tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRusty’s Desire

Rusty’s Desire


Sandy's new life was on hold while she waited for her new home to be completed. Life really wasn't that bad living temporarily down by the sea, now that the sun had finally arrived. She tossed her head back, allowing her long blonde hair to fall out of her eyes as she moved her hand up to shield her eyes from the sun. She squinted down the street to spy her target for the day - an Internet Café across the street. Sandy quickly checked for traffic before stepping down from the curb and heading for the coffee house.

She had used the establishment a couple of times before and while she missed the privacy of internet access from home, it did enable her to keep in touch.

Sandy opened the door to the café and walked in. Looking around she spotted one terminal off to a private corner and thought, 'Privacy, just what I need - that will do just fine.'

She hurried off to the counter to order a cup of tea. She waited briefly before the tea arrived, anxiously watching her preferred spot in the corner. She paid and quickly made her way to the terminal.

Placing her tea on the table, she dropped her purse to the floor, and sat down. A frown crossed her face as she looked down at the terminal. 'These damn things are expensive!' She thought to herself, but today she was going to treat herself. She deserved it.

Reaching down into her purse, she found her wallet and pulled out a credit card. Slipping it into the machine the screen blinked on, and started asking her personal information only to make sure the machine would be paid. She murmured to herself as she answered each question and then the monitor came to life. She was connected!

She looked up from the display, turning her head and surveying the room to see if anyone was paying attention to her. The few in the room were staring methodically at their own screens and Sandy's gaze fell back to the monitor before her. Already her fingers were quickly keying in the URL address of her email site; once there, she logged into her mail account.

There were six unread emails waiting for her. 'It was worth coming to the café,' she whispered to herself. She spotted one email that caught her attention. Clicking on it, the file opened. It had a subject line of: Yes, I am Still Writing. She sat back in her chair and started to read the message. As she read a smile began to grow. It was another crazy message from Rusty...

Hi Sandy,

Welcome back on line! Hope your life away from home is going well. You had asked in your last email whether or not I was still writing. I am, but it was coming slowly. I started two new stories but didn't like the way they were going, so I filed them away for now...

Sandy had established that she was dealing with an older man. Rusty's stories had tickled her imagination, especially the Charity Event. Sandy had immersed herself into that story as Rusty's editor before it was published. It was well received by the Literotica community. She was convinced Rusty had a devilish mind. But he rushed his stories like younger men rushed their act of love. She needed to slow him down and teach him how to generate some emotion in his writing. He was learning and that pleased her knowing that she was directing him.

...I'll be flying over to the UK in two weeks on business and I was wondering if we could meet for dinner. I would like to meet the woman who has been my internet editor...

Sandy was curious about this man now that she has edited three of his stories. She had gotten to see a little of his inter-thoughts and this intrigued her. Rusty appeared to be a man who loved women and loved to put his women on a pedestal. She had experienced that first hand with some of his feedback. She wouldn't mind being spoiled for a short while, even if it were only over dinner.

...I will be at The Howard in London for the weekend and would love to meet you over dinner say Sunday evening around eight...

Sandy knew that was a Five Star hotel near the Thames. Why not, this would be his treat. He had written that this was his way of paying her back for all the free editing he had received from her. She didn't need the payback, but she did wonder about this person that appeared to spoil the women in his life.

Sandy replied to his email... "Yes, I would love to join you Sunday evening. I'll look for you in the lobby around eight. I will be wearing a long black skirt and while blouse. See if can find me."

Rusty liked challenges and she knew this would keep him guessing until that evening.

*** *** *** ***

Two weeks and a number of emails later, Rusty was on a Friday evening flight leaving New York. He arrived in London early Saturday morning. He needed Saturday and the next day to let the jet lag catch up with his biological clock. By Sunday evening, his body felt more in sink with local time. He was also very excited about meeting his editor. Through their emails he had learned that she was a younger woman who knew what she liked and clearly understood what men liked.

Sandy had checked herself into her hotel early Sunday on the South side of London. She needed the time to prep herself for a Five Star hotel. She was going to enjoy this evening no matter what happened.

Sandy entered the taxi at half pass the hour and arrived at The Howard just before eight. She paid the cabbie, slid out of the car, stepped to the pavement, and straightened her skirt. She wiggled her shoulders to make sure her blouse was perfectly in place. She looked at her reflection in the taxi's window and ran her fingers over her hair to make sure she was looking her best. After taking a purposeful breath, she turned and walked toward the entrance.

The doorman was quick to open the glass door as she arrived. His eyes ran up-and-down her body as a smile appeared on his face. "Good evening Miss, may I be of assistance?"

Sandy smiled. She knew she had dressed correctly. The reaction of the doorman was exactly what she was hoping for. "I'm meeting someone in the lobby - is that it through there?"

"Yes, Miss, straight through, you are quite right."

Sandy smiled, stepped through the door, and walked to the left side of the lobby to quietly observe.

Rusty had already arrived and having scanned those present, concluded Sandy had not reached the lobby ahead of him. From a carefully chosen seat at the window, Rusty maintained a silent vigil, studying each female that arrived at the front of the hotel. He watched a blonde alight from a taxi, she was wearing the colours described in her email so she was worthy of his attention. Something about her aroused his interest as he watched her pause to talk with the doorman before heading on into the lobby.

He stood and walked toward the front door, moving in on her from behind. As he approached, he noted her perfume and gently called her name, "Sandy?"

Sandy turned to find an older man holding a rose. He was taller than her, dressed nicely in an expensive looking suite. Extending the rose toward her, a warm friendly smile broke across his face. She smiled back at him and accepted the rose.

He was not the kind of man that generally would catch her attention in a crowd, but when she looked into those blue eyes and saw something very devilish, her smile came naturally. She liked what she saw.

"Rusty?" She replied.

"Yes, so very nice to meet you after all those emails." His hand lingered, capturing hers briefly before he relinquished the rose.

Sandy took the rose, and moved the red pedestals to her lips. She took in a breath and enjoyed the aroma. A smile appeared as she moved the rose away. "Thank you. The rose was very sweet."

"Are you hungry?"

"Yes, famished."

"I have reservations for eight sharp, so let's go in for dinner." He held out his arm and she took it. Rusty led the way to the restaurant. Giving his name, the maître d' took them directly to their table off to the right, away from the busy part of the restaurant.

Since Sandy was more familiar with any local specialties Rusty asked her to order. Sandy browsed the menu while Rusty settled down to study the wine list. She liked wine and was pleased when he ordered a very expensive bottle of California red wine.

The early conversation was strained as they began the cautious ritual of acquainting themselves with each other. Like two unfamiliar dancers together for the first time, they waltzed guardedly, each sizing the other up. And then the wine arrived, and as the wine flowed, so the conversation followed, drifting onto common ground: Literotica and erotic stories.

Sandy's eyes twinkled a little more as they finished their first bottle. Rusty noted that she was clearly flirting. He didn't mind. His eyes moved to the front of her blouse and he wondered what soft skin may lie under the cloth. She noticed where his gaze had wandered and knew exactly what he was looking at. Her blouse was white and very shear, giving a good view of the lace bra that lay beneath that hid very little. She thought, 'What the hell, let him look.'

By the second bottle the meal had arrived. The food must have been good because it did not remain long on either plate. The laughter grew louder and Sandy continued to flirt. She enjoyed teasing this older man.

By the third bottle Rusty could see that the wine was having an interesting effect on Sandy. She had taken flirting to a new level. Rusty's mind started to move into high gear as he asked her, "Would you like to see my room?"

Sandy knew she had had enough wine and understood exactly what was behind Rusty's question. She fabricated a lie. "Not tonight. I need to get back to my room – I have to return to Wales early in the morning."

Rusty had taken a chance in asking, knowing quite well that it might not work. His face showed his frustration and Sandy saw it. "Would you like some dessert?" He asked.

"No thank you, but I do need to freshen up a bit and go to the ladies room."

Rusty stood up, held out his hand and helped her move from behind the table. She smiled and left the table. Rusty got the attention of the waiter and asked for the bill. Before Sandy returned the waiter had come back and Rusty paid the bill.

Sandy approached the table and stopped. "I think it is late and I need to go. This was a lovely meal and I really enjoyed meeting you Rusty."

Rusty did not try to hide the disappointment in his face, but he understood. Sliding out from the table he joined her and they walked out into the lobby. As they stepped out into the night air Sandy again thanked him for dinner and for the company. The doorman had summoned a taxi and it did not take long for one to arrive.

Rusty walked over to the car, opened the door, and helped her into the vehicle. Sandy slid across the seat and held out a piece of paper. "This is my home telephone number. Give me a call if you are free later this week – maybe we can do dinner again before you go back to the states?"

Rusty took the paper and thanked her for her company. He was about to step back from the taxi and close the door when Sandy held out her hand. "Take this as a remembrance of our meeting." With both hands she placed something soft and silky into Rusty's hand and closed it tightly.

Rusty closed the door and watched the taxi speed off into the night. He turned and walked back into the hotel before turning his hand over and examining the contents. A smile crossed his face, 'The little tease!' He stared down at the silk panties in his hand and wondered, 'Was she wearing these tonight?' He brought the panties to his face. As he took a whiff, he smelled the perfume that she wore that night and knew the answer. 'She was a tease over dinner and now she teases him with this!' A dark fantasy pops into his mind. 'She was a tease and now the tease needs to pay!'

*** *** *** ***

Rusty slept on it; allowing his subconscious to feed the fantasy and spawn the need. It was his conscious mind, the logic side of his brain that would turn the fantasy into reality. The following day, as well as dealing with the business matters that had beckoned him to London, he also managed to set other wheels in motion.

By Wednesday he would conclude his business affairs, he had also taken temporary lease of a small farmhouse on a large plot of land in Mid-Wales, right on Sandy's doorstep! The farmhouse seemed ideally situated with no overlooking properties adjacent and an ample sized barn that Rusty was planning to put to a different use than the previous tenant had used it for.

Rusty called Sandy and asked if she would like to join him and his team for a catered dinner at the farmhouse that coming Friday. It would be a formal dinner in a country setting. Sandy was surprised to learn that Rusty was so unexpectedly close at hand and readily agreed to the invitation, thinking it might be fun to be spoiled again. A time was agreed and the trap was set.

*** *** *** ***

It was Friday evening and Sandy arrived on time. She knew she would be the first since Rusty had told her that she would arrive about an hour before the caterers, who in turn would arrive approximately three hours before the team was scheduled to show. Rusty ushered her into the cottage and into a modest living room. He had prepared some snacks and opened a bottle of wine. He poured her a glass as they started their tour. Taking the wine bottle with him, Rusty made sure Sandy's glass remained full.

The cottage was small and it took just a short time for Rusty to show her all the rooms. He invited her to view the barn, which she thought a little strange, but she accepted out of politeness nonetheless. Feeling a little wobbly, she followed Rusty and his ever present wine bottle outside and across to the barn.

By the time they reached the barn things were starting to turn a little fuzzy to Sandy. The barn did not look all that spectacular, it was a barn after all, filled with bales of hay or straw or whatever the stuff was called, with an array of old farm tools and plenty of ropes and... 'Jesus! The room was spinning!'

The last thing she saw before passing out was Rusty's grinning face. Rusty had fed her the 'date rape' drug. She was exactly where he wanted her: in the barn and passed out. There wouldn't be any team dinner that night, there would only be dessert. And dessert may last the weekend. The fun was about to begin for Rusty.

Sandy had dropped her glass of wine. She was out cold, facedown on the ground, not moving. Rusty moved over to where she lay and stared down. A devilish smile appeared on his face. He took one more sip of wine before he placed his glass on the floor and moved over to where she lay. Rusty stopped, squatted down next to her, and rolled her over onto her back. Standing up again he looked down at her and took inventory.

"Her long blond hair is very sexy and I like the red lipstick. Not too much eye shadow, good." His eyes move down her body. "The blouse is nice, but not sluty enough for what I need. The skirt definitely needs to go." As his eyes move down to her legs he took note of the sheer stocking and this did not please him. The heels are nice, but he was hoping for four inches, not the three she was wearing.

"Yes, this is exactly where I wanted her, except that these clothes will not do." He whispered to himself.

Kneeling, he ran his arms under her body and picked her up in his arms. She was lighter than he expected, he walked slowly to the back of the barn and placed her down on the bed of hay. He stepped back again to view his canvas. "Yes, I think this will work just fine."

Quickly he removed her skirt, sliding it down her long legs, his eyes fixed on the waistline watching every inch of exposure as her underwear came into view. He slipped off her shoes and then set about carefully peeling down her stockings, his gaze constantly roaming over her naked legs, especially the thin triangle of cloth concealing the join of her thighs.

He was tempted, but showed restraint and skipping her panties, moved on up to her blouse. He popped each button with care, allowing the folds of her blouse to gently part and expose her chest as he worked his way downward. He surveyed the lacy white bra she wore beneath her blouse, "Very feminine, such a shame it will have to go!" He chuckled quietly to himself, enjoying his joke as he slipped his hand beneath her back and found the catch.

Slowly, he slipped her bra away to reveal her ample breasts. The swelling in his pants told him that he really liked what he was viewing. There was one piece of clothing remaining. Gently pinching the fabric on either hip, he slowly eased her panties down, savouring every moment of her unveiling as they slipped down her legs while her full nakedness saturated his eyes. He tossed her panties to one side, never taking his eyes off her nakedness for a moment. He reached out, absent-mindedly slipping a hand under her knee. Her leg moved without any trace of resistance and with baited breath he watched her legs parting.

He stood up, wrenching his gaze away long enough to locate his wine glass. The bulge in his trousers was beyond the limits of comfort, he adjusted himself, resisting the urge to surrender to the urgency of his need, heightened by the very naked Sandy lying with her legs spread on the hay before him.

Rusty retrieved a hidden suitcase and set it down beside Sandy. He admired her nakedness one last time before opening the case. He pulled out a short black leather skirt, which he laid across her waist. 'It would do just fine.' He haughtily congratulated himself on his choice, while quickly removing the other pieces of clothing from the suitcase.

He took his time dressing her. It wasn't easy given her totally relaxed state, but it was enjoyable and while he still had lots to do, he had time.

*** *** *** ***

Sandy began to stir. She tried to open one eye, but closed it quickly finding the light too intense. She tried to move an arm, but could not. She felt like she was lying on her back with both arms stretched out on either side, but was not sure. She tried to move her other arm and found it also restrained. Startled, she quickly came to life. Opening both eyes, allowing the piercing artificial light to enter, she found herself staring at the ceiling of an old building and with it came the memory of the barn and Rusty.

She looked to the right and found her wrist was in a leather cuff securely attached to a rope that ran out onto the floor. She raised her head and saw that both ankles had cuffs and ropes attached to each leather strap. She turned her head to find Rusty sitting off to the side in a chair smiling.

"I see you have finally come back to the living." Rusty said with sarcasm.

She looked his way and shouted at him, "What the hell is going on? What have you done!"

"All will be revealed shortly for my little sex toy." He said while moving out of his chair. Rusty stepped up to her side, looked down and smiled. "I think it's 'show time', don't you?"

"Show time? What show time?"

"Why it is time to show-off my art. I did say all would be revealed didn't I? Don't you want to see?" Rusty moved over to her arm and pulled on ropes that raced up to the ceiling. At the end of each rope was a clasp. He slips one clasp into the metal ring attached to her leather wrist cuff and releases another clasp allowing her arm to rise. He quickly moved to her other side. Grasping a second rope, he repeats his action to her other arm. Sandy was able to raise both arms up over her head. Rusty swiftly moved to the wall.

She looked around the barn and spotted a camera staring at her from a tripod. The barn is filled with light coming from artificial sources setting on their own tripods. She looked down on her legs in the brilliance of the artificial light bathing her and noticed that the clothes she arrived in were no longer the same. Her mind reeled, trying to comprehend all that was happening: the lights, the camera, her clothes, the ropes? She was taking all this in while her arms started to be pulled towards the ceiling. She realized that she was being dragged forward.

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