tagRomanceRose Ch. 06

Rose Ch. 06


Chapter 6: The Final

I had not planned on continuing this story. I didn't think Rose and Bob had anything left that would not be repetitive. Several people have urged me to continue with this sexy mature couple and I hope this lives up to your expectations. Thank you for reading and thank you for voting.

When Rose arrived at her daughter's house less than a half hour after dropping Bob at the bus depot she was almost smothered by their hugs and kisses. She felt better than she had in years and her daughter noticed her mother even looked younger. Her face was relaxed and happy. For the next two days she played with her grandchildren and had a wonderful visit with her daughter.

Her husband had always demanded that she call home each evening that she was away but for three days had not answered the phone and had not called her even though she had left messages on the answering machine. On the third day she was concerned and called their next-door neighbor to ask that they check on him.

When the neighbors called back an hour later they said his car was not in the driveway and that the house looked deserted. Worried, she asked them to go back and use a hidden door key to go inside. When they called again she knew something was wrong by the tone of her neighbors voice.

"He left a note, " the neighbor said. He went on the read the note to her. It's contents told her that her husband had taken half of their bank accounts and securities and was filing for a divorce. He said he was sorry but he had met someone else and was moving to Arizona to live with her. He said he would call the kids after he was settled and explain to them.

Rose was not sure whether to laugh or to cry. After thanking the neighbors for checking for her she hung up and then went to sit on her daughter's back deck. She sat and smoked several cigarettes while staring into the sunset. When she finally went inside she was confronted by her daughter who demanded to know what was going on.

Rose told her about her father's note and it's contents and was shocked at her daughter's reaction. She blamed Rose. She accused Rose of not making her father happy and taking care of his needs. Her daughter had always been daddy's little girl and she was sure that her mother had neglected him and caused him to seek love elsewhere.

They wound up having a terrible argument, and Rose packed her bags and left. She made the long drive all the way home with only a couple of stops for gas and coffee. Rose was a sensitive woman who had devoted her life to her children. What if her daughter was right? Rose let her emotions run wild and by the time she drove up her driveway she was crying and blaming herself for her failed marriage. She felt deep guilt over her affair with Bob and didn't even think about her husband's affair.

Down deep she had no idea what she could have done differently. She had always done everything her husband had asked and until the last few years when he became cruel and demanding she had given him every sexual favor he had desired with few given back in return. Now, with her daughter's accusations and her emotions running high she blamed herself and was in deep depression over affair.

The trouble was, she was falling in love with Bob and she wondered if her husband had somehow sensed that. Could she have done more to make their marriage successful? The next day, she called Bob's home knowing he would be working. She left a message telling him that she was back home but did not want to see him or talk to him. She did not explain why and did not realize that her voice was charged with emotion and sounded angry on the answering machine.

When Bob came home that evening and listened to the message he was devastated. He had given a lot more than his body to Rose and now his heart was breaking. When he tried to go to bed that night all he could think about was how Rose sharing that bed with him had been the happiest hours of his life.

Bob lay sleepless for hours and during the small hours of the morning he got up and packed a bag and some food. Taking his sleeping bag and air mattress he loaded his truck and drove south into the mountains. Bob had always craved solitude and the loneliness of the deep woods when he was upset or depressed.

For several days Rose mourned her failed marriage. She realized there was not much to mourn but blamed herself. Finally, on the afternoon of the fourth day her daughter called. She was shocked when her daughter apologized and told her how much she loved her.

Rose's husband had called her daughter and they had talked for hours. At first he blamed Rose for not being a good wife but when her daughter questioned him as to why, he finally admitted he had been seeing an old high school sweetheart off and on for many years. Her daughter finally realized what Rose had been living through and told her she understood.

One of the last things she said before they ended the conversation was that she knew her father's behavior could have driven Rose to almost anything and she understood her mother's pain. Both women wound up crying but were closer than they had been in years.

Rose sat on her new back deck that evening drinking her coffee and watching the sunset. She thought of Bob and how hard he had worked on the deck. When she went to bed that night she slept well for the first time in many days.

The next morning Rose woke early and went to Bob's house. She was there well before daylight and surprised to find he was not home. From his uncut lawn, she realized he had not been there for days. She left a note begging him to call her and went back home.

Bob had not found the solitude he had hoped for. He had not seen another human being in the entire time he was camping on a remote stream. He had caught and eaten fish and had lain awake under the stars thinking about the amazing woman he had given his heart to. His lips missed the warmth of her lips and his hands wanted to again touch her body and hold her close. Finally, unable to take anymore and when his deep woods betrayed him with no comfort he packed and drove home.

Bob arrived at his house less than an hour before sunset. He was shocked to see Rose's car in his driveway. He did not find her in the house but did find several notes she had slipped under his door. When he read them he nearly jumped with joy and tears filled his eyes. She loved him and could not stand her life without him. The one thing he could not figure out was where she could be.

Bob thought of his lonely hilltop where they had once watched a sunset together. He began walking up through the trees hoping to find Rose there.

Rose had come to Bob's house several times a day hoping to find that he had come home. Tonight she was nearly in tears as she found his parking space and house empty again. She decided to go for a walk and found herself on the trail up to the little park where they had watched the sunset. She had brought a blanket thinking to sit on it and watch the sunset and when she got to the top of the hill she spread the blanket and sat on it.

As Rose sat waiting for the sunset she lit a cigarette and sat slowly smoking as she remembered another sunset she had watched with Bob's cock buried deep inside her pussy as he held her close. Rose felt her pussy grow damp and for the first time in days she became very aroused and horny. Rose stood and removed her slacks and blouse. She then took off her bra and panties and lay back down naked on the blanket.

Rose loved to be naked outdoors and grew even more horny and aroused. She began to rub her furry pussy with one hand as she rubbed and pulled her nipples with the other. "Oh Bob, I need you so much," she said as she slipped two fingers into her soaking pussy. Rose lay back and began to stroke her fingers in and out of herself and taking a lot of time to rub her clit and pull her nipples.

Rose thought of Bob's hands and cock and became more excited and soon was writhing and whimpering in the grip of a deep orgasm from her own hand. Her thick pubic hair was soaked and matted with her abundant juices and her clit was throbbing and very sensitive. "Bob, Bob, Bob, " she kept saying as she thrust her hips and fucked her own fingers and then cried out loud over and over as she orgasmed again.

Exhausted Rose lay back on the blanket with her eyes closed. She lay there in the cool evening air spread-eagled beneath the fading light.

Bob had arrived at the hilltop in time to hear Rose crying out his name. His first sight of her made his cock leap to erection. Rose was lying back with her hips thrusting up into the air to meet her own hands, much as she had done to meet his thrusts. Her thick pubic hair was soaked and matted and he saw her nipples were erect. As Rose came Bob stopped and watched her, seeing her beautiful body in full orgasm. It was a sight he would never forget.

As Rose's orgasm finally subsided Bob watched her lay back and spread herself out on the blanket. Her breasts and upper chest were splotched with red and mottled and her dark nipples and areolas were hard and wrinkled. He watched in amazement as she brought the hand that had stroked her pussy to her mouth, licking her own cum from her fingers and sucking them.

Bob kicked off his shoes and socks and then took off his jeans and underwear. He pulled his shirt off over his head and walked silently through the moss and grass toward Rose. He could see her tear streaked face as he approached her and saw that her eyes were close.

"Oh Bob, what did I do, where are you my love?" Rose whispered.

"I am here, Babe, here for you" Bob whispered to her. Rose heard him but did not react as he thought she would. Her body stiffened but she did not know if he was real or imagined and did not want to open her eyes.

Rose's legs were still spread and her wet and reddened pussy was open to him. Bob was rock hard and he slowly lowered himself over Rose and guided his cock into her waiting vagina. Both had a sharp intake of breath and Rose let out a low throaty moan as he slid all the way into her soaking depths. Bob's lips covered hers and his tongue slid inside her mouth as he slowly stroked almost out of her and then all the way back in as deep as he could go. He ground his pubic bone into hers at the end of the stroke.

Bob felt Rose's body arch and her thrust raised him off the ground. From her lips came a long low throaty moan as she continued to thrust into his now still cock. He felt her muscles spasming around his cock and had to fight to keep from cumming too soon himself. He realized he wanted this to last.

Looking down at Rose her saw that she still had not opened her eyes. Her face was red and her chest was mottled with red splotches. With each breath she moaned and he ground himself into her putting pressure on her clit in a circular motion he knew she liked. Bob reached to take a hard nipple in his mouth and caressed its hardness with his tongue. She groaned again, deeper and he felt her lower body shaking with pleasure.

Suddenly Rose wrapped her wide spread legs around Bob and pulled him even tighter. She moaned loudly through her open mouth as he ground into her soaking pussy. He could feel the pulsating blood in her hot vagina and her thrusting became rapid short jumps as she whimpered and cried out.

Rose reached to wrap her arms around Bob and pull him down to her and the kiss they shared was deeper and hotter than anything he had ever experienced. He would have sworn her body was burning with fever she felt so hot to his touch. Rose continued to moan and whimper as she thrust against his cock.

Bob returned her deep kiss and enjoyed the massage her quivering muscles were giving his cock which was harder and more full of blood than at any time of his life. Finally he felt Rose's legs relax and the intensity of her kiss lessened. They continued to kiss deeply until finally Rose pulled away to breath and pant. Her eyes were still closed so Bob kissed each eyelid gently.

In Rose's hear he whispered, "Do you have any idea how much I love you?" Her eyes opened and she held him close.

"Oh Bob, I love you too, " she panted. "I am so sorry for that message I left, I ...". He covered her lips with his kissing her deeply again.

With his still hard cock buried deeply inside of Rose, Bob settled back on his side with Rose pressed close. They continued to kiss and caress each other as she recovered from her most intense orgasm.

Bob and Rose began to talk between kisses. She told him about her husband leaving and filing for divorce and how sorry she was for leaving the cryptic message. Bob forgave her and punctuated it with a dozen kisses. Inside of Rose, his cock was still hard and throbbing and every thirty seconds or so he would slide back a half-inch or so and then back in. Each time she shuddered and kissed him deeply.

Finally, Rose looked into his eyes and said, "Your turn honey, fuck me deep and long." Bob kissed her again and rotated over her holding himself up on his arms as he slowly withdrew from her soaking pussy until just the swelled head of his cock was inside her. Looking down, he saw his cock poised at the entrance of her furry opening. Her thick pubic hair was soaked with her own juices.

His eyes scanned upward taking in her sweaty body and hard nipples and knowing how much he enjoyed looking at her, Rose put her arms back above her head displaying her thick damp underarm hair and as she smiled he lowered his mouth to a nipple and began to suck. He slowly slid his cock back inside Rose until he was again completely buried in her hot pussy.

"Suck it hard baby, " she said and immediately felt an increase in pressure on her sensitive nipple. Bob again stroked out and back in but this time harder causing her breasts to bounce and she gasped in pleasure. Bob rose up and began to stroke steadily.

The wet slurping sounds coming from her pussy caused them both to laugh but he did not slow down. Bob knew he would not last long and with each stroke he tried to reach upward toward her heart. Rose reached up to pinch and roll his nipples and Bob gasped and began stroking very fast and deep, each stroke slapping their groins together audibly. Rose was breathing hard too and as she felt her own orgasm rising Bob groaned loudly.

"Cum in me baby, cum in me, fill me with your sweet cum." Bob was fucking Rose harder than he had ever done and she felt the first hot rope of cum flood her pussy as she yelped and moaned loudly in her own climax. Bob groaned loudly again and again as with each stroke he left more hot cum inside of Rose. They moaned together in a sexual chorus of pleasure until finally Bob collapsed by Rose, both breathing hard.

Bob and Rose lay together for a long time with their lips touching breathing each other's breaths and scents. Finally they kissed deeply again and gathering their clothing they walked to Bob's house. They sat talking for hours and then made love again, slow deep love that is only possible when two people know each other very well.

If all you were looking for was a raw sex story then you might be disappointed. Yes, it turned into a love story. I hope you enjoyed it and will leave comments and vote. I enjoy your comments and emails. If you leave a public comment please vote carefully. I have emails from folks who said they left a comment but forgot to change the default vote level before they submitted. To all of you who encouraged me and supported this series, a heartfelt thank you.

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Dear Author, Nicely done. Very enjoyable and entertaining. Good story line with great and attractive characters. Thank you. jntiques

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