tagRomanceRiver Boat: Day 06

River Boat: Day 06

byMy Erotic Tail©

Abbey and Sam were in slumber on the River Boat. The gentle swaying of the boat was like a rocking cradle. The night was quiet and peaceful. Abby lay warmly in Sam's arms. The Moon's light come through the window of the bedroom casting shadows as the boat swayed with the rivers swells.

Sam opened his eyes wide in the pitch black dark. He looked at Abby whom was sound asleep. Sam rolled back over to his side, searching for a cool spot in the pillow. Then he nuzzled into sleep again.

"Clink," A noise came from the back deck of the boat and Sam's eyes opened wide again. Listening attentively for a moment then brushed it off as, "Probably a nothing, the woods, has a lot of those." Sam said to himself as he closed his eyes.

"Clink," the sound was a bit louder. Sam raised up slightly and listened. Then he saw a moving shadow across the slightly opened bedroom door. Not sure if it was the moon through the trees or exactly what it was so he watched and listened. He looked back at Abbey and saw that she was still sound asleep.

Putting his finger over her lips he nudged her. "Ooh," She stirred, then went to speak as he motioned for her to be quiet. She looked confused, as Sam pointed to the door. Raised his hand fully, signaling for her to stay.

"What?" Abbey whispered while sitting up and pulling the covers around her. Sam crawled slowly out of bed and slipped quietly into his pants.

"Shhh..." Sam gestured by putting his finger to his lips.

"Clang." The sound of a boat lightly bumping into another was clearly heard. Sam went to the slightly open bedroom door and peered out into the day room. He didn't see anything or anyone and all the lights were off on the boat to save the batteries so it was extremely dark.

Then the sound of the refrigerator door shutting in the kitchen was heard and Sam push himself up against the wall lightly. Putting his hand out signaling Abbey to stay.

"Hurry up," came a light call from the back deck of the House Boat. The sound of foot steps came close to the door. Sam swung the door open quickly and reached and grabbed the person and slung them to the floor. Sam pounced with his knee in to their gut as he raised his fist high and was in full swing when he realized it was a kid. Small framed and scared stiff, yelling, "Don't hit me Mister, don't hit me." Sam froze with one hand grasping the teens shirt and the other hand, a clinched fist, frozen in mid-swing. A boat out side cranked up it's outboard motor and the sound of it speeding away was obvious. The youngster in Sam's grasp didn't resist.

Abby come out asking, "Sam? Sam, what is it?" The bed spread wrapped around her fully. Her hair was a flare as she turned on the light switch in the day room. The teen was on the floor with Sam hovering over him.

"Just some kids." Sam replied as he pulled the young lad to his feet and never letting go of his shirt Sam walked over and set the teen into a chair.

"Jamie?" Sam said.

"Sam?" The boy replied.

"You two know each other?" Abby asked.

"Yeah," Sam replied to Abbey.

"Sam, I didn't know you were out here. Thought you were out of town on work again." The boy mumbled.

"What were you doing here boy?" Sam shouted, as he looked at the kitchen from which he came. "Oh, I bet I know." Sam said then smiled at Abbey.

"What is it Sam?" Abby asked. The boy was shrinking by the minute. Sam let go of his tight grip and motioned him outside on the back deck. "Sam? Damn it answer me?" Abby blurted while following them.

"Well, it seems this young man was after some fire water," He replied. Abby covered her mouth, not to show her laughter. Sam looked at her and winked.

"We just caught ourselves the bandits of the river, I bet." Sam stated. The boy sat in the chair with his eyes looking downwards.

"But Mister Sam, It was really Billy, he...." Sam raised his hand motioning for him to stop.

"I don't want to hear that Jamie." Sam said. "Billy wasn't in this house boat, now was he?" The boy sank into the chair even more.

"You know this boy, Sam?" Abby questioned as she sat in another chair covered by the blanket. Sam looked at her and smiled knowing full well she didn't have anything on under that bedspread.

"Well, I know his parents." Sam replied, looking at Jamie. "So Billy Tankersly is in on this too, huh?" Sam blurted.

"Yes sir." Jamie confessed lightly.

Abby, would you bring me my cell phone." Sam asked her and winked again. Jamie's eyes were in a fixed stare into the River's dark water.

Abby got up and went to the bedroom. Sam looked at Jamie, his eyes on the water. "Thinking about a swim, Jamie?" Sam asked with a grin. "You know the gators will get you before you reach the shore. If they don't the snakes will." Sam snickered then stood up and pushed the button to turn the generator on. The flood lights come on and the boat shined like a parking lot. Sm pointed the rear spotlight out across the river towards where the "Bandit's" boat went. Abbey come back with the cellular phone.

"So who do I call, Jamie? The Sheriff? Or your parents?" Sam asked sternly.

"My dad, I guess." Jamie answered.

Sam took the phone from Abby with a small smile. And she was trying to hold back a full out laugh. Sam handed the phone to Jamie, lit up, turned on and ready to dial. He dialed the phone then handed it back to Sam who had an outreached hand.

He leaned in and gave her a quick kiss, whispering. "Abby, you might want to get dressed Hun."

"Hello, Bob. Sorry to wake you. This is Sam...Yes sir...Yes sir...The one who had the Karate studio...That's right. I have somebody here who needs to speak to you, hold on." Sam looked at Jamie and handed him the phone back.

"Dad......." the boy began telling where he was and why. Sam went to the door and asked Abby to bring him a shirt. Jamie was silent for a short time. Mumbling some "Yes Sirs," and "No Sirs."

As Sam turned around Jamie handed the phone back to Sam. "Here Sam, He wants to speak to you." Jamie said with a hung head.

"Yes sir," Sam answered, "Oh...I was calling to tell you I would bring him...Oh...He said that huh?" Sam looked at the boy and Abby come out and handed him a shirt. "Well, he was honest at least...Like I said I was calling to let you know I had him... Yes sir...can you meet me at Bent water bridge... Fine, be there soon as I can, bye." Sam hung up the phone, and looked at Jamie.

"You didn't tell him what I was doing?" Jamie spat with confussion.

"I don't know what you were doing Jamie, For all I know you were needing a ride because your friends left you stranded." Sam said with a smile and Abby couldn't hold it any longer, she spurt out a laugh and turned her head. "Besides, it looks better on you if it coms from you. I promise." Sam said reassuring.

The boy sank as if he had just signed his own death sentence. Sam went and started the boat. Set the flood lights and headed to shore. Abby came to his side at the helm, giggles were all she could let out.

"What?" Sam looked at her.

"You weren't going to tell his father he was stealing?" She asked.

"Abby, I don't know that for sure. I was just guessing." Sam looked back at the boy that was teared up on the back deck. "Besides, he told on himself, I didn't have to." Sam finished. Abby laid her head on his shoulder as they made they're way to the landing at bent water.

The night sky was sprinkled with stars and a partially bright moon that skipped through the passing tall pine trees along the bank and tiny islands. The roar of the motor and churning of the water kept a constant sound ringing out. The reflective markers and signs along the rivers shore indicated the bends and turns. As well as the depths and mile markers.

When they got to Bent Water Bridge the lights from the pier were brighty lit. Jamie hoped off the boat as soon as it got close to the dock. Then went to the car that was parked there with it's lights on. Bob got out and walked towards the house boat. Sam idled the motor and ran to the back deck. Tossing a looped line to a pillon and then went to secure the boat's bow.

Bob walked up with his hand extended. Sam shook it and the two men began talking. Abbey was on the back deck watching. Trying to hear what they might be saying. But the motor and generator drowned out their words. She finally heard, "Thanks Sam." Bob yelled out.

"No problem." Sam yelled back. "Night Jamie."

"Bye Jamie," Abbey yelled out also with a friendly smile and wave. Jamie lightly waved back from the window of the vehicle.

Sam untied the house boat and hopped back on board, went to the helm, idled the throttle up and turned the boat back out to open water. Abby, brought him a drink. Sam opened the top of the can and drank it thirstily. When he pulled the can down from his lips, he saw her looking right at him.

"What Abby?" Sam asked.

"Nothing Sam." She answered. But the look on her face said otherwise. Sam knew she wanted to say something. He waited till out on the river before he throttled and planed the boat out and headed up river.

Sam would glance back towards the river then look back at Abbey while Abbey would be staring, smiling with soft eyes and a half cocked head. She had tied a scarf around her head to keep the cool whipping wind from doing anymore damage. Her girlish smiling charm kept him glancing back at her.

'Tell me what your thinking sweetie." Sam said as his hand ran up the side of her leg lightly. Across the small of her back and around her waist. Like the coil of an octopus's tentacle he pulled her to him lightly.

"Sam? " Abbey spoke quietly.

"Yes Abby."

"You going to drive this boat all night?" Abbey asked with a devilish grin. She trailed her finger across his chest as she spun on her heels and started walking away. "Or..." She said as she stopped and turned to look back at Sam. His eyes went from her rear to her smile then to her baby blues. "You coming to bed?" She finished with a sling of her head and walked off into the bedroom with a quick slighted glance as she vanished through the door. Knowing he watched her everystep Abbey put a little more swing into her hips.

The boats motor went to idle and the boat swayed from the swells of the back wake as Sam pulled the River Boat into a shallow cove and set the anchor. Turned off the engine and left the generator going. Leaving one spotlight going and then secured the back door firmly. "There, Bandit free. I hope." Sam said to himself then turned and went into the bedroom and shut the door.

"Hey big boy," Abbey was dressed in a red and black lingerie. Her hair was pinned up and her legs reached out across the bed. Her finger was out in front of her doing little "come here" curls. Sam smiled and bent down to kiss her. Abbey grabbed Sam and pulled him off balance towards the bed. Then scrambled to get on top of him. Sitting up straddled over him as Sam laid on his back with a big grin. "You want some fire water BOY!" Abbey said laughing. "Or do you want a woman on fire?"

"B" Sam said laughing uncontrollably. "Door number 2." He chuckled. "The woman...who is she?" He began laughing even harder.

"Oh, You want a woman on fire? Okay," she said giggling while she made gentle stabbing pinches towards Sam's chest. Sam was deflecting her playful nips as she continued for a while then began to tickle him. Sam was laughing historically and trying to stop her continuous pokes at his side and ribs.

Sam reached up with grit teeth and grabbed Abbey despite her pokes and pulled her to him. His lips pressed against hers before she finally quit jabbing playfully at him. Mouths open and tongue's twirling as Abbey reached up and run her hands along Sam's chest to aid her descent towards him fully. Strands of her hair fell as they ravaged each other hungrily. Sam's hands reached up and gently cupped Abbeys firm round breasts.

Grinding into each other and pressing passionately they become engrossed with one another. Hands roaming and undressing, pulling and tugging while kissing madly. Sam's shirt came off as Abbey sat up and gasped for air smiling. She raised up slightly and unfastened Sam's pants and pulled them off of him. Then reached up and pulled his boxers down exposing his half hard muscle. Abbey smiled as she crawled "cat like" towards him.

"Kitty want'a play?" Sam asked with a grin.

"Pussy cat's gonna eat me some Penis-proudus." Abbey said with a wicked smile as she took Sam's cock in her hand slowly and sensually. Pulling lightly and stroking it with long steady strides. Her tongue came out of her mouth as she teased the head with light contact as she jerked it slightly towards her mouth. Sam laid back fully with a big smile on his face. Abbey took him in her mouth fully while still tugging in short gentle pulls. Her head began moving along with her hands pace. In and out of her wet warm mouth as Sam began humping slightly.

Reaching down instinctively Sam placed his hand on the back of Abbey's head and pressed as his cock thrusted towards her in quick short thrusts. Abbey pressed her head onto him fully. Burying her nose into his lower tummy as his cock pressed deeply into her throat. Sam's release of her head had Abbey pulling back and gasping lightly for air as she stroked his wet hard cock.

"Oh baby," Sam said as he pulled Abbey towards him and he kissed her and rolled her over. Placing his legs between hers and towered over her. His hands reached down and pulled off her panties. Taking his cock in hand and placed it at her slit and pressed gently. Abbey's leg's went outwards opening for him fully. Sam adjusted himself up and over her as his cock went in deeper.

"Ohhh..." Abbey moaned in pleasure. They began pressing into each other more and more. Abbey gripped Sam's ass and pulled him towards her thrusts. Sam was humping in pace with her body's movements. "Oh Sam," Abbey said slightly louder.

"Oh..." Sam said as he started pumping feverishly. They're muscles tightened and they're hands grasp as they drove into each other. Sam's eyes were closed as he was on the verge of ecstasy. Abbey was panting and moaning in delight. Her eyes wide open as her body was thrashing back and forth with desire.


"Yes...fire woman. "Sam said excited while he thrusted even faster and harder into Abbey.

"No...Sam...Fire...I think." Abbey stopped but Sam kept pumping while Abbey looked up at the bedroom wall. Red flickering was dancing across the walls from a reflection through the window. "Sam...FIRE!"

Sam stopped humping and turned to see what Abbey was pointing at. Across the bedroom wall raced back and forth a red light. "Ahoy...THIS IS THE SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT."

Sam scrambled to find his pants and began putting them on as Abbey grabbed the bedspread and covered up fully. Running her hand through her hair and patting her pinned up bun. "Don't let them in here, Sam." Abbey said excitedly and serious while covering up her sexy lingerie. Sam smiled and went out the bedroom door without a shirt on. Shutting the door behind him as he exited.

Abbey listened with attentive ear. "Yes sir," Sam said loudly as he went out the back sliding door.

"Just a routine check Sir, you the owner of this Boat?" Abbey heard the Sheriff's ask.

"No sir, I rented it for ten days from the Bull frog marina...I have the papers." Abbey heard Sam tell them. She pulled the covers up tight as she turned her ear towards the voices.

"Okay, thank you, have a good night and enjoy your vacation."

"Thank you," Abbey heard Sam say and then the sound of a boat motor rumbling away. Abbey let out a sigh of relief as Sam came back into the room and shut the door. The boat rocked slightly from the Sheriff's boats wake.

"Did you hear all that?" Sam asked slightly frustrated.

"Most of it...just checking us out?" Abbey giggled then let out a full out laugh.

"What?" Sam asked curiously.

Abbey regained her composure and pointed at Sam's crotch. His pride was bulged fully in his tight jeans. "Think they know what you were up to?" Abbey asked laughing. Sam turned a shade of red and blushed as he noticed his erection was very obvious. Then he too snickered and crawled back into the bed.

"Now...where was I?" Sam asked as he grabbed Abbey and began ravaging her again. The boat lightly rocked from the slight swells of a passing boat. The Moon had long disappeared but the flood lights lit up the river. The crickets and frogs were starting to begin they're songs again from the sheriffs, interruption. Sam was too. There on the River Boat.

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