Those days after Christmas are always weird, I think. For weeks, or make that months really, there is this intense build up and everything has to be a certain way, we are supposed to feel all merry and bright, there is pressure from family, parties, shopping, decorating, baking, all leading up to this one day of days...... and then, like having a sugar crash, it all comes to an abrupt end and we're left in a confused emotional state, exhausted, and in need of that long winter's nap. At least that's how I feel.

I know you were feeling it, too. We've been sharing this house as room mates for almost a year now and have had some good late night talks, I think we know each other pretty well. With all this holiday craziness though we haven't seen much of each other lately and then we each traveled to be with our respective families for Christmas. I got back yesterday afternoon to an empty house and had some time to breathe and get my thoughts in order. I drew myself a bath and snuggled into my bed early, all cozy and warm. Some time much later, in the middle of the night, I heard you come dragging in.

Now that I'm slowly waking up the next morning, I wonder how things went for you. I feel the need to do something nice for you since you're probably completely bushed from your long trip. I decide to make breakfast so I sneak down the stairs, still in my jammies, and fix some soft scrambled eggs and toast, cut up some fruit, and brew two nice cups of strong, black tea. I thought we'd eat together and catch up.

Up the stairs I go with my tray full of goodies. I used the good china and the cloth napkins, and I put a flower that I snipped from a holiday bouquet in a small vase to make the whole thing look pretty. That, combined with the delicacies on the tray should give us a good start to the day.

I knock on your door. "Danny? Are you awake?"

"Not really, Dee." you say in a sleepy voice.

"May I come in? I have a surprise for you." I reply. "Are you decent?"

"Hang on.......... Ok, come on in."

I open the door and give you my biggest smile, "Hey you, welcome home!" You sit on the edge of your bed in your boxers and a t-shirt, hair all messy from sleeping, but your face lights up when you see me and my tray.

"Hey Dee, how's things? You brought me food??? Marry me, Goddess!!"

I laugh as you push the covers back and motion me to sit on the mattress with you, we position the tray between us and start to dig in. "Mmmmm this is the best breakfast I've ever eaten" you say with a twinkle in your eyes, and I take delight in your silly compliment. We chat while we eat, about work and family and Christmas and our trips, and I feel so good sitting here with you, it's such a special time just between the two of us, like catching up with my best friend.

"God, it's good to be home though." You say it with a deep sigh and such conviction that I can't help leaning over and giving you a kiss on the cheek.... only I lose my balance on the wobbly mattress and the kiss lands on your lips.

What a confusing feeling to kiss your lips..... I lean back to where I was sitting and look at you, and I see that your expression has changed as well.

"Oops, sorry."

"Dee......." you say, but you seem lost for words too. You move the tray from the bed to the floor and scoot closer to me. "Come here darling Dee, let me hold you for a while." I snuggle up to you and you cradle me in your strong arms. I listen to you talking and I feel the vibrations of your voice in your chest. I feel safe, and loved...... and excited.

Your lips kiss my head and your hand caresses my arm. I wiggle in your embrace and find myself face to face with you, and somehow our lips meet and unite in a tender kiss..... your lips nibbling on mine, playing gently with me, and as my arms wrap around your neck and pull you closer suddenly your kiss becomes more demanding. Stunned, I kiss you back, our tongues now dancing as if performing a ritual, emotions washing over us, too strong to resist. Your hands take my top off and slide back down along my arms to my breasts, your mouth finds my nipples and devours them, and all I can do is moan your name as I arch my back and thrust my chest into your face.

"Danny, Danny......." I whisper as I tug on your t-shirt and pull it over your head.

"Darling Dee.." you sigh just before your mouth finds mine again, we never break our passionate kiss even as we wiggle out of our bottoms. Naked, we fall back on the bed, our hands roam freely over each other's skin, breathless, our bodies moving with each other, your leg slips high between my thighs, I love the feeling of your hairy thigh on my smooth, now wet, pussy lips.....

I want to give you pleasure so I slide down along your body, kissing your shoulders, your chest, leaving a hot trail on your belly, caressing your thighs. I find your manhood standing proud, waiting for me, aching for me. First I lick your balls with long strokes of my tongue, oh, how I love your moans, how I love your reaction to me as your hips move in pursuit of my mouth.

"Suck me, Dee...." you whisper hoarsely, and I oblige, I moisten my lips and suck you slowly, slowly, all the way into my mouth.

Between moans you gasp "God...... that feels sooo good..... swing your ass around baby I want to eat your pussy."

You won't have to ask twice, I move to where I can sit on your face and suck your cock at the same time. Oh my God, that feeling when your tongue first licks the whole length of my slit...... I almost lose it right there and then and moan loudly on your cock, sending vibrations through you and encouraging you to dive your tongue deep into my flesh.

I try to concentrate on sucking your cock, I want to swallow it down my throat and give you maximum pleasure, I play with your balls and stroke your legs while my lips make love to your gorgeous cock. But you make me lose concentration eating my pussy so good, never stopping, licking every tiny bit there is of me, reaching inside me with your tongue and fingers. Finally I just can't stand it anymore, the pressure and pleasure is too much and I cum, I cum so hard on your face, and in my wildness I thrash my head up and down on your cock and trigger your orgasm, together we cum, we reach a climax like never before. You shoot a huge load of your hot seed down my throat just as I release a stream of sticky juice onto your face, we both gasp for air, screaming our lust into the room.....

My heaving body lay limp on top of yours as we try to catch our breath. When I open my eyes again I notice that my face is right next to your cock. I smile, and inch closer so that my tongue can reach, and I clean you up. Your hands caress my backside. "Come up here, darling Dee" you say. I turn around and nestle into your arms, you hold me so tight, and you tell me that you love me. Softly, I moan "I'm so glad you're home, Danny....."

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