tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 25

Sandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 25


Chapter 25. George/Others. (October 2009)

It was a couple of months after my encounter with George and Kev, see Chapter 19, before my work took me to the town of P again and the short meeting proved to be as stressful as before. Heading back towards the motorway after a lunchtime snack I saw the turn off I'd taken on my previous visit and, curiosity getting the better of me, impulsively took it. There was the track, still looking as overgrown and unused as it had two months earlier, although the gate had disappeared altogether by this time.

OK, I'd seen the spot, just turn and head for home I thought. Turning into the gateway I stopped and was about to reverse when I saw the big old van parked outside one of the derelict buildings. It had been hidden from view as I approached the turn.

I knew the guys were at work on a large scale renovation project, George had told me as much when berating me for blocking the gateway, and seeing his van I paused, thinking. Then in an instant my resolve not to get mixed up with them a second time melted away and I changed from reverse gear to forward.

The guys had been rough with me before and I surmised that they would be again but despite that, or more probably because of it, I drove towards the building.

I felt very nervous, there's no denying that, as I parked beside the van. Climbing out I hesitated, it was now or never. Quickly turn and go or face the consequences of staying. In some respects the decision was taken out of my hands when George emerged from one of the buildings and started walking towards one of the others. Spotting me he quickly came over to where I stood uncertainly beside my car.

"Thought you'd be back," he grinned, taking my wrist.

"I'm only here to collect my property."

"Your property as you call it is in here." George said, pulling me towards the barn he'd been heading for.

God he was strong and I felt weak at the knees as I stumbled along behind the guy thinking that once in the barn I'd be completely at his mercy. He'd be able to do whatever he wanted with me and I'd be helpless to prevent it. The excitement I felt about that was weird, it was as if I wanted to be mastered and subjugated by this rough and ready guy dragging me towards the barn and almost certain violation.

It was as we rounded the front of his large van that I saw the two other vehicles for the first time and could hear the sound of hammering and voices. Stopping in my tracks I told George I'd changed my mind and was going.

"Oh no you're not girl. You want it and you're going to get it."

He continued to drag me, roughly now, towards the door from where I could hear the noise increasing. Just how many guys were in there? What was I getting myself into I wondered.

George propelled me through the open door and I stopped dead, really frightened now as my eyes took in the 6 guys at work there. I turned to leave but found my escape barred by the powerful George who pushed me back inside saying, "Here's the tart I was telling you about lads. Reckons she's come back for her knickers."

He pointed at the wall where I saw my panties hanging from a nail.

"What she's really come for though is another good fucking so let's not disappoint her lads."

The guys crowded round and even in my alarmed and confused state I could see that Kev wasn't amongst them.

"Help me get her knickers off to hang with the other trophy lads." George said, hauling my skirt up.

"No, no." I protested weakly and ineffectually as of course there was little or nothing I could do against the number of hands plucking at me.

In a matter of seconds my panties were off and hanging on a nail beside the first pair.

"I'll have quite a collection if you continue your visits." George grinned.

He was at my rear and holding me in a bear-like hug, arms pinned to my sides, and there was absolutely nothing I could do as the many hands explored under my skirt.

"No, no, let me go you beast!" I stuttered, feeling hands forcing my legs apart, many fingers probing inside me. "There won't be any more visits."

"You don't mean that girl, you loved a bit of rough treatment the other week, wouldn't have come back otherwise would you?" he leered.

I continued to put up a token struggle until he jeered, "You want it really. I bet you've had more pricks than a pin cushion."

"You're right there George, nobody's holding the tarts legs open now and her cunt's wet and gaping."

"Be gaping even more by the time she's had seven cocks up it," another voice said amidst much laughter.

"There's two ways you can play this girl. Either strip willingly so your clothes remain intact or the lads will take 'em off for you, in which case I can't guarantee the condition you'll find them later."

The guys were crowding round and I felt an incredible number of hands between my legs as I told George in a faltering voice that I'd undress myself. I felt defeated and at their mercy, but deliciously so.

"Good girl, you know it makes sense."

He let go of me and the guys fell back a bit to stand in a circle grinning when I began undressing.

After hearing about the initial encounter hubby had encouraged me to revisit the place as he felt confident that no real harm would befall me. He couldn't have known I'd be confronted by seven guys though and the excitement I invariably feel to find myself the object of men's lust was tempered by a fear of the unknown.

I stood amongst them naked and watched in fearful wonder when George carried my clothing from the building with the words, "You'll get these back when we've finished with you but that won't be for a long time yet."

He was only absent a few minutes but by the time George returned it was to find me on my knees holding two cocks while sucking a third.

"The tart didn't need much persuasion George."

There was silence then while a succession of cocks were presented to my lips and I must have sucked some of them several times as they kept on changing places.

"Up onto the old picnic table with her lads."

Inevitably it was George directing operations as I was carried to what appeared to be the type of wooden table with bench seats fixed either side of it that you'd normally find outside a pub or at a country park. At least one of the guys had enough compassion to drape a torn and grubby blanket over the table before I was lifted onto it. After I'd been placed with my bottom on the very edge of the table George's voice instructed me to spread my legs and I did so automatically. My legs were then tied to the bench seats while simultaneously my wrists were dealt with likewise and I experienced a delicious feeling of helplessness.

"There it is lads, the cunt me and young Kev had our cocks up a few weeks ago. Must have given her a good time eh, seeing as how the tart's come back for more."

I was fully exposed to all the laughing men, some of who now began taunting me about what they were going to do.

When I felt a tongue flick up the length of my slit I didn't bother to raise my head to see whose it was, knowing they'd probably all lick me there before they'd done. A second tongue joined in from above while hands mauled my breasts.

"Nice succulent pair of tits," someone said and a mouth fastened on a nipple.

Someone else nibbled the other and I could even feel a finger probing my anus by this time. Under the combined pressure of all the hands and tongues I was brought to orgasm again and again, the guys cheering each time.

"If you've all had a taste of her cunt lads turn the hot arsed bitch over onto her belly."

Surprisingly George had done nothing but watch and give instructions so far, compounding my humiliation by smiling knowingly every time I was brought to orgasm. He knew I was loving every minute of what to most women would have been an ordeal!

George's instructions were carried out and when hands roughly spread my buttocks I knew instinctively they were his. He began licking my anus and the only sounds now were my squeals! Eventually he moved back saying, "Who else wants a taste of her sexy little bum hole?"

Another tongue immediately flicked my anal opening and this time I felt fingers again probing my cunt and teasing my clitoris. As tongue succeeded tongue the sensations were phenomenal and I lost count of the number of orgasms I experienced.

(When I told hubby later that 7 guys had licked my anus he had his own immediate orgasm!)

Still feeling shattered by the experience and by seeing George's grinning face watching mine contorting with each orgasm, I found myself being turned over yet again. My legs were lifted at right angles to my body and far apart.

"This is it girl," George taunted, waving his erection at me. "The seven of us are going to fuck you one after the other and I'm going first."

There was a cheer from the guys when George drove his cock into me and I closed my eyes against the face grinning down at me. George fucked me as roughly as he had a couple of months earlier but didn't last long. As expected his place was immediately taken by one of the others. My breasts were being mauled and George's taunts rang in my ears while the succession of guys stood between my legs fucking me.

After the seventh had emptied his balls inside me there was no respite, I was simply turned over onto my tummy again.

"By the time we've finished with you we'll know your body intimately, perhaps more so than your old man." George hissed as he began to push his cock into my anus.

It was almost silent then as George fed more and more of his cock into my anus, his balls soon pressing up to me.

"There you've got my full length up your bum hole girl and there'll be a few more cocks following on." George hissed.

Another outbreak of cheering then as he did it to me, his cock drilling steadily in and out of my anus. It went on and on until a grunting George pressed hard up to me and hissed, "Here it comes girl," as he ejaculated.

His cock was no sooner withdrawn than another drove into my anus and again a cheer rang out. I didn't turn my head to see which of them it was, there didn't seem much point, they'd keep going until they were all sated anyway, but he bum fucked me slower than George had done.

I was quiet now; I had no choice as a cock had been pushed into my mouth. I was being bum fucked by a third guy when the one I was sucking came in my mouth.

George's face suddenly appeared close to mine.

"By the time we've finished with it your tight little bum hole will have been opened up nicely," he jeered.

I was being sodomized by a fourth guy then but as it happened he turned out to be the last.

The rest of the guys had gone by the time I recovered sufficiently to ask George if there was anywhere I could take a shower, or failing that a wash.

"Afraid not girl, the renovation isn't far enough on for that, you'll have to go home to your husband smelling of our cocks."

"He'll probably be turned on by that." My reply was automatic and George laughed.

"Well you can tell the sod that from now on you're my slut, my sex slave to do as I want with, ok?"

I remained silent but when George told me to be at the barn on a particular date,

simply nodded before walking towards my car, his laughter following me.

He'd specified a Saturday so it would be possible, but would I dare to go? Well it remained to be seen.

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