tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 40

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 40


Note: This story is the fortieth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous thirty-nine episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


By 5:00 all of the men except Jason were gone. He was sitting in the living room drinking a beer and chatting with us. As I mentioned earlier, Jason and I were becoming close friends.

Jason was just finishing his beer when the doorbell rang. Mark answered it. It was Jamal. He stepped into the living room. We all greeted him.

He looked around. "I guess I missed the rest of the party."

I nodded. "Yes you did, but come in and sit down anyway. Can I get you a beer?"

He smiled. "No thank you, I'm still on call."

I glanced at Maddie. She was quietly staring at the floor."

Sandra shrugged. "Jamal, I'm certain we'll do this again. When we do we'll be sure to invite you."

He nodded to Sandra. "Thank you that would be very nice, but I was here for the most important part of the party."

Everyone stared at him.

He looked at Maddie. "I got to be with Madeline."

She slowly looked up at him.

Jamal smiled at her. "I should be able to get about a two hour break right now. Would you like to get a hamburger with me?"

Maddie grinned. "I would love to." She shook her head. "I've been fucking all afternoon. I'm kind of messy. Do we have time for me to take a shower?"

Jamal laughed. "Absolutely."

Sandra jumped up. "Cucks get Maddie into the bathroom and get her bathed. Brenda why don't you and Julie find her something it wear. Jason it's time for you to go home."

Jason looked at her. "My wife won't be home until 8:00. Can't I stay?"

Sandra looked at me. I gave her a quick nod.

She turned back to Jason and shrugged. "All right, you can stay; but once we get Maddie on her way the slaves are going to cleanup the house and then it will be their reward time. You have to stay out of everyone's way and there isn't going to be anymore sex for you today."

Jason laughed. "I promise to stay out of the way. I know where the beer is stored and you five girls have already worn me out."

He looked at me. "Is she always this bossy?"

I shook my head. "Jason do you see that whip over there? I'm not saying a word."

Sandra walked over, kissed me and smiled at everyone. "My baby is a very smart boy."

Jason and Jamal sat in the bathroom and watched while Mark, Bobby and I bathed Maddie.

As soon as we had her dried off, Julie and Brenda appeared with clean underwear, a pair of jeans and a nice top. The clothes belonged to Julie. She and Maddie were the same size.

The seven of us had Maddie dressed and ready for a date in record time. We all escorted her to the front door.

As she and Jamal were about to leave Maddie looked at us. "Thank you, all of you are the most wonderful friends a person could ever hope to fine." She sighed. "I feel guilty. I'm leaving before we do the Stevie Specials."

Julie laughed. "Don't worry Maddie. All four of us will be more than happy to fill in for you."

Brenda nodded in agreement. "Go have a good time. You and I can give Bobby another Stevie Special when you get home tonight. I'm sure he won't mind."

I glanced at Bobby. He was grinning from ear to ear.

After Maddie was gone, Mark and Bobby straightened up the house while I prepared fettuccini and a salad for dinner.

Jason opened a bottle of pinot grigio for the women and they sat on the patio and talked while we finished our chores.

Fourteen people really don't make much of a mess when ten of them are constantly fucking. Bobby and Mark had the house restored to order in no time at all.

When the house was clean and the dinner was prepared the three of us reported to the girls.

Sandra stood up. "I think we should do the rewards before dinner. Let's all go into the playpen."

Julie led us into the playpen. As soon as we were all inside, she pointed to the large arm chair. "Jason why don't you sit over there." She giggled. "You know the routine. This isn't the first time you've sat in that chair and watched a show."

As Jason was sitting down, Sandra walked into the room carrying a wash basin, three wash clothes and three towels. She set everything on the table next to the giant bed.

Sandra reached into her pocket and took out the three keys to our chastity cages. She handed Bobby's to Julie, mine to April and kept Mark's.

Sandra walked over to Mark. "Since Maddie is gone, I'll be your Mistress for the remainder of the evening."

Mark smiled. He liked Sandra.

The girls quickly pulled our panties and slave shirts off, removed our chastity cages and gently washed our tiny cocks and testicles.

When they were done all five of the girls took their own clothes off.

As soon as everyone was naked Julie looked at all of us. She was excited. She loved doing this. "Okay, who gets to go first?"

Sandra grabbed Mark by the hand. "I think April's baby, Mark should go first. After all, he's the reason we decided to do this in the first place."

Julie grabbed his other hand. "All right Markie honey, Sandra and I are going to teach you a new game."

Mark was speechless. I don't think he believed that anything like this was ever going to happen to him.

The girls led Mark to the bed.

Julie was giggling. "Lie down on your back baby."

As soon as Mark was lying down, Sandra motioned to the rest of us. "Everyone get on the bed with us. Were all going to be part of this."

Jason started to get up. Sandra stopped him. "No honey, you have to stay in the chair. You're a stud. This is the cucks time."

Jason smiled and sat back down. "I understand."

Brenda turned to Jason. "Honey, just relax and enjoy the show. Don't worry, we won't send you home feeling all hot and bothered. I'll give you a nice slow blow job before you leave tonight."

Jason laughed. "Life just keeps getting better and better."

All of us were sitting on the bed in a circle around Mark. April was lying so her head was right next to his.

As soon as we were all settled Sandra looked at Julie. "Jules, do you want the top or the bottom?"

Julie couldn't stop giggling. "I'll take the top."

"Okay, why don't you get on right now. Let's give him a few seconds to enjoy your pussy. He's pretty excited. He's had a lot of stimulation today. He probably won't last very long once I start sucking his cock."

Julie climbed onto Mark's face. Once she was seated she looked down at him. "Can you breathe okay down there?"

He nodded his head yes.

"Good, just pat my thigh if you need some air."

Julie sighed. She loved sitting on my face and I knew she was enjoying this. She leaned forward. "Honey, you can lick me if you want, but you don't have to. This is for you. I just want you to enjoy my cunt."

Julie turned to Sandra. "I think it's time."

Sandra crawled between Mark's legs. Just as she was about to pick up his cock, April stopped her. "Sandra go very slowly. This is only the fourth blow job he's ever had in his entire life."

Julie looked at her. "Don't you suck his cock?"

"Only on very special occasions. The first time we made love, our wedding night and the first time I came home from a date. Generally this is something I deny him. I usually jack Mark off when we make love. Sometimes I make him do it himself while he licks me. Does Stevie get a lot of blow jobs?"

Sandra nodded. "He gets one almost every night. Some nights he gets one from both of us. We deny him intercourse."

April smiled. "Really, that's interesting; I'll have to think about this."

Sandra turned back to Mark. "Honey relax and enjoy this."

As Sandra was picking up Mark's little penis April leaned over. She whispered to him. "Close your eyes baby. Let yourself go. There's no pressure here. Sandra is very good."

She picked up her husband's hand and held it while Sandra put his cock into her mouth. April might play denial games with Mark, but it was clear to all of us that she loved him very much.

Mark didn't last very long. No one expected that he would. Sandra was right. He'd had a lot of stimulation today.

Sandra kept his cock in her mouth while Mark ejaculated. When he was done she got up and moved up the bed to Julie. Julie leaned over. Sandra kissed Julie and passed Mark's semen into her mouth.

Julie rolled off of Mark and motioned to Brenda. Brenda came over and kissed Julie. When she had Mark's cum in her mouth she turned and passed it to April.

April thanked her and swallowed it. It was a nice touch. All four women tasted Mark's semen.

Brenda smiled at April. "It's time for us to do Stevie."

April pulled Mark over to Julie and said, "Will you take care of my baby while I'm doing your baby?"

Julie laughed. "I would love to."

Julie had much larger breasts than April. She knew just how to take care of Mark. She pulled her to him, nestled his head between her tits and put her arms around him. "You stay right here while your wife takes care of Stevie."

I glanced over at Mark while April and Brenda were pulling me to the center of the bed. His head was nestled between Julie's breasts. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Brenda sat on my face while April sucked my cock. I didn't last very long either. The day had just been a little too exciting.

After I came the girls also shared my semen. This was now apparently part of the ritual.

When we were done April grabbed me. "Come with me Stevie. I get to take care of you while Julie and Sandra do Bobby."

I wasn't about to argue, April was a beautiful woman.

Sandra pulled Bobby to the center of the bed and smiled at Julie. "Jules I get the top this time. "

Julie passed Mark to Brenda. "Take care of this little sweetie while I take care of your boy." She kissed Mark on the cheek. "Bren's breasts are even larger than mine. I'll bet she'll let you snuggle right in there."

Brenda laughed, pulled Mark onto her lap and nestled his head between her breasts. Mark was in heaven.

April put her arms around me. "I'm sorry Stevie. I'm not very big on top, but you can still snuggle up to me"

I smiled at her. "April nothing would make me happier."

Bobby didn't last very long either. When he was done ejaculating, the girls shared his semen.

I was just about to suggest that it was dinner time when Brenda started giggling.

We all turned and looked at her. She had her fingers wrapped around Mark's penis. "April, your baby has another stiffy." She looked around the room. "How about it girls, shall we go around again."

Julie started giggling again and grabbed Mark. "Come on sweetie. You get to taste Sandra's pussy this time."

All three of us got a second erection and all three of us were treated to another "Stevie Special".

When we were done, the girls sent Mark, Bobby and I into the kitchen to get dinner on the table while they took turns giving Jason his final blow job of the day.

When they were done they came out to the patio. It was a warm summer evening. We all sat together at the table and ate dinner. The sex games were over.

After dinner all of us took turns in the shower. As soon as we were all done showering we jumped into the hot tub. I opened several bottles of champagne. We finished the evening sitting in the hot tub together sipping champagne.

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