tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSamantha's Plan Ch. 02

Samantha's Plan Ch. 02


Authors note:

This is the second chapter in our adventures with Mary and Richard. It would be helpful to read chapter one. In this chapter Richard manages to take back control for a little bit but don't worry its only temporary.


"Good afternoon Richard," Mary said, as I walked in to sit down. "I would like to do things a little differently today."

Normally Mary would put me into a hypnotic trance and reinforce the key phrases she has programmed me with. These key phrases when spoken by my wife Samantha give her control over my orgasms and hence our relationship. Today however, Mary switched to her role as a therapist. She talked to me about my thoughts and feelings regarding my new love life. It was actually more productive than I anticipated. At some point the conversation turned towards my past and current fantasies.

"So tell me more about this cheerleader fantasy you had Richard," Mary said.

I looked at her for a moment trying to avoid that deer in the headlights look. I had forgotten about the fantasy I had when I was younger but apparently during one of our sessions my subconscious mind must have remembered.

"Um well," I stammered. "I haven't thought about that in years."

"Yes I know," Mary continued, "but it tells us about how your mind works and where you need to submit may have come from."

"You think I need to submit?" I asked.

Mary smiled. "Yes Richard. I definitely do".

I thought back and remembered the fantasy I had when I was younger. It was a recurring fantasy where the head cheerleader and one of her cohorts would run across me walking home after school and proceed to tease and torment me. I would want to avoid them but seeing them looking so gorgeous in their uniforms would make me immediately defenseless against their advances. Teasing me relentlessly until I inevitably would cum before they even touched me, humiliating me, and telling me how they were going to tell the whole school how pathetic I was. I would often have these conflicting thoughts while masturbating. Over the years my fantasies turned to a more traditional style but Mary pointed out that this shows I had desires for a long time that revolved around submission to powerful sexy women. After explaining that this was actually quite a prevalent fantasy of many men she went on to put me once again in a trance to do a quick hypnotic session to reinforce my wife's control over my orgasms.

Back at home after waiting anxiously for an hour my wife, Samantha walked in from work. When she walked in I was immediately struck by her sexy image. She always looks amazing, but I have to admit since she took control of my sex I have never appreciated her beauty more! It has been over a week since she has said the phrase I long for. "I'm ready now" the phrase that releases me from the mental chastity that has been programmed into my psyche.

"Good evening Richard," Samantha said. "Have a good session today?"

"Yes Ma'am," I responded.

I had instinctively addressed her as Ma'am a couple of weeks ago and since it seemed to put a smile on her face I have continued to use it. She sat down and I went to the kitchen to get her some tea. When I returned she smiled commenting on how attentive I had become.

"Seems someone is very eager to please," Sam said. "I wonder why that could be?"

"Well let's see what's making you so eager," she continued.

Sam then instructed me to go to the bedroom and put my clothes in the hamper and return to her. I almost ran to do as she said. I had been worried that since it was Monday I may have to continue to wait all week before I would have a chance to get my much needed relief. As I was stripping I thought about how not very long ago I would masturbate daily or even more often. Now my balls were full with eight days of cum and I was praying I'd get relief soon. As I returned Sam sat back in our easy chair and glanced at my cock already hard with anticipation. She smiled and handed me her glass which was now half empty. I quickly went to the kitchen to refill it returning it to my wife. Slowly sipping on her tea she reached out with her free hand and caressed my balls. She was immediately rewarded with my groan and whimper as my cock began to throb and ache for release. She smiled and began to very lightly and slowly trace her fingers around my balls and the length of my cock.

"Mmm," she sighed. "Oh my, these balls feel so full. And look at how the veins bulge out on your rock hard cock. Oh wait, I think I should say MY cock?" she giggled.

She continued as I struggled to stand. Her fingers felt incredible and I was in absolute torture, aching more and more with each touch of her fingers. It started to become too much and I started to back away.

"Stand right here," she said, pointing to a spot next to her chair, "and don't move or speak until I say so. Honey, I would really like that."

I swallowed hard knowing what she had now said and the effect it would have on me. She had just spoken another one of the phrases that had been so deeply programmed into my brain by Mary, my therapist. By saying 'Honey I would really like that' I was now helpless and would do what she just instructed me to.

Samantha sat back relaxing in her easy chair while I stood at full attention next to her, picking up the remote, turning the TV from what I had been watching to find a movie to her liking. She then put down the remote and lazily reached over to once again start to trace her fingers on my aching balls and throbbing cock. Thoughts of the predicament I was in now began to fill my head. Because of Mary's expert programming, I was unbelievably horny and in need of relief, but unable to move, unable to speak and beg for relief, and unable to orgasm, no matter how good this felt. Sam had just started a two hour movie! Whimpers began to come from my lips which brought a Chesire cat grin from my wife.

"Such nice music to accompany my movie," she said. "Thank you baby."

After about an hour of her tormenting me while half ignoring me, her cell phone rang. She hit pause on the DVR and her fingers left my aching member to pick up the phone. I could tell by the conversation that her sister was calling from Colorado. Sam and her sister Carol got along great and I knew there phone calls could last a long time. Sam asked Carol to hold on a minute and put the phone down. She then walked over to me and in a low voice she said I could sit in the chair until she came back, but no touching myself if I do.

I was grateful for the relief to my limbs as I sat down after an hour of standing at attention in more ways than one. But of course the incredible ache and need in my groin still remained. After about an hour of me staring at a paused TV I heard Samantha coming back towards the living room giving Carol her good bye wishes. I immediately stood and stood back in my position beside the chair. At first I wondered why I had just done that without being told to. Then I realized her instructions were for me to relax until she returned, so unknowingly, I was following instructions. As Sam entered the room I was very aware that while talking to her sister she had also taken the time to change out of her business attire.

As she sat back in her position in the easy chair, I almost couldn't breathe looking at her beauty now covered only by a pink laced nighty. As she picked up the remote and once again pressed play, she reached over to cup my bloated balls. Of course my whimpers began again which was now made worse by me looking down at the cleavage of her incredible breast showing and her beautiful legs curled up in the chair next to me. At one point the scene on the screen must have become intense because the hand cupping my balls began to squeeze until she heard a groan come from my lips.

"Oops," she said before she leaned over kissing each ball sack.

"Sorry fellas," she said, then went back to caressing them softly while watching the rest of her movie.

By the time the end credits rolled, I ached for release so unbelievably bad. I had sweat pouring off my forehead and watery eyes from the need. Samantha shut off the TV and looked at me smiling. She handed me her tea glass again, telling me to go. I had to walk carefully to the kitchen with my knees so weak. When I came back to give her the glass I saw that she had taken off her panties and had her knees over the armrest of the chair.

"Kneel," she said, pointing to the floor between her legs.

I knelt marveling at the site before me. Sam grabbed my hair and pulled my face to inches from her pussy.

"Is this what you have been wanting?" she asked.

I could smell her scent and see how wet she had become tormenting me. The smell was intoxicating. And all I could do was whimper and gasp.

"I wonder how badly you want me?" she asked.

"More than anything," I responded.

"Oh really?" Sam continued. "What do you say we find out?"

She looked down at me and continued, "I'll give you a choice. I know you have a bad case of blue balls right now. I'll say the release phrase and you can go to the bathroom and be free to empty those swollen balls or" she continued, "you can eat my pussy, and then we'll go to the bedroom and you can fuck your wife, giving her the pleasure she wants, but you can't have both."

"So what do you say?" she said. "Do you want an orgasm or me?"

My head was spinning with her proposal. I looked at the beauty before me in all her glory and thought about how much I needed release. But after a few minutes of panicked thought the choice was clear. I looked up into the eyes of my incredible wife and said, "I want you."

Samantha's huge smile was stunning as she guided my head to her wetness.

"Show me how bad you need me," she said.

I began to lick and suck like a madman. I couldn't get enough of her smell and taste. I felt myself go into a dream like state just enjoying the wonderful place I was. I have no idea how many orgasms she had. Finally she pushed me back before saying, "I need your cock now," before getting up to walk to the bed. I walked in to see an amazing sight. The most beautiful woman I know laying in full glory, open and waiting on me! I climbed on the bed and buried my face in her once again for just a minute before moving up to give her what she wanted. I felt like I might pass out when I entered her and felt her warmth and wetness envelop my cock. The feeling when you have been teased and denied for so long is like nothing else. After a minute I was able to compose myself and began slowly stroking in and out. I got a good rhythm going and it wasn't long before I started feeling myself getting close to release and began fucking like an animal. But alas, the hypnosis held and after a long time and several more orgasms by Samantha I knew I wasn't going to get to the goal. Finally she told me she had enough and asked me to stop.

As I lay next to her Sam reached turned over and kissed me deeply.

"Are you regretting your choice?" she asked.

"No," I said. "I need to cum badly but I needed my wife more."

The rest of the night and the next day were agonizing, but when I got home I was surprised to see Samantha's car already in the driveway. When I walked in Samantha greeted me naked and handed me a cold beer.

"Your dinner is waiting for you Sir," Sam said.

She snickered at the confused look on my face. As I sat before an amazing meal she began to explain.

"Richard," she began, "you have made me so happy with your willingness to let me have control like you have. And I was so proud that you would give up your orgasm after waiting so long so you could have me"

She went on to explain that she took off work early to prepare for a special night just for me.

"Tonight you are the king," she said. "I am here to serve you. To give you whatever you want and of course when you are ready, I will grant you what you need so bad."

As I began to eat my delicious meal and looked at the amazing naked beauty sitting across from me, I immediately started to feel a stirring in my pants. Samantha took notice and without saying a word knelt down and began unzipping my pants. I enjoyed the rest of my meal while getting an amazing blowjob. Once I was done eating I decided since I could have whatever I wanted, I wanted to fuck! I got up and lead Sam by the hand to the bedroom.

"Undress me slavegirl," I said hoping I didn't go too far.

Samantha looked at me and grinned. "Yes Master," she said.

After she had stripped off all of my clothes I lead her to the end of the bed. After enjoying the feel of her body for a moment I turned her around and pushed her to bend her over the footboard. Suddenly I had an idea.

"Don't move," I said.

I went to the garage and came back with some rope we used for our camping trip. I proceeded to tie her hands to the headboard and her ankles to the footboard. Reaching between her legs I began to stroke her already wet pussy until I heard her gasp. My turn to make her whimper I thought to myself. After a few minutes I had to feel her and pushed my cock at her opening. Samantha wiggled her hips trying in an effort to pull me in further. It wasn't long before my strokes were getting to her and she began to moan in pre orgasmic bliss. That was when I was ready to make my move as she opened her mouth to gasp. I reached forward and slipped the ball gag I secretly had gotten out of our toy box and slipped into her open mouth. As I buckled it in place I smiled at her weak attempt at a protest. The muffled protest got a little more pronounced when I pulled out of her pussy. I had really started to get into the turn of events and since I didn't know when I would get another chance to be in control, I planned to make the most of it.

"You know you've been a naughty girl lately." I began, "You were pretty sneaky hypnotizing your husband and making him your slave."

I then proceeded to give her a hand spanking. Not enough to really hurt but enough to get a nice glow on the incredible ass before me. Samantha was now breathing heavily into the gag and moving her hips trying to get me to touch her where she needed it. Slowly I walked back to the dresser and got the KY jelly and squirted a liberal amount on her asshole. Sam groaned into the gag.

"Whatever I want," I reminded her.

I reached down and began to play with her soaked pussy for a minute and even couldn't resist bending down to get another taste before standing up and positioning my cock at her tight rear entrance. I began to enter slowly, allowing her time to relax and accept the intrusion. After getting her loosened up I began to speed up. I'm sure she was beginning to understand the purpose of the gag. Sam had rarely allowed me to enter her ass and in the past I was never able to last very long. Now with the gag in place she was unable to give me the release phrase and I could give her the ass fucking I had always dreamed of giving her. After enjoying the feeling of her for a while, I was ready so I leaned forward to remove the gag. Giving her the ability to say the phrase that would give me the release I had waited nine days for. To my surprise she didn't say anything. She only groaned and panted, wiggling her ass spurring me on. To my surprise I realized she was about to have another orgasm! I began to pump even harder so turned on by her wanton actions. As she felt her orgasm start to take over she whimpered and began to speak.

"I'm ready now," she gasped.

That did it. The phrase I had waited for. Just when I think these orgasms can't get any more powerful, I felt the mother of all orgasms to date take over my body. I bucked like crazy as I felt my balls empty into her forbidden hole just as Sam screamed in a powerful orgasm of her own. I managed to stay on my feet long enough to gently pull out of her and lay down next to her on the bed. We both lay panting for a while before I untied her and lead her to the shower.

Back in our bed Sam laid her head on my chest and I could tell she was ready to drift off to sleep.

"It's still my night," I said.

Sam looked at me dreamy eyed.

"Yes it is," she said. "You've earned it"

"Well then suck my cock and get it ready to fuck my wife," I said.

Sam grinned and replied "Right away Sir."

After getting me hard with her beautiful mouth we made love. Not fucking this time, but a man making love to his wife. It wasn't long before I was ready for a second orgasm but I realized that because of all the mental conditioning I was able to last a respectable time now.

Sam lay back on my chest once again and asked me if I was happy with the way things had gone since I started with hypnosis. I told her that even though many times it was extremely frustrating, I was very happy.

"Wonderful," she said. "Enjoy your freedom for a while. I have some plans for my slaveboy and I need you to be ready. That level of frustration is going to reach new heights."

I drifted off to a very peaceful sleep, completely in love with my wife, nervous about what she was planning, but also very anxious to find out.

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