tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSandy's Honeymoon Adventure

Sandy's Honeymoon Adventure


Sandy and I are the adventurous types, so on our honeymoon we traveled to a tropical Caribbean island well off the beaten tourist track. The island doesn't even have an airport; we had to take a long boat ride from Antigua. The hotel was primitive by modern standards, but we like the solitude and wild location. I'm 26, a stockbroker for a leading Wall Street firm, and Sandy works for a non-profit organization. She's 21, blond and green-eyed, about 5' 6". We're crazy about each other and were looking forward to some time away from work. Sandy comes from a very traditional family, and she refused to have sex before our marriage, so I was especially looking forward to enjoying her gorgeous young body during our honeymoon.

One night soon after our arrival we went for a walk down the deserted and wild beach. It was an incredibly romantic warm night, and the moon was shining. I bought Sandy a tiny green bikini at the hotel shop, one that she would never pick out for herself since she is so shy about her body, and I insisted that she wear it to the beach. I was really enjoying watching her cute butt sway as we walked down the empty beach.

Sandy works out in the gym almost everyday to keep her girlish figure, but her breasts are anything but girlish. Her large, firm, round bosom filled her bikini top almost to bursting, revealing a deep cleavage. The tiny pink nipples poked clearly through the thin fabric. The bikini bottom barely covered her tight round butt, and I was thinking that when we were far away from the hotel we could make love on the beach, although I knew it would take some convincing, since Sandy is so modest, and she would probably resist making love outside, where somebody might discover us. Once I started touching her in the right places, however, I knew her resistance would melt. I had discovered during our honeymoon that my modest young bride actually enjoyed sex as much as I did and was quite uninhibited once she became aroused.

As we walked along the beach, farther and farther from any lights or people, we were surprised to see a bonfire ahead, and some young men and women, apparently locals, drinking and partying. When we walked by, they saw us, and someone yelled out, "Hey dude, want a beer?" Sandy looked at me and shook her head "no," but I wanted to be friendly with the locals, so I accepted. I opened the can of beer they gave me and gave it to Sandy, and then I took another for myself.

There were about 7 guys and only 2 girls. They were definitely not tourists, the way they looked and talked. The guys were dark, young, and muscular, wearing only bathing suits, and the girls were wearing bikinis. There was one big black guy. The two girls looked at my wife with resentment, since all the guys were obviously checking out her tits and ass. I felt a little uncomfortable with the way they were looking at her, but I didn't think they would try anything, especially with two other girls there.

I found out the guys were not from the island, but had come there to work on a construction project. They were all pretty big and tan, especially compared to me. One of the guys introduced himself as Jose; he seemed like the unofficial leader of the bunch. They were all half drunk and quite loud and rowdy.

I told them we were on our honeymoon, and they insisted on celebrating with some tequila. They passed the bottle to me, and I tried to decline, but they insisted, so I took a slug that burned all the way down. Then they tried to give some to my wife, but she refused steadfastly.

When I handed the bottle back, Jose seemed offended. Suddenly they weren't so friendly anymore but looked threatening. "What's the matter with our booze, little girl? Think you're too good for us?" He took the bottle and shoved it to her face to try to make her drink. At that point I stepped forward to push him away from my wife, but as soon as I touched him, he punched me in the face and I flipped over backward. I felt warm blood in my mouth, and when I got up again, someone grabbed me from behind and held my arms behind my back so I couldn't move. My wife screamed.

Jose said to her, "Look little wifey, if you don't want your husband to get hurt, you better drink some tequila."

"That's all you want?" she asked in terror.

The guys all laughed when she said that. Jose responded, "Sure, that's all we want. Both of you drink our tequila and then you can go. We get very insulted if you don't drink with us. But if you do, we'll let you go."

He gave the tequila bottle to her and she timidly took a swig. All the guys and girls were cheering her on, and they insisted that she drink more and more. I was surprised that the two girls didn't defend us, but they were apparently eager to see my young blond wife humiliated. I tried to struggle free, but the guy holding me from behind was about twice my size, and there was nothing I could do. Then they took the bottle and held it up to my lips and forced me to drink too. They kept forcing us to drink more and more tequila, until we were both half drunk and feeling no pain. Meanwhile the guy holding me kept twisting my arm behind my back so I couldn't get loose.

There was some music playing from a portable stereo, and one of the construction workers grabbed my wife, and said, "Hey, let's dance! I want to dance with the new bride." My wife yelled "No!" and started to stagger away, but they shoved her into the middle of the group and yelled at her to dance. She looked at me to let me know that she didn't have any choice, and started moving her lithe body a little in time with the music. The guy dancing drew her close and put his hands on her butt. She twisted away violently and tried to escape, but someone grabbed her and pushed her back into his arms.

Jose told her, "You better cooperate or we'll hurt your husband." Then he came up and punched me hard in the stomach. The guy holding me let go and I collapsed to the ground in agony. Jose commanded one of the girls, "Tie him up so he doesn't interfere. We're celebrating a wedding here." The girl was only too glad to obey, and while one of the men held my hands behind my back, she wound a rope around my wrists and tied it so tight that it practically cut off my circulation. I was left lying on the ground, while the men took turns "dancing" with my wife. Jose hugged my wife to his crotch, while grabbing her tight ass and breasts, grinding his hard penis against her. Another guy grabbed her from behind, and they pressed her between them—one guy grinding against her soft ass, and Jose humping against her crotch through her bikini. She was in tears, but too terrified and drunk now to resist.

One of the other guys, a massive thick man, said, "Hey, isn't it a tradition to kiss the bride? Everybody gets to the kiss the bride!" He didn't ask her what she thought of this idea, but just grabbed her and kissed her hard on her full lips while pinching her nipples roughly through the thin bikini. Then they all took turns "kissing the bride" while I lay helpless on the ground. Her lips were soon red and swollen from the mauling they gave her. One of guys rubbed her ass through her thin bikini; another palmed her large breasts. They took the opportunity to fondle her as they kissed her in turn. I could see my wife breathing heavily from all the excitement.

Jose told Sandy, "Ok, now it's time to show us your tits." She shook her head no. "C'mon," Jose urged her, "take off that top so we can check out your titties. You got some nice breasts there lady, why don't you show them off? We just want to look."

My wife stood helpless in the middle of the group of strangers. She asked, "Will you let us go if I take off my top?" They hooted and hollered wildly in response, and Jose assured her, "Don't worry little girl. We'll be perfect gentlemen. Won't we guys?" The guys all yelled "yea!" in agreement.

Suddenly it grew very quiet on the deserted beach as my wife stood awkwardly in the middle and tried to decide what to do. She looked at me for advice, but I didn't know what to say or do. Slowly then she reached around back and untied the string holding up her bikini top. It fell to the beach, and her full round breasts stood out in the blazing firelight for all to see, rising and falling with her heavy breathing. The little nipples were red and erect. The guys erupted in cheers, and urged her to take off the bottom too. She covered her tits with her arms and tried to run away, but they pushed her back into the center of the ring. One of the guys grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back so that her tits stood out proudly for all to see.

"Time for another kiss, little girl" Jose said menacingly. He put his arms around her and kissed and sucked on her tits hungrily while she cried.

"Wait a minute," she said, "you said you would let us go!" He ignored her protests and continued sucking her breasts and erect nipples. I remembered that my wife's breasts are very sensitive, and I wondered if she could be getting turned on from this stimulation.

Jose pushed Sandy down to her knees and ordered her, "Take it out." Everybody knew what he meant. His engorged penis could be seen clearly straining through his tight swim shorts. She looked at him and shook her head "no." I struggled against my bonds, but it was hopeless. My wife was so fastidious that she would never give me a blowjob, or even kiss or lick my dick.

"Look, little wifey, if you don't want to get fucked by all of us, you better give me a nice sweet blowjob. That's your choice, and you better hurry up, because my compadres love nothing better than a young blond pussy," Jose threatened.

My wife hesitated and looked around fearfully. Jose took his enormous penis, already half hard, out of his swim shorts and shoved it in her face. She kept her lips shut tightly, but he grabbed her long thick blond hair and batted her face with his huge club-like penis. Then he put it back to her lips and pulled on her hair viciously. She cried out in pain, "Ooowwww!" and Jose took advantage of her open mouth to shove his cock down her throat.

The cock filling her mouth stifled her cry. She could only say "Mmmppphhh" in surprise at the large penis invading her lips.

"No teeth, remember gringa. Give me a good blow job, and we won't touch your precious little pussy."

Jose held her head still while he plunged his cock down her throat. My wife was choking and sobbing. Her lips were tightly stretched around the cock, which barely fit into her petite mouth. At first he could fit only about a quarter of his long thick cock into her mouth, but he kept pushing, thrust after thrust, pushing it deeper and deeper down her long aristocratic throat, as she was forced to deep throat him. I was amazed to see that she was talking about 8 of his 12 inches down her throat. He let go of her head, and she took her mouth off, choking and sobbing. But he grabbed her head again and pushed his dick back down her throat.

It was incredibly sexy to see my wife on her knees with her large breasts exposed, her long blond hair, and cute upturned nose, giving a blowjob to this muscular young man. After a while he let go of her head, and I saw that my wife was willing sucking him tightly and plunging her head down over his cock. I could see his cock making my wife's cheeks and throat bulge. She grabbed his thick legs for support and even ran her hands up and down his thick hairy leg as she pleasured him. I couldn't believe that my wife would cooperate with this rapist; I hoped that she was just trying to get him off faster so that we could escape.

"Hey gringo. Your wife gives good head. She likes my big hard cock," Jose laughed.

Then my wife reached up and cupped his balls in her hand, pulling on them very gently. Jose grimaced in pleasure, his body stiffened, and he started coming into my wife's mouth with a yell. When she realized that he was coming in her mouth, she tried to pull away, but he grabbed her head tightly as he pumped his load into her mouth. Her eyes widened as his hot salty come filled her mouth and dribbled out the corners of his mouth. He continued to fuck her face until he had emptied his huge balls. When he let go of Sandy's head, she pulled back and coughed violently, come dripping down her face and onto her breasts.

Any hope that we might be released after getting Jose off was dashed when another muscular young man stepped up for his blow job. He pulled down his shorts and stuck his cock into my wife's face. His cock was not as long as Jose's, but thicker, almost like a baseball bat. I didn't see how my wife could ever fit that monster into her mouth. But she seemed resigned now to getting the men's rocks off in order to save our lives.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth obediently, and he pushed his thick penis into her mouth. Her eyes widened at his huge girth and she tried to pull back, but he grabbed her head and forced his thick cock into her petite mouth. After a minute she became used to the large cock in her mouth, and started sucking as best as she could. I could hardly believe it when I saw her reach up and caress his ass, pulling him deeper into her mouth. Then she cupped her balls in his hand and massaged them.

I heard her moan with a humming sound "Mmmmmmmm" as she blew him. Finally the second man groaned in pleasure and let loose another load of hot come into her mouth. I saw her throat working as she tried to swallow all his come, but there was too much, and come spilled out onto her cheeks and dribbled down onto her large white breasts, adding to the come already sprinkled on her breasts and face from Jose.

"Hey, your wife swallows, gringo. She's a good little whore," the man exclaimed.

One of the girls shouted out spitefully, "Hey guys, why don't you fuck the rich little blond? I bet she's got a tight cunt for you."

The guys all yelled in agreement, seeming to forget or ignore Jose's promise not to touch her pussy. The grabbed her and threw her down onto a big red blanket. Hands grabbed her bikini bottom and ripped it off, revealing her tight round ass and blond pussy. Up till now, nobody had ever sampled that sweet pussy except for myself. In fact, Sandy was practically a virgin, since we had been married only a few days ago.

My new wife was completely naked now. She struggled valiantly, but two big guys each held one arm out, and the two girls wearing bikinis each grabbed one of her long legs, leaving her spread-eagled and pinned to the ground. Her large firm breasts, spattered with thick come, stuck out to the sky, and her neatly manicured tight slit was exposed for all to see.

Jose said, "Hey Tyrone, why don't try her pussy first. I bet she's never enjoyed a black cock before." A large black man, over 6 foot tall and solid muscle, pulled down his shorts to reveal a long thick snake of a cock, about 10 inches long and very thick. How would that monster ever fit in her tight little cunt? Sandy had sex for the first time in her life only a couple of days ago. Of course I had been very gentle and slow, and my cock is only an average six inches. Now my modest new wife was about to be raped with a huge black cock. I struggled violently against my ropes, but to no avail. I could only watch helplessly as a black stranger raped my new wife.

Tyrone kneeled in front of my wife's naked exposed body and rubbed his hard cock up and down her blond furry slit. My wife struggled feebly against her bonds as his black cock touched her pussy. Tyrone leaned forward and pushed my Sandy's pussy open.

"Ooohhhh noooooo," my wife yelled in pain.

But Tyrone kept pushing his way slowly into her blond slit, splitting her pussy lips wider and wider. He was evidently having problems fitting his huge cock into her petite pussy.

"Man o man!" he exclaimed. "This is one tight pussy. Sure feels good."

He became excited and started to push harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

"Oooooohhhhhhh," my wife moaned in pain.

Over and over, he pushed his way into the depths of her pussy like a wild bull or stallion. He was so big, and my wife so tight, that it took about a dozen thrusts before he was fully embedded, his huge cock reaching places that had never been touched before. He fucked her vigorously, pushing his cock up to the hilt, and grinding his pubes against hers. His hairy black ass was inbetween her wide spread legs, humping her like an animal. I couldn't imagine how my wife could fit such a huge penis in her tiny vagina. She was incredibly tight when we had sex and she complained about how big my average-size cock is.

Now that she was pinned helplessly by his hard cock, the men and women let go of her legs and arms. There was no way she could escape with this big black man in between her legs. There was obviously no point in trying to resist or push him off, so she lay there helplessly, her arms and legs spread wide, while he fucked her. It was strange to see the contrast of the black man's hairy body intertwined with my blond wife's white limbs.

"Oh! oh! oh!" she said in time to his thrusts, whether in pain or pleasure it wasn't clear. Everybody stood around and watched the spectacle of my wife being fucked by Tyrone.

As the black stranger fucked my wife, I was ashamed to see that my own penis was inexplicably becoming hard. One of the girls noticed and said, "Hey look everybody. The gringo is excited to see his wife getting fucked! Hey wife, did you know that your husband enjoys seeing you fuck another man?" My wife looked over at me in surprise, and I turned my head away in shame.

The brown-haired girl came over to where I was laying on the sand helplessly, my hands tied behind my back, and she pulled my shorts down, exposing my six-inch hard on. "Your cock is so small man, how can you make your wife happy. Of course she needs a big man to fuck her." Then she reached down and started stroking my cock. "Would the little man like some relief?" she asked. She was intent on humiliating me in front of the group and my wife. She put her hand around my hard cock and pumped vigorously, and in just a minute I erupted all over her hand, while she giggled in amusement. She continued pumping until she had drained my balls, and then she shoved her come-covered hand in my face and ordered me to clean her up. I had no choice but to lick my own salty come off her hand.

Meanwhile Tyrone continued to fuck my wife. I noticed that she kept her legs wide and put her knees up, feet on the ground, affording him easy access to her pussy.

"Ooohhhh! Ooohhh! Ooohhh! Mmmmnnnn! Mmmmnnmph!" She was moaning now in what seemed to be a combination of pleasure and pain.

"Hey man, your wife's got a juicy pussy man. She's enjoying this."

"I think the new husband wants to see his wife get fucked close-up," Jose said. He and another man dragged me over to where my wife was getting fucked, and stuck my head between her legs, right next to where Tyrone's black cock was plunging in and out of my wife's pussy, splitting her pussy lips wide. I could see that indeed her pussy was very wet, and juice dripped from her pussy onto the blanket underneath. The black man's huge balls slapped up against her butt as he fucked her. I was amazed to see my wife's butt begin to move and respond to his fucking; her ass rising up to meet his thrusts. I thought I heard her groan in pleasure and then her ass moved rhythmically, humping up against Tyrone, meeting him thrust for vigorous thrust.

Ooooohhh! Yesssss!! Ooohhh god. That feels sooo. . . good!" my wife said in ecstasy.

"Ooo weee, this girl is hot. She's coming all over my cock man. She likes it," Tyrone said. As she humped up against him, I watched the juice start to run freely out of her pussy, and I knew that she was indeed coming all over his big black cock. Then I saw Tyrone's balls tighten up to his body as he fucked her harder and deeper. I heard him groan loudly with joy, and I knew that he was filling my wife up with his come. She wasn't on the pill and her womb was filling up with a stranger's hot juicy sperm. Sure enough, the white thick cream overflowed out of my wife's pussy, down her ass, and onto the blanket. Thrust after thrust after thrust, he continued pumping my wife full of his hot come. She moaned and groaned in pleasure, meeting his thrusts with her tight round ass.

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