tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSabrina in the Marina Ch. 3

Sabrina in the Marina Ch. 3


The wind was blowing hard by the time we got to the marina. It was about noon and I rented a slip for the boat as it was blowing to hard to put the 24' pontoon back on the trailer. I thought it would be nice to have a good dinner in the marina restaurant and have a goodnights sleep before starting home the next day.

We had loaded things and left the camp sight in such a hurry that Sabrina had not dressed until we had almost made it back to the dock. She was smiling as she watched me looking at her tits bounce and wiggle with every role of the boat. We were about a mile out and she put on a summer dress that was very short, it ended about two inches below her butt. It was short enough that if she moved wrong you could not help but see her bottom. She always wore shorts under it before and I watched to see if she would put them on now. She didn't!

We pulled into the slip and Sabrina moved to the bow of the boat to tie us up. She jumped to the dock from the boat and her little dress lifted up almost to her waist. I could hardly steer the boat as I watched her movements, exposing her backside as she moved. She next turned and went down to one knee showing me her shaved pussy as she bent to tie us to the dock. When she stood up the wind blew her dress lifting the hem, playing with it so I was seeing flashes of her bottom as she walked around.

"That's a nice looking butt you have their lady."

She looked at me with the little smile that she had on her face the whole week.

"Thanks, maybe you would like to touch it some time!"

"That might be nice. Is that offer open to just anybody?"

Sabrina got back on board the boat and set in the captain's chair.

"NO only handsome men like you." She leaned back and put her feet up on the ice chest. She crossed one leg on top of the other and adjusted her dress to cover her lap. Her dress draped down fully covering her except it left the back of her legs exposed all the way to her butt. She moved and pulled the ice chest closer allowing her legs to bend and lift at the knee. This move left her pussy exposed perfectly in between her crossed legs. Her nipples were little hard rocks from the wind blowing the top part of her dress around on them. I don't think I have ever seen her look so hot.

We talked for a while and enjoyed each other, and I could tell by her actions and the way she talked to me that she had so idea she was showing her self to me. I never said a word about it and was really enjoying the view of her pussy.

My dick was about half-hard and I could feel precum starting to drip out of it. Looking at her I was thinking there was no way we could screw right here at the dock.

"Is that the Game Warden coming out here"? She brought me back to reality.

"I think so. It looks like he is checking to make sure every thing is tied up ok."

I turned back to Sabrina and ask her for a drink, thinking this would make her move. I wasn't too sure about her flashing a cop even if it was just a Game Warden. She moved and got me the drink and I thought every thing was ok.

"Hello there folks you doing ok? It's blowing pretty hard out here today."

I had stud up and walked over to him when he spoke and was reaching to shake his hand when his eyes got as big as dinner plates. He shook my hand but was looking past me at Sabrina. He had a shit eating grin on his face as he said hello to my wife.

"Is every thing ok?" Sabrina asked him.

His smile got bigger as he spoke to her and I turned to look back and see that she had set back down in the same way she was setting before. She had her dress pulled tight around her legs but he could see her pussy lips and butt as the wind blew her dress around. He got down on one knee and checked our ropes but he could not take his eyes off of my beautiful wife's backside! Now that he had bent down he was looking right at her shaved lips!

"Yes mam, just making sure every thing is secure." He looked her in the eyes as he spoke but his gaze dropped back to her exposed lips. He stood up and looked at me, still smiling knowing I was seeing the same thing he was. My wife's pussy! " I'll check back with you two in a while. I have to finish checking this dock." He looked back at Sabrina one last time and then went on down the dock.

"Do you always get a hard on when you talk to a cop?" She was looking at the bulge in my pants with an amused look in her eyes.

"Don't move and I'll show you some thing". I moved over and sat in front of her. I reached over and gently ran my finger down her exposed lips. "You showing a cop your pussy gives me a hard on!"

"Oh shit I didn't know you could see. I thought I was covered with it pulled tight like this. Shit no wonder he was looking at me so funny!"

"Its ok I think he enjoyed his self, and I always love looking at your sweet puss my dear."

I stood and moved closer to her pulling out my dick as I moved. She took it in her hand and slowly stroked it up and down. Sabrina looked up at me and then kissed the head and slowly licked all around the top of my cock. She pulled me closer and took the whole thing deep into her throat. I held the back of her head tight as she bobbed on my steal hard cock. I was getting close to cuming when she pulled back. She could feel I was very close.

"Here set down. I want you to cum in me!" I sat down and she turned facing away from me I kissed her butt cheeks and then she lowered her self on to my hard dick. Sabrina was as wet as I had ever felt her and she took me in one thrust. She started to move on me letting me know she was as ready for this as I was. It always makes her hot to give me head and the added thrill of her exhibitionism was too much for her. I reached around to find her clit sticking out like hard little rock. I rubbed it around between my fingers making her tremble. "Oh shit yes rub it Sam!"

Suddenly I lost it and I was cuming!

"Yes Sam cum in me oh yes fill me up! OOHH GODDDD SAM HERE IT IS< GODDDDDDD YES." She came with me, shaking in short hard spasms. We both were grunting as we finished.

I put my hand on her tits holding her in place, feeling how hard her nipples had gotten from her cum. We sat there catching our breath, as I grew soft and slipped out of her now soaked pussy. She turned and kissed me. "I love you Mister"

I held her close to me; "I love you to!"

She looked down the dock as I held her tightly to me; "He is coming back!"

I patted her on the butt "You better get up then."

I put my member back in my shorts still cover in our juices, and as I did Sabrina moved over to the bow of the boat. She was standing there when the Game warden got back to us.

"Looks like you folks are about the only ones out here. I think most every one else is in the restaurant out of the wind." As he spoke he squatted and took out a cigarette to light. He was at eye level with my wife' pussy as he looked first at me and then her. Sabrina made little moves to hold down her blowing dress but he was getting a show for sure. I could see from the back as she bent to get a soda that my cum was dripping down her leg.

"We kind of like the wind and it's easier to take care of our stuff if we are here. Sabrina would you hand ma a soda to."

She turned around and faced me as she bent over; a little gust of wind caught her dress and lifted the back up to her waist as she bent. The warden's eyes never moved as he looked at my wife's ass. I knew he was seeing my cum where it was dripping down her leg and I could tell by the way she looked at me she knew it to.

Sabrina handed me my drink and turned to the cop "would you like a drink?"

"No thanks I have other boats to check." He watched her every move as she sat down in the captain's chair. She crossed her legs giving him one more look at her shaved lips and smiled at him. She pulled her dress tight covering up as he flipped his smoke into the water, "I better get moving. You two be safe out here." And with one last look at my wife's outstretched legs he walked off.

By now it was early evening and the wind was dying down.

"I think we can load up now Hun. The wind is down enough that we can get the boat on the trailer.

Sabrina looked at me "No not yet, I want you to watch me do it! Oh God I'm so fucking hot! Please Sam! I want you to watch me make my self cum again!" She spread her legs wide and ran her finger up and down her nether lips. "Oh Sam look at me! I need this! I need you to see me." She lifted up and pulled off her dress now she was necked. I watched her cup her breasts and pinch her nipples making them even harder. I watched her push two fingers into her self and put her thumb on her love button. I could see how wet our combined juices made her hand as she pushed in her fingers! She pinched her clit and I could see she was going to cum again.

She looked at me as I took out my own cock and started to stoke it, letting it get hard as I watched her finger her self.

"Sam, oh sweet hart I'm cummminnng!" I stood and moved to her pushing my hard dick past her lips and she sucked me as she came! Then suddenly it was all too much and I was coming to. Sabrina swallowed as much as she could but lost some and I watched as it dipped down onto her tits. I reached down and rubbed it into her soft skin and nipples as she relaxed.

"Sam can we go home now? I don't know what's come over me. You know me, I would never think of some one seeing me nude before! Now look at me. I want to be seen. It seams that the more I show off the hotter I get!"

"Yes I think its is best we go home." I looked at my sweet wife. "You just remember that's my pussy and I don't want to shire it with any one else! You can show it off if you want to, or just show it to me, but no one else can touch it! Ok? I think I like these games. I know I like how hot it makes you!"

Sabrina stood up to slip her dress back on.

"That's a deal. I don't want any one but you to touch me either. But you will have to keep an eye on me. You might not ever know when I will show you something." She smiled and kissed me. "Now take me home Mister."

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