Roommate Massage Practice


How do I stop this? Should I tell him suddenly to stop. Wasn't I playing it cool?

After 5 or 6 seconds of this light rhythmic banging, I was in shock, I felt like he took over and I lost control completely. I had this intense pleasure in my stomach and my bum. Perhaps it was the surprise. Perhaps it was adrenaline. I didn't know what to do. But, this felt very much like the beginnings of an orgasm, and I did not want to cum for him.

I didn't know where his thrusts ended and my contractions began.

I was afraid to do anything but concentrate. I couldn't even push him off and turn around because it might even be too late and then he'd see me cum from him.

Just as I thought I was through, he stopped, again.

When he stopped my contractions stopped with him. I held on. I could pull this together. I just had to stay relaxed and passive.

He didn't cum yet. He didn't seem to be tired. But I bet he was close. I was almost free.

But, he was still touching me. His penis was still there pressing against me. Feeling me out. Pressing my limits. And his hands were still all over me. Teasing me. Feeling my ribs. Running past my nipples. Running over my back. Was he touching me differently? Perhaps my body is more sensitive right now? Those fingers. That penis. He started pushing in extremely slowly and retreating just as slowly. I felt a contraction again and it was clearly just from me and not from his thrusts. And he stopped moving his penis when it happened probably so that he could feel it for himself. This contraction lasted a long time and ached. He waited for the muscles in my anus to relax. And then he continued in and out.

Every time I contracted, he reacted. He must've felt the muscles around my anus contracting around the head of his penis. He was moving so slowly probably because he didn't want to miss it.

I bet he was innocently relishing the sensation of the muscles squeezing his penis. While I was fighting desperately to just relax and stay cool.


He pulled his penis away completely. No contact at all. I was free. I was so relieved. Just in time.

He pressed me with his arms tightly. And probed my shoulders and neck with his fingers.

Then he slowly pushed his penis back.

This was going to go on forever. This would never end. I felt like he might just be toying with me. He has me on the precipice and was just wearing me down but not taking me out.

He bounced lightly 3 times with that same devastating rhythm on my barrier and then stopped again pressing me with his tip and then caressing me with his hands, waiting and watching me and probing me. And it happened again. I contracted, squeezing the head of his penis.

He was silent just watching and feeling. His fingers ran along my arms and my nerves were so on edge that my anus twitched and squeezed him again. He then pulled out and pushed in slowly, inexorably.

By now, I knew he could make me have the orgasm whenever he wanted. He was just being too gentle and slow, for this to be natural.

Why, I don't know. Maybe he wanted more than an orgasm. He wanted me to make noise and move and participate.

But, I would not move or moan. He might feel my contractions but he wouldn't know I came. That was my new goal.

This was getting very intense. I never felt these feelings in that part of my body. And I had no idea how much more intense they could get.

I prayed that he would at least respect my wish to not penetrate me fully. I didn't know what would happen if he kept on pushing and didn't pull back. I don't think I could do anything at this point but lie there.

He ever so slowly pushed in and out and I felt the orgasm growing just as slowly. I felt my flesh giving in to the pleasure and I knew my relaxing wouldn't stop it.

Now, each time he went in, as slowly as he did, my body contracted around the tip of his penis, dutifully. And each time he stopped, relished it, and then pulled out. But I still didn't come. Maybe I can't cum without stimulation to my penis, I thought.

I had lost my will already but for some damned reason, it wasn't over. I didn't just straight out cum and be finished.

Then he stopped for a second pressuring the barrier quietly. Perhaps to see what happened. Perhaps to rest. And then I did it, I contracted on my own without him even moving to egg me on and without his hands teasing it out of me, and I felt that familiar pleasure and pressure build under the base of my penis.

He stayed still. And waited. Feeling me out with his penis. Perhaps he figured there's be another contraction for him.

I could just wait and see.

Then he started touching me with his hands and kissing my back, his penis quietly pressed against the barrier but did not move, and I contracted again and again. It was so intense. I breathed in and out quietly and quickly but did not groan. He just watched me as I tried not to strain any muscle and stay passive, even though my body was in full orgasmic bloom.

But, I could feel his penis there, partaking in my orgasm. Feeling everything. For all my coolness, my anus was enthusiastically and uncontrollably pulsating around his penis. He kept his penis in position greedily experiencing each and ever pulse on his tip. I could feel my cum gorging out of my penis on to the bed.

I didn't say anything. I didn't move. I didn't breath. But his penis was there with me taking up the space when the muscle relaxed and getting mushed when it contracted.

My penis still sporadically pumped and twitched even after I finished cumming.

My anus also contracted around him sporadically even after the orgasm. And when it stopped. He would wait a few seconds and twitch or thrust his penis and force me to contract again.

And I could still feel that orgasmic pleasure coming directly from his penis and it's connection with me. This felt so good.

He knew exactly what happened and what he was doing. Although I didn't make a sound. It was hard to not admit that he not only witnessed my orgasm from his "innocent" humping, but also choreographed it, and experienced it. His penis was waiting there pressed to me soaking up every little last twitch that came and went. Other people might've been more interested in just humping. But, he was some type of voyeur.

That's probably why he stopped so much. At first, he was probably just trying to draw this out forever. And then he felt me break down and he stopped to savor his triumph. To savor my orgasm with his penis. His silent and perceptive penis. Just waiting innocently as every last twitch hit his tip. But, innocently enough that I can't even blame him for doing anything to me.

Then the twitches were no more. He thrust gently and my anus excepted it and enjoyed it but was calm. So he just rested on top of me, not moving his penis waiting for perhaps one last contractions and his ride to end.

But the pleasure didn't leave that point of my body.

He was inside me with his tip and he had me by my nerves and he was not letting go. I couldn't move. I just waited.

He took the opportunity to explore me while I was paralyzed, touching all the body parts that betrayed me. Finding still another orgasmic contraction when I thought they were all gone. When would this end? How many more times would I give in to him. Massage me. Hump me. But leave me alone. I wished I was alone.

Then after a few more minutes, satisfied, he slowly changed his massage back to normal and gently worked his way down my back and butt. The penis was pulled away. I was free. Knowing that he did not yet see my cum, I felt like I just had to stay on my stomach and we could just make believe this never happened. He then did my legs and feet and got off the bed. He didn't ask me to turn over.

He said that he realized that he has to go because he forgot about an appointment.

He walked back to his bed, his penis back in his underwear although still visibly straining against the material.

He put on his clothes, I didn't say anything, I just lied there, and made believe that I fell asleep, and then he headed out.

Then, I quickly cleaned up. As I thought about what just happened while Martin was giving his typical massage on top of me.

What would happen next time? How would I prevent this. I had to prove that this was a one time event. He could get off, but not me. I was just supposed to be getting just a massage.

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