tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 69

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 69


Note: This story is the sixty-ninth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous sixty-eight episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

Ricky looked at the clock. It was 12:30. "Stevie I have to run. I have two classes to teach this afternoon. I should be home by 4:30. The dinner at the Kensington Grill is at 7:00 correct?"

Sandra answered, She had clearly taken charge of the day's activities. "Yes, and Ricky we should be leaving here no later that 6:30." There was a tone to her voice that suggested that being late would not be tolerated.

Ricky nodded as he went out the door. "I'll be ready."

Mark turned to me. "Stevie, I have to get back to the bank." He paused. "I really don't know how to thank you for what you're doing."

I smiled at him. "Just being my friend is enough thanks for me."

Mark smiled back at me. "That's pretty easy to do Stevie." He turned to go out the door. As he was leaving he said, "April and I will see you at the restaurant tonight."

As soon as Mark was gone I turned to Sandra. "We have some free time; do you have anything planned for the afternoon?"

Sandra shrugged. "Nothing important; I'm not going to class today." She laughed. "I'm too excited about the wedding and seeing my mom and dad; I couldn't even begin to concentrate." She looked at me. "You're not going to work are you?"

I shook my head. "No I wouldn't be able to get anything done either."

She turned to Bobby. "Are you going into your office?"

He grinned. "Nope, that's one of the beauties of being a maverick tax accountant. I only work when I have work to do. Right now I happen to be standing next to my biggest client."

"Why don't the two of you go to the golf course?"

I looked at Sandra, "That's a nice offer, but I don't want to leave you alone this afternoon. What will you do?"

"When the gangbang girls are done with Barry I intend to take them to the mall and buy each of them a new dress to wear to the groom's dinner tonight. April is going to meet us there as soon as her last class ends this afternoon."

I looked at Bobby. "It sounds to me like we get to play guilt free golf."

Sandra took both of our hands. There was a look of unquestionable authority in her eyes. "You two have to promise me on thing."

"What's that?"

"We have to leave here no later than 6:30. At 5:00 you have to promise to pick up your golf balls and quit. You might not get to finish the entire18 hole round. Stevie you have to be back here by 5:30 and Bobby you have to be at your house by 5:30"

I smiled. "No problem."

Sandra stared at me. "Listen to me Steven Michael Wagner; that means no gambling. You two can't try to fleece the poor wretches you get paired up with this afternoon. You don't have time. You're going to have to walk off the golf course at 5:00 pm sharp. Do you two understand me?"

We both nodded our heads and said in unison, "Yes Ms. Monroe, we understand."

Sandra glared at the two of us. "If either of you guys are late getting home today, Brenda and I are going to chain both of you to a bed and leave you alone with Maddie for an entire afternoon."

Bobby took Brenda's car when he left. Sandra was taking the girls shopping in the Lincoln. They all wanted to ride together so they could gossip.

Bobby and I had a very pleasant game of golf. We also followed Sandra's instructions to the letter, although it did hurt a little. The two guys we were paired with were obnoxiously arrogant about their golf games. They would have been easy to fleece. It took some effort on our part, but we resisted temptation. They wanted to play a $300 nassau. That would have been a $100 bet on the front nine, a $100 bet on the back nine and a $100 bet on the total 18 hole score. Once we saw them play we wanted to cry. It would have been like taking candy from a baby. Bobby and I made sure we each missed a couple of putts and sliced a couple of drives just in case we were lucky enough to run into them again in the future.

We walked off of the golf course at 5:00 pm sharp. I got back to the house at 5:25. When I arrived, Ricky was the only one at home.

He was shaving. As I was getting ready to take my shower I asked him. "Have you heard from the girls?"

"Not a word. Do you know where they are?"

"They went shopping for new dresses with Brenda, Maddie and April."

Ricky laughed. "That group might not even be home in time for the wedding tomorrow."

I smiled. "They'll be here. This is an important night for Sandra. She's going to get to see her parents."

Ricky turned to me. "How come were not picking them up at the airport?"

"We were afraid it was going to be kind of busy around here. I arranged for a limousine service to take them from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the restaurant tonight. Pat and Ed, were excited about riding in the limo. It also gives them a little time to unwind and freshen up in their hotel before they see us."

When I finished my shower, I started to shave. As I was shaving I heard Sandra and Julie come into the house. I looked at the clock, it was nearly 6:00 pm.

As I was wiping the excess shave cream off of my face Sandra burst into the bedroom and threw her arms around me. "Hi baby, I'm so excited; sorry were late, shopping for four new dresses is never easy."

Julie came into the bedroom dragging Ricky behind her. "Sweetheart, come look at my new outfit."

I finished wiping my face off with a towel, kissed Sandra, walked into the bathroom and started drawing a bath.

As the tub was filling I turned to the girls. "Get your clothes off and get ready to get into the tub. We don't have much time. You're getting your baths together tonight."

Sandra turned to Julie. "Listen to Mr. Boss man over there. Maybe I need to get the whip and teach him exactly who's running this show."

Julie laughed. "No I like his plan. I just want to know if we get to do a lesbian bathtub scene while were in there."

I looked at the clock, it was already 5 minutes past 6:00. We needed to hurry. I had to put my foot down. "Girls no more shenanigans. You have exactly one minute to get your cute butts into that bathtub. If you don't I am going to cancel your credit cards."

Sandra was taking her clothes off. As she pulled her panties down she said, "Will you two promise to kiss our cute butts when we get out of that tub."

I laughed. "Baby that's a deal."

Sandra ran to the tub. She was naked. I looked at her, I could never get over how cute Sandra's body was.

Both Julie and Sandra were so excited about tonight's dinner that giving them a bath was like trying to wash two kittens in the kitchen sink. They refused to sit still. After much effort, Ricky and I finally managed to get our girls washed and toweled off.

We put on our suits and tied our neckties while they applied their makeup and got dressed. When they were done they both stood up and modeled their new outfits.

Sandra looked at me as she twirled around. "You like?"

I smiled at her. "Sweetheart you are absolutely beautiful."

It was 6:45 when we walked out our front door and got into the Lincoln. Ricky drove.

On the way over Sandra said, "Father Manuel Romero is going to be at the dinner. He's the priest who's going to marry us. I know him from the University. Stevie, I really like him a lot. He's Nicaraguan. He fought in the revolution there in the 1980's. She paused. "Honey now he works with the homeless here. He knows Father Tom." Sandra looked at me. "Stevie when the wedding is over can we donate some money to his church?"

I smiled at Sandra. "Of course we can."

Sandra grinned at me. "Thank you sweetheart. I think you'll really like him. He's very open minded. He marries gay couples. He'll be a good priest for our wedding because he's not going to be too worried about our marriage vows."

I squeezed Sandra's hand. "I am looking forward to meeting him tonight."

The four of us walked into the Kensington Grill at 7:05. The Maitre D led us to the private dining room. As we followed him down a long hallway, I realized that Sandra and I had been in this room before. It was the evening after we met at Ty Cummings party. We were on our first real date. After we finished our dinner Sandra led me back to this room and made get on my knees and lick her pussy.

I tapped Sandra on the shoulder. "We've been here before."

She winked at me. "Sweetheart, I remember it very well."

We turned a corner and entered the dining room. Our friends were all seated at one big table. There were going to be fourteen of us. There were four empty chairs. One of the empty chairs was at the head of the table and another one was just to the right of the head of the table. Sandra's mom and dad were seated in the first chairs to the left of the head of the table. Next to them were two empty chairs. Jason Mathews was seated across from Sandra's father. His wife Evelyn was also invited, but as you heard earlier, she had declined the invitation. Father Manuel Romero was seated next to Jason. Father Romero, as you just learned, was the priest who was going to marry us. Maddie and Jamal were seated next to Father Romero. Brenda and Bobby were seated across from them. April was seated next to Jamal and Mark was seated at the end of the table.

Sandra stopped as we entered the room. She grabbed my arm and whispered. "Stevie my mom and dad are really here."

I smiled at her. "Yes, that was the plan."

She took a deep breath. "I didn't really dare believe it would happen."

I hugged her. "I think you can start believing it now."

Sandra's father was the first to notice us. Ed Monroe looked up and smiled when he recognized his daughter. He tapped his wife on the shoulder and pointed at us. Patricia Monroe stared at us for a moment and then she started smiling. Sandra's father stood up and walked towards us. His wife got up and followed him.

When they realized what was happening, everyone at the table stopped talking and started watching us.

Sandra walked slowly towards her father. When they were two feet apart they stood and stared at each other. Time seemed to stand still in the room. Everyone was watching.

Sandra's father shook his head. "Baby I'm so sorry for what we did to you."

Sandra threw her arms around her dad and hugged him. "It's okay daddy. I understand why you did it. I did awful things to. Let's just agree to forgive each other and move on. I just want to be with you and mom. I love you so much daddy."

Sandra's mother put her arms around Sandra . "Sweetheart we love you to. We've always loved you. "

Sandra looked at her mother. "I know momma." She started to cry. "I know."

The three of them hugged. Everyone watched silently. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Finally Sandra stepped back. "Mom and dad this is Stevie."

Ed Monroe put his hand out. "Hello Stevie, I feel like we've already met. Welcome to our family."

Pat Monroe smiled and extended her hand. "Hello Stevie; I'm Pat."

I shook their hands. "It's nice to meet both of you." I looked around. "Let's go sit down. I think we have a wonderful evening in front of us."

I moved to pull the chair at the head of the table out for Sandra. She put her hand on my wrist and stopped me. "No baby, you're the head of this family. You brought us together and you hold us together. The chair at the head of the table will always be reserved for you."

I looked at Ricky and Julie. They were both smiling and nodding in agreement. I sat down; I was a little uncomfortable. I never wanted to be the head of a family; I just wanted to be a member of a family.

The waitress came over and took our drink orders. When she was gone Pat Monroe turned to her daughter. "Sandra I just love your friends. Brenda, Madeline and April seem like such interesting women. Did you meet that at the law school?"

Sandra smiled at her mom. "No all of us belong to a women's rights group. Julie is also part of the group. We normally meet every Thursday evening at a restaurant on the north side of the city." She paused "That's how Stevie and I got to know Jason. He came to speak to one of our meetings."

Sandra's mother looked at Jason. "What do you do Mr. Mathews?"

"I'm an attorney."

"Oh I see."

Brenda leaned forward. "Jason is a very moving speaker. If I remember that evening correctly, Sandra was particularly aroused by his message." She smiled. "But since that evening, Mr. Mathews has touched all of us."

Pat Monroe turned back to Jason. "What do you talk about Mr. Mathews?"

Jason was just taking a sip of scotch. He set his drink down and leaned forward. "Generally I tell motivational stories. I try to arouse my listeners. I rely a lot on what I learned from my past experiences with other people."

Sandra's mother thought for a moment. "If you're ever in Milwaukee Mr. Mathews, maybe you could come and speak to the women's group at our church?"

Jason nodded, "Pat If I'm ever in Milwaukee I would love to do that."

As I listened to this conversation I had to work very hard to keep the image of Big Dick Jason and the women's group at St. Stephens out of my mind. I laughed to myself, Jason had not heard the last of this. It was most certainly going to be brought up again the next time we were on the golf course. I also couldn't wait to get home and discuss "the women's rights group" with Sandra and Julie.

The dinner was excellent. We have come to expect that from the Kensington Grill. Sandra spent most of the meal telling her mother about the wedding, our house, law school and all the other details of her life.

While Sandra spoke with her mother I talked with her father. I heard about his family tree, cabinet making and his love for salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. He insisted that next spring I was going to have to meet him in Milwaukee so that he could take me fishing on the lake. I was actually excited about this. My father died before I was old enough to go fishing with him. The idea of having a father to take me fishing was pretty exciting to me.

After dinner we got into our cars and everyone went over to our house. Ricky drove the Lincoln. Ed and Sandra sat in the front. Julie, Pat and I sat in the back. I told Ed that he would be using the Lincoln as his car for the weekend. He loved the idea. We also offered him Sandra's Thunderbird, but he preferred the Lincoln.

When we got to our house Sandra took her mom and dad on a tour. We knew that they would be coming over, so earlier in the day Ricky and I had made the playpen look like Julie and Ricky's bedroom.

Pat loved the house. After the tour I broke open several bottles of champagne and we all sat in the living room talking until quite late. Several times I smiled to myself when I thought about how different tonight's gathering was from last nights gathering.

Just after midnight everyone left to go home. Pat and Ed took the Lincoln and went to the Calvert Hotel.

When they were gone I turned to Sandra and started laughing "A women's rights group? Jason Mathews was a guest lecturer?"

Sandra giggled. "Honey it was the best story I could come up with on such short notice."

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