tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSafari Wife Ch. 03

Safari Wife Ch. 03

bySally Tart©

NOTE: Before reading this story I would suggest that you read parts one and two first. That will bring you right up to date as to what's happening with Brandy and Hank.

(Wail on Safari a little white housewife gets to see the real African Men!)


In part two of this story, Brandy wail under the influence of the fruit drink kekpa had sex with Chief Zoomama three times and their safari guide, Jameraka four times. All of this happened in one night as her husband Hank laid passed out in their grass hut. For that matter the forth time with Jameraka was in her hut, right next to her passed out husband Hank.

Jameraka had just pulled out of Brandy and stood up at the end of her mat pulling his pants back up. He smiled down at her and said, "What a picture this would make wish I had a camera. We got a sweet little white housewife flat on her back legs spread wide open with her skirt and top around her waist. A river of black mans cum running out of her little white pussy as her husband is sleeping next to her and knows nothing about it." Smiling Jameraka added, "It doesn't get any better than this."

Jameraka started for the door then stopped. Looking back down at Brandy and said, "Sexy lady we better keep this between you and I. I don't think it would be a good idea to tell your husband that your safari guide was guiding his hard cock in you all night. If you have to tell him something I think you should tell him that you fucked the Chief tonight and leave it at that. He may not understand how his sweet little wife could let two guys fuck her all night long. It's up to you, but I'm sure your going to tell him something in the morning. Oh yes, one more thing sexy lady. This safari is not over yet so I'm sure you're going to be getting a lot more black cock before you get back to you're good old USA, goodnight."

Once he was gone it hit Brandy like a ton of bricks. What the hell had she done? Why did she do it, and with both of them? What has this Safari done to her? She had turned into a whore in one night. She ran her fingers down to her still horny but sore little pussy. She was so wet and slick with both of their cum still leaking out of her. She looked over and Hank and moaned, "I'm sorry baby I don't know what made me do this." She then started crying and must have passed out as she was rubbing her slick vagina lips.

Now, on with the story, picking up right where it left off.

I started dreaming that Jameraka was screwing me again. I was moaning up to him, Oh God Jameraka, your cock feels so good. Mmmmmm yes fuck me, oh yessssssss fuck me hard.

Jameraka was on top of me driving his hard cock deep inside my sore little pussy. I could feel my orgasm starting deep inside my body as I started pumping up to him in time with his deep strokes. He had his hand between our bodies rubbing my hard little clit, and this was driving me wild also.

All at once I yelled out, OH GOD JAMERAKA, I'M CUMMING, YESSSS, YESSSSSS OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. My body shook all over as my orgasm went through me. I was pushing up to Jameraka trying to get every inch of his hard black cock deep inside me as I came all over it.

Jameraka put his hand over my mouth to quite down my yelling as his mouth locked on one of my hard nipples. Just when I didn't think I could take any more Jameraka moaned ahhhhhhh as he pushed deep inside me and started pumping his hot sperm deep inside me. His jerking cock set me off again as I started cumming a second time.

Then in my dream state Jameraka said, Fuck Brandy is your pussy ever wet. I've never felt you this wet before.

What was going on here I started thinking? Jameraka voice sounded just like Hank! I opened my eyes to see that Hank was on top of me and he was the one that had just filled me with hot cum. It wasn't a dream, or was it? What ever it was, I was happy to see that it was my husband that had just screwed me.

Hank took turns nursing both my hard nipples as his cock drained inside me. He then moved up and kissed me full on the mouth. After a long hot kiss, with a big smile on his face Hank asked me, what were you dreaming about young lady?

Nothing, I lied.

Bullshit Hank replied, you were yelling for Jameraka to keep fucking you. Tell the truth, were you dreaming that Jameraka was fucking you?

I was so embarrassed as I looked at him and said; well maybe I was, I don't know, I was asleep.

You were weren't you? You were dreaming about getting some long black cock weren't you?

I was busted, so I just had to fess up. Yes I was, I'm sorry I didn't know who or what. I'm sorry I shouldn't have.

Hank stopped me and said, don't be sorry, I think it's so hot that you're thinking about getting fucked by a black guy.

At this time Hank rolled off the top of me and was laying up on his elbow looking at me.

I then said, you asshole you passed out on me again last night, I was trying to change the subject.

I know, I'm sorry. That kekpa shit kicked my ass again. I don't remember a thing after two or three drinks of it. Smiling at me he then said, so did you have to take care of things yourself again last night? Or did you get one of these black guys around here to take care of you?

I looked at him and replied, you're an asshole, with tears in my eyes.

Hank got this funny look on his face that I knew that he knew something had happen last night. What are you not telling me, Hank asked?

I then broke down and started crying.

Hank took me in his arm and asked again, what happen last night? Tell me what happen? Did something happen?

I then started thinking what Jameraka had said to me last night that I shouldn't tell Hank that the two of them screwed me. That if I tell him anything I should just tell him about Chief Zoomama. That Hank may not understand how his sweet little wife could let two guys fuck her all night long.

Thinking that Jameraka was right and the truth was not a good thing here I said, yes something happened Hank. I'm so sorry; I don't know how it happened?

Now looking me right in the eyes Hank asked, Brandy, what happened?

Still crying I said, I had sex with Chief Zoomama. God I'm so sorry that I did this to you. I don't know what happened to me. I don't know why I did it.

Hank kissed me and said baby I'm sorry I put the seed in your head. I just didn't think it would really happen. Did he wear a condom?

Condom, God that word hit me like a baseball bat. Still crying I said no, God no, he didn't. What if I get aids, this country is full of aids?

Hank then asked, did he cum inside you?

Still crying I replied, yes he did. Oh God Hank I'm so sorry I let this happen.

Hank replied, oh fuck; I hope he didn't knock ya up!

I think it's my safe time of the month; I'm not fertile right now, thank God. I just hope I don't get aids. Or have aids now. Oh God I may have given you aids. I then started crying again.

Hank took me in his arm and gave me a long hard kiss along with a wonderful hug He then broke the kiss and said it's okay baby. It's not the end of the world. So you had sex with the Chief. As long as you're not fertile things should be okay. I think most of the aids problem down here is in the cities, not out here in the jungle.

I looked at him feeling a little better about that news and said, are you sure about that?

Sure I'm sure hank replied as he gave me another long kiss and told me that he loved me.

I was so happy to hear that he still loved me even after I had had sex with Chief Zoomama. Hanks kissing kept going as his hand moved up to my right breast. He started rolling my hardening nipple around as he kept on kissing me.

Hank broke the kiss again and was looking down at me when he asked; did the Chief make you cum?

I didn't know what to say. I didn't need to hurt Hank anymore than I have already. But the look of joy in his eyes told me that maybe the truth would be in store here. Looking up at him I softly replied, yes he did.

Hank quickly moved his hand from my breast to my vagina. He slowly sank two fingers inside my wet hole. He then said, that's why you were so wet this morning. You still had the Chiefs cum inside you. God your still super wet with both of our cum inside you. His fingers were now working in and out of my wet pussy.

Hanks finger fucking was feeling very good. And I felt better now that I knew he was more or less happy that I let the Chief screw me. I started moaning and working my wet pussy up to Hanks probing fingers.

Then Hank started the questions. Did he fuck you more than once? Did you cum more than once? Were did he fuck you at? Did you give him a blowjob?

By this time Hanks cock was back hard as a rock. He climbed back on top of me and easily sank his hard cock back inside me.

I was just as horny as him by this time as I moaned mmmmm and pushed up to his hard cock, taking it as deep inside me as it would go. Putting my arms around his back I moaned ohhhhhhh God I think he did it to me three times.

Hank moaned, ohhhhhhh fuck your kidding me. He fucked you three times last night?

Mmmmmm yes he did I moaned in his ear.

Oh God your so wet with his cum Hank moaned back in my ear. How many times did he make you cum?

Humping up to him I moaned oh God I don't know, maybe six or seven times.

Hank moaned out, ohhhhhhh man. He came in you three times and you came seven times. Oh God I can't believe my sexy wife came on a black cock seven times. Oh fuck I'm cummmmming.

Hank then pushed deep inside me and started squirting more cum inside me. I did my best to milk his hard cock dry with my super wet vagina lips.

Hank then rolled off me as he was panting for air. Then the questions continued. Were did you guys do it at?

I told him how the Chief asked me to go see his hut. And that I didn't know why but once I got there I got so horny that when he put the moves on me, I just let it happen.

He then said, well if you came seven times with him, I don't have to ask if you liked it. Was his cock really long? Was it fat? How did it feel?

I held my hands about a foot apart and said it was about this long. I then made the okay sign with my thumb and index finger and said it was maybe this big around.

Smiling Hank said, so you really liked that long black cock? Tell me how it felt inside you.

I replied, God what have I turned into? Yes I really liked it. Not that I don't like yours. This one was not the same. It went in so deep; I swear it went all the way inside my uterus. And the truth is, it felt so good I couldn't stop cumming.

Hank moaned, shit I'm sorry I missed all this. You think it could happen again? And let me see it happening this time?

I hit his arm and said, no, no way it's going to happen again.

Hank smiled and said, we'll see about that.

I then said, how am I going to face the Chief (and Jameraka I'm thinking) today? I acted like a whore with him last night.

Hank got that shit eating grin on his face and said, the Chief is just like any other guy. He thinks he got some pussy off my wife and I don't know about it. He'll not let on like anything at all happened last night. All he'll be thinking about is getting his black cock back inside you.

Well that's not going to happen if I can help it, I replied.

Hank smiled and then said, well Brandy, I hope it happens again. And I hope I get to see it happen this time.

I hit him again and said, shit Hank you make it sound like you like having a slut for a wife? No normal husband would enjoy seeing his wife being taken by another man.

Hank replied back, I'm not normal and I would love to see that. When we're away from home I love you playing the slut role. No one by us will ever know a thing about it.

In shock I said, playing a slut and being a slut are two deferent things. The Chief fucking me made me a slut last night. Are you telling me that you would really enjoy seeing me get laid by another man?

Hank took me in his arms and gave me a deep kiss. Then he said, yes I would and the best thing about it is the fact that you're my little slut! And you'll always be my little slut. Plus the fact that you enjoyed it drives me wild! As sick as it sounds fucking you right after another man had cum in you was the best feeling I ever felt. I would love more of that.

Just then came a knock on our grass door. Jameraka yelled, you kids better get up and get some food; they are about to put all the food away. We will be leaving on today's hike in an hour or so.

I looked at Hank and said, tell them I'm sick or something. I'm not going to leave this hut today. I can't face the Chief or any of them people out there. I'm sure the Chief has told everybody in the village about the prize he got last night.

Hank kissed me and asked if I was sure about staying there all day, and would I be all right?

Yes I'm sure I replied. I didn't get much sleep last night and I'm sore between my legs. I don't feel much like walking. Maybe I'll feel better about facing these village people later on tonight.

Hanks got dressed, gave me a hug and kiss and said he loved me before setting off on today's safari hike with Jameraka and his helpers.


Hank and the group were gone well over two hours when I started getting real antsy sitting in the hut. Not only was it hot and humid it there. I smelt really bad from all the sex last night. Plus I had three men's dried sperm on my upper thighs that needed washed off. I got dressed in a little black lace bra and matching black lace bikini panties. With my towel, soap and shampoo in hand I walked out of the hut and headed right to the waterfall. I felt like some of the villagers were looking at me as if I was the village whore as I passed them on the way down to the river. They said things to each other that I didn't understand, but I was sure it was me they were talking about.

The warm water from the falls felt so good as I got in it then stepped out to soap myself up. I spent a lot of time with my hand down inside my panties getting my sore little vagina nice and clean. I looked up to see two of the younger tribal kids watching me clean myself. I say kids, but they were maybe 18 or 19 years old. Once I had my vagina nice and clean I went to work on my breasts. It's not the easiest thing to wash your breasts inside your bra. So I turned my back to the kids and pulled my bra up to give my breasts a good cleaning. Still with my back to them I stepped back under the waterfall to rinse off.

Once I was all rinse off and my bra back in place I stepped out of the waterfall and was shocked to see the two black kids stroking their hard cocks as they watched me. I slipped back under the falls just far enough that I could still see them playing with their cocks.

Oh my God I got so horny standing there watching these two young men. They were doing what I have always dreamed of seeing a man do, jack himself off. I couldn't believe how fast they were pumping on their cocks. Both their fists were just a blurr as they were pumping away on their cocks. My right hand had a mind of it's own as it moved down my body to my wet panty covered pussy. I started rubbing my clit right through my panties as I watched them near their orgasms.

The one kid hips started pumping in time with his hand. All at once he looked up at the sky and moaned. Then a big wad of white sperm came flying out of the little black pee hole on the end of his hard cock. About four big wads came squirting out and landed in the water. Just then the other kid moaned and his cock was squirting out sperm also.

My life long dream of seeing a man make himself cum had just been filled. I was just about to cum myself as I watched them now drop down in the water and start swimming around. Still rolling my sore little clit around through my lace panties I closed my eyes and could still see them young men jacking off. I was just about at the point of giving myself a great orgasm, under the cover of the waterfall.

My orgasm had just starting through my body when someone on the riverbank started yelling something I didn't understand. Shit I'm thinking, couldn't you have waited just one more minute and I would have been done. I looked to see what he was yelling about, but didn't see a thing. The two young men were now running through the water towards the bank. He was waving for me to come in also and pointing at something on the other side of the river. I looked over to see this big black cat that was getting a drink out of the river. It looked as big as a car. I screamed and ran for the bank, leaving my soap and shampoo sitting on a rock near the falls. Don't ask me what kind of cat it was. All I know is that it was big, real big. The man that had given us the warning helped me up onto the bank and was talking to me in his tribal language, but I didn't understand a thing that he said. All I could say back to him was, thank you.

I picked up my towel and started drying myself off as I watched the big cat get his drink then walk back into the jungle on the other side of the river. One of the young men that I had observed masturbating ran back out to the falls and retrieved my soap and shampoo. He handed it to me with a big smile on his face. I could see his eyes drop to my wet breasts clad in my little black lace bra. They then dropped on down to my little lace panties. I thanked him and gave him a big smile. He said something then ran off to his friends.

I made my way back to my hut to find it even more hot and humid inside than before. I removed my wet bra and panties and finished drying off. I knew I couldn't stay and hide in this hut all day; I would die from the heat. So I then started looking through my things for something to wear. I found a cute little pair of red silk bikini panties that had little white poke-a dots on them. I stepped into them and pulled them up and into place. Just then I started thinking about them two kids in the river jacking off. I ran my fingers down over my soft panties to my crotch. I ever so softly started rubbing my vagina lips right through my panties as my left hand moved up and started squeezing and playing with my hard right nipple. I closed my eyes and started thinking how good one or both them young hard black cocks would feel inside me. I was just getting ready to lie down on the mat and get myself off, when some people talking outside my hut distracted me. Having no locks on the grass door, and I had know idea if they would open the door to find me standing there playing with myself or not. So I just stopped and went back to looking for something to wear.

I was already sweating from the heat so I just grabbed one of Hanks oversize tee shirts and slipped it over my head. It came down about mid-thigh on me so it was okay to wear out in front of the tribal people. It looked more like a dress on me than a tee shirt. I didn't think about the fact that everyone could see my hard nipples poking through the soft cotton material. Or that they could see my braless boobs bouncing all around under the shirt.

By this time I was getting very thirsty and hungry. So when I exited the hut and walked over to were this lady looked as if she was cooking something. I knew just like all the others that she didn't speak a drop of English. I made a sign like I was drinking something and also rubbed my tummy and pointed at my mouth. She smiled and shook her head yes. She then dipped in her pot and gave me a bowl of what looked like some kind of stew. She also handed me a coconut cup of what I think was water.

I thanked her and walked over and sat on a tree stump to eat. A lot of the village men stopped what they were doing to watch me as I made my way to the stump. I just smiled at them and started eating my food.

After I had finished eating I returned my coconut bowl to the lady and made a sign to refill the cup with more water. (Oh yes, it was water not that kekpa drink). She refilled it for me and I thanked her again. With the cup in hand I went walking around the village, not sure what I was going to do the rest of the day.

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