tagRomanceRiver Boat: Day 03

River Boat: Day 03

byMy Erotic Tail©

River Boat: Day three (Ryes Hot Springs)

The morning started with sounds of birds chirping lightly through the house boat's bedroom window. Sam looked to his side for his new found companion only to see that she wasn't there. Slowly rising and a quick dart to the bathroom to brush his teeth and a splash of water upon his face.

Then slowly entering the day room in search for the lovely lady that had filled his night with passion. Seeing her silently sitting on the back deck with her leg swaying slightly. Soaking up the beauty of the river at morn.

The pelicans lined the shoreline giving her a picture perfect scene. They were basking in the morning sun and perched along the water's edge. Like a blanket had been laid out along the edge of the woods. When he approached, Abby put her finger to her lips in a notion for him to be quiet. Sitting in the chair next to her Sam smiled.

"There beautiful Sam," Abby said lightly.

"Yeah, you should see them when their flying in formation about a foot off the water," he replied.

"I did," she said with a huge grin on her face. Keeping her voice down. "Coffee's ready if you are."

Sam slowly got up and went to retrieve himself a cup and the pelicans took flight. There must have been fifty of them flapping their huge wings and hovering over the water just enough to keep from getting wet.

"Awe Sam!" Abby said with disappointment.

"Not to worry there's plenty of those around." He stated as he went into the kitchen. Poured himself a cup of steaming brew and began to make ready the 'Cherry' for its daily voyage.

They pulled up anchor and put the house back on course down river. Keeping the boats nose in the wind. Trimming the shore with their wake and the echoing the sound of the motor sang out. Churning the water and pushing them thru natures bounty, the Trinity River.

Sam would casually watch Abby with smiles and intrigue. As she dressed she only garnished her beauty. As she made her way around the boat and Sam, he watched her with enthusiasm. Abby was graceful and sensual with a dash of erotic flare. The bond of their friendship was binding tighter as they were getting to know each other in every way.

The Rivers broad width was reflecting brightly the suns rays as they made their way down river. The warmth of the day grew as did their desires. Sam playfully zig and zagged the boats flight across the water till he was reminded of his companions mishap of feeding the fish. So he stopped the boats water dance and idled down as he watched the bank for a sign of the trail he was looking for.

Spotting it Sam nosed the boat to shore and anchored. Turning the motor off and looked at Abby who was ready with a straw beach style carry. Filled with lotion, drinks, fruit, towels and no telling what suprise she might have in her bag of tricks.

They entered the wooded trail of beaten grass and tall pines. The bushes offered a wall along their path as they made their way to "Ryes, Hot Springs." A rabbit darted down it's bunny trail as they pushed some wild vines and extended branches out of their way. Abby was right behind Sam as he held the limbs out of her passage.

They came upon the trickled sound of water over rocks as they neared the pools that lightly steamed from the natural springs that fed the pools of water. Patrons of this place, mostly Indians, had cemented some steps and sitting areas around the shallow water. The ever present green of the foliage mirrored off the creek that flowed from here.

Sam laid Abbey's bag upon a perfectly flat rock. Looked at Abby and said "Where here dear," smiling. Abbey took in the panoramic view. Song birds chirped nearby undisturbed as they walked around the separated pools of water in search of the place they wished to sink into.

The white rocks were smooth and wore. As they toyed with their fingers in the waters surface and tested its warmth. Each pool seem to have a different temperature. There was multiple sizes and to many to count, each fed into the other. Finally Abby picked one she liked and they settled into sitting on its sides with their feet in the water. They kicked at the water and teased a splash or two as they finally slipped into the warm watered pool. Found a good seating and relaxed into its healing waters.

"The Indians call this place, 'Oniwa.' Sam told Abby. "Means farewell for now trusted friend." Sam could only speculate that that's what the Indians said as they left the area.

Sam leaned into Abby sensually as he kissed her luscious lips. Passion seem to be fast becoming their power point. As their friendship seem to take a playful jest and their desires were met by each others. The warm water soaked away their minds tangles as it soothed their tense bodies.

"Abby, getting hot yet?" Sam asked with a chuckle.

She looked at him with a mischievous grin. She had heard about this place from Sam's talks but nothing he said did it justice though. Seeing the green trees the tall grasses, the wild life. Abbey was just in such awe. The water was so inviting it was making her feel very intuned with her inner person. Which normally could get her into trouble. She had chosen to wear a one piece bathing suit. Sam had told her they would be secluded but she never thought it would be this secluded.

Playfully splashing water at one another made her mischievous side come out. It wasn't deep so to speak but it was, deep enough for her to swim from him. Pull her bathing suit off and threw it high over his head. Watching it soar past his eyes she had to laugh.

"Sam take yours off now. If you aren't afraid somebody will see you." She said in a low voice that he was getting to know quite well.

"I will, then you will be in serious trouble. I will want you here and now," his voice was straining as he threw his clothes next to hers.

"Come here to me, Abby?" His voice was playful.

"No, you come here." She was teasing him now. "I want you to come to me." She was enjoying this, he was too. They were like two young adult newlyweds after each other every time they turned around. Taunting each other to come hither.

"If I have to come after you, you will be sorry," Sam said with a grin.

"Oh," Abbey said, then headed towards the opposite end of this particular pool. This pool wasn't that large so, "She wasn't going far." Sam thought. He took off after her. She "Squealed," as she hopped up on the edge of the pool and swung her legs up and scooted a couple feet and slipped into the next pool of the springs.

"Oh, going to make me chase you huh?" Sam barked playfully. He then ran to that pool after her and made a mighty splash as he dove in and swam under the water. His plan of attack was to swim under the water and come up at her where she was. But as he got to where she should have been. He saw her swimming away in an adjacent pool.

"Oh, your slicker than grease on a door knob aren't you?" He said with a big grin upon his face. He got up on the edge of the pool and got to his feet and ran around the pool. She saw his new strategic ploy and squealed again as she headed back towards an opposite bank.

"Now what are you going to do?" He asked laughing. Sam reached up and grabbed a branch from a tree and broke it off. He swung it in the air a couple times as it made a swishing sound. Then looked at her and shook it at her.

"You wouldn't dare?" Abby shouted giggling. She went to hop into another pool but he dove into that pool ahead of her, anticipating her move. She slipped into the same pool as he came up and grabbed her as she let out a loud "Squeal."

"Gotcha now." He said as he pulled her to him tightly. He took Abby and turned her around and began spanking her ass playfully. "Told you If I had to chase you I would spank you." He said. She laid about willing and look back and smiled as he paddled her ass with a few light swats on her rear. When he stopped his patting of her ass she looked back at him and said.

"Is that all you got," grinning as she pushed her ass up to him for more.

"Oh." Sam said, as he felt challenged but realized she was being frisky.

Sam paddled her harder and Abbey let him know with the look in her eyes that he had gotten her attention. She was enjoying the biting sting of his pleasures play. He rolled her over and kissed her after the last smack upon her ass cheek rang out into the woods. She was fired up from the chase and excitement of the capture as their lips mashed and tongues twirled. They embraced tightly as passion arose. They turned up the heat in those hot springs.

"Sam I am wanting you in the worst way." Abbey said laughing softly. Sam glanced around the springs fairly certain they were alone. Then began fondling Abbey's breasts while his tongue drove deeper in her mouth. They intertwined into each other in the steamy pool. Abbey slowly climbed on top of Sam and fixed her self to sit upon him. Their desires aflame as they pressed into each other more.

Steady splashing and sloshing come from the strides they took driving into each other. Short breathed and panting as they ravished the others lips. Tasting the fruit of passions their organs meshed with tense muscles and gripping clasps. Sam's body was rigid. His face was pinched but he was moaning without sounds. His thighs tightened, the beating of his heart was noticeable in his neck. The water was so hot it was enveloping them in warmth. Their moaning escaped from their lips slightly. Bouncing off the water and lost in the trees.

Sam's body spasmed, the ride then subsided. Abbey's own cumming was ripping thru her at the speed of light. Instantly he grabbed her and kissed her tenderly, making little love talk. They were lost in their own world.

They then managed to get out and lay on a blanket. Abbey's medical background became the voice of reason. They needed substance, water, so as they laid there side by side. They toyed with each other with the fruit they had brought and drank their drinks as they lay together. They were content and filling themselves with stories of their lives and feeding each other pieces of fruit.

The temperature was perfect lounging on the rocks around the several pools of steamy water. The trickled sound of water upon the rocks that fed down to a the creek and birds darted and fluttered by as they made feeble attempts to lure them away so they could have there daily bath and drink. Chirping as they shot into the bushes and disappeared. Abby lay in Sam's arms as he held her close. Her heart beat against his chest as he lay there counting them.

Abby was pushing Sam's chest rather hard and saying his name as he opened his eye's and saw darkness. They had fallen asleep. She arose and stood as he could barely make her out, if it weren't for her lightened skin tone he wouldn't know she was there.

They got their things together the best they could in the darkness as Sam took her arm. "I didn't bring a flash light Abby," he said as he began walking in the direction of the trail to the boat.

"Oh great, I can see the headlines now, Abby lost in the jungles of Texas..." She said laughing as they made their way down the trail. Invisible vines scrapped their bodies as they squinted their eye's to see which way to go.

"Grr, Arg," a sound came from in front of them as Sam stopped. Just then a movement in the woods and grass came from in front of them as they were frozen to hear better.

"What is it?" Abby asked.

"Go back," he said as he went back to the springs and found the creek. The creek offered a little more light from its open gap of treeless areas. They then proceeded down the creek and to the river.

"Sam! What was it?" She asked again only more stern.

"Can't be to sure, there are gators on the river and their about the only thing I know that growls like that." He said with all earnest. Abby took his arm hard and stayed close as she possibly could and still walk. They came to the rivers mouth along the creeks opening that widened as they took to the bank that they needed to get up to the boat. Half wadeing in the water and half land and some parts got down right muddy.

"Why didn't you tell me there were alligators Sam?" Abbey said with a concerned tone.

"Would you have swam If I had?" He replied as they continued along the bank. "But don't worry, hadn't any body been eaten by one in a month or so now." He said laughing as he explained the rarity of human harm unless stepped upon, "They'll generally leave you alone." He said.

The walk wasn't that hard or long but it wasn't a walk to a picnic either. The limbs and branches pulled and slapped at them as they were camouflaged by the darkness. And the mud stuck like glue to their feet and shoes.

They came up on the boat that semi glowed pale white along a black curtain of water. They were both glad to be back as the boat was looking better all the time.

They climbed aboard as Sam instantly turn on the running lights and took off his shoes. Abby did the same as he pushed the button for the generator and turned the power on. She made a bee line for the bedroom as Sam made the boat ready for their return.

Sam heard the water kick on, he knew she was starting to take a shower. He went in the bedroom and the door was not locked so he eased in and saw that she was in the rain closet(Shower). He peeled his clothes off there in the bathroom.

"I was always told, save water bath with a friend." He said.

As the door opened and she reached out and pulled him in to the shower and shut the door. The shower was small but that made it intimate. All though they didn't need much space to explore their sensuality. The water was warm and very steamy. Abbey allowed him to stand closer to the shower head. Watching the beads of water making riverlets down his back and the curves of his ass cheeks.

"Okay Sam, I want you to lean onto the wall now! This is Officer Abby I need to search your body. All of your body, all of your orifices." She spoke with authority and a slight giggle.

"But Officer I haven't gotten anything hidden, believe me," his voice was shaking. "I am sure you can see this right away." He was playing along quite good. While the small rain closet become steamed up and warmer.

"Okay Mr. Sam let me feel your bare back." Rubbing his back Abbey then whispered, "Your back looks clean. Now let me see your ears. Mmm, they look okay." Her voice was filled with teasing.

"Don't you say a word Sam. Spread your legs, wider Sam lean onto that wall and don't say a word." She said with a stern tone. "This isn't going to be easy."

"What's not going to be....OHHH!" Sam blurted as he felt her finger. Abbey's other hand worked down his shoulders, rubbing her tits upon his bare back. Sam was being a good prisoner as she worked her way down his spine kissing him and licking him. Abbey could hear him gasp as she poked gently with one hand while the other freely roamed. His head thrown forward she could tell he was needing to moan loudly.

Her fingers were touching his rock hard cock, making long, slow, strokes from base to tip. His body tensed, as she became familiar with his rigid cock. Moving all around the head and then stroking it with added pressure. His legs shook, she only stopped long enough to let him get his composure.

"You aren't planning on cumming are you Sam? That wouldn't be allowed. Not on my shift, Sam," Abbey said.

"Spread them, wider." Abbey hollered.

Taking her hand she rubbed his ass cheeks in circular motions. As he was relaxing her finger shot between his legs. His thighs were like granite. This time as her hand found that cock, he moaned with desires. His head thrown back she knew he was going to cum. "Don't you dare Sam!" Her voice was nothing but a whisper.

Abbey felt the immediate changes before his orgasm. She swiftly took one hand away from between his legs and placed one finger on the outer anus ring. His legs became shaking, he knew what was going to happen. So as her one hand was stroking him, she slipped her finger inside of his ass again and his cum showered all over the wall. His spasms were like earth quake tremors. His voice rang from every surface in the shower, his body was convulsing. As he was gaining strength back into his legs Abbey spun him around and kissed him passionately. Both wrapped their arms tightly around the others.

"Now Sam that is what you get for not telling me I could have been killed by alligators." Abbey laughed as her eyes were twinkling.

"Ok, fair enough. Wow Abbey, that was...great." Sam kissed her again.

They finished washing their bodies then filled their tummies and went to bed and started all over again. They had become lovers and the vacation was bonding them closer everyday, aboard the River Boat.

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