tagBDSMSalacious Pt. 01

Salacious Pt. 01


I had noticed them our first week in college. Although we didn't run in the same crowd, we were in many of the same classes. It did not take long to learn more about them; half the freshman class was talking about the "Dynamic Duo". The guys envied their easy conversation with the girls, while we girls dreamed of being on one of their arms. Me? Well, I just shyly watched from the back of the room, as much taken with them as was the rest of my class.

Jake was absolutely gorgeous, with the deepest blue eyes. A girl could easily be captivated by those dreamy pools, that reflected his lively and playful personality. He had short blond hair, always long over his ears, but it worked well with his athletic, tanned build. A muscular chest and large biceps filled out his rugby uniform in all the right ways. He was the guy everyone could call a friend.

His friend Ian was not as athletically built, but still trim and lean, with abs that were rippled all the way down to that cute, tight ass. His eyes of rich deep blue, could only be described as 'ole soul.' Perfectly paired with his always trimmed dark hair, his eyes were clear windows to his soul. Ian was the embodiment of the sophisticated, refined young gentleman, immediately engendering an unexplained trust.

With both Jake and Ian having gorgeous good looks and those sexy British accents, they had women easily drooling. With these qualities and their lively and fun personalities, any party without them seemed drab. Together always, the two of them melted hearts and turned young women's panties into a liquid mess all over campus.

Not appearing like the slim and trim, tall and tanned beauties constantly orbiting them in their social circles, I drew scant attention from this attractive pair. In addition to my curvy exterior, I suppose my shy demeanor also acted to limit my appearance on their radar screen. While attractive, I certainly was not glamor magazine beautiful.

Keeping my distance behind my self-imposed wall of anonymity, I chose to lose myself in my books. This allowed me the freedom to escape reality, to be anyone or anything I wanted in time and space, within the pages of my books.

I had met a young cancer patient at the local hospital where I volunteered. His name was Braydon and he loved sports, especially Rugby. His enthusiasm was almost overwhelming when each time I visited with him, he would recount with animated detail the last game our school had played. When his health took a turn for the worse, limiting his treatments to outpatient status no longer was an option and he was admitted to the hospital as an inpatient.

I devised a plan to cheer Braydon up, but it would require that I break through my shy protective shield of shyness and actually approach and speak to Jake. So after a late afternoon class I reached deep within me for the courage to approach him.

"Jake, I am Robin, well, err... we had some classes together," I mumbled, my heart racing, my voice almost a whisper.

Jake spun around and immediately my heart nearly stopped. I felt my face turn a deep crimson shade and I felt the urge to turn and run. Jake sensed my uneasiness and reached to touch my arm, in a most soothing gesture.

"Yes, Robin how are you? I've seen you of course. There is no way that I couldn't have noticed someone as gorgeous as you, but I guess you hear that all the time."

My heart was working overtime, as my mind raced to catch up with the words I thought I heard. I was almost certain and I swear he had just called me gorgeous. Jake stood there cool as a cucumber while waiting for me to continue, I also realized that at some point in the last four years, I had slowly fallen in love with him.

I knew with his "gorgeous" remark hanging in the air that I had turned a deep shade of crimson, but I just had to carry on for Braydon. So I clumsily stumbled over my tongue with my story and request.

"Well, Jake, I volunteer at the hospital on the cancer ward, reading with the children while they receive their treatments. As part of my commitment there, I'm not supposed to get emotionally attached to the patients, but I just couldn't help myself, you see he's become kind of special to me."

"He loves sports so much, I mean he's been sick most of his life and he does not get to play. He closely follows the university's Rugby team. I thought if you had some time, maybe you could stop by. I know it would give him a thrill." I half expected him to say he did not have time or that he hated hospitals or some other reason to avoid the cancer ward as most people did.

To my utter amazement Jake said, "sure, it's getting late, let's go have something to eat, and you can tell me about Braydon."

"Oh, well, yeah, thanks." Jake placed his hand at the small of my back as he led me toward the parking lot. I was stunned. Wow! He said yes! Oh God, what was I going to do now?

"We could walk to the coffee shop, or there's this pizza place across town."

"Whichever you like," I answered nervously.

"Did you drive or walk to class today?"

"I walked."

"Good, ride with me then, we'll get some pizza." He stopped before a Classic 1970's era muscle car.

"Nice car, that is a 72 Ford Gran Torino," I offered.

"Yes, how did you know?"

"My dad had one, he loved that car, and so did I. Dad and I used to take out on the weekend."

"Yeah, well it's my one indulgence."

"Only one?" I quipped.

"I'll never tell" he flirted with a coquettish flare.

That night we discussed Braydon, and his illness; how I had gotten close to him; and my brother, who Braydon reminded me of. We even talked about cars, he was impressed at how much I new about classic muscle cars. I was an open book to Jake which surprised me as I was usually closed off with people who I did not know well. He touched my hand often and put his hand low on my back while we walked. By the end of the night, I was high with excitement, Jake noticed me. Not only would he go to see Braydon, he wanted me to go with him. We parted with a sweet kiss I wished with all my heart would deepen.

My heart and cock were pounding so hard when I took her in my arms. Jake thought The smell of her hair the way her breasts pressed against my chest as I held her, God I wanted so much to take that kiss further. To sink myself deep within her, so close we could never be separated. That night Jake walked away from the woman he knew in his heart would one day be his, soon he could hold her in his arms all night long.

Later that evening while taking a bath, I replayed the events of the day in my mind. My hand traced lazy circles around my breasts, rolling, and pinching the nipples imagining it was Jake's hands, his fingers. What would they feel like, would his fingers be rough, would he put just a bit of edge to our play? My hands trailed lower tracing from my plump breasts over my stomach, and lower toward my pussy spreading the lips and plunging into that slick heat, my thighs spread wider of their own accord. I soon added another finger and picked up the pace. My other hand continued to pinch and roll nipples pulling them then, tracing lightly over them to soothe, the skin there.

What would it be like to have his cock plunging in and out of my pussy. In my mind's eye Jake was above me his cut chest right within my reach his hot cock plunging into my pussy. Water from the tub splashed over the edge, as I added a finger to my clit circling it, stroking faster and faster. My legs shook, face flush with heat, as the tingling in my spine spread outward flowing like a tsunami over me, the massive wave consuming me with an intensity I had rarely felt.

"Oh, yes Jake, mumm, ohh god yes" I cried out. Opening my eyes I looked around I knew no one was here to hear me calling out his name but I just had to look around one more time.


Seven months later and Jake had not only became a regular visitor to the cancer ward visiting often with Braydon and all the other boys. More importantly, he became my boyfriend Jake encourages me to be open to new things sexually, so I felt confident but still nervous talking to him about Excalibur a kink club located in our modest town excitedly I prepared for our evening, I wanted to get Jake as interested as I was. I took my time wearing a dress that Jake liked, cooking his favorites, setting out candles and the like. After dinner, we sat watching a comedy on television., when I finally broached the subject.

"Jake, have you ever heard of a place called Excalibur?" glancing at him to see if the name meant anything to him.

"It's on the east side close to Lamont street."

"The name sounds familiar, what is it a new club?"

"You could say that. Cindy my friend from school, who came to visit last week, while you were out of town, she wanted to go, so we went. Jake, it was not your typical club."

"How so?"

"It is a sex club!" Jake sat up straight, and it was apparent that I now had his undivided attention.

"Okay, tell me what was it like? Did you like it? What did you and Cindy do?"

"Hold on Jake and I will tell you all about it. When we arrived we entered a small waiting room. We were met by a woman who handed us a packet marked 'membership,' and a non-disclosure Agreement. Once the area was filled up we were met by Ethan Black the owner of the club who told us that we were allowed, into any of the common areas of the club, to watch only. participation, would require completed paperwork, in addition, we would need to have a medical certification form filled out. Submissive's who are unattached or un-collared could join for free for six months. It seemed safe and private, not at all what I thought it would be like," I paused to observe Jake's reaction.

"Well, go on, tell me Cindy, you know I am on pins and needles here."

"So, if we wanted to join the club we would need to attend a class letting us know how we were to act within the club. That night was 'open,' although we still must speak and be respectful all Dom's, rules were generally relaxed for visitors until twelve AM, at which time the club would be closed to all but members."

"Inside it was like most other clubs, but extra large with a bar at one end and a sunken area on the other end. The bar area had, of course, the bar, but also a small kitchen area where small sandwiches and snack foods were served a moderate sized dance floor made up that area. Between the bar area and the dungeon area, was a large sitting area with couches and daybeds for 'aftercare.' Across from that area was a smaller seating area for submissive's.

The main part of the club was the dungeon it looked the part with a stone facade, an octangular shaped sunken area, with pillars large metal rings were attached. One of the theses had a woman who had both arms cuffed to a long chain which ran through the metal ring she was on her knees between a man's legs servicing him. Another had a naked woman, also cuffed, who was being auctioned off to a crowd of elegantly dressed men."

"O-my-God! That sounds so hot," Jake exclaimed. "Oh, we have got to join this club."

"Just listen there is so much more. Between each of these pillars are areas where scenes, can be staged one woman, was cuffed to a large wooden X, arms, and legs spread wide, her head was thrown back she was moaning, her face flush, breathing quick simply put, Jack, she looked like she was in ecstasy. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen the way he swung the flogger in a wide figure-eight motion the ends coming in contact with her ass, and thighs, in a rhythm that was both erotic and chilling. His full attention was on her, he stopped every so often checking on her whispering quietly in her ear. When he was done he carefully removed her from the cross wrapped her in a blanket, carried her to a couch, whispering in her ear the whole time." Jake reached up and wiped a lone tear from my cheek, and pulled me in close.

"This really affected you didn't baby."

"Yes, it did. One of the girls seeing how it all affected me, asked if she and her Master could talk to me, they answered many of my questions and asked me some of me. I told them I thought I was a submissive and Jake, they agreed."

"We should visit this club someday soon, very soon."

"You would do that with me?"

Jake took me into his arms, holding me close, turning in his arms I lifted my face to his offering him my lips in silent invitation. Welcoming, he accepted by lifting my chin and sweeping in for a deep kiss, licking the seam, seeking the heat within, I opened to him, my body reacting to his, of its own accord, we took from each other, our tongues performing an age-old dance, as we worshiped one another. Hands became tangled in clothing, hearts raced, heads swam, i am not sure how we made it to the bedroom. As soon as we stumbled our way into the room Jake picked me up tossing me playfully on the bed, covering my body with his, his leg between my thighs rubbing against my core as our hands explored each other's bodies, drawing lines with fingertips writing a masterpiece he took me higher into an erotically fueled haze. light kisses circling the puckered tips of my breast, repeating the action with his tongue, finally sucking the rosy peaks into his mouth

"I need you inside me, Jake," I begged.

"I am not done with you yet spread those beautiful legs for me, wider, Oh, baby I will never get enough of this beautiful sight all pink and wet just for me. He traced his fingertip lightly through my moist tissues."

He took the rope attached to the top posts of the bed and secured my wrists, then he started at my ankle placing light kisses continuing up to my knee, the sweet torture continued ever higher, stopping at my inner thigh to lightly bite the flesh there. Heat, and sexually charged need had started in my belly, now raged, like an inferno at the apex of my thighs, and only Jake could satisfy the demands of my body.

He placed a hand on the inside of either thigh using his thumbs he spread my outer lips giving him total access. Starting at the entrance, he licked from back to front, circling my clit causing my pussy to clench in anticipation. Jake was not done he alternated between fucking me with his tongue and fingers, to tracing my clit with his tongue, I never knew when one sweet torment would end and the next was to begin.

"Oh, I love having you, all tied up and spread out like a buffet for me. You know, I could eat at this buffet all day long and never be satisfied." Jake whispered against my core.

"Jake, please, I don't think I can take anymore," I moaned. "Ohhhh, Jake, I need you."

Finally, Jake crawled up my body. Settling between my thighs and leaning down for a kiss that tasted of me. He pulled away, looking into my eyes for several breathtaking moments, before driving his cock fully inside me, setting the mushroomed head against my cervix. We moaned in unison contented finally. Neither of us moved, for several long seconds, minutes, I am not sure which. When we finally started moving we were in unison it was raw and carnal he dove into me time and time again as I arched my body upwards to his fighting the need for release. I nails dug into his back holding him to me, Jake drove my temperature higher, pulling me towards that swirling, tumbling, trembling in my core, then finally allowing it to burst loose freeing me from his sweet torment. My pussy clenched pulsing with my racing heart, tipping Jake towards his own release.

Reaching up he pulled the end of the tie freeing my arms as he collapsed on top of me. The weight of his body a welcome comfort, as we came down from that incredible high we fell asleep, like that, legs, and sheets still tangled together. My last thought was of the Dom and Sub, soon very soon, I hoped, it would be Jake and I.

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