

I wanted to try and calm Jill down, but before I could do anything Jill marched inside the house because she was formulating a plan and she needed the other couples inside to get things rolling. Jill had her cover-up on and yelled for everyone to come inside for a glass of wine. As everyone was sitting at the table, Jill showed them her Lexus key chain. Jill then tossed her Lexus keys to Beth saying, "If I lose and welch out on my bet with Lisa, you have my permission to give her my car! Since the value is not equal, my only request is that I get to choose what we bet on!"

John said, "Man, I would love to have that car without paying a dime!" Lisa told John that Jill has rarely beat her at anything, so be prepared to drive it home tonight. Jill interrupted her, "Even if I did lose, I can only lose my car if I refuse to pay up, so do not be counting on anything yet, John! Besides, I have beaten Lisa many times in the past. If you do not believe me, just look around this house to see who the real winner in life is!"

Beth asked Jill if she could get in on the action, too, since she has always been a bit competitive herself. Out of pride, Jill readily agreed as Beth tossed the keys to her Camry on the pile. The addition of Beth was an unexpected wrinkle to Jill's plans, however she knew most of all that she would be able to beat Lisa, so that was all she was focused on for now.

Jill stated, if you lose to just one couple, you just have to do one task that the winning couple gets to choose. If you are the one couple that loses to both couples, then you have to do three tasks that the winning couple chooses. Jill could not wait to have Beth and Lisa wash her car and clean her house while their husbands mow their lawn. Jill could not wait for this to start.

Jill pulled out her tape recorder from her pocket and says, to make sure no one backs out I want to hear everyone agree to the terms and to agree to do the tasks that the winner says or they will forfeit their vehicle. Jill added the caveat that since she has the most expensive car to risk, she gets to decide what is being betted on. Lisa added that it can not be some weird math problem or something mental, and Jill smiled and quickly agreed. Jill said, "If the losing couple makes any attempt to not to readily participate in the tasks, then they automatically lose their car!" Jill could hardly contain herself thinking about humiliating Lisa and John.

Beth added, "The task has to be something that can be done in an hour or less. I do not want to be someone's personal slave for the day." Jill agreed and said that when she asks them to clean her house or cook her meal that an hour will be fine. Lisa said, "What makes you so sure you are not going to clean my house, huh?" Jill just smiled, and said, "Are you in or not?"

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