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Running Late:...


Running Late: A Wife's Little Lie

She called to say she was running late. Not too late, maybe half an hour, no later than an hour. It wasn't unexpected, she was very good at her job and was often called upon to take an extra project or two. I told her not too be too long, and to hurry home. She said she would and that her day had been better than expected and would be home as soon as possible.

It was no big deal, the kids were already asleep and there was a good game on, so I grabbed a drink and headed to the bedroom. I put on my shorts, laid down and got comfortable.

I was watching the highlight show when I heard her pull in the garage. I sat up as she opened the door and came into the room. She walked right over to me and gave me a big kiss and pushed me back down on the bed. As she straddled me, I noticed a brown paper bag in her hand. She tossed it on the bed and leaned in to kiss me again. This time the kiss was much hotter, her tongue sliding into my mouth, as she ground her crotch against mine.

She sat back up and put my hands on her shoulders. I started to massage them softly, when I noticed something was missing. It seems my naughty little wife had lost her bra somewhere in her travels. "Did we lose something" I asked?

Smiling, she said, " I don't know what you're talking about, maybe you should check a little further" as she ground up against me. She took my hand and slid it into her unbuttoned blouse. She slowly guided my hand around her breast. First above, then down the side and across underneath it. She slowly brought my hand up her voluptuous breast to her nipple. But much to my surprise, there was a gold ring on her nipple. She smiled wickedly, as my hand caressed her breast, playing with the nipple ring. She pulled open her blouse to show me both of the rings. She gently tugged on one ring, while lifting her other breast to her mouth. Her tongue ran across the ring as she ground into my rock hard cock. Slowly she got off of me and removed her blouse and pants. "Where did your panties go?" I asked. "I'll tell you in a minute, but I got another surprise in the bag".

She reached in the bag and pulled out a little jar with a green gel inside. She opened the jar and put a little bit on her fingertip. She softly started rubbing the gel on her clit, telling me how hot it made her clit feel.

As she pulled down my shorts she said, " I need to fuck right now!" She climbed on top of me and positioned my cock at her pussy. Slowly, she slid down my shaft, as I was overwhelmed by how hot and wet her pussy was. My God you're on fire! I exclaimed. She smiled and kept on riding my cock, her juices sliding down my legs. I don't know what go you so horny but I love it!

She told me her friend Patti had stopped by work to pick up her check and had regaled my wife with stories of her getaway with her boyfriend. It seems Patti went into vivid detail about what they had done and this had gotten her motor running. For the rest of the evening, she couldn't get sex out of her mind. She kept picturing what her friend had told her and couldn't concentrate on her work. So she decided to leave work and stop at an adult store by our house.

So she called me with her fake story and headed to the store. We had been in there a few times and she recognized the lady behind the counter. The girl was emptying a box behind the counter when she asked my wife if she could help her. My wife was looking thru the glass counter, when the nipples rings caught her eye. The girl showed her a couple of styles and my wife chose the ones she liked. She asked my wife if she had ever worn them before and when she was told no, she explained how to put them on just right. The girl then recommended the gel she was putting away. It made your skin warm and tingly on contact. She said she had tried some earlier on herself and it made her so hot, she had to play with her pussy to stop herself from going insane. She ran her hand between her legs and said I can still feel its warmth and can't wait to get out of here, to take care of myself properly! So my wife told her to ring it up and headed out the door.

When she got to the car she could hardly contain herself! She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. She reached in the bag and took out the nipple rings and put them on her rock hard nipples. She couldn't believe how good they felt, as she ran her hands over her breasts and tugged on the rings.

As one hand kept playing with the nipple ring, the other slid down into her pants. She sat there rubbing her clit and wondering if the girl was right about the gel. So she reached in the bag and pulled it out. What the hell, she thought. She unzipped her pants and pulled them down. She took her panties off and laughingly put them on the dashboard.

She opened the gel and put a little bit on her finger. She softly caressed it on her clit. She felt the gel warm up immediately. She couldn't believe how hot this was making her. Her fingers continued stroking her clit, as she pulled on the nipple rings. She couldn't believe she was in a parking lot, basically naked masturbating like a bitch in heat! But she was too far gone to stop!!

She was writhing on the seat when something caught her attention. There was someone watching her from a car 3 spaces down. His eyes stared right at her as he jerked off watching her.

She was horrified and more turned on then ever. She never slowed down as she watched the man watching her. She felt her climax rapidly approaching and went all out, screaming as she came.

As she calmed down and regained her composure, she saw that he was now standing next to her car! "MY GOD, that was soo hot, can I come in and join you?" he asked. Stunned, she said no I have to be going?

"Do you come here often? Can I see you again? No she said I'm married and I must really get home.

Your husband is one lucky man, as he eyed her up and down. That's when she remembered, she was sitting there basically naked. As she started to cover up the man asked can I have something to remember you by? She started to laugh and said sure, here take these and handed him her panties and started the car and drove off.

As she finished her story she picked up her pace and started to really fuck! It was all I could do to control myself as she came hard on my cock.

She slid off of my glistening cock, laid on her back, sweat shining on her body, juices flowing down her legs and said fuck me hard!! I climbed on top of her and started slamming into her for all I was worth. She kept moaning "fuck me, fuck me", as I pounded at her pussy. She started to fuck me from underneath, as my orgasm rapidly approached. I'm coming I said as we pounded our bodies together. She screamed come with me as I let loose deep inside of her.

We stayed that way for awhile, too tired to move. She drifted off to sleep with me, still deep inside of her, a contented smile on her face!

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by Anonymous07/14/17

Nipple rings? Aren't they piercings?

The little green jar.....Mentholatum?

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