tagRomanceRomance In The Mountains

Romance In The Mountains


I would like to thank Nyarlathotep32 for reading over the story, editing and letting me know what she thought. I thank you, and hope to work with you again.

For you the reader, Enjoy.


What was he thinking?

Bob Gilbert had bought the land and house sight unseen, but he didn't realize that it would be in such bad shape. It was an old house that sat on about 20 acres of land in the mountains of North Carolina. One of the reasons that he had bought it was because it was built into the mountain, and it faced west. You would be able to sit on the front porch and watch the sun set. But the porch was rotting, sagging, and falling apart. The house itself was built in the early 1900's, and had been renovated a few times in the past, but it was basically an eye sore now that would have to be torn completely down and rebuilt from the foundation up. Bob was glad that he was a contractor and carpenter, because his skills would be able to rebuild it. He had won the Power Ball Lotto, and used the money to buy this so he could have a get away when he needed it. Well, he thought, I better get to it.

The first thing Bob had to do was get the underbrush cleared out. He got the long handle sickle that he had purchased out of his truck, along with racks, shovels and a few other yard tools. It took him all morning, and half the afternoon, but he had the area around the house cleared. Being a person who didn't like wasting the daylight hours, he started working on the house. He carefully started tearing down the front porch, and part of the house. Bob saved what he could to reuse, and what he couldn't, he put aside so that he could burn it. The one thing that did not deteriorate with the house was the chimney. It was built of stone and mud, and was so well put together, that it still stood tall.

Bob did what he could, and when it got too dark to do anything more, he stopped and set up his tent for the night. The land also had a small river flowing through it, so he went there to clean up and change into clean clothes. He got a fire going, fixed his dinner, and then relaxed for the night.

It took him three days of working from dusk to dawn, but he finally had everything torn down. Once Bob got to the inside, and really started to look at it, he found out that he wouldn't have to tear down as much as he first thought. The plumbing itself was still in real good condition. There were only a few small things that he had to do. The kitchen area was also in pretty good shape, and with some work, and priming, the hand pump at the sink brought up some clear, cold water.

On the fourth day, Bob had a long list of things that he was going to need, so he headed into town.

The town is a small one, and there was only one place, which is a combination hardware/lumber store, so that is where Bob stopped. The first thing he did when he got there was to drop off his list of lumber. The person who he met was a young lady, who he guessed was a few years younger than his 35.

"May I help you sir?"

"Yes. I have a list of supplies here, and if possible I need to get it delivered."

"This is quite a list, and may take some time. Where will you need it delivered too, and when will you need it?"

"I will need it as soon as possible, and delivered out to the old Jackson place on Mountain Road."

"Hmmmm, is this the old shack that is off the road."

"Yes it is. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Well, the road is no problem, but getting it up to the house will be. You will need ATV's, or 4-wheel drive vehicles."

"I will pay whatever it takes. Do you know of anyone who may have what it takes to get there, or any references?"

"With this being a small town, the only thing you may be able to do is get some of the individuals here to help. I will see what I can do for you."

"Thank you very much miss. I still need to get a few other things, so I will look around and be back in a little bit."

"Okay, and my name is Kathy, not miss."

"Okay Kathy, I am Bob."

Bob walked around the store and picked up hammers, nails, saws, and whatever else he thought he would need. There was no electricity where he was at, so everything was going to have to be done by hand. It was going to be quite a job, but he was determined to get the job done, and he had the time to do it.

When he won the money, Bob took an extended leave of absence from work, so he was going to use this time to relax and figure out what he was going to do with it.

After a few hours of walking around getting gear that he was going to need, Kathy found him.

"I have some good news, and some bad news." She told him.

"What's the good news?"

"Your whole list will be delivered tomorrow morning."

"That is good, what is the bad news though."

"I can find only one person who will be able to help."

"Well, that is better than nothing. Tell them to come out tomorrow with the supplies, and tell him that I will pay him good."

Bob paid for the supplies that he had, and then headed back out to the cabin.


The next morning, Bob had been awake for about 30 minutes when he heard a truck coming up the rough trail. A few moments later a 4-wheel drive pulled into the clearing, and Kathy stepped out.

"Supplies are here. Care to give me a hand here."

"I thought you told me yesterday that you had someone who would help?"

"Everyone who I called couldn't do it, and I had a few days I could take from work, so I figured why not. Your not upset are you?"

"No, it's not that. I am used to working with men in the construction business and you just caught me by surprise."

"Well, I am not scared to work or get my hands dirty. Let's get this stuff unloaded."

It took Bob and Kathy all day, but they finally got everything unloaded and up by the house. It was well past dark before they were done. Kathy left to go home, and Bob went down to the river to clean up. The next morning, it was Kathy who woke Bob up.

"Hello. Bob are you here?"

Rolling out of his sleeping bag, Bob unzipped the flap to his tent and looked out.

"I will be right out Kathy."

Silently berating himself, Bob quickly got dressed and went outside to meet Kathy.

"I am sorry Kathy. I am an early riser, but this morning caught me off guard. What are you doing back up here?"

"Well, I wanted to see if you were going to need help with anything, and I brought you breakfast."

Kathy handed him two toasted egg sandwiches, and he hungrily tore into them.

"These are good, thank you. Now, what I wouldn't do for a good cup of java."

Laughing, Kathy reached into her truck and came back out with a thermos of hot coffee.

"I figured you would be a coffee drinker, so I brought some."

"Thank you again."

Bob noticed her yesterday while they were unloading the truck, and again this morning, he took a good look at her. Kathy had average looks, her long brunette hair was tied back, her stance showed that she had plenty of back up in her, and she had the look of an outdoor person. She wasn't too skinny, and she wasn't too plump. Her figure showed that she was all female, and he thought that she had average size breasts. This morning Kathy was dressed in jeans, hiking boots, and a sleeveless flannel shirt.

"The sandwiches are very good. Did you make them?" Bob asked.

"No, I bought them. I am not very much of a cook, and I am lucky that I don't burn eggs when I boil them."

Bob laughed at her while he finished off the last sandwich and took a drink of coffee.

"I see that you have done quite a bit of work here. What is the first thing that you need to get done?"

"I tore the floor out where it was bad. I am going to take the twenty-foot long 12x12's, spaced two feet apart, and brace the floor with them. Shorter pieces of the 12x12's will need to be cut and placed between the longer pieces to keep them steady. Whoever built this place, built a strong foundation and chimney, so we will have no problems with that. I wasted part of the morning by over sleeping, so if you will excuse me I need to get going."

"I am here to help Bob, so tell me what you want me to do."

Bob looked at her to see if she was serious, and then started to work.

They got the floor braces installed, and part of the floor laid when they took a break for lunch. Kathy again produced sandwiches for them, and when that was done, back to work they went. With Kathy's help, Bob realized that the work was going by a lot quicker. He had to tell her only once or twice about something, and she picked it up real quick to help him.

At the end of the first day of building, Kathy and Bob had the floor braces in, and plywood laid for the sub floor. They could walk on top of it now without the fear of falling through. Toward the evening, they stopped and watched the sun setting over the mountains. The beautiful yellow and orange color had them memorized.

"This is what I like about the mountains," Kathy told Bob. "It is nice, peaceful and you can come up here to watch the world roll into another day."

"Yes you can. Thank you for helping Kathy. What we did today would have taken me almost two days to do. I need to go and clean up now."

"Would you like to come down and have dinner Bob? My treat."

"I would appreciate that. I am getting kind of tired eating my own cooking. You tell me where to meet you, and I will be there as soon as I can."

Kathy reached into her truck again, and came out with a small bag.

"I brought a change of clothes with me."

"You planned this whole thing didn't you?" Bob asked with a slight laugh in his voice.

"Yes I did, sorry."

"That's okay. I need to go down to the river and get this sweat and dirt off me. I will be back in a little bit."

Not too long after Bob got to the river, he heard a noise not too far from him, and he stopped what he was doing to investigate. It surprised him when he saw Kathy standing there with no clothes on washing. From behind he noticed that her ass had a nice firm look to it, and when she turned sideways, he could see the gentle slope of her breasts. Bob could feel his cock harden up, and knew that it had been a long time since he had been with someone. Not wanting to scare Kathy, or embarrass her, Bob slowly made it back to where he was and finished cleaning.

Bob got back, and waited for Kathy to get done. When she came back up from the river, neither one of them could look in each others face. They decided to take one truck, and headed into town.

After dinner, they stopped at a grocery store where Bob resupplied. When they got back up to the cabin, Bob thanked her for the help again, and told her that if she wanted to come back up again the next day she could. He had to laugh at her again when she opened the toolbox in the back of her truck and pulled out a sleeping bag.

Kathy told him that she would sleep in the bed of her truck, but Bob told her that she could sleep in the tent. After some playful arguing, both of them decided that they would sleep in the back of the truck. The night was clear, and they could stare up at the stars.

One sleeping bag was opened completely and laid in the bed. Another one was also opened, and they used this as a cover. Bob took his shirt off, and lay there in his pants. Kathy had him turn his back while she changed into a light shirt, with no bra, and pants. They lay there softly talking, and looking up into the heavens. Kathy was the first to fall asleep, and Bob was not long behind her.

In the early hours of the morning, Bob woke and realized they were in the spoon position, with her in front of him, and his arm around her. A few of the buttons on her shirt had come undone, and his hand was resting against her soft skin. Lightly massaged her skin, slowly moving up to her breast. When Kathy didn't move away from him, he ran his hand over her breast, feeling the softness, and then touched her areola and nipple. When the nipple responded by poking him in his hand, Bob stopped what he was doing and moved his hand down to her stomach.

When he woke the next morning, Bob's hand was back on Kathy's breast. He softly squeezed it, and then withdrew it to get up for the day. After taking care of his morning business, Bob got some coffee brewing by the fire and planned out the day. Not long after he laid some 2x4's out to start on the walls, Kathy woke up.

"Morning Bob," she said with a slight smile.

"Morning back. Coffee's by the fire if you want some."

"Thank you."

After she got her coffee, and took care of her business, Kathy joined Bob.

They got one side up, and half the front done when they stopped for lunch. That afternoon, they finished up the front and got the other side done. As like the day before, they went down to the river to clean up, both of them separate from each other. Bob and Kathy slept in the back of the truck again.

Bob woke in the early morning hours, and unlike last night, he was on his back. He was wondering what woke him up, when he felt Kathy's hand rubbing his cock through his pants. Bob let her do this for a while, and then he groaned and rolled to his side facing her. Kathy had her arm around him, and he felt her softly kiss his lips.

They woke that morning, and started their day. In three days, with Kathy's help, Bob had the floor done, along with the framed sides, and part of the roof. All the time they talked with each other, and grew comfortable being together. That night as they lay together, Kathy told him that she would have to leave the following morning to go back to work. When they went to sleep, Bob put his arm around Kathy, and she snuggled close to him.

When he woke the following morning, Bob was facing Kathy, and she was awake as well. The sun was rising as Bob looked her in the eyes, and then he softly kissed her. Afraid that she would pull away, he gave her a quick kiss and then pulled away. Kathy looked at him, and then she reached in to kiss him back. They kissed each other, and let their tongues explore each others mouth. Kathy took her free hand, and started to run it over his chest. Not wanting to be left out, Bob unbuttoned her shirt, and started to massage her breasts.

When Kathy felt Bob's hand on her breast, she moaned in his mouth, and moved back a little to allow him full access. They continued kissing as she moved her hand down to his stomach. Bob pinched and pulled her nipples, while she unbuttoned his pants and reached her hand into his underwear, grabbing hold of his hardening cock.

Bob moved his hand off Kathy's breast, down to her jeans, unbuttoned them, and pushed them down. Kathy lifted her hips up, helping him get her jeans down and off. Once she was completely naked, except for her unbuttoned shirt, Kathy started to take Bob's pants off. Once they were both naked, Kathy took Bob's cock and slowly started to pump him. Bob had taken his hand, inserted his middle finger into her vagina, and bent his hand over so that he could rub her clit as he moved his finger in and out of her. When she felt his finger going in her, and his hand rubbing her clit, Kathy started to shudder with her climax.

Once she calmed down, Kathy pushed Bob onto his back, and then straddled him. Grabbing his cock, she lowered herself down onto him. Once Kathy was all the way down, she placed her hands on Bob's chest, and then started to move up and down. Slowly she moved, and when Kathy felt her juices flowing again, she sped up.

Once they set up a rhythm, the truck started to move up and down with them. They didn't care.

Kathy leaned over so that her breasts were in front of Bob's face, and he sucked one nipple into his mouth. Bob started to suckle on her breast as if he was a baby trying to draw milk out of his mother. As he sucked on one, he massaged the other with his hand.

When Kathy felt Bob suckle her, she started to move faster, wanting him to orgasm the same time she did. When Kathy did start to move faster, Bob felt his scrotum tighten up, and knew that it wouldn't be too long for him. Kathy felt his cock swell inside of her, and she started to bounce up and down in a frenzy. Bob felt like he wouldn't be able to last any longer, so he lightly bit her nipple. When Kathy felt him bite down, she slammed down on him one last time, and then started to shudder with another orgasm. Bob felt her vaginal muscles clamp around him, and then he shot his seed deep into her.

When they were both done, Kathy collapsed on top of Bob, both of them trying to catch their breath. Once calmed, Bob wrapped his arms around Kathy and looked into her eyes.

"Did you plan that also, or was it something that spontaneously happened?" He asked her.

"That was something that spontaneously happened. I had grown close to you these past few days, and when I woke, I just laid her looking at you sleeping. I am glad that it happened, and hope that we can do it again."

"I have grown fond of you also, and yes we will do it again. Now you better get going or you will be late for work."

Kathy kissed Bob, rolled off him, and then they walked down to the river to get naked to get cleaned up. This time they did it together. Kathy went on to work, and Bob went back to work on the cabin.

It took Bob a few more months, but he had completely redone the cabin. Whenever she could, Kathy would come up and help him, staying the night. Bob had decided to purchase a wood-burning stove, which he installed in the kitchen to cook on, and to heat that part of the cabin. Oil burning lanterns were used throughout to light up the cabin at night. Bob also purchased a full sized mattress set for him and Kathy to sleep on. When Kathy was there, she put a woman's touch to the cabin, but not overly so. Bob had also built a new porch, and hung a hammock big enough for both of them to lay on.

When the cabin was finally finished, Bob and Kathy were laying in bed talking.

"Well hun, now that this done, what will you do next?" Kathy asked Bob.

"I don't know. What would you like to do?"

"It is up to you. You are the one who built this place, and now that it is done, I figure you would be on your way and come back when you want to." She said sadly.

"Do you think I would leave you after everything we have done. I love you Kathy, and whatever we decide to do, both of us will be doing it together."

"You don't mean that do you?"

"Yes I do."

Kathy kissed him, and then laid her head on his chest.

With his arm around her, Bob asked. "What one place would you like to go too?"

"Hmmm, I don't know. There are so many places that I would like to see, maybe Hawaii."

"Let's go then."

"Are you serious?" Kathy asked as she leaned on her elbow to look at Bob.

"Yes, I'm serious. Let's leave tomorrow."

"I don't know. What about my job? Would you be able to afford it?"

Bob laughed, and before Kathy could get too mad at him, he asked her. "How do you think I afforded this place and fixed it? Yes I am serious. Quit your job, and the both of us will travel, or do whatever."

"Yes, yes, yes. I will do it." Kathy circled her arms around Bob and started to kiss him.

They had ceased wearing clothes to bed, and as they lay there kissing each other, their hands were roaming over each others body. After a few minutes of this, Kathy slowly started to kiss down Bob's chest and stomach. When she got to his cock, Kathy stroked it up and down as she continued to kiss him from his scrotum to the tip. When she took Bob's cock in her mouth, Kathy licked around the head and his urethra, tasting his precum. Slowly, she started to take more of him in until her nose was in his pubic hair, and the head of his cock was past her throat.

Kathy started to suck Bob in and out of her mouth. When she had just the head in, she would run her tongue around it, and then back down again. After about fifteen minutes, she heard Bob tell her to swing around. While she was still sucking him, Kathy swung herself around so that her legs were by Bob's head. He then took her legs and brought them over him so that her vagina was in front of his face.

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