tagRomanceRiver Boat: Day 05

River Boat: Day 05

byMy Erotic Tail©

(This story began in the Sexual Roleplay Forum of Literotica by Annora and My Erotic Tail. Edited and rewritten. This story has had great feedback and comments. Thank you very much and please vote/comment.)

River Boat: Day 5 (Eagle Island)

The sun wasn't up yet but Sam and Abbey were. The motor churned as they sliced the river's still waters. The egrets "squawked" and flushed off from they're nesting along the bank while they made their way along in the morning's twilight. The waves rolled along the shore with a slight splashing sound.

"When are you going to tell me where were going, Sam?"

"When we get there." Sam said with a smile as they headed down river. Abby was in her bathing suit with her hair in a ponytail. Sam was in his shorts and nursing his morning cup of coffee. They traveled awhile in silence.

The sun crawled up over the tree tops and the clouds stayed at home so that it could shine bright this day. The water was clear and the breeze was kind. The ride was refreshing as they made their way on the house boat.

"Well, if I knew where we were going then I could figure out if I am dressed good enough. I mean I don't want to be over dressed now do I?" Abbey said coyly.

"Nope Abby, that's not going to work. Nope, you are dressed fine, besides we won't make it there for another hour." His voice was stern but his eyes twinkled. "Now sit back and enjoy this ride. But first give me a kiss," his smile always made her smile in return.

Abbey walked towards him and kissed him softly. Her arm went around the captain's chair and she squished in close to him. His hand left the steering and he played with her thigh. They were content, seeing he wasn't going to tell her about their destination. She thought of ways to keep his eyes on her. She stood up, unfastened the top of her suit, slipped it down and stood there for him. His eyes rolled, his grin was cocked, he shook his head. So without saying anything else she took her bottoms off and threw them into the cabin area. She knew then his eyes were glued to her body. Knowing there were other boats she laid down upon the lower deck. Stretching wide and long, she smiled at him and turned over.

"Sam please pass me some suntan lotion. I hope I will get enough sun here. Will I? I mean I would love to be tanned when I go home after this vacation." She said with a laugh.

Taking the lotion he placed it in her hands and she rubbed it all around her body. Especially her inner thighs. She didn't need to look to see if he was looking at her, she felt it.

"Abby, perhaps a pillow will help you?" His voice was cracking. "You can get one off the sofa."

"No, I am quite fine." She said defiantly. "Besides, I can just rest my head on this life jacket."

They rode in silence. It was nice but she wanted to turn Sam on so he could tell her where they were going. As on cue, he laughed as he said, " No Abby, I am not telling and you need to turn over."

She wouldn't turn over now no matter what he said. His eyes were on the bends in the river and the curves of Abby. He was enchanted by the rivers beauty, but mesmerized by the pretty companion that always seem to have a trick up her sleeve. Well, right now she didn't have any sleeves but that wasn't anything for this fox who was cunning as well as beautiful.

The trees darted by as the boat chugged along. Pelicans lined the banks in they're bright white, as fish splashed to get out of the way while they sliced the water on their way to their destination.

Sam went to Abby once they got on a long straight a way. He knelt down and ran a hand along her oiled skin. Up and down her contours with sensual glides. He feathered his hand over her flesh and followed her form.

"You going to tell me where were headed?" Abby spat.

"Where the majestic meets the alluring." Sam answered. This only got him a narrow eyed glimpse from Abby. As she shot her head the other way as if to be pouting from his none responsive answer. The sun began to shine down as the boat gradually made its journey.

"You getting hungry yet?" Sam asked.

"What do you have in mind?" She asked in return with a mischievous tone in her voice.

"Well, substanance to start with." He replied. "For starters." He finished as he laughed and tickled her ass cheeks with spider walking fingers along her back side. He rustled up some sausage and put them on the griddle. Made the buns ready as he looked at Abby. "How do you like your buns?" He asked

"Bare as a babies bottom." She replied back to him. And they both laughed. She came to the kitchen and put the jelly on the table. He put the cooked sausage on the buns and they sat and ate.

"You up for a swim?" Sam asked.

"No Way...not with gators around." She spat back at him.

"Okay," He laughed. He went to the helm and set the course as the river opened up into Thomas Lake and widened out in to open water. "But Abby were in the middle of a lake. There's not any gators here." He replied laughing. Abby had him loosing all track of time. And soaring like an eagle.

"Well, that's fine Sam, I gotta get dressed you know. Girls gotta look good out in the middle of nowhere, you know." They both laughed. The boat chugged right on course without falter.

"Islands dead ahead Abby." He yelled at her from the helm.

"How much longer?" She asked yelling back.

"About two orgasms away."

"What?" She asked as she come out of the kitchen to see if she had heard him correctly. He turned and gave her a huge smile. She was braiding her hair. Her breasts perked up with her arms above her head, doing her hair.

"See that Island," Sam asked with pride.

"Yes, is that where were going?"

"Yep," he finally confessed.

"Eagle Island," was an Island that was stuck out in the middle of a vast huge lake. Lake Livingston, about 20 miles wide and 70 miles long. The island is frequented by a drove of bald eagles every year for months. Visitors come and go to get pictures of them, the state has made it a sanctuary for the birds. They are beautiful bald eagles and quite a few nest year round here in peace and unbothered. 'No Shooting Allowed' is posted everywhere, but people shoot them all the time, with a camera.

The island was made many years ago when they damned up the river. A vast array of creatures were stranded on it when the water rose. The most common is the deer, that have come to except the visitors and even greet them for hand outs of potato chips and their favorite is cheese puffs for some reason.

Their not afraid of man/women, in fact they welcome them for treats. Petting is discouraged in case of harm or encounters, but every one loves to run their hand along a seemingly tame deer. Especially in exchange for treats.

The Island holds another favorite, the swamp rabbit. This rabbit is of the cotton tail species but for some reason grows enormous on these islands. There about 8-10 pounds a piece and larger than the average healthy size cat. And just as friendly as the deer. They will hop right up to you and if your not careful they will surround you in numbers for treats and in no time leaving you very little room to step. But their harmless and cuddly.

They were coming up on the island, Abby came to Sam's side putting her arm around him and they messed together as they made the last leg to their final destination. The point of their entire journey lied before them.

The Island looked about like Gilligan's island and just a bit smaller perhaps. They chugged up to the made ready dock the state provided to preserve the banks and offer a small tourist area explaining the habitat and rules. The boat bumped the blanked wooden bulk head and Sam tossed a line around a pillar. Tied the 'Cherry' snug and turned off the motor.

"We're here dear, what do you want to do first?" Sam asked Abby.

"Oh Sam, it's beautiful," Abbey gasped.

Seeing the island was breath taking, all the greenery and sandy beaches. It was marvelous noting that they weren't completely alone. Seeing a boat fill up with tourist they weren't sure who would be on the island. Abbey took Sam's hand and snuggled up to him as they walked along one of the stone paths. This place was like it had been lost in time. Noting the plush Forrest, the wild flowers and the stone walkways.

"Sam this is magnificent. It's hard to believe they have this place here in Texas. It's so big." She laughed. "Well, I heard everything is bigger in Texas and after being with you, I know cocks grow big here," laughing harder. Batting her doe like eyes at him, he brushed her hair from her face and kissed her.

"What can I say? I was born and bred in Texas," he boasted. Placing his lips to hers. "And cocks only 'Grow' big cause your around," he snickered.

They could see some deer. A little further away they noticed some rather large rabbits. Looking at them Abbey wasn't aware of the true thing Sam was hushing her about. Abbey stepped back a little and found herself falling backwards. Sam's quick hands kept her from spilling out.

"Look Abby. Look at that nest? Isn't this magnificent?" His voice was barely audible. "There Abby." He pointed with his long fingers. "Look at that," he crouched down. Taking her with him.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the most remarkable creature. It took her breath away. Sam had Abby went and sat at one of the bench's that was at the tourist area as a large Bald Eagle flew over head and landed in a tree near by. Both of them gasped with wide eyes as the bird perched and looked back at the couple that sat so still. The bag of chips they carried to feed the deer made its wrinkling sound and the Eagle took flight. Its wings spanned out wide as it caught a breeze and soared higher.

"Awe, Sam," Abbey sulked.

"I know, that was awesome," Sam replied.

Just then Abbey screamed for her life. A blood curdling scream. Sam turned from watching the Eagle fly off to see a deer nosing Abbey for a chip. They both began laughing, the deer jumped back but as soon as Abbey opened the bag of chips it returned. Abbey held her hand out with a cheese chip and it ate from her offering.

"Oh my," she said with delight. Another deer come up when it saw the treats were being shared. Abbey and Sam fed them for awhile. They wouldn't actually let you pet them, but offer a chip and they stretched a neck out and took it from you. They're slick light brown coats were alluring. Big black doe eyes winking at them as they nibbled a morsel from their hand. Both Abbey and Sam each fed a deer.

It didn't take long till the little hoppers came up begging. Sitting on they're hind legs and wrinkling they're little pink noses in the air. Sam tossed a couple treats to them and they nibbled with pleasure. A mocking bird swooped down and stole a piece from a rabbit between bites but the rabbit didn't seem to mind, it still had more crumbs to chew on.

A shadow went across the grass in front of them and both Abbey and Sam looked up to see an Eagle flying over head. It was a young one, it didn't have the white head and tail feathers yet that they get in their fourth and fifth year aging. The wind sliced through its wings as it sailed on the wind across the island.

"Oh Sam, this is heaven," Abbey said smiling.

"Naw, its just Texas," Sam said smiling even bigger. Abbey leaned into Sam as another rabbit hopped up from the edge of the woods. Then another.

"Sam, I don't think we brought enough chips." She shook the bag and only a few more chips remained. They looked at each other and grinned.

"Oh no," Sam said. "They get hostile if you run out." He chuckled.

"Well, lets go for a walk around the Island now." Abbey said as she shook the last few chips onto the ground and stood up. By now there were eight or nine rabbits and four deer and less than that in chips that hit the ground.

Sam took Abbey's hand and they began a stroll along the nature walk trail that the Island offered. The tall pines veiled a tapestry of green and brown. The birds sang and darted back and forth along the walkway. Squirrels barked from the playground of limbs and mounds. Chasing each other around trees and under brush. Flowers came in a rainbow of colors all over the floor of the forested island.

A light breeze blew across the woods, waving leaves in every direction. Sam's arm was around Abbey's waist as they strolled through the wooded Island's majestic pathway. Nature's heavenly way all in one place, Eagle Island.

"Getting hungry yet?" Sam asked Abbey.

"For what?" She asked grinning like an opossum.

"Hum, tube steak and mountain oysters," he replied with a laugh.

They made their way back to the house boat and agreed to spend the night anchored off the island aways before making the trip back up river the next day. They pulled far enough out into the lake as not to be disturbed but could still use the binoculars to see the islands wildlife from the back deck as they sat and watched Eagles come and go. Deer fed along the shoreline and rabbits darted about.

Sam had started the grill and put on some burgers. The sizzling sound of dripping grease on coals filled the open space on the back deck.

"Oh there's another one," Abbey blurted as she watched the eagles on the island with the binoculars. "They're beautiful."

"Yep and so are you," Sam said and Abbey put the binoculars down and smiled at him. She got up slowly and walked towards him as he flipped the burgers. She run her hand up his back sensually then back down, as she reached his rear she gave it a squeeze. He turned and looked her and she licked her licks with long glides of her tongue across the top, then the bottom.

"Hungry?" He asked with a huge grin.

"You got some of that tube steak you offered me earlier?"

"Well, I could muster some up," he replied and put his hand behind her back and began rubbing.

"Oh no, I don't need mustered. I kind of like Mayo," she said with a giggle. She run her hand up his chest and then slowly trailed her fingers downward. His eyes got wide as she passed his stomach and continued down. When her hand got to his waist line she run her fingers around the rim of his shorts.

"Oh, you must really be hungry," Sam said. He sat the spatula down and turned towards her. Leaned in and began kissing her. Her lips where pressed upward to greet his eager tongue. Their arms wrapped around each other and they embraced fully. The kiss was long and passionate with both ravishing the others mouths. Their fingers began to fondle for fastened buttons and snaps. The art of kissing while removing clothes is a tricky one. Abbey grew impatient and ripped Sam's shirt wide open, sending buttons sailing off onto the deck and into the water.

The sizzling sound of the cooking burgers only mirrored their desires. Clothes fell to the deck like the juice of the meat did to the hot coals. Sam reached up and pulled Abbey's shirt from her slowly, arm after arm then let it fall. Reaching behind her and unfastening her bra. The release of her breasts tight bind sparked a moan of consent from Abbey's busy mouth. He cupped her firm breast and fingered for her nipple. Taunting and twisting it lightly.

Abbey began a slow descent kissing down his chest and licking his nipple along the way. Down the center of his AB's and pecking kissing all the way till she got into a comfortable kneeling swat. His hands rested on her bare shoulders and toyed with her hair while she unbuttoned his shorts and let them slide downward. Reaching up and rubbing his cock on the outside of his briefs till she got a rise from his already stiffening rod.

With a smile of satisfaction she reached up and pulled them down too. His hard cock pointed towards her in anticipation. Wrapping her fingers lightly around his shaft she began stroking him sensually. She eased in and licked his cock's head several times tasting its texture. Then opened her mouth and engulfed him slightly and began ravaging her treat.

Sam's finger interlaced into her hair and he began pressing her head into him more and more. Trying to control the urge to ram is cock deeply into her throat and hold. His muscle became tight and stiff as she licked and sucked him in playful attacks. He began a rocking motion stabbing his stiff rod at her mouth more and more.

Sam pulled her upwards as he became anxious. Pulled her into him tightly and gripped her ass and squeezed each cheek with delight. His cock pressed into her warm skin at her belly. Her fingers still gripping and tugging him lightly. He spun her around and pressed her to the wall gently. Her hands then outreached and her fingers spread across the walls surface as he pulled her ass cheeks apart and dropped down to lick her sweetness.

With long gradual slides of his tongue he licked her puss. Spreading her lips with his hard mouth's muscle. Stabbing slowly into her deeper then lapping at her clit. Abbey's body tensed up with pleasure while his tongue flickered across her pink nub. Licking in circles around it then sucking it. Her moans grew louder as he ravished her hungrily.

He stood up and fixed his cock to her and pushed. Her arms locked to brace for the penetration. Her fingers tightened against the house boat's outer walls as he began humping slowly. Driving deeper with each push. Gripping Abbey's waist he started thrusting faster, reaching up and grasping a breast and massaging it while he fucked her. Her moans got louder and louder as she built up to a wet explosion that caused juices to run down both of their legs. Sam smiled but never stopped. Slowing just a bit as she squirmed her ass from side to side for comfort and release.

The wet sound of clashing flesh mingled with the sound of a sizzling fire from the pit. The moans and pants from both of them excited the other. Sam leaned down and kissed her back several times then gripped her hips tightly as he began to pump faster and faster. Straightening up and arching his back pulling her into his thrusts. Driving himself into her fully. His last, loud, cry out loud came as he filled her deeply with warmness. Abbey smiled, feeling his release deep inside her. His pace slowed as he jerked and pulsed a couple more times with his final ejaculent purges.

Leaning into her and wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to him. She twisted and pulled from him and leaned back into him with kisses and hugs. Pressing themselves into one another's bare flesh. Panting lightly and regaining their senses. They soared like eagles on their endorphins flight. Only to land and realize that supper was burnt.

"Oh Sam, we shouldn't do this so close to our food. Look we scorched it with our passion." Abbey said laughing.

"Well, were about out of food till we go to the marina tomorrow so we'll just have to eat each other." He said smiling. They kissed and wrapped into each.

They rustled up some sandwiches and sat on the back deck watching the sun fall behind Eagle Island. The river became quiet as the moon began to rise. The passion between them was on the rise as well. As day slipped into night they slipped into each others arms. Tranquility afloat on the River Boat.

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