tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRob and Beth at the Cabin

Rob and Beth at the Cabin


Hi! This is Beth. Remember me and my hubby Rob? Remember how Rob was being a total shit to me? All because he saw some innocent nude photos of me. Well, maybe not all that innocent. My friend Marilyn talked me into them.

Well, Rob found them and then he started to push my boundaries, so to speak. He's embarrassed the hell out of me in front of some friends, at an adult bookstore, on the way to the cabin that we are now at. He also made me carry in all the groceries he bought on the way naked.

So now I am in the cabin, still naked, with hardly any clothes brought up for me and Rob is seated on the porch with his legs crossed, a beer in hand and a smile on his face. I stalked into the porch and glared at him.

"Rob, how can you do this to me? Don't you realize how embarrassed you have made me? Don't you care?"

Rob took a sip of his beer and patted his knee. I hesitantly walked over to him and he pulled me down to sit on his knee, still naked as the day I was born.

"Look Beth, I was pretty upset with you when I found those pictures of you at the rest stop. I admit it. And I wanted to, shall we say, get even with you for you running around and showing off. Believe me, I first thought that you were doing more than showing off, but when I really thought about it I knew you would never do that to me. So yeah, I decided to embarrass you."

"Well, you sure did, damn you! I am never going to be able to look Dan or Liz in the eye again!"

"Maybe Beth, but maybe not. As I was doing those things to you I have to admit that it was exciting to have you naked in front of them. And if you think about it, they are the only two people we know, other than your supposed friend Marilyn, who have seen you naked. Everyone else doesn't have a clue who you are. And Beth, I want you to think about everything. Didn't you get a little turned on? I noticed quite early on that your nipples got erect. So what do you have to say about that?"

I turned red and looked away.

"Beth, look at me."

I turned back, my face scarlet.

"Didn't it turn you on just a little to have Dan and Liz see you naked? Didn't it turn you on to have to pump gas with that man standing there and looking at you? Didn't it turn you on when the carry out boy watched you take off your suit?"

If anything my face got hotter. I was still looking at Rob, blushing like crazy and I had to look down. Very quietly I said:


"So, you can finally admit it to me. You enjoy being naked. You enjoy being naked in front of people. What would you say to me if I told you that I enjoy seeing you naked in front of people?"

My face snapped up and I stared at my husband.

"What? You enjoy me being naked in front of people? Are you insane, Rob?"

"Actually, Beth, no I am not insane. You've got a lovely body for a 41 year old woman. I like to look at it. I imagine that other people do also. You get turned on by it. So do I. So why can't we both enjoy it?"

I had to look away again. This was not a conversation that I was comfortable having with my husband. One of Rob's hands reached over and tweaked one of my nipples. One extremely erect nipple.

I had to gasp and I reached up and held his hand to my bare boob. My eyes were closed and he was feeling my bare boob and I wanted him to feel me. I couldn't believe that this was happening! Here my husband is calmly talking to me about being naked and I am really turned on over it!

"So Beth, what do you think? It's obviously a major turn on for you, no matter how much you blush and protest. You obviously don't really mind someone seeing your tits and your ass. How about if they see your cute little pussy?"

Oh God, I wanted to die of embarrassment! He couldn't actually expect me to admit that someone seeing my pussy was the biggest turn on to me, could he?

"Look Beth, I'm not say that you have to spend the rest of your life naked. I just think that if something turns you on, turns me on, that it's something that we should explore."

"What do you mean explore?"

"All I am saying that if a showing a little skin is a turn on for you and me, why shouldn't we do it? We don't have to do it all the time, but we can do it here and there. What if I even let you choose most of the times that you do it? I'll even promise not to spank you any more."

Now I really embarrassed myself. I looked down, feeling my face get even warmer.

"You don't have to promise that, Rob."

Rob burst out laughing. He pushed my face up so I had to look at him. He had a huge smile on his face.

"Are you telling me that you want me to spank you?"

Oh man, I could have died. My voice was so small.


Rob laughed again as he hugged me. I buried my face in his chest because I couldn't look in his eyes.

"How about if I promise not to spank you too hard, Beth? Would that be good with you?"

Oh man, oh man.


"Beth you are a treasure!"

"Rob, please don't think I am some kind of slut or something, please."

I was still holding onto my hubby and had my face hidden from him. I could feel his chest shaking from chuckling.

"Stop that! You do think I am a slut!"

"No, I don't. I just think that you are a very sexual woman who has a few little kinks that I think I am going to enjoy and so are you. As long as I don't have a problem with them, why should you?"

Rob sort of had me there. If my husband didn't mind, should I? If it turned me on, turned him on, and didn't damage our relationship, why should we stay plain vanilla? Weren't you supposed to enjoy life with each other? Would it be so bad?

I thought back to all the things that I had done already. Nobody got hurt. Our marriage seemed to be all right, so far. I had to promise myself that I wouldn't do anything like I had with my caddy a few years back. That was going too far, unless of course, Rob was all right with it all. But it was going to be very hard to talk to him about it. I promised myself that I would, but in the future, when I had clothes on and when Rob was in a really good mood. Now I had to look at Rob. I was going to get serious right now.

"So, just so I understand this, Rob, you don't mind me being naked in front of people?"

"Nope, not a bit."

As I sat on Rob's lap, processing his last comment, I could feel a rather large and firm erection pressing against my ass. Good God, he is really turned on over this! I got up, turned to face my husband and straddled his legs. Then I sat down, facing him. My hand went to his erect cock and squeezed it firmly. Rob groaned. I leaned in and kissed his neck, something he loves and kept my fingers on his erect cock.

"You really like thinking about me being naked, don't you?"

"Yes, I do Beth."

"Well then, let's put the groceries away, have something to eat and then maybe we can talk about all this some more."

I got up and walked into the kitchen area from the front porch, putting a little extra sway in my hips. Rob was right behind me. It took a while to put the groceries away since one or more of Rob's hands seemed to find parts of me to tease and fondle. Once the groceries were put away and I was well on my way to an orgasm and Rob's pants looked like a tent, I cut up some cheese and sausage, put it all on a plate and poured out some crackers on another plate. Rob opened a bottle of wine and we went back on the porch to see the sunset and eat. Rob amused himself by putting pieces of sausage on my boobs and eating them off me. I didn't argue with him a bit about that. I was so horny it wasn't funny. By the time we finished eating and drinking the wine, the sun had set and if he didn't take me in the bedroom soon I was going to explode. And he did.

I ended up on my back, legs spread wide and my loving husband between them, licking my swollen pussy. He licked me to two orgasms and then he slid up and slowly pushed his lovely cock right up inside me. Then he fucked my ass off. I think partway through I was screaming fuck me, oh my God fuck me, but I don't remember. After Rob had come inside me and I had had another mind blowing orgasm we laid on our backs next to one another. I didn't want to talk about me being naked right then. As soon as I had recovered enough to be able to think I slid down the bed and licked and sucked Rob clean. Which, to my surprise, created another hard on. Don't be surprised by my surprise. We are both older now. Sex is still as good, but we are not like teenagers. I was holding his now hard dick in my hand.

"My, this is nice. What do you think I should do with this Rob?"

He didn't say a word, just pulled me over him, got my legs on either side of him.

"You know where it goes Beth."

I sure did. So I lined it up again and sank down on it. I moaned as I felt him sink inside me. Once it was all the way inside me, I braced my hands by his head and started humping my hubby. I ground my clit on him, bounced up and down, worked my ass as hard as I could and in no time I was coming again. Panting, I slumped down on Rob's chest and he took over, holding me tight and pumping his lovely cock in and out of me. In a while I was bracing myself up again, working my ass as my hubby pumped my pussy. Rob toyed with my titties and nipples and I came again and few minutes later Rob came inside me again too.

After that, we were both exhausted and laid side by side, breathing hard and fast. We fell asleep shortly after and I didn't even mind that I had the wet spot!

The next morning I woke up first and realized that last night was the first time in a long time that we had spent the night naked in bed together and also the first time in quite a while that Rob had been able to do me twice in one night. I lifted the blanket and sheet and looked at his cock and smiled. Then I got up and went to the bathroom, got a washcloth wet with warm water and went back into the bedroom. I peeled the blanket and sheet back and washed his cock, dropped the washcloth on the floor and lowered my mouth on his cock. I lay next to my hubby and sucked him until he woke up.

"This is nice Beth, I love you."

I had a mouthful so I didn't say anything, I just kept sucking. It wasn't long until I had what I wanted. A nice stiff erection, not quite pointing to the ceiling like it did when Rob was younger, but really stiff. I looked up at him.

"Want to do me doggy this time?"

"Sounds good to me, honey."

But then he got up and took my hand and led me out to the porch. Let me tell you about our front porch at the lake. The entire front of it is glass. Two of the four huge windows have screens on them so we can open them for a breeze, the other two are just clear glass, you can see right through them. If I stand in front of them, you can see from the top of my head, even higher than that, all the way down to mid-thigh, so I am completely visible, at least all the good parts as Rob says. There is a little ledge below each window that we can use to set drink glasses on.

Well, I was stood in front of one of the clear glass windows, bent over, my hands placed on the ledge and Rob sunk into me from behind, making me moan. Then he grabbed my hips and started pounding my pussy.

This was not a gentle fucking. Rob didn't care if it was comfortable for me or even if I was going to get off. This one was for him, not me. I didn't mind at all. I looked down and back and I could see my titties bouncing and flopping all over, I could hear Rob's groin hitting my ass, I could feel my ass jiggling all over the place. You could actually hear the smacking sounds as his body slammed up against my ass. I looked out through the window and saw some boats out on the lake. I could imagine them looking at me, seeing me getting my ass fucked off and I didn't care. I just held on for dear life and let him do me.

After two orgasms the night before it took Rob a little longer but not that much before he came inside me again. I didn't. I didn't really care that much. I was just happy that I could make him happy and I am pretty sure that I did. Rob pulled his now softening dick out of my well fucked pussy and slumped back on a chair and I turned around and knelt in front of him and licked and sucked his lovely dick clean again. Rob just leaned back with a contented smile on his face and his eyes closed. When I had licked and sucked all of me and he off his dick I let it slip out of my mouth and got up. Rob looked at me

"I don't know about you Rob, but I need a shower."

"Go ahead Beth. I'll take one after you're done."

So I went and took a quick shower but I made sure that I did a good job of cleaning up. I got out of the shower and walked out to the porch, still drying off. Rob grinned at me and got up and took his shower. When he came back to the porch he was dressed and I was sitting on the couch, looking out at the lake, still naked.

"Beth, are you going to put anything on this weekend?"

"Well, I don't have very much to wear do I? There's that string, sort of bikini that you made me cut the lining out of, so that isn't very good and if I remember correctly I have a pair of sandals and a sundress and that's it. I figured that it was just as easy to stay naked."

"What are you going to do if someone drops by?"

"You had to bring that up didn't you?"

"I just didn't want you to be not thinking about that, Beth."

"All right, I'll go and put on my swimsuit."

Rob just smiled as Beth trotted into the bedroom. When she came back out with her suit on, Rob took her hand and walked her right back into the bedroom and stood Beth in front of the floor length mirror.

"Now Beth, tell me what you see."

"I see me, why?"

"Take a better look Beth. I asking you to do that because as I look in the mirror, I see Beth with her swimsuit on, but I also can see Beth's nipples and I can see Beth's bush."

Beth turned beet red again. She had forgotten that the suit didn't have a lining anymore and she hadn't paid any attention to what she was going to look like.

"I suppose..."

"Yep. I can see your ass crack too, Beth."

"Oh God!"

"Don't be that way Beth. Isn't this really what you want? I'm going to get dirty here Beth. Don't you want people to see your tits, ass and cunt?"

Hearing my husband refer to my pussy as a cunt just made me shiver. He didn't use that word at all. But cunt rolled off his tongue so easily. Hearing it made me feel slutty. I gazed at him, feeling so hot and worked up.

"Tell me again Rob."

"Beth, won't it turn you on to show that cunt of yours to someone?"

Shit! I wanted him to tear off my suit and fuck me on the floor! Damnit this was going to be hard to get used to for me. Yeah, I liked sex, yeah, I thought of myself as sexual, but hearing that word used for me, for my pussy made me tighten up down low

"Come on Beth, let's make some breakfast and eat. Then maybe we can do something fun."

Rob gave me a grin and I tighten down low even more. I could already figure out what his idea of fun was going to be. And I couldn't wait. So I went into the kitchen area and put on an apron so I could make bacon and eggs without getting hot oil splashed on my bare skin.

After I had cooked and we had eaten, I cleaned up the dishes and pans and we went back out on the porch. Rob informed me that we were going to go for a boat ride and he went out to get the boat ready. I sat down in my barely there suit and wondered what he was going to do to me. I wondered if I was going to like it and I shivered. I sort of watched Rob making sure we had enough gas and starting the engine to warm it up, lowering the top and all the little things that needed to be done.

Finally he comes in and gets me, finds a towel for me to take along and we walk out to the boat. I have to admit that I am slightly excited because Rob hasn't said anything to me other than we are going for a ride. I'm excited about what he might want me to do and what he might do, excited because my swimsuit is pretty non-existent.

Rob backs the boat out after we are away from the dock and both of us are in it. He eases out to deeper water and then hits the throttle and it feels really good to have the sun and the wind from the moving boat run across my bare skin. Rob is sitting behind the wheel, looking good in shorts, boat shoes, a polo and dark sunglasses. I'm sitting on the seat next to him, my towel under me and my swimsuit on, such as it is, and sunglasses too. He wheels us around our part of the lake out deep. I can see several fishing boats in closer to shore. After a good amount of time wheeling around and enjoying the lake, Rob turns and heads towards the fishing boat farthest from our cabin. I look at him. He smiles at me.

"Ready to get a little crazy, Beth?"

I shiver. Now I am not sure that I want to do this. It was easy to talk about it last night in the cabin. It might not be as easy now. Rob seemed to sense my hesitation.

"Beth, just do as I say and I'll take care of everything."

I shudder, wondering what take care of everything means to my hubby, but I nod yes, not trusting myself to speak. Rob motors slowly up to the fishermen and then he puts the boat in idle. He starts asking them how the fishing is going and fairly quickly they notice that my top is not concealing my nipples at all. After Rob is sure that they all have noticed me he leans over and whispers in my ear.

"Stand up."

And I do. I am facing them and they can see from my head down to my knees and my nipples are visible and they can tell they are erect. I watch as their eyes go down my body to my pussy and my pubic hair is plainly visible. Rob is standing very close behind me.

"This is my wife Beth. She's discovered that she enjoys being shown off."

I could feel my face heating up and knew that I was blushing. But I still kept facing them.

"You wouldn't mind would you?"

I heard a couple of chuckles and a not at all. Then I felt my hubby's fingers at the tie around my neck. He pulled the tie very slowly and my top loosened. Then I felt come completely undone and Rob let the strings just hang over my shoulders. God, I didn't know if I wanted this! And then I felt the weight of my top start pulling the strings down. I had to fight myself to keep from reaching for them. I watched the three fishermen watch as the strings slowly slid down until my top finally gave up and it fell down, baring my titties. I heard some more chuckles and saw huge grins on their faces. I was beet red, I had to be for how hot my face was feeling! I felt Rob's hands on the last tie of my top. This time he pulled it quickly and I felt my top slide around one side of me and I was bare from the waist up. I was still kind of anonymous with the dark glasses on but my titties were completely uncovered and my nipples were as erect as they had ever been.

"Want to see more of her?"

OH MY GOD! I felt Rob's hands on my hips, felt him take hold of the strings tying my bottoms on. They weren't hiding much with the lining gone, but they were my last covering. I glanced down to see one hand holding the end of a string and the other just resting on my hip. I watched Rob start to pull the string and looked back at my audience. Blushing even harder, I felt the string give way and my bottoms fell, angling over to the side that had his hand just resting on my hip. I knew that most of my pubic hair was showing. Rob gently turned me around so my ass was facing them. I knew that my ass crack was mostly bare. Then I felt a gentle tug and I knew that my last string was being undone. I shuddered. I felt it give way. Then I felt Rob pull the swimsuit through my legs and the only thing I had on was my sunglasses.

I felt pretty much embarrassed but also pretty aroused. Rob had me stand with my ass facing them, completely naked.

"Do you want to see her cunt?"

That was like a bolt of lightening hitting me. My cunt! Rob stepped away from me and gently pulled my shoulders down so I was bent at the waist.

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