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I have a exhibitionist streak I guess. On vacations my husband Frank and I have been pretty adventurous in the past. We've done it on the balcony overlooking an interior lobby/atrium at a hotel we stay at in Atlantic City. We've done it in both the pool and jacuzzi at different hotels and resorts. We would never go to a nudist place or anything like that, but the idea of being seen when your not supposed to, it really turns me on. Frank has even fingered me while I'm without panties, in traffic on the way to or from the hotel. Going to lunch or dinner without panties is a real favorite of mine. I have even tried to flash waiters (without success) from under the table by spreading my legs. Its just a thrill, and I can't really explain why.

A little background on me might help. I'm 41, good looking for my age and fit. I am typically shy by nature, and my sexual experience has been Frank alone, and only after we got married when I was just turning 20. Okay, if I'm telling the truth here, I actually did have my first sexual experience with an older boyfriend just before I met Frank, but Frank doesn't know it, and I've kept it a secret all these years. It was not much of a first time, as he was much more experienced, done quickly and I was so ashamed of having done it and nervous while doing it, but it did happen. Its funny, even admitting it during this story is making me a little aroused. I should tell Frank now too, but I hate to have him know that I've lied all these years. Very oddly though, I know he would understand, and that in the right moment, it would turn him on to hear about it.

Anyhow, back to my story. Frank and I love to weekend away. We live in Raleigh, NY, and its a short enough getaway for us to got to Atlantic City, NJ for weekends. For us getting away means, no one knows us and we can act out on our baser instincts without worrying who saw us or how our reputations might suffer. Even frank doesn't know how much I long to get away on our trips. I love being sexy, and seeing how it affects him. We both drink more, and get crazier than we would ever do at home, where our three kids and neighbors, church friends, and business acquaintances might catch us.

Frank and I had discussed several times the thrill of having someone else spy on us while we did it. And, I had told Frank how the idea really gets me hot and horny. In addition, we had also discussed how both of us would like very much to catch another couple in the act, and watch them do it. I actually have fantasized about how hot it would be to be invisible and be able to follow another sexy couple up into their room, so that I could watch. (By the way my pussy is getting wet as I right this, is that weird or normal?) I want to see people up close, and hear it happen, the moans and the grunts and the sex noises as certain things slip into other things. I know Frank would like this too, but what does a couple do? We can't walk up to another couple in a hotel bar and say, "Hey good looking couple, want to have sex while me and my husband watch you tonight?" Admittedly, you might actually run into a couple that would say, "Sure, sounds hot!" But you would likely find all the rejection that comes from the seven other couples before that too much to endure.

Anyhow, these were our fantasies, and I thought about them, but never with any real hope of actually getting to enjoy them in real life. But something occurred a few weeks ago that changed everything, and makes for the meat of this story. I was surfing the net on a local classified site for something, when I saw an ad titled, "COUPLE WANTED FOR SAME ROOM SEX". Out of curiosity, and with my vagina tingling, I clicked the ad. Inside the details said, "No physical contact, no swapping, just watching each other. We are looking for a couple who wants to watch and be watched while having sex in a private hotel room setting." Anyhow, there was an email address and I wrote.

Long story short, after clearing it with Frank, who was way more excited than even I was, we has a date to meet this couple in Atlantic City in a hotel bar at the resort of some of our other sexual adventures.

We met them after getting ready on a Friday night, and I was super nervous, thinking of calling it off, excited at the though, wetting through my panties, and really horny, and shaking, all at once. Frank was nervous too, but I knew if I didn't stop this train that we were going to be nude and having sex in front of strangers for the first time ever within hours. I let my moist vagina take the lead, and there we were exchanging pleasantries with Kat and Jim in the hotel bar. They were both attractive, but not models or extremely good looking. I thought it would be more awkward, but once taking it was easy and nice. It was exciting to me that Jim was looking at me. I knew he was picturing me naked. I was really getting horny. I really wanted to see his parts too, and I never even think of that usually when I meet people, but this was a different kind of meeting. Strangely I wanted to see Kat in the buff too. I am no lesbian, but the idea of nudity and other people's bodies is a turn on for me. I noticed that Frank was embarrassed, and I noticed that he had a harder time looking at Kat than Jim did looking at me. I think he didn't want to make me feel jealous. I leaned over and whispered to him to relax, and that if we were going to do this we should try and enjoy it. For goodness sakes, we were only going to be having sex with each other, anyhow. And at that he freed up a bit.

Up to the room we went, and then we each went to our respective beds, we decided to just start making out a bit with our spouses, and then let things take there natural course. Jim and Kat did the first bit of undressing, which helped, as I was nervous, but I would have done it, I really would have, because I was really getting hot. I took off my top but left on my bra for a while and I could see Jim staring at me. He was rock hard in his pants with his shirt off, and Kat topless laying next to him and kissing him. It was a wonderful sensation to know Jim's horniness was partly due to my beginning to get naked. I felt I had to take that bra off now, that I had to show my tittys.

I have small but perky tittys. And they felt warm and tingly in Jim's gaze. I shook them more than normal, and bounced them, and noticed even Frank looking hungrily at them. In fact, I had both Frank and Jim's eyes on me, and I was soooo horny. I really wanted my short and panties off too. I wanted the reactions.

Oh, and then there was the watching. I have seen porn before, mainly with Frank on the computer, but this was nothing like that. It was real!. It was real people, really enjoying each other, and really horny because of the situation. I was overcome with my feelings of sexuality. I was showing off, and I was more noisy than normal. Frank was hard and huge. Bigger and harder than normal, looking at Kat in the nude and watching them screw. I sucked his penis and watched Kat rub her tits in reaction as she looked on.

We had sex two times that night per couple, and we never swapped, or touched each other. We did talk about it all in between, and we even directed each other a little the second time through. Jim even asked me to bend over so He could see me, and I replied, "If its okay with Jim, and if Kat will do the same for him." Frank, had no trouble with any of this. He's a respectable man in every area of life, but I know my Frank is a horndog!

I really want to do this again, and have skimmed the classifieds and seen that there are a whole bunch of folk who are into it. I hope my story made you horny too, and makes you want to show off and watch. If you live in our area, or ever get to Atlantic City, drop me a line.

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by Anonymous12/21/17

Pretty good

The writing wasn't great: misspellings and incorrect word use. It was a cute story pretty well told. Just good, clean believable fun.

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