Rosalita Ch. 01


She hunched against me and I was suddenly aware of a delicious heat coming from her bottom as she ground her furry pussy against my cock. Wetness followed and joined the heat as her labia spread and tried to capture and swallow my erection. I felt Rosalita's hand move downwards, trying to grasp my cock, but then, all on its own, the swollen head of my penis found her wet, hungry cunt as Rosalita rolled her hips and I felt my cock being enveloped in a sheath of pure hot and slick heaven for the first time in my life.

Rosalita broke the kiss to cry out as she slowly sank downwards on my shaft -- a gradual, never ceasing movement of hot, silky wetness clasping my erection. "Mi amado hijo!" she sobbed as she ground her crotch against mine, having taking the length of my dick, letting it nestle deep with her womb.

"I love you, Rosalita!" I gasped as I felt her pussy muscles clench my cock tightly. "Mi amado Rosalita."

Rosalita rolled her hips and gasped. "Oh my God! I cannot believe we're doing this, Johnny! It's my craziest dreams come true!" Rosalita bent down and we kissed -- a gentle kiss that quickly grew passionate and erotic, our tongues roiling against each other. "I thought I might be going mad, mi hijo! In my dreams it seemed as if I am making love to you and Hernando and my grown up Juan all at once."

Her words made my head swim and at the same time arouse my need -- my hunger for her. "You are, Rosalita -- we're all here, we all love you and will always love you." I kissed her again -- another long, sensuous kiss that seemed to last a lifetime. I could feel both our hearts pounding as we hugged each other tight. Somewhere in that kiss, our bodies began to respond to our hunger for each other. Gradually, Rosalita began to slowly move up and down on my erect penis, using her knees for leverage as her cunt lips clung and dragged against the shaft of my cock, coating it with her warm lotion.

When our kiss ended, Rosalita pressed my face into her huge breasts, hugging me to her as she purred, "Fuck me, hijo. Fuck your Mama Rosalita." My lips sought out and encircled her huge, swollen nipples. I sucked and licked at her turgid nobs for a long time while she ran her fingers through my hair. "Ohhhh, Johnny -- you make me feel so good," she hissed as she continued to ride me.

On and on we went, making love. The sweet, slow movement of our bodies created more pleasure than I ever imagined possible. Rosalita's pussy felt so incredible, like being enveloped in the warm, wet, satiny embrace of a heavenly angel, massaging my cock with infinite delicate pleasure.

I would trade off kissing and sucking my lover's wonderfully huge tits to again kiss her -- savoring the taste of her eager tongue curling around and making love to mine. Our bodies quickly became slick with the sweat of our lovemaking, making our flesh slippery and sticky all at the same time. As we moved in the age's old motion of a man and a woman making love, her long, black hair damp with sweat brushed against my shoulders. I began to feel Rosalita's body begin to tremble against mine. The slippery warmth that my cock was wrapped up in became hotter and wetter as I felt Rosalita's pussy tighten around my hard dick.

"Ohhhh, Johnny -- I'm, oh god, I'm going to...." Rosalita's words evaporated as she gave a long sigh, her fingernails digging into my shoulders as she ground herself down on my erection. "Oh yesssss, mi hijo, make me cum! Make Mama cummmmm!"

Rosalita pressed her mouth against mine, but couldn't maintain the kiss as the force of her orgasm ripped a wail of incredible pleasure from her and she arched her back, driving herself into me, burying my cock deep in her cunt, sobbing. "Te quiero, mi hijo!"

"I love you, too!" I cried back, tears running down my face as my own pleasure began to overwhelm me and I felt my seed boiling out of my balls and exploding inside Rosalita's motherly pussy! "Te quiero, mi amado madre!"

Our words, our lovemaking -- all of it overwhelmed us and we were suddenly becoming one, our orgasms melding and becoming something bigger than both of us, both of us lost in the sheer pleasure of each other as we came and came and came. It felt as if I'd come more this one single, wonderful moment than in all the previous ejaculations of my life.

I was gasping for breath as I came back to myself, my eyes taking in the sweetly erotic sight of Rosalita still frozen at the height of her orgasm, her upper lip curled as she sneered with the overwhelming delight of her orgasm, her eyes rolled back in her head. Suddenly her eyelids fluttered and she sagged onto me, her eyes full of disbelief and joy. "Oh, Johnnyyyyy," she gasped before collapsing into sobs, hugging me tightly as she cried and between heaving breaths, calling out to me. "Oh mi amado hijo. I love you so much, Johnny."

We murmured little loving things too each other, not moving for the longest time while Rosalita's sobs eased and we both managed to get our breathing back to normal. We stared into each other's eyes, for myself it was easy to get lost in the loving stare of her dark eyes. Everything felt so right -- the way our naked bodies felt, pressed together, feeling each other's heartbeats and the flutters of our pulses.

"Oh, Johnny. I have never -- not with Hernando, not in my dreams, felt anything like that," Rosalita whispered in my ear. "You are a magnificent lover." I felt her tongue tease my ear and then her lips kissing me here, there and then finding my mouth and her tongue slipping inside to play with my tongue yet again. My cock throbbed in response and she moaned in response to that and we both looked into each other's eyes as we both realized that I was still hard and inside her loving pussy.

"Please..." Rosalita said in a small voice. "Make love to me, hijo."

"Oh yes, Rosalita -- my mama Rosalita." I moaned in response. As if we were in a dream, we seemed to lose our balance and then I realized we were somehow falling over on our side and then Rosalita's legs were wrapped around me -- her solid, shapely legs crossing and pulling me into her as she squirmed under me until we were in the missionary position. She rolled her hips and her mammoth breasts jiggled and bounced as she ground herself upwards and said, "Take me, mi amado hijo. Fuck Mama and make me scream."

I began to thrust into Rosalita's welcoming, cum filled pussy slowly -- a bit unsure of myself, but each time I sank into her welcoming womb, I grew more confident and began to respond to Rosalita's insistent whispers to go faster, more forcefully. Love and lust mixed in her face as old, neglected hungers rose to the surface, demanding to be sated. My lover grinned happily as I blurted out, "I'm going to fuck you, Mama. "I'm going to fuck you, Rosalita and make you cum and cum and cum!"

Our passionate lovemaking turned into carnal fucking as we slammed our bodies together again and again, each thrust of my cock drawing a wailing snarl from Rosalita as she dug her heels into my ass cheeks, urging me on to fuck her harder and faster as her nails tore down my back. As Rosalita's face scrunched up in orgasmic joy, the visage of such raw carnality only inflamed me more and our moans and cries as we fucked filled the air even as the powerful aroma of semen and pussy cream filled the room, inflaming us even more.

Rosalita's orgasm came swiftly and savagely and I hung on for dear life as she bucked and squirmed beneath me, spurring her on to new orgasmic heights by ducking my head and gingerly biting her blood engorged nipples. When her moans of pleasure faded as her orgasm receded, she looked at me through teary eyes with such love, whispering in a scream hoarsened voice, "Fuck me, hijo, fuck me my beloved son."

Having already cum, I felt like I could last forever and I was determined to give my new beloved as much pleasure as she could stand. Clinging to me, she let me thrust and pound into her flesh relentlessly, burying my cock as deep as possible with each hard, powerful plunge into her sweet pussy. As she recovered from her orgasm, Rosalita began to respond to my thrusts with movement of her own, twisting and writhing under me, finding the most pleasurable positions for both of us.

We scratched and clawed and kissed and bit as we fucked each other like it might be the last time, knowing full well we could never give up what we started. We laughed and sobbed as the delicious carnality of it all swept over us until we both reached the pinnacle of pleasure and began to orgasm, both occurring so suddenly, neither of us were sure who began to climax first.

We exploded into orgasm, Rosalita sobbing happily as I filled her womb with my semen a second time while she bathed my cock in her steamy juices, her muscles lovingly massaging my throbbing penis. In the afterglow of our fiery lovemaking, we simply basked in the glory of it all -- saying little as we stared into each other's eyes.

At some point, I carried Rosalita to her bedroom and we fell asleep in each other's arms. It was a far better sleep than I had known in quite sometime -- my dreams full of erotic moments with Rosalita and, I must confess, sometimes my mother as well. Throughout the dreams, I could sense Mom's sexy, knowing smile all around us. Maybe that's why I woke up with a hard-on. Maybe it was because I woke up snuggling with a lush bodied woman who hand was gently stroking me, urging me awake.

I found Rosalita staring at me, her beautiful dark eyes shining with happiness that matched her lovely smile. "It's real," she whispered with a sense of wonder. "I thought it was maybe another dream, but its real, mi hijo, and you're with me.

I discovered a truth then -- about the best lovemaking and how arousal can be upon you in an instant. Perhaps it was Rosalita's hand on my hard cock -- maybe it was the sensation of her soft skin, hot and moist against mine -- maybe it was the unknown pheromones in the air, and maybe it wasn't any of those, but my hunger for my Rosalita was immediate and demanding, brooking no refusal.

"Maybe it is a dream, Rosalita," I breathed as my lips approached hers. "If it is, I hope we never wake up." We kissed, tongues entangled as we wrapped arms and legs around each other. I felt more than heard Rosalita sigh with happiness and knowing she was happy made me feel both content and aroused. I discovered another truth -- there is no sweeter lovemaking than when you wake up next to someone you love and feel that desire sweep over you -- knowing that desire is reflected in your lover as well.

We made love for what seemed forever. There was no rhyme or reason to it -- we moved together agonizingly slow at some points and were like two ravenous animals at other times. I was on top, Rosalita was on top and sometimes we were in between. It was a dream in which we were joined together in delicious pleasure, our eyes always locked on each other, exploring -- learning each other as we discovered new heights of pleasure. We screamed and whispered each other's names and took delight from the incestuous overtones of speaking the words of son, momma, madre and hijo. Our souls melded and became one and even when we again became conscious of being two separate people, we kept special knowledge of each other that can never be lost.

Our final climax was of an intensity I never dreamed possible. I felt Rosalita's orgasm pulsing around me in her pussy and in the grip of her firm thighs as I buried myself deep in her womb and emptied my seed.

We could not satiate ourselves. We never actually made it out of the house that Saturday. I bought her dinner -- a local Chinese restaurant that delivered. We feasted on the food and each other. My long imagined fantasies of Rosalita's full lips on my cock were realized as she gave me a long, languorous blow job, bringing me to the instance of orgasm and then easing off again and again until I was pleading for release.

I discovered the mysteries of a woman's vagina, exploring through her wild growth of bush to the pink, moist mysteries of her pussy, letting her teach me to please a woman properly with my mouth. I learned to use my tongue and lips to best use as I made love to her labia, to her wet, slick inner folds and her large, swollen clitoris.

Saturday blended into Sunday and we had reduced our world to her bedroom and our naked flesh and sweet sleep until we were both too sore to continue. Then having learned each other's bodies, we began to learn more about each other's hearts and minds and souls, talking and baring ourselves to each other.

I discovered a resilient, brave woman who had face horrible tragedy and had sojourned on -- who had come back to life because of one young man...because of me. "That first day I saw you back in the fall I fell in love you, Johnny. I wanted you like I hadn't wanted anyone since Hernando. And... "Rosalita shook her head in wonderment as we cuddled in bed. "I kept thinking of my Juan and how I think he would be so much like you and I imagined him as a young man and I began having fantasies about him. In my dreams you and he make love to me. Sometimes together -- sometimes only one of you and sometimes one of you becomes the other.

Rosalita leaned over and kissed me and stroked my face. "And sometimes, mi hijo, my Juan would tell me that you were the one -- that all my dreams would come true." She kissed me again and whispered, "And it did."

We kissed for a while, hand gently caressing each other and then she gave a shaky laugh. "I guess you think I'm weird -- having these thoughts about my Juan -- getting you two mixed up."

I laughed and replied, "No, Rosalita, I don't." I confessed my own attraction to older women and my own fantasies about my mother, butterflies in my stomach as for the first time I told another human being about my desire to make love to my Mom, and about my dreams where Rosalita and Mom made love to me.

Rosalita's eyes gleamed with excitement and I felt her hand close around my penis which had grown rock hard during my confession. "Mmmmm, mi hijo is a naughty boy -- just talking about fucking your mother made you hard."

"No," I replied. "Talking about fucking my Mom and fucking you makes me hard."

Rosalita giggled and kissed me again, slowly stroking my cock. "Well, who know, mi hijo -- my dreams have come true, maybe yours will too."

Her words sent a thrill through me. "My dreams have come true, Rosalita. I'm here, in bed, holding the woman I love."

Rosalita cooed and said, "Mi hijo is such a sweet talker. Well, I guess Mama needs to reward him." She giggled again and slipped beneath the covers, her mouth planting kisses down my chest and stomach and then I gasped as she took me between her lips, her tongue circling the head of my cock and then slowly began to suck me.

"Ohhhh, Rosalita. That's so sweet."

From beneath the covers, I heard her murmur, "If you like, pretend it's your mother, Johnny. I won't be jealous." Then my sweet mature lover began to suck my cock vigorously, making me squirm with delight. My mind reeled with her last words and I couldn't believe how amazing this woman was -- that it was a fucking shame that very few people knew the true noble nature of this wonderful lady.

Images of Rosalita and of Mom swam through my head as she sucked my throbbing dick. Rosalita reached out and took my hands, guiding them to her head and tangling my fingers in her long, black hair. Occasionally her lips would slip off my cock and I would hear naughty words drifting up from below before my shaft was again enveloped by her wonderful, warm mouth. "Mmmmm, Mama loves her son's cock. Does mi hijo want to give Mommy his cum?"

It wasn't long before I was unable to hold back. "Ohhh, Rosalita, I'm going to cum!"

"Her hand tightened around my shaft and I heard her whisper from beneath the blanket, "Gooood. Cum for me, son. Cum in Mommy's mouth." Rosalita's mouth covered the head of my cock again and I felt her tongue wash over the tip and I groaned and began to shoot. Her lips tightened around my dick and I heard her groan approvingly as she swallowed my load. I jerked and quivered with each loving suck of Rosalita's mouth against my sensitive flesh until she had drained me one last time.

Eventually, I felt my lover moving upwards, her pendulous breasts pillowing against my chest as her head emerged from the covers -- her long black hair all awry and framing her smiling face. "Ahhh, mi amado hijo -- so sweet and tasty." If I hadn't been in love with her already, I would have fallen in love with her then -- she seemed so beautiful and happy.

We spent most of Sunday in bed and I would have been happy to stay there forever, but as the shadows gathered at dusk, I heard my cell phone vibrating on her dresser table. I sighed and crawled out from under the warm covers and my naked lover and looked at it. There was a text message: WHERE R U? MOM.

I sent back a text: BE HOME SOON. I turned back in bed and snuggled up to Rosalita. She was still smiling at me, but with a tinge of the old sadness. I kissed her and stroking her face, said, "This isn't over, Rosalita -- this is just the beginning for us. I don't ever want this to stop."

Rosalita sighed and kissed me back, long and lovingly. Afterwards she said, "I know -- I don't want it to stop either, but...we have to be careful, Johnny. You are so young -- this will be a scandal to a lot of people -- your parents and friends and the school as well. After you graduate next month -- we can start planning our life, but for now -- this should be our secret, yes?"

I agreed and after we cuddled and kissed for another hour or so, I went home -- not wanting to go and kissing my Rosalita at the door for what seemed another hour. We whispered our love to each other -- "Te quiero," and I left for home -- knowing full well, I was leaving much of my heart behind.

I don't remember much of the drive home -- my thoughts on my darling Rosalita and replaying over and over the sweet moments of our weekend together. After I pulled into my driveway, I glanced at my watch and was surprised to see that it was after ten o'clock.

Entering the house, I could hear television noise in the living room and walked in. Mom was curled up on the couch. Despite being exhausted from weekend of incredible sex, I felt my cock stir at the sight of my Mom. She had her honey colored hair pulled back in a pony tail and was wearing a short nightshirt that barely came past her crotch and had a scooped neck, displaying the upper portions of her breasts. Mom's tanned thighs were displayed, the nightshirt just hinting of Mom's shapely ass cheeks.

Mom turned her attention from the television and smiled at me. "There's my wandering son. Where've you been?"

I shrugged and mumbled, "Just hanging out -- you know -- the usual stuff."

Mom laughed and shook her head. "I bet. You been over at your new girlfriend's house?"

I could feel my face turning red, but I nodded and said, "Yeah, I've been spending time with Rosalita." Then to change the subject, I asked, "So, how was your and Dad's weekend?"

Mom's bemused expression turned to one of irritation. "Oh, it was a blast. Turns out our cabin had fishing gear and a stream full of trout a quarter a mile away. Your father had a wonderful time." She got up and turned off the television. "Sometimes, I think your father would have been better off marrying someone who owned a bait and tackle shop."

Obviously Mom's planned romantic weekend getaway didn't work out like she planned and her frustration was plain. I didn't know what to say -- after all, it wasn't like I could just reply, "Sorry you didn't get laid this weekend, Mom." So, instead, I gave a shrug and said, "I reckon I'll go to bed -- I got school tomorrow."

Mom was padding towards the kitchen and just nodded and I went upstairs to my room and sat down on my bed and suddenly felt absolutely exhausted and to my amazement, lonely. I never would have imagined that I could get so addicted to having Rosalita next to me as I slept.

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