tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 38

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 38


Note: This story is the thirty-eighth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous thirty-seven episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


I looked around while April was leading me into the living room. Ten men were comfortably seated in arm chairs. This morning Mark, Bobby and I brought in extra chairs so that each of our guests would have a comfortable place to sit.

The studs were tall and physically fit. They were all handsome men in their late twenties to mid forties.

I recognized every one of them.

Big dick Jason was sitting next to his friend Mel. Jason and Mel were both frequent guests in our house. The girls told me that Mel was hung every bit as well as Jason.

Barry, our realtor was seated near the back of the room. I didn't know that he was going to be one of the guests, but when I thought about it he certainly met all of the criteria.

There were six men that I knew from Baxter's. Dave, Rick, Al, James, Michael and Tony were all regulars at the nightclub. Both Sandra and Julie had both been to the parking lot with all of them. They were always nice and polite to Mark, Bobby and me. They would be pleasant guests.

I'd never met the tenth man. He was a young African American. His name was Jamal. I'd heard that he was going to be one of the guests. He was an old friend of April's. The girls told me that he was an excellent college basketball player. He was now in the first year of his surgery residence at the University Hospital. When the girls talked about him last Thursday night, they weren't sure if he'd be able to get the afternoon off. He had a soft drink in his hand. I thought it was very likely that he was on call. I also gathered from the girls that in college, he was a notorious stud.

April led me to a spot where we were standing in a line even with Maddie and Julie. We stopped about four feet to the right of Julie and Bobby. April turned and faced the men. I got down on my knees next to her.

I took a quick look out of the corner of my eye. Bobby was kneeling next to Julie and Mark was kneeling next to Maddie.

Sandra was addressing the men. "Gentleman, I would like to introduce our husbands to you. We refer to them as our cucks. Cuck is our slang word for cuckold. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, it is a middle English word describing a man whose wife is unfaithful to him."

Sandra laughed. "That is certainly going to be an accurate description of our husbands this afternoon."

The men started to laugh.

Sandra walked over to me and patted my chastity cage. "You might notice that our cucks are wearing Plastic shields over their cocks and balls this afternoon." Sandra giggled. "Yes they actually do have penises and testicles. They're cute little miniature versions of the real thing. The only problem is that their toys are actually working miniatures. Because we don't want our slaves running around with erections all afternoon, we have to keep them controlled. We don't want to castrate them; that would be cruel, so we lock them up instead.

Sandra flicked her index finger against the side of my cage. "These plastic shields are called chastity cages and they keep the cucks from getting uncontrolled erections. These chastity cages allow our cucks to function as eunuchs while we're entertaining men like you."

I looked around the room. Several men were snickering. Others were shaking their heads.

Sandra continued. "This afternoon our cucks are not going to be allowed any sexual pleasure at all. Their chastity cages even prevent them from masturbating. If they happen to walk by while one of us is sucking your cock, take a moment to think about how much pleasure you're receiving and how little pleasure they're getting. This afternoon they are surrendering their marital rights as our husbands or boyfriends to you."

Sandra patted my head. "Our cucks are our slaves and our pets. We like them very much so we ask you to please be kind and gentle to them. Treat them like you would treat the family dog. Praise them and pat them if they're good. If they're rude or disobedient please do not try to discipline them yourselves. Tell one of us and we will see that the offending cuck is properly punished."

I heard the crack of a whip. Everyone turned. Brenda was holding the horsewhip. She had just hit a book sitting on one of the end tables.

Sandra smiled. "The cucks are here to see to your every need. You will not have to lift a finger this afternoon. If you want something to drink, they will bring it to you. If you are hungry they will bring you food. Your wish will be their command."

Sandra walked over to Maddie. "Our cucks have names." Sandra pointed to Mark's shirt. "Their names are printed on their tee shirts. You might notice that they're names are indicative of their sexual prowess." She giggled, "Maybe it would be more accurate to say, lack of prowess. Their names might give you a little insight as to why were playing with you this afternoon, rather than with them."

Sandra looked at the men. "Maddie is holding Tiny." Sandra nodded to Mark. "Tiny please bow to our guests."

Mark politely bowed. Maddie patted his head and said, "Good boy."

Some of the men chuckled.

Sandra turned to Bobby. "Julie is holding Quickie; Quickie, please bow."

Bobby followed Mark's lead and bowed. Julie patted his head and said, "Good boy."

Sandra gestured to me. "April is holding Speedy; Speedy, please bow."

I bowed. April patted my head and said, "Good boy."

Sandra smiled at the men. "We wanted all of you to see how well behaved and submissive our cucks are. We invite you to feel free to take full advantage of their willingness to serve and please you. We expect them to treat you like kings this afternoon."

Sandra walked over and stood next to me. "Speedy actually belongs to Julie and me. He lives in this house with us. If you need anything or can't find something, Speedy will assist you. If you don't see him, ask Quickie or Tiny to fetch him for you."

Sandra stopped. "By the way, our cucks are very well trained. They have learned to respond quickly to certain key words. All three of them are very familiar with the word fetch. If you want a beer, just say Speedy fetch me a beer."

Sandra patted my head. "Speedy is an excellent cook. He has stocked the refrigerator with a variety of delicious snacks. During the party, Tiny and Quickie should be circulating with trays of these snacks. If food isn't offered to you during a break, please feel free to tell them to fetch it for you. If you get really hungry, ask Speedy to make you a sandwich. He has a wonderful selection of roast beef, turkey, ham and cheese. He will be more than happy to accommodate you."

Sandra turned to us. "Cucks, I imagine that our guests might enjoy some refreshments before the sex starts. It's time for you to go to work.

Sandra nodded to Maddie, Julie and April. "Ladies please release the slaves.

April removed my leash. She left the collar on. Maddie and Julie did the same thing with Bobby and Mark.

Sandra clapped her hands. "Slaves, attend to your tasks."

Mark turned to the men. "Who would like something to drink?"

Jason waved at him. "Tiny you can fetch me a beer." He turned to Mel. "You want one to?"

Mel smiled. "Yeah, that would be great."

Jason turned back to Mark. "Tiny make that two beers."

I was pretty sure that Sandra had set that up with Jason and Mark just to get everyone feeling free to make use of us. After that the drink orders started coming quickly. I helped Mark get the beverages while Bobby started to circulate with a snack tray.

While we were waiting on the men, Sandra started to explain the ground rules for the party.

"Gentleman it's time to get down to the real purpose of this party." She smiled. "This afternoon all of us," She winked at the men, "except the cucks of course; are going to be doing as much fucking as we possibly can."

"This is how our little soiree is going to work. I want everyone to look at the small bulletin board on the coffee table. Notice that our five names are in a row across the top of the board. Each of you has a card with your name on it. Currently your cards are arranged under our names. There are two cards under each girl's name. In a moment, the five of us are going to go over and remove the top card that is under our name. After we have picked up the top card, we will take the next card and move it up so that it becomes the top card."

Sandra took a moment to see if there were any questions. When she was satisfied that everyone understood the system, she continued. "Each of us will go to the man whose name is on our card. We will take him by the hand and lead him to a very comfortable spot where we will enjoy each other until he cums."

She paused, there still weren't any questions. "When you cum, we will return your card. You should take a break. As soon as you feel rejuvenated, put your card back on the bulletin board. Be sure to place your card under a new woman's name. You may only party with each of us one time this afternoon." Sandra laughed. "If you do all five of us, and decide you want to go around again, we might make an exception to that rule."

April started giggling. "That will be okay, but he has to do all five of us again."

Brenda cracked her whip. "The punishment for failure will be very severe."

The entire room broke up with laughter.

Sandra was shaking her head. "Gentlemen, the point is we are looking for variety this afternoon."

She waited for the room to settle down. When everyone was quiet she continued. "We know that all of you get yourselves checked out on a regular basis. We are confident that you are all healthy and disease free. However if you wish to ejaculate inside of one us today, you must wear a condom. We are making this rule because this afternoon all of us plan to do a lot of fucking. As the day progresses we are going to get very messy if we let you cum inside our pussies without wearing protection. Speedy has a very nice selection of condoms. All of them are magnums." Sandra smiled. "All of you require magnums. It was one of the selection criteria."

Everyone laughed.

"Gentlemen please feel free to fuck us bareback. However, if you choose to do that it's your responsibility to pull out before you cum. Violation of this rule will result in your immediate disqualification from further participation in today's party. In other words, you'll get to join the cucks as spectators."

Sandra gestured towards the other women. "The five of us would love to have you cum in our mouths or on our tits. If you do that our cucks will be right there to clean up the mess." She winked at the men. "All of you know us well enough to understand exactly what that means." Sandra pointed at Bobby. "Quickie over there is particularly skilled in this area.

Some of the men started snickering. I looked over at Bobby. His face was beet red.

Sandra smiled at Brenda and Maddie. They both nodded to her. This little humiliation was obviously prearranged.

Sandra turned her attention back to the men. "Ass fucking is up to the discretion of the woman you're with. All five of us enjoy it, but if you want to do it please ask first. By the way, no cumming in our asses either."

Sandra looked around. "Are there any questions?" She waited a moment; when nobody responded she said, "Okay let's get started."

Sandra walked over to the bulletin board. "Your names have been placed at random. We did make one exception. Jamal is on call at the hospital. He may be called away at any moment. For that reason we made sure that he was in the first group."

She smiled at the men. "Gentlemen, all sex today is public. None of us will agree to play with any of you in private. Everyone will be watching everyone. If your name is not in the first wave, I invite your to come out and watch me." She grinned. "I put on a pretty good show."

She paused. "There will also be a porn movie playing in this room. All of you should also feel free to make use of the recreational facilities in this house. There is a swimming pool and a hot tub on the patio. You will find a billiards table in the basement. If you are going to be out of the immediate area, let one of the cucks know where you will be so we can find you when it's your turn to fuck."

Sandra stopped and thought for a moment. "Oh yes, if any of you would be into an mmf threesome, please let us know. Several of us would love to do it."

Sandra leaned over, picked up the top card under her name and moved the next card into the top position.

She smiled and turned to Tony. "You're my first playmate sweetheart."

Brenda drew Barry. April drew Dave. Julie drew Mel. Maddie drew Jamal.

Sandra turned to the men. "We're going to go into our dressing rooms for a few minutes. We want to put on some sexy clothing for you." She winked at them. "We know just how much you guys enjoy undressing us. We'll be right back."

The girls all disappeared into their respective dressing rooms. The party was about to start in earnest.

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