RMC: Rocky Mountain Christmas


"I almost didn't find you soon enough."

"But you did. That's all that counts." I lay there holding her, neither of us saying anything more. My hand had just been resting against her breast, held in place by her hand. I wasn't fondling her, it just happened to be where that part of my body was touching her body. It could have been her hip, or belly; her back or bottom, or any other area of smooth flesh. But then - she moved my hand. Just slightly, a forward and backward motion, and that's all it took for her nipple to pop up into my palm. In that instant, it all changed. There was no reason to move my hand the way she did except to caress her nipple.

I was suddenly acutely aware of how sexy and how desirable this naked body in my arms was. Her hand moved again, more this time, dragging the palm of my hand against her nipple, a slightly circular motion. I felt it grow larger; I also felt my cock begin to expand from its flaccid state. I still didn't move my hand by myself, but she pulled my hand down until her nipple rested against my fingertips, her hand moving away while my hand stayed. I couldn't help myself; my fingers began caressing her nipple of their own volition, her nipple growing harder as they did.

She moved her hand down, gripped my other hand and moved it toward her chest. My arms crossed, my other hand found her other breast, her hand holding mine as she again began to move it in circles. Her second nipple also came alive in my palm; when it did she moved my hand so my fingers were in place to continue what she'd started.

I fondled her nipples for a few moments, neither of us saying anything. Her body felt so right in my arms, the thoughts that had plagued me for the last twenty four hours about this being my niece for the moment were gone.

"That feels so nice." I didn't say anything, just continued rolling her nipples in my fingers. My cock was now hard, nestled in her butt crack. She wiggled and pushed her butt back against me.

"You know if you'd have just made a pass at me last night, none of this would have happened."

How I could misinterpret this statement can only be explained by all of the blood from my brain having moved down to the little head between my legs. Suddenly I again became aware that this was my niece, and I shouldn't be doing this. We shouldn't be doing this. I pulled my hands and fingers away from her breasts, my body away from her backside and tried to get up. "Where are you going?" her voice puzzled, her hand grabbing my arm to keep me from pulling away.

"Bug, I can't... I can't take advantage of you like this... I..." I didn't know what I wanted to say. I hadn't thought this was going to happen. My battling conscience had been quiet while it wasn't happening -- but now it was having a battle royale in my brain. that's it pervert, molest your own niece... It's not molesting if she's pushing for it. Go for it, look how hard your cock is, you know you want it...Bullshit, she's just vulnerable, an hour ago she was almost dead for God's sake..." "I'm your Uncle, I couldn't..." My voice petered out. But I could, and certainly my body wanted to.

She didn't say anything for a moment, not pulling me back to her, not relinquishing my hands. She broke the momentary silence. "All because I forgot my damn bag."

Huh? Where did this come from, and what was she talking about?

"All what because you forgot your bag?"

She sighed. "I had it all planned out. You know you and I were going to have at least one and a half days alone? Do you remember how that got arranged?"

I thought I did. We'd all been discussing the trip and how it would be good to get the stuff here so we didn't have to take it on the airplane.

"I volunteered to take a few more days off and drive out, and it was suggested that maybe an extra day or two, just in case the weather was bad and..."

"Who suggested maybe another day or so?" she interrupted.

"I don't remember exactly."

" I suggested that if you wanted to leave an extra day early, I could come with you and you wouldn't have to drive alone as it would be just when my Christmas break started." Actually, now that she mentioned it, I did remember that portion of the conversation. So, what she's saying is that she planned to get you naked in bed? You dick, you're just trying to warp what she's saying...

It was silent for a moment, her hand pulled mine back to her breast. I wanted to hold back, but didn't until my fingertips found her still hard nipple. I pulled back as if it was red hot and had burned me. "Bug, you're vulnerable right now, you just had a traumatic experience..."

She sighed. "You stupid oaf." She pushed my hand away, and rolled over, facing me. Her hands came up and gripped my face. "You're an idiot! Do you know that? Do you know what was so all fired important about my bag? Do you?" I shook my head no, just slightly, perplexed at her seeming anger.

"I have a brand new Victoria's Secret teddy, for you. I have another new sexy nightgown that I bought just for you. I planned on having you for myself for a couple of days. I planned on getting you naked in bed with me. I planned on seducing you! You are not taking advantage of me, I ... Want... This! " she paused momentarily, and then continued, softer. "I've always wanted this. You're my Uncle Jimmy, the sexiest man I've ever known and I love you. I wanted you to make love to me last night. I did everything to get you to make a pass at me except get naked and crawl into bed with you." She reached up, her hand behind my head, pulling my face to hers, and kissed me.

And I kissed her back.

Reluctantly at first, feeling like this should be wrong -- yet despite her skin still being slightly cool and occasional shivers still wracking her body, her mouth was warm, her tongue even warmer. The kiss revealed a pent-up passion that I'd not previously recognized in her. She hungrily sucked my tongue into her mouth, her hand slid down between us, finding my cock. I felt another shiver run through her body. My free hand now unabashedly roamed from breast to breast; palming them, bouncing my fingertips across her nipples, kneading the firm flesh. I caught her far nipple between my thumb and forefinger, gently rolling its hardness in my fingers.

She pulled away from the kiss, turning my head slightly, her nose and mouth nuzzling my ear. She kissed just below my ear then sucked my earlobe into her mouth, her breath from her nose echoing in my ear. As she nibbled my ear, my cock twitched as if it was directly connected to my earlobe.

I leaned down and forward a bit and kissed her neck; under her chin at first, then moving down, marveling at the smoothness of her skin. When my lips reached her breast, I moved my hand over to her other breast, playing with both nipples at the same time. I felt her upper body rise in response, pushing herself upward into me. A guttural moan escaped her throat, her hand still just holding my penis.

"God that's so good." I rose a bit, momentarily giving up my downward trek from where I'd been kissing her neck and upper chest to admire the beautiful body lying supine before me. I'd been fondling her for more than an hour, bringing her, literally, back to life; but despite seeing her breasts, feeling her breasts, seeing and touching her belly and bottom and virtually every square inch from head to toe -- it had not been from a sexual perspective. I wouldn't say it had been platonic, that doesn't seem like the right word, but I'd been observing her as a fellow human being -- not a possible sexual partner.

Now however, that changed.

Her breasts rising off her chest were perfect, as only the body of a childless 21 year old woman can be. Her nipples were not very big around but had grown hard and surprisingly long under my attention. I knew that I'd had a lot to do with that, they'd been soft and flush when she'd started this. They rested on dime-sized areolas which in turn rested on larger puffy areas that arose slightly from the majority of her breasts. Her breasts weren't small, but they were nicely toned so they didn't flatten out from gravity, standing firmly from her body. I relinquished rolling her nipple to run my hand down over the rest of her breasts, feeling their firmness, stroking down over her firm belly, exploring her smooth skin.

"I've wanted this for so long, you know that, don't you?" she was saying quietly, talking to herself as much as me. My free hand had once again reached her breasts, my fingers caressing first one and then the other nipple. I'd risen up slightly, watching my fingers at work when she whispered "suck." I moved lower, sucking the hard little nub into my mouth, feeling her stomach contract under my arm as I did.

Until now our lower bodies had been under the covers. Working her nipple with my tongue, I slid my hand down and moved the electric blanket away. It was almost hot to the touch -- we still had it on high -- and a shiver shook her body below me. I pulled away from working her breast just long enough to ask "Is it too cold?"

"No, it's perfect, now that you're warming me up properly at last."

I ran my eyes down her now exposed body, from two perfect breasts resting on a rib cage that flowed onto a slightly indented stomach, past a perfectly formed belly button to an arrow of hair pointing the way to the Promised Land of her totally bald pussy. After pushing the blanket aside I ran my hand across her lower body and mound, finding not an inkling of stubble. She released a long, satisfied sigh. "I shaved yesterday, just for you. Do you like it?"

"Oh god yes. You're so smooth" I said, my fingertips fondling her labia, the soft folds of skin easily moving to my caress. When I'd touched between her legs earlier, it had been searching for warmth -- and the need to warm her; now my touches served an entirely different purpose.

"I'm glad you like it," she giggled sexily. "I used the razor in your shower."

"Oh my god, Bug -- you're so perfect. I've got to taste you." I began moving my face down her body, but her hand which had been playing with my head and hair tried to hold me back.

"Not yet. I want to make love first."

"There's plenty of time for that, let me get you ready."

"I am ready. I've never been more ready in my life!" My hand, in caressing her, had gradually risen back up, feeling her narrow landing strip, running across her belly, now I slipped my hand back down to her pussy, my finger easily slipping between her lips, finding that she was indeed ready.

Her pussy lips were larger, slightly swollen from what I'd seen and felt when I was reviving her. My finger easily pushed further inside, finding her pussy dripping with secretions and burning with heat. Any thought I had of her not being warm enough was gone. I pulled my hand back, dragging my finger across her clit which had also risen from behind its cover. She flinched, a good flinch, but when I started to slide back to stroke her again she said, "Please don't -- I want to cum the first time with you in me."

I rolled over, my face now in the middle of her belly and began kissing my way back up her body. I gradually moved over her, stopped to suckle her nipples again, finally getting back to where we kissed again, hungrily devouring each other. Her hand found my cock again as I got higher on her body, and now she was pulling on it, pulling it toward the center of her being.

My conscience twinged one more time, just barely. "Are you sure about this?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

I kissed her once more, moving myself so I was astride her, one knee on either side. "There's no going back." I said needlessly. She smiled, pushed outward with her thighs in response. I lifted my knee, she moved her leg out and I rolled slightly to the other side so her other leg could go outside of mine. I looked down; with her legs spread her pussy had opened slightly, its glistening pink wetness barely winking at me from between her lips. When I didn't immediately slide forward, she pulled me forward, guiding my cock towards her.

My mind was addled with lust for this beautiful creature that so desperately and obviously wanted me as much as I wanted her, but my adult mind had a much greater ability to throw off the lust and ask the questions that should be asked, something it had never had the ability to do back when I was 21. "Bug, are you a virgin?"

It's not exactly the right time to ask your partner when your cock is one inch from splitting her asunder, from creating a woman from a child -- but I guess it's better than saying "Oh, I didn't know," afterward.

She gave me a sad, alarmed look. "No, I'm not a virgin. Does it matter?"

"No, it's just that I wanted to know if I was going to hurt you."

She looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Uncle Jim, you doofus. I told you I've had this planned. Yes, I know what I'm doing. No, I'm not a virgin; it's not going to hurt. Yes I'm on the pill, I have been for years, and you're not going to get me pregnant. No, I don't have any diseases. Now make love to me!"

We both laughed at that. I relaxed just a bit, and my cock came in contact with her pussy flesh for the first time. Her hand moved my cock into position, and with a little forward pressure my cock head slid between her lips.

It normally takes several strokes to fully penetrate a woman, her natural lubricant being pushed inside, only gradually coating the dry cock that's impaling her. But with Bug, she was so wet that as I eased forward, looking for that first twinge of pulled skin, it never happened. My cock just kept sliding into her, her pussy sucking my cock inside where it seemed to belong. Looking her in the eye, I eased in, deeper and deeper until I bottomed out.

"Just stay there for a minute" she said, her eyes closing, her hands on my hips holding me in place.

"Is something wrong?" I whispered after a moment.

"No, I just want to remember what it feels like. I've dreamed about this for years, and now that it's coming true I don't ever want to forget it."

I remained motionless for several moments before I began to pull out again. She didn't say anything so I continued.

Her legs wrapped over the backs of my legs, her body contorting to accommodate mine. She continued to look into my eyes, smiling, as I began moving in and out of her.

I pulled out slowly, all except the tip of my cock, and then slowly plunged back into her. I didn't pound away, it was slow and leisurely. With her pussy as wet as it was, by controlling my own tempo I could control when I was going to cum. The long slow strokes weren't going to get me off very rapidly, but it wasn't long before Bug's breathing became a little raspy. She gasped at one point but assured me it was a good gasp, to continue just doing what I was doing.

I was resting with my hands beside her body, my knees between hers, holding my body above her so there was virtually nothing touching her except my erection sliding in and out of her pussy and her legs which were clamped around mine. She was gently rocking her hips back and forth, changing the pressure of how our coupled genitals interacted with each plunge. Bug's hands wandered around our bodies; alternately holding my hips, stroking up and across my back, coming underneath, her fingers playing with my chest hair, tweaking my nipples for a moment, then dropping to her own chest where she twiddled her own nipples. When she reached back up and twiddled mine again, I gave her an appreciative moan.

"Like that did ya?"

"Oh, god, yes," I managed to say. "I like everything about this."

"Yeah," she agreed, dropping her hands to her own nipples again, this time pulling on them as she tweaked them. "I like playing with nipples." When she relinquished her own again, her hands rose back to mine and then continued to alternate. Sometimes two hands on me, sometimes two on her, and sometimes a hand on each of us.

I kept up the leisurely pace, I just didn't want to cum. The longer I took, however, the more Bug's hips twisted and squirmed below me. Her eyes never left mine, but began to take on a glazed look. I felt her raising her hips to push back against me, but I just kept the same steady pace. A small gasp escaped her lips, then another; I realized she'd been holding her breath. When I leaned down to kiss her, her mouth latched on to mine hungrily sucking my tongue into hers, her arms coming up behind my head to hold my face close. Her hips began to quiver, I felt as much as heard a low moan escaping from her mouth into mine. When her hand slid to my back, her fingernails gripped into my skin and her hips began to quiver, I realized she'd peaked. But I hadn't, and I didn't stop.

I continued the slow thrusting, not allowing her to descend from her peak. The quivering in her pelvis was an uncontrolled motion while she was peaking, but it soon returned to the rocking and twisting that obviously was moving pressure to the right spots.

Our kiss had been relinquished when she came; her hands had fallen back to her own breasts, cupping them, pressing then against her body as her fingers rolled her nipples. Her twisting and squirming beneath me put the pressures in the right spots not just in her, but on my cock also. I felt myself approaching the end, my consciousness gradually focusing on that shaft between my legs sliding back and forth in the grasping warmth of her pussy. I fought back the nearly uncontrollable desire to pound into her, to force my cock deep into her silken tunnel, to finish this magical moment but I managed to refrain from giving in and forcing it to happen, and maintained the slow, relentless, approach.

Bug's hands had dropped to her side, gripping the bed, her head rolling back and forth with her eyes closed. "My God, you're driving me crazy!" she complained.

"Should I stop?" I was barely able to tease -- knowing there was no way now that I was going to. Nature had taken over, demanding release. No matter how much I held back and tried to slow it, I knew I was almost there. She didn't answer my tease.

"Cum with me" she whispered, her hips once again beginning to force themselves against me, her controlled squirming again becoming an uncontrolled quivering. "Cum with me!" Her hips pushed higher, this time her back arching to push her pelvis even harder against my thrusting until she went rigid in a second orgasm. That's all it took, the extra pressure of her pelvis pressed up into me, the slight angle change, the demand of her body for me to fill her with my seed -- and my cock exploded inside her.

Involuntarily I thrust hard into her, my cock spewing a load deep inside. Uncontrollably, I pulled out, the friction of her pussy against my cock causing me to involuntarily plunge in hard again, and then a third time -- as if my thrusting could expel my seed deeper inside her than I really was. I collapsed on top of her, her arms wrapping around me, holding me against her, my hips trying to pivot me into her again, my cock twitching, throbbing - spent.

I lifted myself a bit off her body, but she held tight so I couldn't pull away, her hands slowly stroking my back. My cock gradually shrank until it slipped from her pussy, eliciting a protesting "Oh" from her when it did.

"Can't you stay in me forever?"

"I don't think it works that way," I smiled. I raised a leg to cross over hers so I could lie beside her. She protested again verbally, but cooperated, allowing me to roll onto my side. She twisted sideways, snuggled into the crook of my arm, her body again melting into mine.

We lay there, not saying anything for a few moments, until Bug said she wanted to clean up and pushed the cover away. I watched her beautiful bottom as she waddled, naked and dribbling, into the adjoining bath, and listened as she washed up. She came back with a wash cloth and towel.

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