tagRomanceRiver Boat: Day 04

River Boat: Day 04

byMy Erotic Tail©

The loud "Shriek" of a crow squawking woke Sam. Or perhaps it was the smell of the coffee as he raised and looked around. He didn't see Abby so he got up and went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup.

"Morning sleepy head," Abbey said from the back deck. Sam peered out and walked towards her when he realized that she was fishing. He grinned as he asked her, "Got bait on that hook little girl?" He said laughing as he took a drink of his morning eye opener. Recalling her tale of when she was young and fished without bait.

"Yes, I do thank you," Abby replied.

Sam sat in the chair next to her as he scanned the rivers beauty then looked back at her. She was fishing with her pole and sitting with a scarf that barely covered her as she sat with the sun starting to bask her bare skin. Naked as a Jay bird with a possum smile.

"What if somebody goes by in a boat and sees you Abby?" He asked with a snicker.

"Well, only one has gone by so far and that old man could barely see the front of his boat," she said. "Of course that was after he saw me." She giggled loudly. "Look in the cooler." She pointed to the ice chest.

Sam raised his head up a bit as he eye'd her with his head cocked. He smiled as it sunk in and he got up and went to the cooler. Sam opened it and there lay a nice size black bass.

"Wow Abby, that's a nice catch dear." He looked back at her as the lid shut. Then he walked over to her and kissed her. "I'm impressed." She sat there with a little smirk look on her face of self pride. Sam grin'd at her and sat back down and drank his coffee. She shook her pole a little as he finally had to ask. "Did that old man leave you the fish? Was his name Pete Johnson?"

Abby's mouth dropped in shock as she jerked in her chair. Looked back at him and tilted her head down with her eye's looking up. Her lips curled up into a grin.

"Maybe," she finally said. "You'll never know." She was toying with him and keeping him intrigued. She sat there giving him little looks and even stuck her tongue out at him.

"Better be nice or you won't get your surprise today," He said as he could see her eye's light up but then her head turned.

"What kind of surprise?" She asked with a curious tone.

Sam took a long drink of his coffee as he looked around at the rivers landscape and began whistling. He looked her up one leg, then the other. Then wiggled his eye brows at her as he gazed upon her nipples that pointed firmly. Licking his lips slowly from side to side then bring his tongue back in, then did it again.

"I have something you want." He said as he looked her over slowly and smiling as he settled on her gazing eyes. "And you have something I want." He continued to eye her over his empty cup. Raising up and heading for the galley he stopped and gave Abby a kiss and smiled, looking deeply into her eyes. They had become close and the fondness was growing between them.

"You want to fish or you want to head to your surprise?" Sam asked as if knowing the answer. Abby quickly began reeling in her line smiling. Sam went into the House boat and poured another cup of coffee and started the motors and made ready the "Cherry." Set her on course down river and made the check on supplies. The Motor rang out as it was set on half throttle. The wake splashed and swelled as the boat sliced the rivers surface. Cranes and egrets squawked and took flight as the boat passed the shores tranquil edge. The wind whipped a bit from the passage of air around the boats sides. As the sun started baking and beating the water reflectively.

They had brunch of fish sandwiches. Excellent flavored bass and bread with chips. They teased and toyed with each other every chance they got. Breaking the hypnotic hold the river had in its passing beauty.

They pulled up to a boarded pier slowly. As the "Cherry" layered to the side of the tire bouy'd slats. Sam set the idle as he run out and laced the ropes around the pillars. He went to the front and tied it as well. Shut the motor off and loaded their gear for the hike. Abby just kept bringing up the alligators but he assured her there were no alligators here. So she agreed to go on the hike.

With their snacks and small ice chest they made their way up the cemented trail. The curtain of green from the tree's highlighted by the pale blue sky. The earth wound smoothly upwards. The appearance was that of a well traveled path. The hike was a bit so they stopped at the half way point and caught their breaths. Drank a little water and after a quick kiss back on the trail. The trail began to follow up a creek bank. Bringing the sounds of pooled water trickling from pool to pool.

The pools got larger and the sounds got louder as we walked up the trail to its peak. The curve in the trail hid the site. Sam put my hands around her eye's as they walked around the curve.

"Surprise," he said as he took his hands away from her eye's. Revealing "Fire falls." The water falls was 30 foot high coming off the upper cliff and free falling water into a waiting pool of deep blue. The banks were smooth with sand beaches and there was a restroom and visitor center that explained the fire that comes from it's mist as the sun sets just behind the upper pool. Giving the appearance of fire flickering upwards over the pouring water.

The place was empty which was mostly the case since it was not very accessible. The tables shaded by the falls was where Sam sat the cooler and backpack as Abby gazed upon the hypnotic beauty of the falling water. Sam pulled out drinks and lapped up a canned drink quickly.

Sam walked up to Abby and put his arm around her and asked, "Well, what do you think?"

"It's just magnificent Sam," Abby said with awe. "It's just breathtakingly beautiful." She hugged him as they looked at the finest in nature. Abbey walked away from Sam and found what she was looking for. "Sam, come dance with me?" Anxiously she asked. "Please, I want you to dance with me so this place will always be inside of me."

Sam half grinned, "Dance, where is the music Abby?" His voice was reluctant sounding. "Where did you find that old beat up thing? I thought I tossed this a long time ago." His voice was resigned to the idea that Abbey wanted to dance with him. She had stored a CD player in the backpack.

The music sounded quite lovely as Smokey Robinson sang his song. Sam took Abbey in his arms, he was a great dancer. Placing his hands on her waist they danced with nothing but the sound of Smokey Robinson and the water fall. He was light on his feet, turning her around and around. Abbey was enjoying this, all women do though. His face leaned back so he could see hers, she kissed his lips and he drew her closer. They had danced to a whole CD before they realized that they weren't alone. Hearing voices they looked around and seen a couple coming their direction. Sam kissed her passionately before he let her go.

"Franklin see we aren't the only one's climbing up this side of the of the mountain." A woman spoke and then turned to Abbey. "My name is Edith and Franklin, is coming, he is so slow you know?" She spoke with a familiar sound. "He tried to make it where we didn't need to see this place, you know?" Her words sounded nasal. "Get up here Franklin, he is slower than syrup on a winter morning, you know." Her voice finally got quiet. Abbey was about to speak, when Franklin finally made it in sight.

"Well, my name is Abby this is Sam." Abbey said not sure if she would get to finish her sentence.

"Franklin this is Abby and Sam, you know." She had spoken a little more loudly, "Franklin these nice people are so friendly, you know?" Her words were rushed as though she might run out of air.

Franklin was a quiet man. If and when he spoke it seemed to be only to say, "Yes, I know." They chatted a little while asking them about their trip so far.

"Its been pretty exciting, you know?" Edith spoke with an excitement in her voice. "We camped the other night, you know? When was it Franklin? Oh it was two days ago, you know?" Her voice seemed ready to bust. "It was two days ago right Franklin, you know?" She didn't give him a chance to speak.

Yet he was able to get out, "Yes I know," he said meekly.

Abbey and Sam were sitting there thinking this couple must have been married for a long time. Which they eventually found out was true. She seemed to be the whole speaker for the both of them.

"Franklin let's tell them what we saw, you know?" Her voice was busting to finish the thought. "The night we camped we were sitting around the fire, you know?" Her voice was loud. "We were just chatting like always. When all of a sudden we noticed this house boat. We were amazed they have such beautiful one's on the river like this, you know?" Her words were spoken with the sound of a question at the end. "Any way Franklin here noticed first that we were watching this couple. They were absolutely naked, I mean it was so startling. I was aghast at the whole thing, you know?" She spoke with her words running into the others. "They were like acrobats, and were hanging off the sides of everything. They were just, I don't know the right name for them, you know?" She finally took a deep breath, "They were just amazing, just amazing you know?"

Abbey's face went pale, her heart rate sped up. She felt her body getting hot. She looked at Sam, he was grinning. Abbey was humiliated this couple was speaking about them.

"Well, I told Franklin I would never forget this couple, you know?" She spoke with such an air of authority. "Didn't I say that Franklin you know?"

All she allowed him to say was "Yes, I know." He said slowly.

"If he didn't cough that night we might have gotten to see a lot more you know?" Her voice trailed off like she had a sudden sadness come into her thoughts.

Abbey's thoughts were running, telling her to flee. She was in shock with this turn of events. Abbey wanted something romantic to happen. Sam just sat there smiling at them. Abbey would have laughed at this if it wasn't them they were speaking about. Abbey timidly asked, "Did you ever see their faces?"

"Oh my yes we seen their faces, I would know them anywhere you know?" Edith spoke with a certain air about her thoughts. That is when Abbey realized that she had no idea who they were. She relaxed and smiled with Sam as they listened to this woman speak about the romp on the boat two nights ago.

Well, first break they got from the chattering tourist Sam took Abby's hand and slipped off towards the falls. She trailed behind him step for step as they made their get away.

The rocks were a tad slick from algae but flat enough that they walked across them in a stairwell way. Up and behind the falling water of the pooled basin. The open gap behind the splashing water acted as cover from the sun and view.

They held their hands under the falling water as it slapped their hands away upon impact. Slender streams poured along in a veiling way. The walls of the granite rock were wet and a mist hovered about the gapping area behind the falls.

Sam asked Abby if she wanted to continue their dance and she agreed. They went arm in arm again swaying to the roaring sound of the waters crashing mix of pool and falling water. Sam brought her in tightly as he spun her half circle and walked her backwards in brisk sharp stepping beats. He dipped her and kissed her then brought her up slowly.

They waded thru the other pool to its main pond. Avoiding the chatter box queen, they swam down creek a bit and found a sandy beach. Walking on the beached area Sam took Abby's hand as they fell into the soft sandy surface. Sam wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lightly as he pulled her to him and held her.

They lay there for a while and rested as the sun found its perfect position behind the falls. The glowing sun shined bright red off the mist of the upper falls. The splashing spray flickered its rainbow, a reddish hue. The fire falls fire was bright above the falling water. The suns slow glide across the sky offered this view only momentarily. As the fire image died from the suns disappearance the small group of visitors were slowly leaving.

They laid there awhile and chatted back and forth about the way the fire seemed so real above the water and the timing of the sun behind the water and such before they swam to their gear and began to leave the falls area. Back down the mountain. Pacing themselves as they tickled and teased each other along the trail.

They got back to the boat, Abby made sure Ms. Chatter box didn't see her get on the house boat. And Sam put the "Cherry" headed down the river. The Boat chugged along the banks till Sam found a secluded cove just as the last bit of suns light slowly trickled into darkness. Setting the anchor and turning on the running lights as Abbey whipped up and light supper. They quickly ate with anticipation of perhaps sharing the rain closet again before turning in.

The mad dash to the shower came before their meal was done, both giggled and laughed as they turned the water on and fell into each others arms. The clothes shed as fast as the water that sprayed out of the nozzle. They were definitely wet now.

Sam's hands run up and down Abbey's back as they kissed passionately and deeply. Interlaced into each other as the pelting droplets massaged their bodies while their desires were aflame. Sam gripped Abbeys breast in a handful and queazed as Abbey's hand run downward and found Sam's erect muscle. Pulling lightly and lacing her fingers around its shaft.

Their moans of approval were drowned out by the waters spray. Abbey turned her back to Sam and placed her hands on the shower wall and pushed her ass up to him. No words were needed, he knew what she wanted. Sam fixed himself and pressed his cock into her slowly. Gripping her waist and sliding into her more. The short shallow humps began as they both pushed towards each other rocking.

Sam was stiffened fully and thrusting faster. Abbey's fingers spread outwards against the shower wall as she pushed backwards. Her hair was wet fully now and flung her head quickly to the side to bring her hair behind her. Sam took a handful of hair in hand and pulled lightly as he began to quiver. Pumping deeply into her while his explosion of ecstasy began. Abbey felt the warmness within and turned her head and smiled as he slowed his pace, released her hair and fell into her kissing her back.

They washed themselves and each other playfully and retired straight to bed quickly after the rain closet water had been turned off. The peaceful sounds of crickets and frogs filled the night air. The sounds of their breathing matched the heartbeats they shared. A little light come through the window from a moon that was filtered by passing clouds. Slumber come as the two held each other close. All was at peace on the River Boat.

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