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Romantic Evening



Henry pulled up into the driveway, looked into the rearview mirror and adjusted his tie. It had been some time since his had greeted his wife wearing a coat and tie, but tonight was special and he thought he would surprise her. He had taken his suit to work and changed into it before leaving. Just before heading home he called and asked his wife to take a peek in the spare bedroom closet. The gown he had purchased for her was hanging there, where he had hidden it.

Now, finally at home he walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell, as he used to do so many years ago when he first started dating the woman who later became his wife. She opened the door looking absolutely stunning in the gown. He stood at the door while she went back inside to grab her purse and then opened the door for her.

"Well Marie, are you ready for our date?"

"Oh Henry, of course I am."

"And what time does your father want us home," he asked.

"Well, not that it really matters but I figure we better get back by ten p.m., anything later and I think our children may be sending the police over to our house to check on us."

"Okay, I'll arrange for us to get home by 10 o'clock sharp," Henry said, opening the passenger side door. He watched his wife climb in and adjust her gown. Closing the door carefully he walked around behind the car, climbed in on the driver's side, started it up and backed down the driveway.

After a short drive, Henry turned into the restaurant, driving past the valet and parked in the lot. He hurried out of the car so he could open the door for his wife and then walk her into the restaurant. Their reservations were for five thirty so when they arrived there were only two other couples dining that early.

After passing on the wine list, Henry ordered a house merlot for his wife and a house cabernet for himself. When the waiter returned with the wine and to take their dinner order, Henry made sure he saw the coupon he had tucked away in his pocket and confirmed it was still valid. The couple then ordered their entrees.

"So, what do you think about a movie?" he asked his wife.

"Oh I don't know, you know I always love a good mystery. I wonder what is out now."

"After dinner we will just have to drive over and see what is playing. Live life on the edge."

"Oh yeah Henry, right on the edge," she said smiling.

Dinner arrived quickly since the restaurant was still nearly empty and the couple dined in the elegant quiet. As they ate they talked of the kids, and the grandchildren, wondering if they would make it up this Christmas. Thanksgiving had been nice they agreed, nice, if a bit crowded and noisy. They agreed they could handle crowded and noisy for a few days out of the year, perhaps they'd even get a couple extra days this year.

When they finished dinner, they passed on the coffee and dessert, sticking to the letter of the coupon and saving almost forty percent before the tip. Passing by the valet as they walked to the car Henry calculated to himself that he saved a couple more dollars. Henry opened his wife's door and then gently closed it behind her. They then drove past the Cineplex 30 and pulled into the parking lot of the local video shop.

Henry checked his pocket and grabbed the free movie rental coupon as they headed in the glass doors. Meandering down the aisles they each picked a movie and headed up to the counter where Henry redeemed his coupon and then paid the balance. Holding hands the couple then walked to the car, where he, once again, opened the door for her.

Once home they quickly changed, Marie into a nice nightgown, Henry into his jockey shorts. After loading the DVD, Henry climbed into the bed and put his arm around his wife, gently clasping her breast, feeling her nipple harden into his palm. She reached down and took hold of his stiffening cock. They kissed as she began lightly stroking him.

When movie previews ended Henry grabbed the remote and pushed play, snuggling in next to Marie, while she removed her hand from his cock. About halfway through the movie she could hear her husband snoring. Smiling, she resigned herself to watching the rest of the film. She then turned off the DVD and TV. Settling down into bed she glanced over to her husband and confirmed he was still asleep.

Whispering she said, "Goodnight Henry," kissing him on the head. "You're so much harder in the morning anyway dear," she said to herself as she closed her eyes at the end of their romantic evening.


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