tagGay MaleRoommates Ch. 02

Roommates Ch. 02


Julie continued to cultivate the seeds of curiosity she had planted with me in the weeks that followed. I have heard of people who had an epiphany regarding their sexuality but my awakening was more of a slow realization that what I had been taught growing up was not exactly true, at least not for everyone. Henry and I started hanging out more in the weeks following his jerk off session which was strange at first but he was a fun guy to hang with and when Julie wasn't around I would act as his wing man. I never did anything with the other girls as I was faithful to Jules but I did help him hook up with a hottie on more than one occasion. Despite his success with girls he never seemed especially comfortable around them.

Three weeks after the JO session as Julie and I had come to call it, we were returning from a party together. We were both pretty drunk when we made our way back to my dorm. It was after 1 am on a Friday night when we stumbled into the room. Henry was sleeping on his bed under a thin sheet that had mostly been kicked off his naked body when we climbed onto my small twin loft. Julie was horny as usual and she quietly undressed as I did the same. We started kissing and I rolled on top of her as she guided my cock into her waiting pussy.

We were quietly fucking on my bed when I looked down and saw Henry watching us. I continued to fuck Julie but I increased my pace without regard to how loud we were.

"You're gonna wake up your roommate," Jules whispered and I smiled.

"Too late for that," I replied as I gestured toward Henry who was openly stroking his long hard cock.

Julie looked down at Henry and a devilish grin spread across her pretty face. Her hips thrust back at me with each stroke as she watched my roommate jerk his giant cock. She started to shake uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure shook her sexy body while I continued to pump my dick into her quivering core.

"Hi Henry," Julie said playfully once her climax subsided. "Wanna join in," she asked.

Henry nodded as he continued to jerk his big dick.

Julie and I climbed down from my loft and she knelt over the bed as I moved behind her delicious round ass. She lowered her head to Henry's huge cock as I slid my dick into her from behind.

I fucked my girlfriend hard and fast while she sucked, slurped and stroked my roommate's giant dick.

Julie came a second time as I pounded her from behind. She cried out loudly and jerked Henry's unevenly cock as she came hard.

"Lay down on the bed baby," Jules directed me as she pulled Henry to his feet. She straddled my face and lowered her juicy cunt to my mouth. Henry moved behind Julie and pushed his big hard dick into her wet pussy making her groan with pleasure. She took my dick into her mouth and sucked her juices from my stiff rod.

I ran my tongue over Julie's hard clit as Henry sank his cock balls deep inside her. He pulled back and started ramming his dick hard and fast into her pussy like a mad man.

"Slow down Henry," Julie said as she looked back at him over her shoulder. "Start slowly and let things build."

Henry slowed his pace as I licked my sexy girlfriends hard clit. My tongue slithered across her engorged lips and ran down Henry's hard shaft.

I could taste Julie's juices on his cock and the sensation was euphoric. I licked and sucked her labia and her clit driving her wild as Henry increased the pace of his thrusts. His balls brushed against my nose with each long powerful thrust.

Julie came hard as I licked and sucked her clit while Henry fucked her with his big dick. He was thrusting hard and fast into as she came and when she collapsed forward his cock popped out of her pussy and flopped onto my face.

I was caught up in the moment and I started to lick his cock. Julie saw my actions and she went wild. She quickly climbed off me and turned around.

"Sit up baby," my sexy girlfriend directed as she took Henry's giant fuck stick in her small hands and stroked it.

We both knelt between Henry's legs and she started to lick his dick while her hands guided my mouth to his shaft. I parted my lips and ran my open mouth up his shaft as Julie did the same thing on the opposite side and we met in a deep tongue kiss at the head of his dick.

Julie took my head and guided Henry's hard cock into my mouth. It was huge and I struggled to fit a quarter of it into my mouth. Julie moved behind me and sat up high. Her shaved pussy pressed against the back of my head. She wrapped her arms around Henry and pulled him against her. Their lips met in a kiss as they forced his big dick deeper into my mouth.

Henry's cock touched the back of my throat and I gagged. Tears streamed down my cheeks as my cock throbbed between my legs. Henry's hips jogged forward and he slowly fucked mouth. His cock sank deeper with each stroke.

"You want to fuck him don't you Henry," Julie asked seriously.

"Yes," he responded quickly as he continued to mouth fuck me.

"Lie down on your tummy baby," Julie instructed and I tentatively acquiesced.

I moaned softly as Julie started to lick my virgin ass. She eased a finger inside my ass and sent Henry to my dresser to get the lube I had bought when she agreed to let me fuck her ass. At the time I bought it I never imagined it might be used so I could get ass fucked but amazingly I was ready for anything.

Julie pushed a second finger inside me as cool lube dripped down my crack. She pushed three fingers and then four as she prepared my butt to get fucked my Henry's massive cock.

Henry rolled a condom over his cock and then spread copious amounts of lube on his big fuck stick.

Julie guided his cock to my hole and watched as he penetrated me.

The pain was incredible and my eyes teared up as I buried my face in his pillows to mute my cries. His cock popped past my sphincter and I felt like I was being split in half. Henry slowly fed me his entire long shaft until his balls pressed against mine.

Henry pulled back until just the tip was inside me and then slowly sank back in. He fucked me with long agonizingly slow strokes as my ass stretched to accommodate his big cock. Slowly the pain subsided and it was replaced by pressure and then pleasure.

Julie sat against the wall and watched Henry fuck me. "So fucking hot," she muttered over and over as she furiously rubbed her soaking wet cunt.

Henry picked up his pace and started to fuck my ass harder. His balls slapped against mine and he grabbed my hips for leverage.

I was unable to speak as the pain was replaced by a warm pressure and an incredible feeling each time his dick rubbed my prostate.

He fucked me harder and harder until I past the point of no return. My climax was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It started deep inside my ass and spiraled outward until cum spewed from my dick onto Henry's sheets.

My ass clenched onto Henry's cock and he cried out as he came. His cock spewed hot cum onto his magnum sized condom as he buried his big monster balls deep inside me.

Julie cried out with us as she came shortly after Henry and I. We all collapsed on his bed before Julie and I made our way up to my loft.

I lay silently in the dark room with my sexy girlfriend by my side. The night had been incredible and eye opening. I knew my life would never be the same.

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