Eric had never been so nervous in his life. He was sitting on the stairs behind the front door of his house, waiting for Samantha to arrive. He scratched his dog's head as thoughts of their last meeting raced through his mind; memories of tender romance and kinky sex jostling for position, his slowly stiffening cock giving away the winner. As he heard the doorbell ring he silently cursed himself for letting his mind wander while trying to hide his 7 and a half inches before he opened the door.

"Hi," Eric said as he got his first look at Sam in years. She was a tall blonde, some might say that she was big, but as he looked at her in the doorway Eric thought she epitomized the beautiful in BBW. He felt his cock twitch and knew that any efforts to hide his erection had failed.

"Well, hello to both of you," Sam said as she gave Eric a hug, grinding into his cock, barely able to contain her desire as she felt her pussy begin to moisten as her anticipation for the hours ahead began to grow. She followed Eric upstairs to the kitchen where he poured her a glass of wine and sat down.

"I'm so glad you could come" Eric said as he poured himself a glass and sat next to Samantha. "I've been thinking about you a lot."

"I can tell," she said, as she playfully rubbed his erection through his pants, "I've missed you too. I can't tell you how many times I've wished we could be together more."

"Me too," Eric said, leaning over and kissing Sam's neck, nipping at it between words as he said "how many times I've wished I could fuck you." Before he tilted her head to hers and kissed her deeply, feeling Samantha's tongue exploring his mouth as his tongue ravaged hers. "how many time's I've wished I could make you cum over and over again," Eric said as he reached around Samantha and pulled her closer, feeling her breasts pressing against his chest as his hands rubbed up and down her back, lingering to cup her ass in his hands, relishing the feel of it in his hands.

Samantha reached down and started to pull Eric's shirt off, rubbing her hands up and down his front as she slowly began to kiss her way down to his cock. First, kissing Eric's neck then trailing her mouth down his chest and stomach, grinning up at Eric as she freed his cock from his pants. "This is what I think I missed most about you," Sam said as she playfully licked the tip of his cock. Eric gasped as Samantha took him into her mouth, loving how hot and wet it felt on his cock. She started jerking his cock as she moved her head up and down, her tongue swirling around the head before moving lower to take his balls into her mouth. Eric groaned louder, his hands moving through Sam's hair before gently pulling her mouth to his and kissing her.

"My turn," Eric said, looking into Samantha's eyes and seeing his own lust reflected back from her as he began to kiss down her body, trailing his lips across her skin as he neared her already soaking pussy. Playfully, he licked up her slit, his eyes peering upward to watch her moan in delight, as he tasted her sweet juices. Sam's hands ran through Eric's hair as he lapped her cunt, until he moved his face upward to concentrate on her clit. As he licked his way under her hood, probing her clit with his tongue as he teased her lips apart with a finger. Sam's moans grew louder as Eric pressed his finger inside her, moving it in tandem with his tongue, curling it against her G-spot as he flicked her clit. Sam's hands tightened over Eric's head as she came, her juices soaking his face as he added a second finger and continued to lick her clit.

Sam took Eric's face into her hands and brought it to hers to kiss him, taking one hand from his face to grab his throbbing cock. "Fuck your slut master" was all she said as she rubbed the head of his cock over her soaking wet pussy. He grinned at her, knowing how much it turned her on when she felt used. "Please fuck me, sir." She said again as he held himself above her, poised over her cunt but making her beg for it. "Fuck your whore, your slut, please sir, fuck me, fuck me now..." Sam started to beg before Eric plunged into her and turned it into a moan. He could feel her nails scraping his back as he pumped his cock into her, going as deep as he could over and over again. Sam's moans intensified as Eric continued to slam into her, his mouth kissing her neck, her lips, her tits, and anything else they could reach as he continued to slide in and out of her wet, tight pussy.

Eric could feel himself getting closer to cumming as Sam began to tighten around him, signaling the same for her. "Cum inside me master, fill your slut with cum..." she began to say as she neared her own climax. Sam began bucking underneath Eric, trying to force more of him into her as she began to cum around him. The extra tightness took Eric over the edge, and he began to pump harder than he knew he could, shooting his load deep into Sam's cunt before collapsing on top of her. Still inside her he asked, "So, what do you want to do tomorrow?"

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