tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoommates Ch. 01

Roommates Ch. 01


Ch 1 Planting the Seed

I lay on my bed silently feigning sleep and watched my roommate, Henry, walk naked from the bathroom. His long flaccid cock swung heavily from side to side as he walked like the trunk of a small elephant. He was always walking around the room naked it unnerved me at first but I had gotten used to it and I didn't pay it much attention until recently. I knew he was proud of his body including his really long dick but I was straight and I wasn't concerned nor interested in his big dick. Besides that I suspected he was just a shower rather than a grower until my girlfriend Julie told me otherwise.

Julie and I had met at a party a few months earlier and we had sex that night. I had known that she had a reputation as a slut but I was fine with it because, truth be told, I was too. She was hot and sexy with a pretty face and a fantastic curvy body that she knew how to use. Julie was up for almost anything and she was notoriously horny. I had fooled around with my share of girls on campus including several of her friends and she had hooked up with my roommate among others. Henry was cool and what happened before me didn't really matter all that much so I was thrilled when we wound up balling in her room. I figured we would have a one nighter but we really clicked and within a few weeks we were exclusive.

In addition to having great chemistry Julie and I could talk about anything. She told me about the guys and girls she had been with and I told her about the girls I had hooked up with. She was especially interested in my hook ups with a few of her friends and she was surprised that I wasn't bothered hearing about some of her conquests with my friends including my roommate. "Most guys are freaked out hearing about the guys that came before them," she had said.

One night after we had sex Julie told me that Henry had the biggest dick she had ever seen but despite that he was really a lousy lay. "Unlike you," she had said playfully as she worked my cock back to its slightly above average length and girth. "You have a normal sized cock but you are a great fuck and you have an incredible tongue too. Henry wouldn't even go down on me the two times we hooked up last year.".

"Twice huh?" I had said inquisitively.

"A cock that big I went back for seconds just to make sure he wasn't off his game the first time," she had explained playfully.

"And?" I had asked.

"He was just as bad the second time. Honestly I don't think he was into me and judging by my friends experiences with him I don't think he's into girls," she had concluded. Her theory had an odd effect on me and I started to see some of the things Henry did in an entirely new light.

I continued to watch Henry walk around the room naked and I bit my lip as he ran his hand down his body and roughly grabbed his junk. He squeezed and tugged on his thick dick as he sat down on his bed just ten feet away.

His eyes were closed tight as he pulled hard on his cock until it jutted straight up in the air. Julie had not been exaggerating Henry did have a huge dick. It was 8 or 9 inches long and proportionately thick with a big purple head. He swung his legs up onto his bed and stroked his cock fast and hard. His breathing became uneven as he fought to be quiet and then I watched as a big thick load of cum flew from his pulsating meat.

I closed my eyes and quietly put my hand between my legs to feel my hard cock. I was surprised at how hard I was and I stiffled a moan as I squeezed it hard. I pushed my right thumb against the underside of my dick and rubbed slowly and quietly until I felt hot goo spill from in onto my waiting left hand and then I rubbed it all over my spent cock and balls. I had a few strange fleeting thoughts before I fell asleep.

The next day after class I stopped by Julie's room to hang out. We hadn't talked since I had watched Henry jerk off and when I told her about it she got a wild lust filled look in her sexy brown eyes. She quickly dropped to her knees and pulled my shorts down to me knees. She took my dick in her hand and started to lick and stroke me until I was painfully hard.

"So you got hard watching your roommate jerk off baby?" She said between licks of my stiff dick.

"Yeah," I replied honestly. "It confused me at first but that didn't stop me from making myself cum."

"Oh fuck," Julie moaned as she reached between her legs and started to rub her fingers across her excited pussy.

"Does that excite you Jules," I asked as she continued to slurp on my rod and rub her cunt.

I knew Julie was bisexual but I had no idea that the idea of two guys together turned her on before that moment.

"Oh god yes," she hissed. She had worked her pink sweats down and was furiously rubbing her pussy as her mouth bobbed on my hard dick.

"What about it excites you baby," I asked her. I was confused by her excitement as well as my own.

"The same thing that excites you when we talk about my experiences with girls," she answered softly as he body started to shake. "I need you bad baby." Julie rolled onto her back and tore her clothes off. "Fuck me," she pleaded.

I rolled on top of Julie and plunged my hard throbbing cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy as I pulled my shirt off over my head. I pulled back slowly as I looked into her pretty brown eyes. "You like that baby?" I asked as I slowly pushed my dick back inside her. "What would really turn you on Jules?"

"Baby," she panted, "I would love to fuck you both. His big dick inside me while you lick my clit. Would you do that for me? If you did I will get one of my friends to join us for a threesome."

I closed my eyes for a moment and pictured the scene. In my mind I saw me on my back as my sexy girlfriend straddled me in the 69 position. Henry's huge dick split her pussy as I licked her hard clit.

"I'm not gay Jules," I said somewhat defensively.

"I know that baby," Julie said as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me deep inside her soaking wet pussy. "But the thought of you getting excited watching your roommate stroke his dick turns me on like nothing else."

"You would really want that Jules," I asked as I continued to slowly slide my cock in and out of her slick wet cunt.

"Yes," she hissed as she squeezed her big firm tits. "I would love to watch you jerk each other off or better yet we could kneel in from of him together and both suck his big fat dick.". She spoke slowly and her voice was thick with lust as she emphasized the last three words. " I know we never talked about it but I have always been totally into two guys together. Just thinking about you touching Henry's huge dick sets me totally on fire."

Julie's excitement was infectious and I bent down to kiss her passionately as I started to thrust my cock harder into her liquid core.

"Harder baby," Julie panted. "Fuck me hard baby. I'm close. Make me cum baby."

I thrust my cock into her at a dizzying pace. The room filled with the raw animalistic sounds of sex and the scent of our juices hung heavy in the air.

"deeper," she cried out as she grabbed my ass and dug her nails into my flesh sinking my dick balls deep inside her. Julie's body shook as she came harder than I had ever witnessed. She rode her climax and then pulled me onto the floor with her. Her mouth decended on mine and we kissed deeply.

Julie rolled on top of me and guided my dick inside her. She bounced hard on my cock bringing herself to another strong climax as her tits bounced and she cried out loud enough to be heard down the hall.

"Cum for me baby," she panted as she continued to ride my hard cock. "Fill me up."

I felt my climax approach like a freight train. I past the point of no return and it felt like my cock had exploded when buckets of cum pumped deep inside my sexy girlfriends well fucked cunt.

Julie collapsed on top of me and we kissed tenderly as we came down from the euphoria of our sexual high.

We didn't talk about Henry or Julie's desire for a threesome as we lay on the floor basking in the bliss of amazing sex but the seed of curiosity had been planted.

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