tagRomanceRock Star Ch. 01

Rock Star Ch. 01


Cara and Lauren picked through the arrangement of corsets set up on display at the high-end boutique they were shopping in. The girls were on a mission to find Cara something nice to wear for a concert later that week. The two girls were sisters, Cara, 23, had long red hair and hazel eyes fairly average in height and weight and was the typical tomboy who could hang out with the guys but just couldn't seem to make a "physical" relationship work. Lauren on the other hand being the youngest of the sisters at 18, was tall and thin with legs for days, she had naturally tan skin and dark brown hair and eyes to match and had no problem getting guys to notice her. Finally they decided on two corsets one burgundy and the other a dark teal, both looked great with Cara's hair and light skin. While shopping Lauren had Cara try on many skirts and high heels, trying to bring out the feminine in her older sister.

Days passed as Cara talked to Rick on the internet and knew that she had to do something. The way they talked was like they had known each other years instead of weeks. Of course she'd seen him at shows, and around school but, it was the night of a fair when he let loose and went all out on the stage, when something hit her. Never before had he looked so damn good. Rick was the bass player for one of the local bands that Cara was into; he had short blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes and was a good 6' and around 210 pounds of muscle. His broad shoulders and gentle demeanor set him apart from the rest of the crowd, he wasn't the norm when it came to band members in the area. For Cara it definitely wasn't love at first sight, it was something gradual that snuck up on her.

Cara worked part time selling merchandise for several local bands and had to cancel going to one of Rick's shows, because one of her bands was playing the same night in a different town. She hated to let him down, but knew that his girlfriend Crystal would be there anyways for the moral support.

Later that Wednesday she found out that the show she was supposed to work had gotten cancelled, so she decided that she would drive up and go to Rick's. She waited until Friday afternoon and left him a message on his voicemail. "Hey its Cara the show got cancelled I'm coming up, see you soon!" Nervous all day she tried to keep herself occupied, she had chosen to wear the burgundy corset and black skirt and the cute heels that her sister had insisted she wear. She knew that there was no chance that anything would happen with Rick with his girlfriend there, but she always joked with her friends that girlfriends were just a hurdle. She decided to wear the new thong she had gotten the day she went shopping with her sister just incase, it was black mesh with little red hearts, probably something more for valentines day than a concert but she thought it was cute.

I can't believe she's coming! She didn't say anything when I saw her in school earlier; I wonder what she's up to? He sighed to himself as he was packing his equipment in his car. He knew that Cara knew some little secrets about his fantasies, and he knew that she was more than interested in helping him live them out. He probably would have taken her up on it if he hadn't been seeing someone. Thinking about what she could be up to made his stomach do flip-flops.


Later than evening after driving an hour and a half, Cara walked into the small bar with her close friend Melissa. The girls were complete opposites, though Cara was by no means small, her friend outweighed her by a large margin, Melissa was more open about sex than Cara was, and had quite a mouth on her.

Cara spotted Rick, as soon as they walked into the small bar. He had said it was small and hickish, but nothing could have prepared her for this, it was a dive. She immediately felt out of place and wished that she had worn something a little less revealing.


Rick looked up to see the commotion at the front of the bar. Someone had come in and was stirring up the locals. That's when he saw her, red hair pulled out of her face with a clip, burgundy corset snug on her curves, black skirt and heels. If his girlfriend weren't three feet away he'd be all over her in a minute. Cara, looked great, too bad he and the others in the band had talked their girlfriends into coming out to the show.

As the show started he hoped that the heavyset girl with Cara would be able to handle the guys whose gazes rarely left Cara's scantily clad body, if any chose to be so daring enough to actually approach her. He smiled to think that she had dressed up to get a rise out of him, blushing slightly he readjusted his cowboy hat to cover his crimson face.

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