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The balance of the day was a blur to Rose. She really didn't connect with anything Jack talked about. She was on automatic pilot. It was after supper, after the clearing up that she wandered from the kitchen over to the family room expecting to find Jack sprawled on the couch watching TV. He wasn't there. She then remembered that he was over at Walt's for a card game. She now realised she was alone for the best part of the night since card games at Walt's sometimes lasted until the wee hours.

Without thinking, she turned on the bathtub taps, poured a good measure of bath beads into the tub and went to the bedroom to undress. She was just about to begin unbuttoning her blouse when she remembered. She strode over to the window and pulled the curtains shut very tightly. As she was pulling them shut, she could see the Rawlins' curtains were pulled wide open and the light was on -- again.

The bath water felt lovely. Her music softly serenaded her. She started to relax. The bath beads filled her with a heady aroma of cinnamon. She actually smiled to herself and drew her hands up over her body feeling the luxury of the warm water moving against it and the slickness of her wet skin. A slight and delicious tingle made its way from her belly button southward. She sighed. Before she knew it, her right hand had found her left breast and was holding it just like Agnes held it in the early morning. She manipulated her breast, slowly and deliberately. Persistent images of Agnes holding it would not go away. Her left hand moved up and held her right breast. Agnes would probably hold both at once if given the chance. She wondered how much better that might feel. Oh god, she exclaimed to herself, I have to stop this. With that, she launched herself out of the tub and started furiously towelling herself down. She ignored the tingling in her groin. She ignored the persistent thoughts of Agnes; and most of all she tried very hard to ignore the lurid images of the Boswells and the Rawlins from the previous night.

The bedside clock said it was seven thirty. Rose fell onto the bed in a state of mild annoyance. She felt in the mood for some Jack. Damn him anyway! Just when she could make sure he was well used up, he wasn't around. Well, his loss she pouted. Then she realised what she was doing and laughed at herself. Nevertheless, she was aroused. She let her right hand run down between her legs. She drew a breath quickly. That felt very good. She got up and walked into the bathroom to where her large mirrors were. It was a little game she played, watching herself and thinking it was another woman. She enjoyed it. She responded to it -- to herself. She moved slowly and provocatively. She stepped further back so she could see the entire woman. She told herself the woman was a dirty slut. The slut moved even more provocatively. The dirty slut then moved back further into the bedroom behind her leaving Rose with no doubt at all what the woman would do next.

The slut pulled on the smallest thong she possessed. Rose shivered with excitement. Considering her bra for only a heartbeat, she left it on the bed and slipped into a thin wool sweater that clung to her body. It left little to the imagination regarding the size and shape of her breasts; a fact she reacquainted herself with as she looked down to zip up her shorts. She gave herself an appreciative once over in the mirror before lightly bouncing downstairs, down past all her doubts, misgivings and self-recrimination. After slipping on her sandals, she hurried across the two driveways separating her house from Agnes' before her nervousness became too much for her.

"What?" Harry shouted in reply to something his wife had called out to him from the bedroom. "I can't make you out." Harry couldn't hear because the splashing of his urine into the toilet bowl was making too much white noise; it effectively covered other sounds, one of which happened to be his wife's voice. Janet wisely waited until she couldn't hear him peeing any longer.

"I asked if you thought Janet would talk to us again."

"Who cares? The uptight little bitch needs a good public fucking, but she is about as likely to have one as is Mother Theresa." With that, he shook himself and flushed before leaving the bathroom and walking down the hall to the office down the hall.

Janet had been wondering if she and Harry hadn't been a little too forward the previous night when they purposely stood in their bedroom and waved to Rose. Janet liked Rose even though they weren't close. She surmised why they weren't and couldn't blame Rose for keeping her distance. Nevertheless, the plain truth of the matter was that Janet was enjoying herself far too much to bring her behaviour into line with what Rose probably expected of her. If they were ever to be better friends, it would have to be Rose who changed. Janet sighed.

Then there was the matter of Rose's husband. Best not think about that right now she cautioned herself. With that she got up off the bed and glanced across the road at both Rose's and Agnes' houses before leaving the room. Rose's curtains were open as she regularly had them and Agnes' were shut tight as she always had them. There was something not quite normal about Agnes. Janet wished she could figure out what it was.

She wandered down the hall to the spare bedroom she and Harry used as an office. It was not only outfitted with office furniture, but there was a small couch that hid a pull-out bed and coffee table in there too. She smiled as she entered. Jack, the horny bastard -- and it was one of his features that she loved about him -- was already logged onto the web cam chat room and had the web cam on. Who knows how many others around the world watched Janet, naked and smiling, enter the office where Jack, also naked, sat manning the keyboard and cam. They were well known regulars by the other denizens. Most of those regulars were naked and on cam too. Judging by some of the comments already flashing across the chat box, tonight promised lots of very explicit sex. Not thirty years ago, the activities Janet and Harry engaged in on public web cams would have led to their arrest on indecency charges at a minimum. Now it was just an every day occurrence if you knew where to look.

Harry and Janet had invited the Boswell's to join them this evening, but Rick had declined the invitation. He just couldn't risk the public exposure and any embarrassment that it would entail. It was one thing to indulge in some swinging in the privacy of a house or backyard, but quite another to get up on a world stage and do things you wouldn't want your mother to know about. Martha took her cue from Rick. Harry and Janet both later wondered between them if they hadn't seen just a flicker of disappointment on her face when Rick said they couldn't make it this evening.

It was getting to be dark out and Janet got up to close the office curtains before she turned on the light in the room. She only did it because the woman in the house behind them had made it very clear that if her children ever mentioned again that they were able to see naked people, she would call the police. The fucking bitch, Janet thought, and flipped her finger at the woman's house as she pulled the curtain closed. After taking her seat beside Jack, she leaned back in her chair so that she was fully exposed. She then reached over and fondled his cock for all the world to see, or at least those who were logged into the public chat room.

Agnes was in her kitchen waiting for Rose. Up to the point that Rose actually arrived, Agnes wasn't sure at all that Rose would really come. After slipping inside Agnes' back door, Rose stood for a moment in the back hall and mentally prepared herself for what, in all likelihood, might occur in the next couple of hours. In that short space of time, Agnes put her cup down and tried not to have it rattle in the saucer and thereby give away how nervous she was; that was the last thing she wanted Rose to know about her right now.

"Come in." Agnes' voice sounded strong and self assured. While it had a welcoming tone to it, all the same, it also had an edge to it. Agnes very much wanted Rose to become accustomed to being spoken to as if she, Agnes, was in charge, in control. Rose entered the kitchen and smiled in greeting at Agnes. Rose nearly melted on the spot. Agnes had very obviously prepared herself for their coffee together. Her make-up was impeccable. Her dark features were accentuated by subtle but very precise use of eye liner and mascara; her lips were painted a very deep shade of red. Agnes' skin, while quite white, seemed to be even whiter with the dramatic use of the black and deep red accents. She had put on a black silk caftan that had a dramatically deep neckline. Her shiny black hair was pulled back severely and tied up in a tight bun. Rose stood still just inside the kitchen door, mesmerized by Agnes. Regally, Agnes arose and glided over to Rose. She crooked her right index finger and placed it gently under Rose's chin, thereby lifting it just a little. Rose was now searching Agnes' cool, dark eyes for something, she wasn't sure what. Agnes in return gave nothing away. She leaned into Rose just a little and lightly kissed her on the lips. It was over in a moment. Rose wasn't even sure it happened, but she was sure something had. She was feeling light headed.

"Sit down." Agnes' voice again had that edge to it. Rose sat down at once, thankful to rest. She was lightly wringing her hands in her lap. She gave the kitchen a quick glance about as if she expected to see others there. No one was.

"Coffee?" Agnes' question really was more of a command. Rose quickly nodded and let Agnes pour her a cup. By now Agnes was over her little bout of stage fright and moved with assurance and control. On the other hand, Rose was becoming increasingly fidgety.

"Why did you come here tonight?" Agnes wanted Rose to have to explain herself, to start laying herself bare as it were. She wanted Rose to begin admitting what was lurking just below Rose's veneer of social respectability. Agnes remembered clearly how Rose reacted earlier that morning when Agnes had touched her breast. Agnes recognised the unmistakable yearning by Rose to have Agnes go much further than just slipping a hand over her breast.

"You invited me." Rose's voice had a soupcon of defiance in it along with a good dash of incredulity. Agnes' eyes bored into Rose's. Rose blushed a deep crimson and hung her head to avoid Agnes' intensity. Any defiance or incredulity on Rose's part vanished. She knew why she had come and now Agnes, she was sure, knew why she had come too.

"And, why did you accept my invitation, Rose?" Agnes' voice was quietly superior and icy in its probing. There was a quality to it that put Rose on the defensive. She fleetingly considered apologising to Agnes and asking for her forgiveness. That was just how she felt at the moment. Most of all though, Rose was well aware that Agnes was toying with her; that Agnes knew exactly why Rose had accepted the invitation, and why Rose was not wearing a bra and had put on a sweater that showed off her breasts to maximum advantage.

Rose's breath was now tainted with Agnes' fragrance. It was heady stuff. It made Rose want to get closer to the source and spend time breathing it in and letting it fill her up. The floral bouquet was tinged with a sharper, spicy quality. That spiciness was stronger than an after note. It was a definite foundation to the whole fragrance. There was solidity to it. Rose breathed in deeply and almost closed her eyes.

"I love what you are wearing, Agnes." Agnes smiled in appreciation. She quietly placed her left hand on Rose's right and gave it a light squeeze. Agnes left her hand on Rose's. Rose left her hand in place too. So it begins she said to herself. I wondered how she would do it.

Not moving their hands, Agnes rose from the table and stood very close to Rose. She placed her right hand behind Rose's head and gently pulled Rose to her. Soon Rose had her face buried in Agnes' caftan and was quite openly savouring Agnes' perfume. Rose put her free arm around Agnes' waist. Not that she was trying to find out, but Rose was sure now that Agnes wasn't wearing anything under her caftan.

Agnes freed herself from Rose after a moment or two. "You remember me speaking about the strange behaviour of some people earlier?" Rose nodded. "Well, I want you to see something." With that, Agnes took Rose by the hand and led her downstairs to the rec room in their basement. Besides the entertainment center and the large screen TV, over against the far wall there was a computer. It was on. As Agnes led Rose closer to it, Rose could make out a smaller image on the screen. It was of a couple of people. Upon getting closer, she could see they didn't have any clothes on. Oh my god! It was Harry and Janet! She couldn't believe her eyes. She bent down closer to the screen on the laptop to get a better look. Sure enough, Janet was masturbating Harry and watching something that was making her smile.

"She's watching the chat room dialogue." Agnes had guessed Rose's question. "She is reading what some viewers are saying to them. Do you want to see what is being said?"

"No. Not really." She was struck by how sexy Janet looked. She had a very good body. Rose experienced a twinge of enviousness.

"They look happy doing that, don't they? I am always surprised how openly they like having sex on cam."

"How long have you been watching them do this?"

"Ohh," Agnes was thoughtful for a moment, "about a year now."

By now, Rose had straightened up and was standing erect looking at Agnes and only giving occasional glances to the laptop. "What's the matter? Don't you like watching them?" Agnes asked. "I know it's all new for you, isn't it?" she continued. "From the way you reacted last night to seeing them and the Boswells in their backyard, I would say that was your first time, right?" Agnes' observation was more statement than question. And it left little room for any denial from Rose.

Of course, Rose could only whimper and turn very bright red. "How did you see me? I thought your curtains were closed."

"When you don't have a light on in the room" countered Agnes, "you can have a crack or two in the curtains and not be seen."

"You watch them in their backyard?"

"And in their bedroom."

"Oh my god!"

"And now, I am going to watch you. Take your sweater off." Agnes' voice took a hard turn. Her last demand was an order. No doubt about it. Agnes sat in the chair at the computer desk. She casually glanced at the Rawlins on the screen. By now Janet was giving Harry a very enthusiastic blow job.

Rose tentatively took her sweater hem and slowly started to raise it. "Now!" Agnes spat out the order. It startled Rose and she jumped and in so doing pulled the sweater up to her head. "Right off." Agnes continued. Now that her breasts were exposed, Rose didn't see much point in being coy. She pulled the sweater up and over her head. She tossed it on the stuffed chair nearby.

"Put your hands behind your head and slowly turn around." Agnes drank in Rose's topless form. When Rose was turned away from her, Agnes got up and stood behind her. Rose could feel Agnes' hands on her bare waist, and then felt them rise up and over her rib cage and then, finally, under her breasts. Agnes cupped Rose's breasts. Rose nearly swooned. "Now take your shorts off." She whispered into Rose's ear. Rose unclasped her hands from behind her head and slid them down her body to her shorts waist band. She unclasped the front of the band and then unzipped them. They fell at her feet.

Agnes backed up. She was intently looking at Rose. "You are beautiful." Rose blushed again.

"Now your panties." Rose hesitated.

"If you don't do as I tell you, when I tell you, Sweetie; I will punish you." Rose's knees nearly buckled; her head was spinning again. She pushed her panties off and stood there naked, and let Agnes lustily ogle her. Rose was now experiencing something she never had before. She had a sense of purpose. She liked making Agnes happy, and if it meant being naked and letting Agnes look at her, or touch her, then she would happily let that happen. During that revelation, she had missed the part where Agnes had moved up to within inches of her because the very next thing she knew was that Agnes had a finger or two in the soft and very moist folds of her vagina.

No sooner had Rose felt Agnes in her, than Agnes withdrew her hand. Rose exhaled an audible whimper and opened her eyes to plead with Agnes.

"Get dressed and go home. You have had enough for tonight." Rose couldn't believe her ears. Agnes' order was like a sudden slap to the face. She was being dismissed. She didn't want to go home just yet. She wanted more, much more. She was too aroused to go home now that she had shown Agnes she was willing to play the games that Agnes wanted. She felt betrayed. Her anger welled up inside her.

"I warned you, Sweetie. Now you will be punished." And before Rose fully realised what was happening Agnes swiftly pulled her forward and tucking Rose's head and shoulders under her left arm and holding her tightly enough to pin Rose's hands to her sides. Agnes proceeded to apply a series of sharp smacks to Rose's bottom. Rose cried out more from shock than pain, at finding herself hopelessly trapped by the surprising strength of the other woman, but as the spanking continued, Rose began to struggle because her bottom was now hurting and Rose realised she was squealing and crying for release; both because of the pain and the fact she was being treated like a child and it embarrassed and humiliated her. Then Agnes stopped.

"Now," said Agnes very evenly, "get dressed and go home. I will let you know when I want you here again."

Rose was near tears as she dressed and left. She zipped up her shorts on the way up the basement stairs. She wasn't coming back ever! She nearly stumbled on the top stairs as tears flooded her eyes. Her face was beet red. She dashed home and ran upstairs to her bedroom, flung herself on her bed and cried and cried. She was racked with sobs. Several minutes went by before she could regain control of herself. She was very hurt; hurt emotionally not physically, although her bottom still stung from the spanking. "That bitch!" she spat the words out with vehemence in her mind. If she never saw Agnes Stewart again it would be too soon.

Rose was now tearing her clothes off in anger and retaliation. She stormed about the bedroom calling Agnes every swear word she could muster, but even in the darkness of her mood, she realised that her vocabulary was limited in that regard because the repetitiveness of her name calling was starting to sound silly.

Now naked, she approached her old friend, the bathtub, and turned on the water. She felt like a very hot, long soak. She wandered out to the bedroom and aimlessly sorted thru the CDs. She found a Willie Nelson she liked and put it on. Soon Willie's crooning and iconic guitar playing filled the bedroom and spilled out into the bathroom. On her way back to the tub, Rose did a couple of two-steps in time to Willie. She was starting to feel better.

Aside from a lot of "ooooh-ing" and "ahhhhh-ing" as she lowered her freshly spanked bum into the hot water, the next hour passed leisurely and pleasantly. By the time she got out of the tub, she felt much better, but not about Agnes. It would be a frosty day in June before she let that bitch near her again. That was for sure.

She was well into watching the slut in the mirror and backing up into the bedroom to put distance between herself and the woman, and perhaps to give the woman more room to move about in a very naughty manner, when she realised the curtains to her bedroom were open -- wide open. She was naked, dancing very provocatively and Janet was across the way watching her. Somewhere in Rose's mind she reasoned that if Janet liked looking enough to wave (and she had), and she liked the activities of the chat room (she obviously did), and she deliberately left her curtains open all the time (as she does), then most likely Janet will like watching her now. Rose knew she liked being looked at because that was one of a number of things she very much liked when she was in Agnes' basement. Rose never missed a beat with Willie. She just kept on dancing and gradually turned to the window and stared at Janet while Janet stared back. Rose had shivers of pleasure in parts of her body that never before had the experience. She knew she was going to be doing this again; perhaps many times again. She also thought that it was time she had Janet over for coffee.

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