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Royal Blue Satin


Not that it matters but this story is true. I say that knowing that I have changed it enough that it couldn't be verified anyway.

Stories of this type usually begin, with the author describing his mother as being 37, but with the body of a sixteen year old, the skin of a baby, and 48DDD breasts.

My mother is none of these, except that her breasts are relatively large partially due to 2 Pregnancies, resultant nursing, age and being a little Overweight, actually she is 49 and Looks to be a well preserved 49! She is still pretty but matronly.

Even if I had been conscious of any sexual attraction, her unfashionable physical Appearance, would have put me off because I was still brainwashed into the ideal of female beauty being a recently deceased Anorexic 14 year old boy. I didn't even think the old joke about how having sex with a fat girl, was funny. The one about how it could be fun if no one found out you were doing it.

I couldn't even imagine that sex with a plump, cushioned woman could be both comfortable and fun.

This attitude gradually changed, but as mother had let herself go, my view of her hadn't

In fairness of course the author usually describes himself as an 18 year old body Builder with a 13" penis, whereas I am actually an ordinary 27 year old, with standard equipment (about 6").

Also in the usual story the boy has a long history of trying to see his mother naked, and jerking off with stuff he took from her lingerie drawer. I never did any of that.

In fact what little of her underwear that I'd seen was not exactly Fredericks of Hollywood, (more like Wilma of Wilkes Barre), My Father used to complain about it, when he was sober enough to care.

In fairness to Dad his drinking never interfered with his business, And when he was killed in a drunk driving accident three years ago he left us very well off, especially since he had been the sober one! And mom got a huge insurance settlement.

His death was not a big deal, as I think mom was planning a divorce anyway, and he and I had never been close. Although the marriage had long since ended it had given mom some purpose, so after he died, she went downhill and moped around the house. She gained weight and gave up on life. It didn't help that my sister lived across the country, and then my company sent me to Europe.

I hadn't seen mother in eighteen months.

When they transferred me back, she suggested on the phone that I stay with her. It seemed like a good idea, We had always been very close, and she had a big house, which included a small apartment.

I had frequent phone conversations with my sister who told me that Mom had changed especially after she knew that I was coming home

When she met me at the airport I wasn't really prepared for how much she had changed. She had lost some weight was back to pleasingly plump, and had obviously been to the fanciest Plus size shop in town, wearing a white pleated skirt, Royal Blue blazer, and four inch high heels. Every hair was in place and her makeup was perfect. Altogether a very pleasing package, and I think every guy over 40 in the airport was drooling, plenty of younger ones too!

She hugged me, kissed me, and told me how happy she was to see me. We went to her car which was waiting at the valet parking. That was another surprise a brand new Mercedes CLK 550 convertible. She asked me if I wanted to drive. I declined as I hadn't had a car in Europe, and was a little rusty. On the way home she was totally animated, and told me how wonderful her life had become, and again how thrilled she was to have me home. I asked her if there was a man in her life, and she said "just you".

I noticed when she pulled into the garage that her Volvo station wagon was still there, and she told me that she usually drove that, so that I wouldn't need to worry about getting a car in the near future.

The house hadn't changed much except that she had the small maid's apartment converted into a nice bachelor pad. She said "this is for you unless you want your old room" in a way that suggested that she would like that She hadn't moved any of my things to the apartment, so I stayed in my old room. I concluded that the nice way she was treating me was not entirely unselfish, but it didn't seem unfair to want to have me nearby.

Life settled into a pleasant routine, with her being the perfect mother, and her cooking had been so good that I was starting to put on weight, and had to have her modify the menu a bit. Whenever I came home from work she was always waiting with a smile, a kiss, a pretty outfit, and questions about my day. She was more like a wife, than a mother, with one obvious distinction.

She was always modest however and never walked around in a bathrobe or night gown, and she was always fully dressed, unlike before when she wore ratty flannel nightgowns, I think, just to irritate my father. So it really surprised me when one evening she was modeling a new dress that she had bought. It had a full skirt, and when she turned around, I noticed that she was wearing pantyhose with old fashioned back seams, only they weren't pantyhose. She pulled up her skirt high enough for me to see that they were real stockings with garters, attached to a garter belt, or girdle. And she said "do you like them". I did indeed like them but I mumbled something non-commital, because I was becoming aware that something inappropriate was going on in my pants.

She simply smiled and said "they just make me feel so feminine" and talked about how they were such a nice change from pantyhose. I was sure she knew even then how I had reacted, and was not displeased.

After that I became more aware of just how attracted I was to her and started to look for my own place.

The only friction at that time was when I started seeing Lenore my old girlfriend. We had broken up when I decided to take the position in Europe, and she wanted me to stay. We wrote and telephoned after I left and we got together on my one visit home, and she came to Europe once for two weeks. Mother seemed to like her originally, but after I returned she was aloof, and got upset whenever I stayed overnight at Lenore's, and kept urging me not to "rush into anything" I just didn't understand her attitude at the time, but I was about to figure it out.

Lenore and I were getting more serious, and I felt the need to spend some time with her away from mother, so we decided to take a trip to Hawaii. Then about three weeks before we were to leave she told me that an old boyfriend was back in town, and that they were going to get married! The tickets and Hotel room were non refundable, and she did offer to repay me. I told her to consider it a wedding present, and I never saw her again. I was just stuck wondering what to do with the tickets, and hotel rooms.

Later when I was, complaining about Lenore, to my sister, on the phone she suddenly said "why don't you take mom", and I thought that that was as good an idea as any, although I felt some apprehension that I didn't really understand. Mom had tried to pretend to be unhappy about Lenore's departure, but she wasn't that good an actress. She was delighted about the trip, and I made the necessary arrangements.

She used it as an excuse to buy some new clothes, including some things, from an expensive lingerie shop, which I didn't see. She also went for a "bikini wax", and said that she had gotten a "full Brazilian" I really didn't know what that was, and decided not to ask.

The trip started with four nights in Honolulu, we basically did the Tourist stuff, went to the Arizona Memorial and the other places. On the first night in Honolulu I showered, and was watching TV in my bed, when mother came out of the bathroom in a beautiful, modest, but sexy white nightgown. She said "when I knew we would be sharing a room, I figured that you wouldn't want to see me in a shapeless flannel sack, even if you are my son". I certainly agreed but I was non-commital and over the next three nights she basically did a lingerie show, and once when I came in from the pool, she was casually putting n her stockings, and didn't seem to have any problem with me watching her.

Then we flew on to Kauai where we had never been before. We arrived very late, and when we got to our room we realized there was only one king-size bed! I complained but the bellhop said that the reservation specified one bed, I was going to protest but mother said "I'm too tired to worry about this tonight, we can take care of it in the morning", The sofa didn't look very comfortable, but when I suggested that I would sleep there she said "Don't be silly there's plenty of room, and I think you can keep from raping me for one night" I found this comment less amusing than she did.

There was no problem, as we were both exhausted, and slept like babies.

When I awoke she was sitting at the little table with a complete room service breakfast. She said "I was afraid I would have to wake you up before things got cold",

When I started to call about changing the room she put her hand on mine and said "Do we have to, it was kind of nice having you next to me" When I started to say something about it being a bad idea, she commented that "People will just think that I'm a sexy MILF and that you are my pretty "boy toy".

Secretly I had to admit that I had actually rather enjoyed having her next to me, so I didn't call the desk, and we slept together for the rest of the trip. She told me much later that she had changed the reservation deliberately.

I found that spending time with her, was much more pleasant than I had ever expected and we spent the day at the beach. She realized that her plump charms, weren't suited to a bikini, but she looked very sexy in a one piece swimsuit. I think the "boy toy" thing was working, because the older men at the beach were giving me envious looks, and even some of the younger guys seemed to appreciate her mature beauty.

That evening at dinner, and in the cocktail lounge, mother played it for all it was worth, giggling like a teenager, holding my hand, and even kissing me once. It should have been embarrassing, but it really didn't seem that way, and no one seemed to suspect that she was my mother.

We got back to the room around ten, and she took off her dress, and slip, And walked around the room in her "all in one" bra, and girdle with the usual black stockings. Again I was getting a little more aroused than I was really happy about.

I took my shower, and considered relieving myself but decided against it, and thought about getting up after she went to sleep.

She came out of the shower, and apparently, decided to slow the lingerie modeling down a bit, as she was wearing pajamas, although they were royal blue satin, my favorite color.

She asked me if I wanted to watch Jay, and I said "just the monologue" afterwards I turned off the light, and she slipped over and snuggled up to me. She had to feel what was happening to me, and seem to be completely unconcerned We chatted about our day, and made a few plans for the next day.

Then she said "do you remember what I said last night"

"You mean about how I could be trusted not to rape you?"

"I thought about it before I went to sleep, and realized that it was a silly thing to say, because if you really wanted me in that way, I love you too much to refuse you"

At first I was shocked, then I figured she was kidding, and said "Even if you were willing, you wouldn't really want to, would you?"

At this point she kissed me, and slipped her tongue into my mouth, and said "why don't you unbutton me and find out"

I reacted without thinking, and started to unbutton her top, and was fumbling, she said gently "you don't need to be so nervous, you know we both want this" and finished unbuttoning herself. She was right I did want her desperately

We kissed some more and somehow she had managed to kick off the bottoms, she then took my hand and moved it between her legs, and I realized what a "Brazilian" was.

I really didn't have time to enjoy her breasts, and nipples, because it was over very quickly, she was breathless, and said "I want you in me now!" she spread her legs, and I was in her. It would have been the best sex ever, if I hadn't climaxed immediately.

I apologized for not letting her finish, she then said "I didn't expect you to, I knew that to get You to do it the first time you needed to be totally turned on"

"The first time?" I asked.

"You don't want me again?"

"We can't, this is just so wrong"

"Why? we love each other don't we, and it's not like I'm going to get pregnant and have a litter of mutants!"

I protested for a while, but I knew I couldn't resist her and that we would now be enjoying each other on a regular basis.

An hour later she smiled, and said, "shall we finish", and that was the best sex I had ever had, when she climaxed, she was loud, obscene, and appreciative. Afterwards we talked about what had happened. She told me that the trip was a godsend, as she found that seducing me was much easier in an exotic tropical environment.

"I knew about your tastes. When you left for Europe, you didn't wipe the hard drive on your old computer, and I couldn't help but wonder what a young man's "porno" collection really looked like.

"I was surprised how little of it was hard core, and how much was lingerie, plump women, and older women. I was jealous when I thought about you, doing it with some old MILF, who probably, wasn't even as pretty as I was, and would only want you for sex".

"I had become so aroused that I started to fantasize about you, and had such a torrid affair with my vibrator, that I still blush when I think about what I wanted to do with you".

"I dated a few men, and even had sex with one, but I couldn't come until I pretended he was you. He was a little hurt, when I broke up with him because we had had such a good time, but I had to be honest with him."

"I wish I could have been as honest with you, but I knew I couldn't just tell you what I wanted, I had to show you how much I loved you, and how good we could be together".

"After all seducing your son is not like nailing some horny college boy".

"When you said you were coming home I knew I had to have you, even if only for a little while, I had already lost a few pounds, and bought some nice clothes, but then I thought about your taste for sexy lingerie, and bought some, and you haven't even seen the good stuff yet!"

The rest of the trip was about the best time I'd ever had in my life, we made love every night, and every morning, and once in a secluded clearing when we were driving around the island. One night we went to a show at the hotel, and at dinner mother slipped me a note that said "I'm not wearing any panties, and I want you to think about that all evening!"

I did think about it all evening, and I think I was hard for most of the time.

She must have been thinking about it too, because when we got back to the room I bent her over the table, raised her skirt, and had her, she came as soon as I was in her.

On another night, after her shower, she came out of the bathroom wearing just her sexiest high heels, black stockings, and tiny garter belt, and said that "your father was seriously lacking in one area. He didn't serve me with his tongue nearly as much as much as I wanted, and he never did it on his knees. I would love it very much if you would." This surprised me, although I was happy to please her in this way, but I certainly couldn't tell her that Lenore had really enjoyed this, and had taught me very well.

She asked me if I wanted her to leave her stockings on, and I said "definitely yes!" I loved the feel of the nylon against my cheeks as I lowered my face into her "love nest" which was still completely smooth, and I began by carefully licking her outer lips, them moving my tongue slowly inward I began to lash her clit gently, then more intensely, until she started moaning, "harder make me come, suck my clit, make mama come!!", and then she had a shattering orgasm.

Afterwards I asked her why she had wanted me on my knees, and she said "it's like you're worshiping me, and I feel like your love goddess".

I told her that I did enjoy pleasing her.

After we came home we continued to sleep in the same bed, and had each other twice a day most days, she became more aggressive sexually, and took charge on occasion, which I actually enjoyed, and at times I would remind her that she hadn't "raped" me lately.

Interestingly I almost never saw her completely naked, as I think she was sensitive about her breasts sagging. She an array of bras that left the nipples exposed, and even bought some of those "nursing bras" that open, and expose the nipples.

I met other women over the next year, but none that were worth the jealousy that I expected from mother, and I certainly wasn't being deprived sexually. Finally mother came up with an idea.

One night in bed mother said, "I've been selfish. I know I can't keep you all to myself forever. You need someone who can give you the things that I can't, but it would be wonderful if we could find a way that we could have each other from time to time. If I found a girl that might be suitable would you at least try to date her" Obviously the idea of a "fix up" by my mother was less than appealing, but frankly I was really happy with our relationship, and I had to think about the future, so I agreed.


Mother had obviously thought about this a good deal because she had became friends with a paralegal, named Jeanine, in the law firm, we used. She had a very nice trim petite figure, not super pretty but attractive in her own way. I never really considered her a prospect, as she was 36 (9 years older than me), and had been through a nasty divorce, and some self- destructive relationships, and I suspected that her relationship with mother was a little more than casual. I haven't mentioned that mother was very interested in the lingerie, and lesbian sites on my computer, so if she had an occasional girl on girl encounter it wouldn't surprise me, and affair with a woman wouldn't have made me jealous.

She had to more straight than lesbian, based on her conduct with me. And I figured that if mother wanted to talk about this she would have.

I was only a little surprised when mother suggested that I ask Jeanine for a date, saying, "I think she might be what we're looking for, and I am almost certain that she would be interested".

She was, and "dressed up" much prettier than I expected. in a suit, that showed off her figure a little better than might be appropriate at the office, with shoulder length Auburn hair, which she had worn up at the office.

Mother had warned me that I might have to hear a little more about her evil ex-husband, and various abusive lovers, than I might like, but I figured that that went with the territory, but she kept this complaining to a minimum, and talked more about how wonderful my mother was.

Mother had gotten across to her that she had to end her obsession with "bad boys", and get her life in order.

She had not dated in sometime, and only went out with me, because she trusted mother, and mother assured her that I wasn't the wrong "type".

She invited me into her apartment for coffee and we talked for some time. And because she had made it clear that the bedroom was not on the evening's agenda, there was no tension. The precise nature of her relationship with mother did not come up except to say that mother had loaned her money, in a desperate situation, and she had repaid her. When I kissed her good night she showed some interest but she was still wary of men in general.

That night mother had me fill her in on all the details, as I lay in bed while she serviced me with her mouth, and I told her that we already had another date to see a Movie Saturday, afternoon with dinner at her place. The movie was forgettable, but Jeanine looked lovely in shorts, and a halter top that showed off her breasts which were small but very firm.

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