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S&M Lesbian Strip Poker


I need to say something right up front: I'm not a lesbian.

I am open minded. I'll try almost anything once.

That's why I joined the sex club at my university.

But I'm not a lesbian.

It wasn't actually called 'The Sex Club' of course. The official name was The Sorority Sisters Sex Education Club, SSSEC. Everyone called it 'The Sex Club'.

The club's purpose was to promote healthy attitudes and lifestyles for women with regard to sex. I was proud of that. We had subgroups for everything from alternative lifestyles to domestic violence. We did good work and helped a lot of people.

There were, however, lots of rumors about the club. I heard them all: that we threw orgy parties, that we selected one lucky guy and five of us would fuck his brains out, that we taught each other how to finger ourselves, etc. When I told guys I was a member, they smiled and asked if I would invite them to the next orgy party. It got annoying after a while.

Well, you know how they say there's always a kernel of truth in every rumor? That turned out to be true about The Sex Club.

One Thursday afternoon, my sorority sister Danielle stopped into my room when my roommate was out. I was lying on my bed reading.

Danielle was in the sex club too. She had joined the year before me as a freshman, just like me a year later.

"Do you play poker?" she asked.

I had learned from a friend a few years ago. He was a big poker nut.




She got this semi-embarrassed, semi-evil little smile. She sat down next to me on my bed.

"Are you enjoying the sex club?" she asked me, as if discussing classified information.

"Yeah, I really think we helped people with the booth on domestic violence..."

Danielle started laughing until she realized I was serious.

She put a hand on my forearm.

"No, I mean, have you been to any of the 'special' events yet?" She made air quotation marks with her fingers when she said 'special'.

"Oh, uh, no... not yet" I answered, a bit confused.

"Oh" she said, and nodded before continuing.

"Well, look, we're really careful about the 'special' events. They need to be kept quiet, you know? So it takes some time before people feel they can trust you and invite you."

I just nodded.

"So there's an event tonight and I'll invite you, but you have to promise to keep it a secret, ok?"

"Yes, of course." I said, reassuring her.

Danielle got even closer to me. She talked in a whisper.

"Ok, the S&M group is doing their monthly S&M Strip Poker game. Have you heard about it?"

The blood drained out of my face almost immediately. I couldn't believe it. I thought of all those people who'd asked me about these parties, and how stupid I had looked denying it!

"Uh... no...?" I said.

"Ohhh... you'll love it! You should come!" she told me, enthusiastically.

I didn't know what to say.

"Strip poker?" I asked.

"Yeah, well, it's S&M strip poker. It's pretty wild."

"Oh..." I answered. "How wild?"

Danielle laughed out loud. And then resumed her whisper.

"It's really fun. Girls only. You'll see! Come on!"

"I don't know" I hesitated.

"Really, you'll love it! I promise!"

I nodded again.

"It's girls only?" I asked.

"Yeah... it's just easier to take your clothes off when there are no guys in the room."

I nodded again. The idea of strip poker was exciting. And it was true that stripping in front of guys might be awkward, or even lead to something I didn't want.

"But there's only three girls in the S&M group?" I pointed out.

She laughed out loud again.

"Oh, there's more than three girls in the S&M group..." she said, almost winking at me.

I just nodded, feeling even more stupid.

"But what's S&M strip poker?"

"Oh, you'll see, there's only one, like, sub, you know, like slave, in the game... but I promise there's almost no way you'll be the slave... they're really bad poker players..."

She laughed. I smiled.

"...and everyone will be super nice to you because it's your first time, so it'll just be really fun..."

I had no idea how to react.

"Come on Alex" she told me. She looked at me reassuringly. "You'll love it, really!"

I thought about it some more, trying to resolve the feeling that I'd been the last person on campus to know the truth about my own club. But then I decided I wanted to know what really happened in the club. And I wanted to be invited to future 'special' events.

So I accepted.

Danielle gave me a big hug and assured me I would love it.

A few hours later, Danielle and I walked over to the sorority house hosting the game. She explained the rules to me. They turned out to be remarkably simple.

Everyone starts out with $100 of chips and fully clothed, which means a top and a bottom of your choice, a bra and panties. Everybody plays barefoot and bare legged.

If your chips dip below $75, you strip down to your panties and bra. If your chips dip below $50, you lose your bra. If your chips dip below $25, you are naked.

"As long as you have chips, there's a chance you can get some clothes back on" she said with a smile.

"What happens when you lose?" I asked nervously, wondering about the 'S&M' in 'S&M Strip Poker'.

We were walking up the steps to the sorority house. She smiled.

Well, everyone except for the winner will end up naked, so it's ok. Everybody stays naked until the party ends.

That seemed ok to me.

"But the first person out... she becomes the group slave..." Danielle explained

Whoa! I thought to myself. A million images came to mind, some exciting and some terrifying!

We stepped inside the sorority and there was no turning back. I followed Danielle to the basement.

"And the winner..." she continued... "gets to be the lead Mistress... even though the slave will really serve all of us..."

I knew which alternative I preferred!

She knocked on the door to the basement. Rita unlocked it and let us in. She was in the S&M subgroup, but she wasn't what you'd expect. She dressed like just another college girl. She had beautiful brown hair, and she was long and sleek looking.

"Come in! We were just about to start!"

She hugged us both and showed us in.

Once inside, you could hardly tell this was a basement. The ceiling was covered and they had carpeted hardwood floors. The whole thing was an open space the size of four or five dorm rooms. There was music playing, beer and punch on a small bar and a giant tv playing in silence.

A big cheer went up when we walked in. Sitting around a big round table in the middle were six girls, all blond. When I saw them, I started to suspect that my qualification for joining the party was that I was blond.

It was a really festive mood, not like anything I associated with S&M. The girls cheerfully started singing "Danielle's here, Danielle's here!" I started to relax.

I recognized one of the girls and said hello.

"A rookie!" one of the girls said with a big smile.

Danielle got me a cup of punch and we sat down at the table.

"Everybody, this is Alexandra" she announced me, and everyone disjointedly yelled out "Hi Alexandra!"

Rita walked around the table and put a hand on my shoulder and Danielle's.

"Do you know the rules?" she asked.

"Yes..." I answered.

"Yes I explained them" Danielle told her.

"Ok, so you know about blinds?"

I did, but I'd learned a few things from my poker friend. Don't give away free information! I pretended not to know.

So Rita explained how the small and big blind worked to me, and told me about the rapidly escalating blinds that would be used in the game. The blinds were forced bets which got bigger and bigger as the game went on. This was designed to knock people out who would rather sit on their chips and stay clothed.

"Ok, let's play!" Rita said.

I was looking down adjusting my seat when I was startled by a crash. A collar had just landed in the middle of the table. A collar!

The game became real at that point.

Rita passed chips to everyone.

The minimum bets and blinds were small for the first few rounds, and everyone played very tight. I knew it was an opportunity to be aggressive and steal pots, but fear of stripping first or becoming the slave made me cautious. It was a bit scary because I really had no idea what being the slave would mean, and I was counting on Danielle to protect me.

As the game continued and the blinds began to rise, the bad players began to make mistakes. One bad player was Dana. She got aggressive with an Ace and Seven card offsuit. Amber took that pot, leaving Dana at exactly $75 of chips. When she lost, all the girls started whooping it up, teasing her that she'd be the first to start stripping.

I was doing pretty well. I won a few and lost a few.

Amber turned out to be the most aggressive of the group.

On one hand I had two Jacks and raised to start. Amber re-raised me. I called. So did a couple of others.

The flop came five, seven and Ace, all different suits. The ace made me nervous, but I pushed ahead to see what everyone had. I bet another $10 and the two other girls folded. Amber re-raised me by another $10. That was going to be enough to take my outer layer off if I lost.

All the girls started laughing nervously.

I looked at Amber. She sat there, straight in her chair, expressionless, her hand firmly placed over her cards. Nothing moved. Not her eyes, not her long blond hair... it was impressive. She had been in beauty contests and it showed in her ability to stay motionless.

Nothing moved until suddenly her index finger pushed down onto her card.

What did it mean? I couldn't know. I decided this wasn't the time to find out. I folded. I fell to $84, but I made it up soon enough.

As I looked around the table, I caught myself starting to imagine what these girls would look like naked. And the thought of them having to strip started to excite me.

Michelle, a cheerleader, turned out to be the first to strip. She was down to $79 when the big blind came came to her. The blinds were rising. She threw her $10 into the pot and everyone knew she had to win to keep her clothes on.

This weird kind of nervous excitement came over the group when Michelle put her money in.

I called with a pair of sevens, hearts and spades. Amber raised.

Michelle stared at Amber, knowing she was probably trying to steal the pot and force her to take her clothes off. I stared at Amber too.

It was like a repeat of the last hand where we'd gone head to head. She sat there in perfect posture, motionless, her hand firmly above her cards. I waited and nothing happened. Not even her index finger this time.

I folded.

Michelle called and threw in another $10. She was down to $59.

The flop came Jack of diamonds, five of clubs, eight of hearts. Michelle checked. Amber raised her again, another $10. That was going to put Michelle below $50 if sh e lost.

In other words, Amber wanted Michelle's bra too!

Michelle stared at her again and so did I. The same motionless statue of beauty met our gaze. The other girls whooped it up. Amber was motionless. Her hand perfectly still.

Michelle called and threw in her $10. She was down to $49.

The turn card was ace of hearts. Michelle raised $10, clearly convinced Amber was bluffing.

Amber re-raised her another $15. Now she wanted Michelle's panties!

All the girls were laughing now and whooping it up. We had a big moment on our hands.

I studied Amber carefully. No motion and no emotion. It was amazing.

Michelle called! She was down to $24!

The river card was a two of diamonds.

Michelle pushed in another $5.

It was a carefully made bet by Michelle. $5 was going to push Amber below $75 herself. In other words, Michelle was telling Amber that if she wanted to see her cards and her skin, she was going to have to risk having to strip herself.

Amber looked at her and smiled.

Amber called.

Michelle turned over an ace and jack. She had two pair.

Amber turned over two jacks. Three of a kind!

The room exploded in cheers.

"Strip! Strip! Strip!" the girls started chanting.

Michelle did as she was obligated to do. She stood up from the table and started stripping.

Rita jumped over to the stereo and turned up the music.

Michelle was a beautiful girl. Her body twisted so elegantly as she removed her sweatshirt and shorts to reveal perhaps the most perfect female body I'd ever seen.

Her breasts were full and her hips had just a little extra curve in them, but her body was completely free of any body fat. Her stomach was rock hard.

Her breasts fell out of her bra and my jaw almost dropped at the perfection they represented. She wiggled out of her panties, and I could barely watch any more.

As was evidently the custom, she then took a turn before sitting back down with a big smile.

Amber had a huge chip lead now. One by one the girls started to lose their clothes. I avoided their fate. To my amazement, Michelle managed to stay in the game. In fact, at some point she got to put her panties back on!

I got into several confrontations with Amber. I lost several before I started to lock in on that hand of hers. After a few showdowns, I realized that the finger was indeed a "tell". Whenever she put the finger down, she was almost invariably bluffing. She didn't like losing hands to me, or anybody for that matter, but she smiled and enjoyed the game all the same.

Amber was beautiful, long and lean with bright blue eyes. Realizing I had her figured out, I looked forward to making her strip. I felt like I had that power over her, and I relished the opportunity to use that power!

With the blinds going up, Heather became desperate. Heather was the other cheerleader. Like Michelle, it was criminal to see so much beauty reserved for just one person's body. But so it was, and she was the lucky girl.

When the big blind came to her one round, she was already naked.

She went all in. Everyone folded, including aggressive Amber. It fell to me to decide whether to let her collect all those chips or be the first to lose. To become the first slave!

I was staring at big slick, and ace of hearts and king of hearts. There wasn't much question about this one.

The girls started whooping it up.

I called and showed my cards.

The girls started laughing and laughing.

And then she put down her cards.

A King of spades and a Ten of hearts.

"The rookie's gonna make Heather our slave!" one of the girls said, and everyone laughed.

Danielle slapped me high five.

First the flop came, five of diamonds, eight of clubs, three of hearts. I was ahead.

Then the turn card, a ten of diamonds. She had a pair!

The girls whooped it up. Heather covered her eyes and waited for everyone's reaction to the next card.

The river card: an ace of diamonds! My two aces beat her two tens.

Cheers erupted from around the table! Everyone was congratulating me for the hand.

Poor naked Heather. Her head fell into her hands and she slowly got up from her chair.

I enjoyed the whooping and the spectacle of it all. When she stood, I couldn't help but admire her body some more.

Danielle broke me out of my moment. She touched me on the elbow and then grabbed the collar.

"The girl who knocks out the first loser puts the collar on the slave" she told me, and handed me the collar.

I looked at her to make sure I'd understood properly. I had.

By the time I reached her with the collar, Heather was smiling.

"I'm sorry!" I told her, also with a smile.

"It's ok" she told me, and winked.

And then she hung her head down as I fastened the collar to her beautiful neck.

Heather sat back down to watch the game continue until her Mistress would emerge. All the girls started taunting Heather, saying how badly they wanted to have her as their slave!

One by one however, the girls ended up without clothes and out of the game. Michelle was next to go, probably happy that she'd avoided Heather's fate!

I enjoyed watching Danielle strip next to me. Still being in the game while she was sitting there naked actually turned me on in a weird way.

Rita, our lone non-blond, made it to the final three, but a vicious re-raising session with Amber cost her dearly. Rita hadn't noticed Amber's finger habit and thought she was bluffing. Amber wasn't bluffing. Rita was soon stripped of her clothing and her chips.

That left me and Amber. She had a huge chip lead on me by this point, but we both hadn't had to touch a bit of clothing.

The girls were whooping it up now and the spiked punch was flowing. Some girls started cheering for me, the rookie, while others cheered for Amber.

I looked at my cards on the next hand. Two queens, hearts and diamonds!

I raised aggressively. Amber re-raised modestly.

I called.

The flop came Queen of spade, Ace of clubs, seven of diamonds, all offsuit.

I reasoned that she'd re-raised modestly with an ace and low card, hoping to hit something on the flop. If she'd matched her ace with the ace on the flop, she would probably think the aces would hold up.

In other words, I had her!

I raised aggressively again. This time Amber re-raised to put me all in!

Did she have a monster hand or was she bluffing? She was so aggressive that I couldn't tell.

I studied her carefully. She sat motionless again, which was now in stark contrast to all the activity around us. Heather watched with particular attention.

I waited and waited, watching her hand out of the corner of my eye until, finally, there it was: her finger pushed down onto her cards!

I called. I was all in. By doubling up, I would take the chip lead. If I lost, I would be naked and the runner-up.

I wasn't afraid, however. I had the power over Amber. I had figured out her finger "tell", and knew she had nothing.

I turned over my two hearts. The girls exploded in cheers and I looked up at Amber, expecting to see dejection.

Instead, she smiled and turned over two aces, diamond and heart!

We both had three of a kind, and she had the higher cards! I was in trouble. Only another Queen would save me.

When she turned over her cards, Amber gave me a wink and tapped her cards with her index finger.

She'd hustled me! She'd known I was watching for her finger tap, and she'd set me up!

The turn card was a nine of clubs. No help.

The river card was my last chance for a queen. The river card came up: nine of hearts!

It was over. The girls whooped it up again. Rita turned up the music. It was my turn to strip.

So that's what I did. I stood up as they all had. I started twisting and turning to the music while I removed my sweatshirt and shorts.

And then I slowly took my bra off. All the girls hoo'd and haa'd at my breasts.

And then I slowly lowered my panties to the floor while they all chanted "Strip! Strip! Strip!" I did a turn for their pleasure.

Danielle enjoyed the show, whooping it up with the other girls.

"You did that great!" she said, when I was done.

Everyone was in a good mood at this point. The party moved over to the lounge area of the basement where there were couches surrounding their giant tv. There was something liberating and exciting about all of us sitting together naked.

We all sat down except for Amber. Rita called her to the middle of the room and all the girls cheered.

Long, lean Amber, I thought. She'd played me real good on that last hand.

Rita handed her a pair of heels, a leash and a little leather whip. They were like stiletto heels, long, black and with minimum straps on top.

To the great pleasure of all of us watching, Amber thanked Rita for the heels and then waited for Rita to sit.

Then Amber began to take her own clothes off, stripping down to her black panties and bra. Amber's long, sleek body looked even more gorgeous than I'd expected. She stepped into the heels and stood a good 5'10" now.

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