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Rome Excitement


Hi, my name is Cheryl and it has been a few months since I last wrote. We have been busy and recently took an extended tour of Italy, Greece and Turkey with extra time in Rome.

For those of you who may not remember me I'm an active swinger with my husband and am middle aged, but still look good. I'm 5'2" tall, 37-25'37 and weigh 115 pounds.

Now to the experience, my husband Jerry and I were taking a "private tour" of Rome with a driver whose name was Dave, a young man of about 25 who spoke excellent English. We had seen many many sights over a couple of days with Dave when an unexpected fall over cobblestones in one of the sights around the Coliseum caused me to injure my right knee to the point that it began to swell up and I needed an ice pack to cut down on the swelling.

Dave called his boss on his cell and was told to get me medical attention immediately, however, I didn't think it was that bad and just asked for an ice pack. Dave sai, "My appt. is very close to here and I can take you there in less than 5 minutes so that is what we should do." I agreed, as did Jerry and off we went.

When we got to Dave's appartment, it was small and on the top floor of one of the older buildings in the heart of Rome. Dave had me sit on his couch with my feet up while he applied an ice pack,and Jerry went up on the roof to look out over the city. I closed my eyes and tried to relax when I felt a hand slowly moving my skirt higher on my legs, and thinking it was Jerry I said, "cut it out now Jerry I'm trying to relax for a few minutes," but there was no reply. When I opened my eyes there was Dave moving my skirt up and getting an eyeful of my white underpants in the process.

"What do you think you're doing?", I said in somewhat of a shock.

Dave answered, "Your husband is up on the roof having a look at the city and I wanted to see more of this beautiful woman I have been wanting to touch for the last two days." Well, for a woman my age that was quite a compliment so I allowed him to continue until my panties were off and my pussy was getting wet rapidly.

"What if Jerry should come down suddenly?" Dave asked and it was then that I told him we were swingers and that he wouldn't mind, he might even enjoy the show.

Encouraged by that remark, Dave dropped to his knees between my legs and began to suck and lick on my pussy lips until I had my first orgasm and wanted more than just his tongue. "Let's see what you have in your slacks" I said, and Dave dropped his slacks to show me that he wasn't wearing any underwear and while his dick wasn't the biggest I had seen in length, it made up for it in girth.

Now it was necessary for me to take my legs off the ottoman and lie on the couch with one leg over the back and the other one the floor to allow Dave easier entry. It was at this point that Jerry came back down the stairs and into the room. "What is going on here?,he asked.

With a wink to Dave and a smile to Jerry I said, "I'm getting a little emergency attention that I've been missing the last couple of days."

Dave wasn't totally sure that it was allright and his penis began to shrink a bit until he saw Jerry smile and pick up our camcorder to record the upcoming show. At that point Dave began to grow and grow again until he was about 9 inches long and about the thickness of a salami. I thought of that as I had been using a salami for a dildo a couple of nights earlier and it would seem more than nice to have a living throbbing one in my vagina instead.

Dave had made sure that I was well lubricated earlier when he was licking my pussy, but because of his size he knelt down on the couch and began eating me out again until my second orgasm hit and I pulled his head up and him over me. "Come on Dave show us some Italian stud meat in action."

With a great deal of concentration and focus on my needs, Dave began to rub his dick up and down my vagina lips until I grabbed his butt and pulled him in an inch or two. After that he was all business and he began to slowly rock back and forth and in and out until our pubic bones were bouncing off each other and he had all of his meat in me.

I looked over and Jerry had stripped naked and was holding the camcorder with one hand and his dick with the other. Then he put down the camcorder on a table so that it continued to record and he came over removed my top, and bra and offered me his dick to suck. Now I've never been too good at coordinating the movements of two men at once so I told Jerry to wait his turn and he went back to the chair and picked up the camcorder again. He pretended to be upset, but we both knew it was a bluff, as he enjoyed watching me get plugged by a younger man.

Dave was now slamming his salami home with faster and faster movements and although I had already had two orgasms I felt a third one coming on and I told him to shoot his load whenever he was ready. Was he ever ready!! Wow, he must have cum a quart as Jerry ran to his bathroom and came back with a towel to put under me so as to not ruin his couch.

I laid back on the couch with the ice pack back on my knee and gently sucked Jerry off while Dave was getting dressed. At that point his cell phone rang, and it was his boss wanting to know if I was okay and if I had an ice pack on the knee. Dave said that I felt just fine and that we would be heading back to our hotel shortly.

As we got back to the hotel Dave helped me out of the van and gently escorted me to the elevator and up to our room. I wanted more at that point, but Dave had to pick up a couple at the airport in about 30 minutes so off he went. However, he did come back to our room later that night, but that's a story for another time.

Hope you enjoy this true story of sex in the old Roman city by a middle aged American woman and a young Italian stud.

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