tagMatureRose Ch. 02

Rose Ch. 02


When Bob woke up from a deeper sleep than he had experienced in years Rose was not in bed. He could smell her on the pillow, the mixed musty smell of a woman who has had sex mixed with sweat and the faint leftover of her cigarettes.

Bob got up and as he started to dress he saw a note on the pillow.


You have no idea how wonderful today has been. You made me feel attractive and loved. I have to go and you were sleeping so soundly that I didn't want to wake you. I hope you are as satisfied as I am.


Bob was disappointed but he understood. She had to rush back to the asshole she was married to. Bob lay back down and with his face turned to the pillow that smelled so much like her, fell asleep again.

The next morning Bob unloaded the trailer of rotting wood and went back to his job. He hoped that their time together had not caused Rose any problems with the jerk.

He heard activity in the house but no one came out and he began work, tearing down the last of the rotting dry wood. He spent a lot of time cleaning up the nails and hardware and when the trailer was loaded and he was about to leave, Rose's husband came out. He seemed pleased with the progress on the deck and was actually nice to Bob.

Bob told him he was going to dump the old wood and then should be back with the new materials early in the afternoon. The jerk told him that he would be gone again for the rest of the day. Bob left wondering how Rose was and was a bit worried because he had not seen her at all.

After dumping the old wood Bob went to the lumberyard where they already had his list of materials. He loaded wood and boxes of screws, lag bolts, joist hangers and carriage bolts and then started back. When he arrived it was quiet and he began unloading the wood.

This first load was treated lumber for the underpinning. Bob worked for nearly an hour when he looked up and Rose was standing in the basement door with a pitcher and two glasses. She was wearing a silky halter dress that showed off her lovely neck and shoulders and her knew at a glance there was nothing between the thin silk and her breasts.

She shyly said "Hello", and walked over to the picnic table in the shade. Bob followed, totally at a loss for words. Having not seen her all day, he had worried that she was upset and then having her appear like an angel in this dream of a dress rendered him speechless.

Bob sat down as Rose poured glasses of ice tea. Finally she looked up at him and smiled, "Don't you have anything to say today?"

"You are so lovely you take my breath away", Bob said, "I was worried when I didn't see you and I wondered if something was wrong."

Rose assured him that everything was fine, except that she had some unusual sore spots today. She said that with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips. Bob told her that he was a little sore too, but that it had been well worth it. They sat smiling at each other, embarrassed until she reached over and took his hand. She asked him if he would like to come into the basement and "cool off". Bob gratefully followed her in out of the heat.

Inside, Rose turned to Bob and said, "Yesterday you did everything to me and for me that I have dreamed about for years. You were wonderful and if it never happens again I am grateful, but if you want to continue I am yours."

Bob had expected a "this can never happen again" speech. Looking down at the lovely lady he knew he wanted her badly. "Are we alone and safe right now?" he asked. When she smiled and nodded he reached behind her and untied the top of her halter dress. When he let go it simply fell until the top of the dress was held up only by the swell of her hips.

Rose reached up to her hair which was pinned up. As she did he again was mesmerized by her long dark underarm hair and how her beautiful breasts moved with her arms. As her hair tumbled down he felt his cock harden and form a tent in his pants.

"There is something I wanted to do yesterday but you left before I had a chance. May I do it now?" He smiled at her but did not explain further.

"You may do anything you want, sir, I trust you implicitly." Rose smiled back and stood there topless with her hands on her hips. Bob hesitated to touch her, he was so sweaty and she was clean and immaculate. Finally he reached out to put his hands on her shoulders and guided her to a large easy chair in the corner of the finished basement. She sank into the big chair and he knelt at her feet.

Rose leaned forward to meet him and their lips met in a soft long deep kiss. As their tongues made gentle love Bob could taste mint but only a faint trace of cigarette smoke. They continued kissing and his hands cupped her breasts and he gently rubbed her hard nipples with the palms of his hands. His fingers found her silky underarms and rubbed and twirled the long hair there.

When Bob's hands slid down so that he could take her wrinkled areolas and hard nipples between his fingers she inhaled sharply and kissed him more aggressively. He continued to roll her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, including the whole areola and as her breathing deepened and she thrust her chest further into his hands he rolled them more firmly and could tell this pleased her very much.

Bob and Rose continued to kiss like this with him massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples. Finally Rose began to breath faster and deeper and her tongue began to rub his tongue harder. Whimpers escaped her lips into his mouth as she orgasmed from the intense pleasure on her nipples and breasts. Finally her mouth was open against his and they shared their breaths as she thrust her pussy up and loudly moaned into his open mouth.

Finally she broke the kiss and had to breathe deeply. "Oh my.......", she said panting, "that has never happened before. I never came from just kissing and having my tits played with. That was so intense and wonderful."

Bob leaned over her to gently kiss her two hard nipples and play his tongue over them making her shudder again. Rose pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply again before slumping back in the chair feeling drained. "Thank you so much, that was wonderful," she said.

Bob saw her pack of Salems on the side table and reached over to shake one out and put it between her lips. He picked up the lighter and lit it for her, their eyes locked. Rose puffed once to get it lit and then drew long on the cigarette before reaching up to take it from her lips. She sat all the way back slumped down into the chair and exhaled a long thick stream of smoke upward.

"We aren't done Babe, I still have something that I just have to do." Rose smiled at him and began another long drag on the cigarette as Bob unbuttoned her long silky skirt until her dress was open to the waist. Rose was wearing no panties and Bob could see her densely furred pubic area and her strong musty aroused smell filled his nostrils.

As Bob spread her legs as wide as possible Rose slid down further in the chair. Bob thought her pink pussy was beautiful. The labia was darkened and swollen with blood and desire. The hairs along her pussy were wet with her seeping desire. Bob used his thumbs to gently spread her lips opening her pussy and causing her sweet odor to escape further. He could see her clit peeking out in erection from it's hood and he slowly lowered his mouth to lick up the length of her lips. His eyes were locked with hers as he paused at the top of his stroke to run his tongue around her clit and gently flick it.

Rose inhaled deeply and arched her back in pleasure. Her nipples seemed to grow even harder and Bob could see how wrinkled and bumpy her areolas were. He felt his mouth fill with her creamy taste. She was salty sweet and musty and her clean woman taste excited him. Bob felt his cock painfully push out against his underwear and jeans and had to open his pants and free his cock before he continued.

On his next long stroke up and down her swelled lips Bob followed his tongue with his fingertips. Two fingers of his left hand slid inside her as his tongue again circled and teased her clit. "Please, please,..........ohhhh....", came from Rose's lips and he realized she was on the edge of another orgasm. He had planned on going slower and dragging it out but when she put the cigarette to her lips and drew hard and long on it she used her other hand to push his head back to her pussy.

Bob began to gently tongue her clit and flick it back and forth as his fingers curled inside her pussy rubbing the inside walls and gently rubbing the inside under her clit. Rose moaned and groaned loudly as she thrust her hips up into his mouth. Bob began to suck on her clit harder and to lash it with his tongue as her hips undulated up and down and her moans kept time with her thrusts.

The orgasm continued as Bob kept using his tongue on her clit and rubbing and thrusting his fingers inside of her. Bob took his free hand and reached to fondle her left breast, pinching and rolling the nipple and areola. Rose continued to moan and to thrust her hips crushing her pussy into his mouth with every stroke. Rose's orgasm was very deep and intense and she was totally lost in it and the pleasure her whole body was feeling.

Bob had kept his eye on Rose, enjoying her deep pleasure and saw that she had crushed her cigarette and was in danger of burning herself. He reached and took it from her fingers and tossed it into the ash tray.

Rose was now moaning open mouthed very loudly with long deep moans as her whole body quivered. Bob began sucking on her clit harder and using the rough top of his tongue to flick it back and forth. Her pelvic thrusts bruised his lips but he stayed with her and continue to fuck her with his fingers as his tongue gave her intense pleasure.

Finally her moans slowed and her body pulled back from his mouth and he knew her orgasm was over and the feeling was too intense. Bob pulled back from her, feeling her abundant juices dripping from his chin. He slowly removed his fingers from her pussy and his hand from her breast. Rose lay back in the chair trying to catch her breath with her eyes closed.

Bob raised up to gently kiss her on the lips. She weakly met his kiss and her tongue licked her own juices from his lips and she moaned again. Bob sat back when Rose's mouth stopped moving and he knew that she was totally exhausted. He gently picked her up and carried her to the couch where he lay her down gently and then buttoned her skirt and covered her with an afghan

He knelt by her side and held her gently kissing her lips softly until he realized she had fallen into an exhausted slumber. Bob was amazed. He had never seen a woman orgasm so hard and long. He felt wonderful for having given her the experience. Rose's face was beautiful and peaceful and Bob stepped into the bathroom to wash his face and hands and then quietly went back outside.

He used only screws and bolts in deck building so there was no hammering to wake her and he went back to work. Several hours later he had much of the new underpinning up and in place when he heard the basement door slide open.

Rose had adjusted her silk halter dress and with her hair slightly messed she was beautiful. She said nothing as she came over to him and they stood there kissing gently and deeply. Finally they parted the kiss and in a husky voice not much above a whisper she said, "Thank you, I didn't know anything like that was possible. " Bob was moved deeply and saw that there were tears in her eyes.

Bob kissed her again but then they were interrupted by the sound of a vehicle roaring up the driveway. Knowing it was her husband returning early Rose went back inside and Bob went back to work on the deck. While her jerk husband inspected the progress and told Bob how pleased he was, Bob's eyes were on the back door above them where Rose was standing. She was smoking a cigarette and watching them.

Bob saw her take a deep drag and then put her free hand under her halter dress to caress her own breast. Her husband's back was to the house and only Bob could see her and as she teased her nipple to hardness she pulled the dress to the side so Bob could watch her play with her wrinkled areola and hard nipple. He got a painful erection as she took one last drag and then exhaled a long plume through the screen as she raised an arm to smooth her hair.

Bob thought she was the most sexy and beautiful woman he had ever seen but was brought back to reality with a question from the asshole about the joist hangers he was using. Bob was not sure where this romance was going but he knew that one way or the other he needed Rose in his arms again and soon.

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