RMC: Rocky Mountain Christmas


"Over here," Bug called as I stepped back into the main room. On the complete opposite side of the main room, and the other arm of the "T," another hallway extended from beside the bar area which I was pleased to note was completely stocked with as many different types of booze as a hotel bar.

I followed Bug into the other bedroom, which had two queen size beds, and another adjoining bathroom. Interesting arrangement, with beds for four adults and no other privacy... Although technically it was no different than a hotel room with two queen or king beds, somehow I didn't imagine it that way. To be shared by 'close' friends -- maybe close 'naughty' friends...I thought - my mind wandering onto my favorite subject - sex.

Bug poked her head into the adjoining bath; I stepped back in the main room and found still another door at the other end of the bar. Another bedroom, just slightly smaller than the one we'd left, but otherwise its mirror image was complete with two queen beds and another adjoining bath. The total was, as advertised, 16 beds and enough showers and bathrooms to keep everyone happy. Quite the 'cabin' I again thought to myself.

The decoration theme was Western. A Navajo rug hung on one wall, but by far the most common theme was stuffed hunting trophies. A trophy elk rack hung above the bar, multiple large deer heads were mounted on others. The furniture was oak based, but well padded in the right spots -- most of it having leather finish. The back wall had large French doors on either side of the large fireplace. I opened one to find a covered patio however some of the snow had blown in so it wasn't entirely clear. A large covered hot tub sat to one side, which I checked out. Raking the snow off the top until I could lift the edge, I found the water inside to be just above freezing, not hot. I figured it must have some type of freeze protection and must be in standby mode. Inside, a few minutes later, I found instructions that told me how to turn it up -- and to wait for about 18 hours. I did, thinking it would be ready by the next evening. Nothing like a soak in a hot tub -- with a hot toddy or glass of wine and snow falling around you.

A large pile of dry firewood took up most of the outside back wall under the patio. I once had a cousin tell me that wealth in Colorado is measured by how much firewood was in the pile. No doubt about it, by that measure, this was one wealthy place. I collected an armload with me when I went back inside, found a fire starter already laid out and a wood bin completely stocked. I added my armload to the pile and started the fire.

I hadn't even thought about it, we'd had our snow suits and jackets on, but realized as I was starting the fire that I could see my breath. Although freeze protected, the cabin heat wasn't set much above freezing. I looked for a thermostat but also found instructions of how to use the fireplace and its accompanying heat-a-lator to warm the lodge.

By the time we got the gear unloaded, the heat from the fire was surprisingly already warming the cabin and, by the time Bug and I got dinner ready, we'd been able to shuck our jackets.


"Hey Unk, do you know where my bag is?" It was such an innocuous question - there was nothing about it to indicate the nearly disastrous consequences that would follow the next day.

I didn't remember seeing it and a quick search of the lodge didn't find it. I double checked the snowmobile trailers, it just wasn't anywhere. Bug decided it must have been left in the Suburban and wanted to immediately run back down the hill to find it. She was bound and determined to go after it, but I finally convinced her it wasn't going to happen tonight. It was after 10 PM, we'd been up all day and most of the previous night, it was still snowing -- although admittedly not all that hard

"Let's just put it off until morning. You can get by for tonight, can't you?"

"But I don't have ANYTHING! My curling iron, my toothbrush, my hairbrush... My clothes! I don't even have anything to sleep in without my bag."

"Ok, so it's not the end of the world. Listen, I'll give you my pajama shirt to sleep in, and we'll go down in the morning. I saw a couple of brand new toothbrushes in the bathroom, you can get by for tonight. There's just no sense in going back down that road tonight." She didn't want to listen to reason, but I was adamant, traveling back down and returning this late at night just made no sense.

I changed into my pajama bottoms and a T-shirt while Bug was in the bathroom. I let her have the master bedroom; I could care less about the "big" bed anymore. A smaller one suited me just fine; I'd learned a while back that without anyone to share it with, rolling around alone in a king size bed wasn't all that much fun. I fixed us each a hot cocoa spiked with Bailey's, Bug's favorite concoction and highly addicting when it's cold and snowy, and pulled up an easy chair in front of the fireplace while I waited for Bug to finish getting ready for bed. The fire was dying down so I added another log. Although the whole lodge was getting quite comfortably warm, sitting with my feet on the hearth extension felt really good.

Bug came out a few minutes later, her long bare legs protruding from below my oversized pajama shirt and ending in a pair of my white socks which practically flopped around on her tiny feet. "My socks were damp, I had to borrow a pair of yours" she explained, seeing my eyes trace down to her feet. When I'd pulled my PJ's out of the bag for her earlier, I'd asked if she'd needed anything else, and just told her if she did to feel free.

I nodded in acknowledgement. "Cocoa and Bailey's for you," I pointed at the steaming mug on the table. She picked it up and walked over to stand between the fire and me, turning her bottom towards it.

"The fire feels good," she said, the Bailey's held in front of her, the other hand held behind her between her bottom and the fireplace.

"It does, doesn't it?" She turned around, facing the fire so I was looking at her backside.

Looking at Bug's long legs, admittedly admiring Bug's long legs, I guiltily realized my cock was beginning to have a little bit of an unwanted reaction. I mentally kicked myself. Yes, there was a lithe 21 year old standing in front of me. Yes, I definitely knew she was wearing practically nothing. Yes, she had on my long sleeved pajama top, with the top two buttons undone.

I'd noted what she was wearing and wondered about panties when she pranced into the room before I turned away as if it was nothing -- and I also had noted she was wearing damn little else. She'd been sideways to me as she'd bent over to reach for the mug of Bailey's, a small gap appearing between the buttons; a small hint of jiggling flesh barely visible through the gap. Later when she turned and set her empty mug on the mantle I'd seen the sweet sway of her unencumbered breasts, the shirt shimmying just that little bit more after the rest of her body had quit moving. Damn it, Jim -- she's your fucking niece! Yeah -- but if she wasn't...

I watched as she reached over into the wood bin and retrieved one more piece of wood for the diminishing fire. As she did, she bent over and the shirt rose up so I was almost able to see just the edge of her very nice bottom. As it was, all I saw was two rounded curves of her cheeks, maybe half an inch of flesh that wasn't exactly thigh. Actually I probably would have seen as much or more of her bottom if she'd been wearing a bikini at the pool. But it was bare skin of a bottom, a Bug bottom to be sure, but she couldn't have much on under the PJ top. I remembered her thong from earlier in the car -- was she still wearing it? Not much of her thong would have been visible from this angle, if she still had it on. If she'd bent forward just a bit more... if the pajama top had just ridden up just a bit more... I might have been able to see the cloth covering between her legs -- or that there was none. The fact that she was my niece did nothing to stop the lascivious thoughts about the shirt, and maybe a thong just barely covering her crotch.

I wonder if she shaves her pussy? They all do anymore, don't they? Oh yeah -- you know she does! I wonder if she's wearing panties? I bet not. Damn it Jim, knock that shit off, you pervert! I watched as she swung open the spark arrester and put the log on the fire. It hadn't really needed another, but I didn't say anything. If she was facing you right now I'll bet you could see right down those PJ tops..." Unfortunately my mental battle had no effect on my physical reaction. I was sitting in a chair in front of my half naked niece, wearing nothing but the loose fitting bottom half of the PJ's Bug had on, and thankfully a T-shirt. "Thankfully," as despite my mental battle over my niece and her body, I had most definitely sprung a full blown erection which was hidden for the most part by the loose bottoms and T-shirt.

Looking at her back side as she bent over to get the wood I suddenly had a vision of the little girl that used to snuggle up in my lap and fall asleep. Back in those days she'd often worn her favorite Cinderella or other cartoon character PJ's, but as she'd grown older she'd favored oversized T-shirts. She graduated to T-shirts about the time she reached puberty - and about the time she quit snuggling in my lap.

"What'cha thinking?" I'd been staring at the log she'd just added, remembering those times not all that long ago, not realizing I'd drifted from the here and now.

"Nothing much. Just kind of remembering you as a youngster. You used to cuddle up in my lap and fall asleep."

"You used to call me 'CuddleBug'."

I nodded. "And then when you'd fall asleep I'd take you into your room and put you in your bed."

"And you'd say, 'Goodnight, Bed Bug. Sleep tight' and kiss me on my forehead."

"You knew that?" I was surprised, she'd never said anything.

"Sometimes. I always loved that. I think that's one of the reasons why you were always my favorite uncle."

"Huh! I never knew that." I nodded my head, looked back at the fire. A moment later she stepped towards me.

"Move your arm," she said. I didn't understand, but when I moved my arm holding my own cup of Bailey's out and away from the edge of the chair, she immediately sat down on my knees, turned sideways and snuggled up into my lap. Leaning against my chest, she rested her head on my shoulder.

"Hmm. You're a lot smaller than you used to be."

"Either that or you're a lot bigger." How she'd managed to insert herself into my lap, turn sideways and lean back against me without bumping into the rod in my pajama bottoms I don't know, but I was acutely aware that it was there, just inches from any movement from her -- an embarrassment waiting to be discovered.

Her head turned toward my ear, I heard her inhale. "I used to love your smell. You'd give me those big bear hugs, and you always smelled like you." She shifted that last little fraction; her leg would have pushed against my belly, except for that full-blown adult erection. It was just a millisecond contact, she must have recognized it immediately for what it was, and pulled her leg back. "Oops, Sorry." I'm not sure which was worse -- her leg bumping against my erection or her apologizing to me for it. I didn't say anything; there wasn't anything I could have said that wouldn't have made things worse.

"I used to love doing this. You were always so big, and so warm. You'd put your arm around me, and say "Hey ya, Cuddle Bug." It always felt so... safe." Yeah, I thought, I wonder if you'd feel all that safe now if you knew the thoughts that have been running through my head all day long? Every since I saw that cute little bottom, that cute little thong...."

We sat there, Bug comfortably cuddled in my lap; me uncomfortably aware of a very desirable young lady just centimeters away from the hardest erection I'd had in quite some time, my arm stretched out behind her holding my almost empty cup of Bailey's and cocoa. I looked over, could just reach the side table and set it down. Moving my arm up, I wrapped it around her back, making both of us a little more comfortable. She melted into me, her breast barely touching my chest.

"That's what I was missing," she whispered. My hand rested on her back and shoulder. But, instead of making me more comfortable, it did just the opposite. Her shoulder and back were bare under the PJ's. Where normally I'd have felt a bra strap -- another layer of cloth between me and her-- a quarter inch wide strap of chastity warning me away -- a quarter inch strip of cloth to remind me that the body inside was off limits -- was nothing. I was acutely aware of her braless state, and instead of just relaxing and cuddling, it made me all the more tense.

"Is this uncomfortable?" she asked when I didn't relax.

"No, it's fine." I lied.

"You don't feel like it's fine."

I thought about what to say but before I said anything I looked down at her for the first time -- and immediately regretted it. The pajama top had twisted a bit in her squirming, and had gapped open. Looking down I had view of a nearly totally exposed breast. There was a gap between the pajamas and the concave curve of her upper breast where it flared back into her chest, leaving an opening that curved away towards her arm pit. It would have been nothing in a bikini, just the upper part of her breast -- but in the unencumbered state of the pajamas it was sexy as hell. The inside of her breast was also exposed, I could see where it curved in underneath. Although her nipple couldn't have been more than just barely covered, I could see where the bottom of her breast curved back up, just exactly where my hands would fit if I were to reach around from behind and cup them.

Oh My God is she perfect! Yeah, but she's your fucking NIECE! She's gotta know what she's doing to you -- you pervert -- she felt your hard-on... But she didn't mean to, she apologized! Yeah but she knew what she was doing -- just like she left those two buttons undone -- why the hell would she do that -- she's TEASING you, she WANTS you to look... No, she's not! Not my innocent little Bug...

She moved slightly, the pajama top slipped just a bit more, and I realized it had hung up on her nipple as the inside of her areola was now slightly exposed. As much as I'd admired her body in a bikini, I'd never realized how it barely covered her nipples, and now I was mesmerized by her bikini line. It dropped down across the upper part of her breast, a hard tan line just a fraction of an inch outside of that minute amount of purplish brown partially exposed areola -- maybe even crossing the line slightly, the tan line curving in underneath her breast. Even though the tan line had come while wearing a swimsuit, the swimsuit obviously hadn't fit tightly as evidenced by the lack of a distinct line. I remember thinking that if my wife Debs had worn such a skimpy bikini, with her broader silver dollar sized areolas, it wouldn't have been able to totally cover them. It was just a second or two and Bug shifted, her face turning up to look at mine. I felt her turning and forced my eyes away from her exposed cleavage before she caught me looking.

"And you don't look or feel like a little six year old anymore."

"Or act like or want the things a six year old wants anymore." Her voice had a slightly annoyed sound, but she just lowered her gaze again and said nothing more. She didn't try and cover herself, just looking up had caused the shirt to shift a little and although I could still see much of her breast, it wasn't the virtually whole unrestricted view of before. I wondered again if she knew her breast was almost exposed or not, decided she couldn't have; my little innocent Bug would have been mortified if she had. I began to relax, now that she was no longer moving and my cock wasn't quite as liable to be bumped again, and her shirt had closed so I wasn't tempted to look. I rubbed her shoulder; she arched her back in response.

I let my hand find a resting place on her shoulder blade again. With our combined body warmth, the fireplace, the high altitude and the Bailey's, it wasn't long before I heard her breathing, and mine too for that matter, slowing -- she was falling asleep. We both were.

"Hey Bug, let's go to bed." I shook her shoulder, she shifted a bit, and it all came together, the PJ shirt gapped again, this time not catching on her nipple, and her breast became totally visible. Her leg shifted toward my belly again and pressed against my subsiding erection, which immediately reversed its decline. This time she didn't move away immediately. She looked up at me again.

"I may not be six, but I still enjoy cuddling. And sometimes cuddling leads to other things, and I like those things too." She looked directly in my eyes, rose up and gave me a quick peck of a kiss on my cheek, and walked off towards the bedrooms. I sat just a moment longer, watching her backside walk away. She fucking just made a pass at you! Oh Bullshit -- you're just a horny perv, she - Did Not - just make a pass at you! You're imagining things; she's your fucking niece for God's sake ...Yeah but with one fine fucking ass! Oh My God -- what a fucking perfect titty...

"Coming?" she asked, a slightly puzzled look on her face as she turned and looked back over her shoulder.

I nodded, "Yep." I rose and put another log on the fire, making sure the spark screen was in place and turned out the lights. I stopped at the open door to Bug's room and looked in. Bug was already in bed, her eyes closed with the covers clear up to her neck, her bare arms on top of the covers, the bedside light still on. I walked in, figuring I'd turn her light off for her. Her eyes opened as I approached, her hand rose toward me, the blanket dropping away from her neck exposing her bare shoulder. I gripped it with mine, lowered my face to it and kissed her hand. She pushed it up alongside my face.

"I love you, Uncle Jim."

"I love you too, Bug." I bent further, leaned over, her face turned up to mine, almost expectantly, her lips moist and very kissable. What would she say if you 'really' kissed her? I reached her forehead, gave her a goodnight peck. "G'night Bedbug. Sleep tight."

I turned out the bedside light, and turned away toward the other bedroom across the hall. I was about to turn out the hall light when I did a double take and glanced back in toward Bug. On the end of the bed was my pajama top. I realized she'd had bare arms and a bare neck and... and I went to bed with a hard-on.

I can't truthfully say I've ever turned down a female that let me know she was interested in having sex with me before. For that matter I can't say I'd ever had a blood relative show an interest in having sex with me before, either.

On the one hand I was kicking myself - this was my niece! My own flesh and blood; my sister had entrusted her caretaking - despite that my niece considered herself an adult and able to take care of herself thank you very much -- she was, and always would be, 28 years younger than me. She would always be of a different generation.

On the other hand, how many times have I ever been to a strip club, seen some 19, 20 or 21 year old daughter of someone else giving me a lap dance, rubbing her gorgeous titties in my face, rubbing up across the erection buried in my pants -- and, depending on the location, willing to provide some sexual relief, not because she is forced to, but because she wants to, she enjoys it? Or was it just that they enjoyed the money? Of course it's for the money, you asshole! No girl that age is really interested in a guy more than twice her age!

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