tagErotic CouplingsRoyal Treatment

Royal Treatment


The dice were hot, and Lady Luck was staying by our side. Both of us were riding high as we cashed in the unbelievable amount of our winnings. Torrie had become obviously aroused as we were playing, starting with squeezing my ass when I bent to retrieve dice, or chips. Her hands fondled my dick and balls while depositing chips in my pants pockets.

After leaving the cashier counter, we quickly gazed at the wad of 100s in my hands, she planted her lips on to mine, plunging her tongue as far as she could into my mouth. I lecherously returned her affection by wrestling back, and allowing my bill-filled hands to cup her ass for all the casino to see. We didn't care, we were rich!

"I need to fuck you right now," she whispered in my ear.

Knowing I had her right in the palm of my hand I refuted: "The hotel just gave us prime seats to their girlie show. I want to milk this as much as we can." If we hadn't had such a good romp session when we woke earlier today, I would have not had such resolve, and besides I know how wet she gets when I make her wait.

She whimpered in obedience, and gave me a quick swat to my ass. The show wasn't for another hour, so we found a semi-deserted, dark corner in a bar and had a couple of drinks. Torrie took this time to try and entice me to our room and foregoing the show. First she started with her hips by sitting in my lap, grinding her heated core into my crotch. "Oh, I'm getting so wet Lover. Wouldn't you like to taste me?" she cooingly teasted. I played her game and pushed my hands under her dress. The high-cut side allowed for very easy access to her silky, lace-covered ass. I reached in to graze her folds and indeed they were moist. I wiggled my fingers back and forth across her labia a few times making her whimper, but holding back any serious touching. Growing frustrated with my control, she brought her hands to my zipper and caressed me to semi-hardness. It felt good, but again, I was the stronger, not allowing her to unzip me. Showtime arrived and I won.

Because of our prowess at the crap table we had choice seats: a private high-backed booth, on its own level, complete with table cloth and flowers. I ordered some oysters on the half-shell, and the best bottle of champagne they had. With a sizable tip, I told the waiter to not be seen again. Toasting our fortune we each finished two glasses before the show started. Making out like teenagers, groping and feeling every area of our bodies, we almost became oblivious to our surroundings. As soon as the lights went down, our inhibitions were lost and our lust was fueled.

I immediately hiked Torrie's dress past her hips, letting my fingers find her wet panties. Softly rubbing her pussy through the material, she emitted a loud moan in approval. The sound of the show hid any noises coming from our table. Torrie in the mean time had worked my belt loose, lowered my zipper, and was jerking me hard through my silk bikinis, causing me to moan.

"Someone's leaking," she said teasingly in a little girl voice, "What happened to my big strong-willed stud?" I shut her up by placing two pussy-juice dampened fingers to her lips. She went to lick them but I pulled them to my mouth before she could get to them. Her eyes sparkled at this site, and she spreaded her legs as far as the table booth allowed.

Our mouths connected once again, I moved my hand back to her pussy and moved her drenched panties to one side . Tracing my finger tips along the edges of her inner lips, she pushed her hips into my hand signaling she wanted more. I plunged two fingers in with no resistance from her pussy. I heard squishy noises as I rapidly humped her with my hand. Torrie broke our lip lock to become verbal. "Uuuhh, uuhhh, that's it baby, make me cum! Make me cum right here!. Rub my clit, rub my clit." But I was in control, and did not take her to that next level, because she was leaving me neglected in her elevated state.

"If you want release you better wrap your hands around my pole again." I commanded.

"Yes, yes, anything you say, just finish me!" she exclaimed, while plunging her hand into my bikini to squeeze my throbbing dick. I raised my hips so she could ease my underwear down past my balls. My cock was now free to stand straight up, and be subjected to the dry jerking she was administering. I groaned with pleasure as her squeeze expelled a few droplets of pre-cum. Joining our lips and tongues locked together again, I returned my hand to her slippery folds.

Torrie's hips were thrusting as I plunged two fingers into her. The palm of my hand rested on her hard little button as I spread my fingers while inside her. "OOH, I'm gonna cum. Harder on my button. Harder!" Twisting my fingers while gliding them in her velvet tunnel, I replaced my palm with my second hand's fingers on her clit. "That's it, fuck me baby, fuck me!" Her body tensed, then spasmed.

"UUHH, UUHH, OOOOOO," escaped her mouth before she bit my lip. Losing her faculties in her orgasm, she had a death-grip on my dick, pushing down, angled to the floor. Her pussy twitched around my fingers as I continued to plunge them in and out. I stopped rubbing her clit, only pressing along the sides of her labia, causing pleasurable pressure in the spreading of her folds. Grunting she threw her head back against the booth, allowing me to peek down at her convulsing sex, pulsing clit, and leaking tunnel. I hungrily licked the fingers that were in her, relishing her tangy bitterness.

"You are so hot." I whispered.

"And you need finishing," she added.

With that she focused back on my member. I relaxed my body as she glided her hand from the base to the tip a few times in a slow deliberate motion. She brought her second hand into play by thrusting them under my body to tickle my ass. This was all I needed to start the launch code. "Get a napkin, I'm going to explode," I told her.

"I've got a better idea," she said, reaching for her half-empty flute. She again angled my dick down and increased her strokes to a blistering pace. Aiming my hole into the glass, she intended to capture my load.

"Yeah, baby, here I cum, here I cum!" as I shot my load into the remnants of her last drink of champagne. She stroked me for all I was worth, making sure to milk the last drops into the flute. She held me until I became semi-soft, then placed the flute on the table. As I fixed my pants, she said "Top me off," with a devilish smile while waving the flute. I reached for the bottle and filled the glass. Both of us watched the bubbles dance around my congealed spunk floating in the champagne. "I like my drinks stirred," as she dropped her hand down to her pussy and came up with two coated fingers. Smearing her juices along the rim, she then used them to stir her sexual elixir. With a glint in her eye she began to drink.

"What a bad girl you are."

"Moi," was her sing-songy reply, and handed me the last swig of "cock"tail. I took the flute, never losing eye contact with her, and traced my tongue around the rim, cleaning off her delectable juices Then without hesitation, and much to her delirious surprise, I downed the last of the drink. She squealed with delight and threw her arms around me to begin sharing the lingering liquids in our mouths.

After the show ended I knew I was going to need a little recovery time before we resumed back in our room. So we headed to a tango bar to test our dancing. The next couple of hours was exhilarating, spent kissing, holding, and spinning each other. We couldn't keep our hands still and let them do whatever they wanted on each other's bodies. The whole time the innuendoes were flying, and Torrie was satisfying all the voyeurs in the room with her fast spins, and high leg wraps around me. I'm sure more then a few people caught glimpses of her silky-red, wet-spotted panties. Soon we looked in each other's eyes and without words knew where we had to go.

Eventhough an older couple got in the elevator with us, that didn't deter us from lip-locking like teenagers in a backseat. Oblivious to them, I pinned her in a corner, squeezing her breasts forcefully. She in turn had one leg raised and wrapped around my hips, dry-humping my leg. A bell sounded for their floor, and they exited silently. Our floor came up, and we exited still connected at the lips. Once in the corridor, Torrie broke from me, and gave a quick look down the hallway. With no one in sight, she peeked at me and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor, she stepped out and ran to our room, I stood there enjoying the spectacle. That familiar twinge hit my crotch as I picked up the dress and chased after. I too stripped as much as I could while going down the hall, becoming topless when I reached her at our door. She began on my pants as I fished the key out the pocket. They plopped down to my ankles as I put the key in the door.

Stumbling into our room, I fell to the floor while trying to remove my shoes too quickly. Torrie had by this time removed her soaked panties and stuffed them into my mouth. She ran to the bed and jumped on top, lying on her back. Leaving the panties in my mouth, I finally got my bikinis, shoes and socks off and approached her. She positioned herself so her head was barely hanging off the bed.

Straddling her head I pushed my hard trunk down to her mouth. Her soft lips engulfed its head, and a tongue tip ran circles around its circumference. Removing her delicious panties from my mouth, I lightly dragged them across her breasts. "Suck me you Vegas Slut," I commanded, "Bad girls need their meat." She pulled me out, and with broad puppy-licks focused her attention on my dick's throbbing vein. Holding my dick in such a way to have her thumb caress that v-notch at my tip, her tongue forcefully applied pressure along my shaft. I watched her as her head nodded up and down, tongue flattened out, rubbing, milking. In one motion she pulled my dick back in her mouth, engulfing it.

"Mmm," she mewed never losing pressure on her treat. My legs instinctively squatted up and down, fucking her perfect mouth. I glided my hands roughly across her breasts, down her flat tummy, past her pussy, to the back of her knees. I pulled her legs up and together, raising her ass off the bed, and gave her a good swat with my right hand. "OOOO, I've been very bad, what are you going to do about it," she teased as she popped me out of her mouth with her hands. I brought my hand across her ass again.

"Keep my cock in your mouth Vegas Slut, or I'll force your tongue in my ass!" I bellowed.

"Fuck you," she defied, so I pulled her up the bed and sat on her face, rubbing my crack on her nose. I felt her tongue slither out and rim my sphincter. Her smooth tongue caused a convulsion thru my sac, giving me a mini-orgasm, as I contracted my PC to stop my spray. "Oh yeah, Vegas Slut, fuck me with that tongue! Taste my man sweat." With that she inflicted quick flicks across its sensitive bud. She then grab my hips and forced me down onto her pointed tongue. Feeling it tickle my insides, I knew I couldn't take much more, so I plunged my face to her dripping pussy. My cock back in her mouth, we milked each other's glans. Animalistic noises filled our room as we each shared a common goal.

Digging her nails in my ass cheeks, her head stopped moving and her suction felt like it increased ten-fold, as I had clamped my lips around her erect clit. Amazingly she began to cum. Never releasing my dick, she began grunting and thrusting her hips. Muffled "MMMMMMMs" was my response to my flicking tongue on her clit. I flicked faster and faster, until I felt my balls tighten.

I straightened my legs above her, causing my cock to escape her mouth, despite her arms trying to keep me down. In the second I left her lips, my cock started spurting its juice. I stayed locked on her pussy, not looking where my jizz was landing, allowing her hands to control its aim. Torrie began jerking me for more.

"Yes cum on me! Shoot your cum all over me you stud bull. Give it too me!" Four, then five, and then a sixth spurt of my load jetted out of me, coating her breasts and tummy. I released her pussy with an audible gasp. Torrie had to press on her outer labia to sooth her contractions, as I watched her vulva pulse. It teased me to lick some more, but I knew she was much too sensitive to be touched for the moment.

I sat up on a knee beside her, stroking my still twitching dick. Little dribbles were being expelled and landing on her shoulder. I saw that my load had covered her from chin to belly button, splattering her cleavage, and running across her throat. I repositioned myself and slowly entered her hot pussy while I was still hard.

Once fully entered, we remained still enjoy the feeling of filling. We kissed tenderly, sharing our collective juices. Holding eachother until we fell asleep, my cock becoming soft enough to fall out of her.

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