Saleena ran a brush through her rich black hair and looked at herself in the mirror of her dressing table. She was about to go to El Ricky's to audition for a job as a nude dancer. She loved to dance and Miguel loved to see her naked, so she figured it was a natural. She looked at the picture of Miguel she had taped to the mirror. He was small, only 5'6" and 125 lbs. and he looked so young, except for the tattoos you might think he was twelve.

But she knew he wasn't twelve. She laughed to herself..."Twelve inches, maybe..."

She needed money and her friend Maira had told her that she could make a lot dancing.

She sprayed some perfume Miguel had brought from TJ for her directly on to her skin. Then she grabbed a very short jeans skirt and slipped it over her slender waist. At last she decided to wear a black half cup push up bra Maira had lent to her. She liked the way her bare nipples peeked over the edge of the cups. She covered it with a burgundy colored tank top and slipped her toes into a pair of high heel sandals. She kissed her finger and tapped it to the little gold M that was part of the anklet she always wore. She hoped that the pearlescent pink enamel she had just painted on to her toe nails wouldn't be damaged. Then she realized she didn't have on panties.

"Shit, bitch!" She said, out loud. "What are you fucking thinking?" She slipped on a lacy black g-string and made sure it covered her freshly shaved gash. She slipped her fingers between the tender lips and realized she was already damp. She looked at herself in the mirror and raised her eyebrows. "You're one hot little bitch...just like Miguel says."

Maira honked the horn impatiently at the curb. "Fuck...I hope you know what you're doing." Saleena said to the image in the mirror. Then she headed to her date with El Ricky himself.

"You look hot, bitch!" Maira said as she saw Saleena. "El Ricky's going to looove you!"

Salena broke a nervous smile and stared straight out the front window. She saw Javier looking at her but she didn't want to get into it with her older brother.

They had 45 minutes to talk before her appointment. Maira drove to an old vacant professional building and parked under some trees.

"So what's Miguel going to say?"

"I don't know, he's always talking about me being a stripper and doing bachelor parties and shit, I think he'll be okay with it." Saleena watched a stray dog sleeping by a fire hydrant. The paint on the hydrant was faded and stained with the urine of a thousand dogs and drunks. Flies circled around the dog and his tail was in constant motion.

"Three years is a long time mija, he could get his ass killed in the joint, you know. And all 'cus he and Quiqui had to steal that Camero. Shit! What a couple of pendejos! It would serve him right if he got his ass kicked a few times, maybe it would kick some senses into him." Maira was always so optimistic about things, Saleena thought.

"And what about Javier? He's going to be so pissed off when he hears."

"Yeah, padre Javier...while he's out saving the youth his little sister's out corrupting it." Saleena sneered at the irony. "Fuck him! He went to college, he got his degree and now he's working in this fucking barrio on some shitty internshit, for nothing. We're just about fucking starving and I'm working for minimum wage at Rueben's market to keep the fucking power on so he can use his computer...fuck him!"

Maira lit yet another cigarette. The acrid smoke stung Saleena's eyes as the cloud was drawn out her side of the car.

"Did I tell you the other night when I was dancing Mr. Juevas came in the club?"

"No...he did?"

"Yeah, I was on deck and when I saw him I was so shocked I almost peed myself. He didn't see me and he took a private dance with that new girl, Blanca. I was dancing on stage when they came back from the back room and he sat down right in front of me. He had a wet spot on this pants from where Blance rubbed herself off on his cock...she is such a whore...when he recognized me he like got up so fast you think he saw a ghost. He almost knocked a guy down he was trying so hard to get out of there. Fuck, that was funny shit."

Saleena hadn't thought about seeing people she knew. She had always thougth the audience would be just a sea of strangers. She wondered if she could handle it if a teacher or someone who knew her or her brother or her parents came in while she ws naked on stage. What would she do if Mr. Becker, her senior math teacher came in and wanted a private VIP dance? Fuck! What if her own father ever came in, or an uncle? She closed her eyes and tried to put those unpleasant thoughts out of her mind. A few minutes later she heard Maira start the car.

Minutes later she nervously reached for the handle of the front door at El Ricky's. The exterior of the club was sort of seedy looking. There was some trash in the parking lot, cigarette butts and a couple of condom wrappers. The paint was peeling off the building in some places and there was the inevitable "tagging" on the flat surfaces. "Los Vatadores" seemed to have a monopoly on metallic silver and Chinese red spray paint. She carefully stepped over what looked like a puddle of dried barf or spilled Lucky Charms. She heard the low rumble of Maira's old Chevy as it drove away.

It was as dark as a moonless night inside, only a few lights marked the aisle down to the platform that served as a stage. A magenta gelled flood light illuminated the area. A 40 year old man wearing a scarlet silk shirt, gray slacks and Italian shoes and smoking a cigar was sitting on the edge of the stage. His black hair was shiny and spiked in the current style. She could see a thin gold chain around his neck.

"Mira, mira, mira." He murmured as she swayed her hips down the aisle. "Que queres?" he asked. Knowing full well what she wanted. She wanted a job, just like all the other 18 year old hotties that came in that door in the afternoon.

"Mr. Ricky, please?" She answered in English.

"Hablas espanol, chica?"

"Sorry, no." She almost whispered. Her voice was low and husky. Ricky liked that.

"Mr. Ricky don't like no uppity coconuts that don't espeeka da spinish" he mocked.

"Oh, okay." She felt her confidence more than shaken, actually crumbling like the giant stones of some ancient Aztec temple. "Sorry." She hesitated, not knowing what to do, then she turned to leave.

"But that's okay, Fuck Mr. Ricky! I like you." He laughed.

"Biale!" Suddenly the lights on the stage came up and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" came on the sound system. He guided her to the steps leading to the dance surface.

This wasn't her kind of music but she soon got the beat and began moving around the stage, smiling as though the room was packed with lusty guys holding wads of money.

"Show me your chi chis baby! I want to see those pretty titties!"

She took a few more steps and slowly lifted her tank top to reveal her bra.

"Come on baby! Show me those nipples!"

She thought about Miguel in his cell up at Folsom, he loved her nipples. She held her arm across her breasts and used her other hand to unhook the clasp. She coverer her tits with her hands as the bra fell to the floor. After just a few more steps, she moved her hands down the mounds so that she was cupping them seductively and playing with the nipples. Her tits weren't big, but beautifully shaped and firm and young.

"Okay, okay, good so show me your ass, lose the skirt." The man instructed.

Saleena thought again about Miguel and how he liked her to undress so slow and sexy. She unbuttoned the waist and slowly inched the zipper down the fly. When the garment was loose enough, she turned her back to the audience and let the skirt drop. Her butt was very nice, like the "club" in a deck of cards it was rounded and firm. The man rubbed his hands together enthusiastically. Saleena slowly bent at the waist and spread her feet apart as she swayed her ass at him. She flexed the muscles of her legs and ass and made a slight pumping motion with her hips. She didn't know why, but she spakned her own butt with a loud smack.

"Nice ass!" he said.

She slowly stood, still playing with her nipples and rubbing her tits. She felt very hot and sexy as she swayed her hips and slowly turned toward him. She teasingly tugged at the waist band of her g-string, moving it up and down her hip. Suddenly it was on the floor as the two miniature clasps released at the same time. She covered her pussy with her hands and stopped dancing for a second. Then she began moving her feet again and teasingly revealed the ¼ inch strip of hair leading to the cleft of her sweet young pussy. She wondered if he could see the dew between the petals.

"Muy bueno, muy bueno, chica!" The man said. Suddenly he was standing next to her and his hand was on the small of her back. xIt didn't take long for her to notice that his hand had dropped to a point were he was cupping her ass.

She could feel his breath on her neck as he brushed her hair back. She could smell the rich aroma of his cigar as he spoke. I reminded her of Miguel when he came to her after some small heist or a victory of some unspoken sort.

"So you want a job...okay." He said as he moved his other hand and touched her pussy. He slipped a finger into the now very damp slit. "You can dance, for sure, but can you suck? Can you fuck?"

Saleena was truly stunned. Maira had not said anything about sucking and fucking.

"I'm not a whore." She said. Thinking of Javier and what he would say.

"Sure you are bitch! All women are whores! Your mother is a whore, your sister is a whore, my mother is a whore, my wife is a whore, my sister is a whore, my 14 year old daughter will be a whore...all women are whores! Men are whores too. Everyone sells what they've got for something." He paused to let it sink in. "So do you suck and fuck or not? You want this job or not? You're not a virgin are you?" His finger was still working her slit and now it was just touching her clitoris.

She brushed his hand away, but not forcefully. She realized that her juices were flowing and her nipples were erect. She heard his zipper as he lowered it.

"Bend over the stage, I gotta fuck you." She felt him pushing her shoulder. It didn't take much force to have her bent over the stage. She felt his cock slip into the steaming hot folds of her pussy. His cock was big. Bigger than Miguel's. In just a few strokes he was buried all the way in and sawing in and out. He fucked her hard for several minutes and she soon found herself matching his rhythm. She wished she was facing him so she could hold on with her legs. His hands were on her hips, helping her to keep pace and massaging his dick with the needing motion as he fucked her.

"Yeah, this is good're a good fucking little bitch, your cunt is so hot and love fucking don't you?"

"Yeah, I love fucking." Saleena said through clinched teeth.

"That's it baby, tell me you love fucking and sucking and you're a fucking sucking whore."

"I love fucking and sucking...and I'm a fucking, sucking whore." She grunted. And she was beginning to believe it.

"Okay bitch, I'm getting ready to jizz you. You want it in the cunt or in the mouth?" Suddenly he had no choice. His joy juice erupted and he nearly dropped to his knees with the blast. "oh, oh, time in the mouth." He said.

"Okay." Saleena heard herself say. She thought about the first time Miguel had fucked her. She hadn't been a virgin but he was the first man to do her, now this guy was the second and he was way better than Miguel. She heard him zipping his pants up again.

A flash of light announced that another person had entered through the front door.

"Okay, you start on Friday at 8:00 sharp. Now get your shit and get the fuck out of here." He patted her ass as he sat back down on the stage. "So what's your name?" He wrote it on a piece of paper and then he handed her a manila file.

She gathered her clothes and pulled on the skirt and tank top offstage. Only then did she realize that the clasps on the g-string had actually broken. She could feel his cum as it oozed out of her pussy and trickled down her legs.

Saleena looked around for a minute, trying to figure out how to clean up. She used the panties to wipe off as much scum as she could. She tossed them on to one of the chairs in the back of the club as she exited. She could hear the man talking to the next girl. Saleena thought the girl looked old and hard. Her hair was bleached a strange shade of orange that looked comically wrong with her dark complexion. Her body was full and slightly on the plump side. Her tits were massive. Her lips were large and painted black. The heavy looking platform shoes looked to be too big for her knobby feet. She wore a very tight light blue short skirt and a white sleeveless blouse. On her right shoulder Saleena noticed a tattoo that said "Jesus". Saleena couldn't understand the conversation, it was in Spanish. She heard "Walk This Way" start up on the sound system as she reached the door.

After her eyes adjusted to the bright afternoon light, she realized she was shaking. She looked at her hands and noticed almost for the first time the folder the man had given her. It had a few pages of typed stuff about rules and calling off sick and tips and pay and a glossy picture of the man who had just fucked her. It was signed: "Bienvenidos, Ricky"

Maira drove up a few minutes later. She looked at her friend as Saleena got into the car. Saleena tossed the borrowed bra on to the seat between them. The shiny slime on her legs caught Maira's eye.

"Oh my fucking got the job!"

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