tagLoving WivesSandy's New Role Ch. 03

Sandy's New Role Ch. 03


Sandy had recovered quickly from the ordeal she'd experienced at the hands of Gary and Tom. Yes, Tom -- her husband. The man she loved had not only learned of her desire for dark pleasures but had happily conspired with Sandy's secret Dominant to give her an afternoon of the most exquisite pain and pleasure. The bruises had faded soon after. But her men had promised further adventures.

Tom had told her about the party as they'd left Gary's place. At first Sandy had been shocked. Then she'd been uncertain as to whether she could bring herself to participate. But as her body had recovered her mind had kicked into gear. Then the days had turned into weeks and Sandy had found her thoughts turning from fear to excitement to anticipation.

It had reached the point where in those last few days Sandy had found it a struggle to function normally. Her mind was filled almost constantly with hungry thoughts of what her two men might have planned for her. She'd dared not ask although she had shuddered each time Tom or Gary had dropped a little hint.

Gary was in charge. She was to perform as he instructed. There would be a group of men. Tom would be present but no-one else would know he was Sandy's husband. He and Gary would keep her safe but Sandy would be required to accept and endure each and every thing that would be demanded of her.

And her mental state had not been helped at all by Tom and Gary having decreed that sex was to be rationed until the party -- in order to 'make sure' that she arrived at the party feeling horny and hungry. Even masturbation had been banned. Sandy had felt somewhat put out by their decision but she'd never even contemplated disobeying them. She loved Tom now more fiercely than ever and was excited to be able to obey such commands from him.

The rule had not applied to Tom. Throughout those four weeks Tom had helped himself to her body seemingly whenever the urge had arisen -- her tits and her arse and her cunt had been fondled repeatedly. He had made sure many times to demand that Sandy suck his cock. On one evening he had taken great delight in using her mouth while she was on all fours and he watched television. He had groaned louder than ever before when he pumped his warm, salty cream into her mouth.

In the end Sandy had lasted for four long weeks been denied anything other than passing physical stimulation. The rising sexual frustration had driven her close to anger. But all that was forgotten as she drove herself across the city to the apartment.

This was the way Gary wanted it -- Sandy was to drive to the party alone. Of course there had been other times when she had driven alone somewhere to fuck some new man she barely knew. But this was so very different. Those other men had been secrets she'd kept from Tom (until recently). This time Tom was a participant in her wickedness. He would be one of those men. This time Tom was 'giving' her. Being forced to arrive alone emphasised that tonight she had no control.

But the main thing on Sandy's mind was fear -- a delicious terror from not knowing exactly what lay ahead that mixed with a nagging worry that somehow she would disappoint Tom and Gary. Now, for the first time, she really thought about running away. Tom would forgive her, she knew that. But she didn't want his forgiveness. She didn't want to have to ask him to forgive her. For reasons she didn't really understand her wonderful husband supported Sandy and her dark needs. He had granted her the freedom to satisfy those needs and she wanted to commit herself totally to him and this new dynamic in their marriage.

She pulled into the carpark and quickly scanned for Tom's car. He must have come with Gary. Sandy was sure that they were both inside, ready and waiting...probably briefing the other men on what they could expect and how much they could take from her. She should have been disgusted with them both but instead she thought about how damp her panties had been all week.

Despite the warmth of the evening Sandy shivered as she climbed out of her car. The problem was that everything seemed to have come up on her so fast. For so long she had dreamed of being a slut and a whore and a plaything for men, for strangers. Her training at Gary's hands had been supposed to prepare her for an occasion just like this. Yet, she felt totally unprepared now that the time had arrived.

But there was nothing else for it. She wouldn't be able to face either of them, nor herself, if she didn't walk right on over and knock on that door. So Sandy smoothed down her close-fitting cotton dress and pushed back her hair. She locked her car and walked across the carpark, following the careful instructions Gary had sent her.

Up the stairs she climbed and spied number 7 at the far end of the walkway. She was terrified. She wanted to look around, certain that people were standing watching her, knowing what she was and what she was about to do.

And still Sandy felt herself moving towards that door. She saw the post-it stuck next to the handle. A single command -- come in! There were voices inside -- strangers' voices, male voices. Tom and Garry were in there waiting for her. 'Obey,' she told herself. But she had never felt so vulnerable and so naked as she did right then. She wished like anything that her bare nipples had not grown so hard underneath the flimsy material of her dress. This was insane! And yet, somehow, Sandy took a deep breath, and pushed the door aside to give herself entry.

'Oh, hello!' said a strange voice.

'Well, don't you look nice,' said another. Both were sporting wide grins.

'Come on in.' It was Gary. Thank fuck for that! Sandy knew her knees were trembling. But she didn't have to face them alone. And there, on the far side of the room, was Tom -- her Tom. He smiled faintly. Sandy understood. As far as the rest knew, Sandy belonged to Gary. That meant Tom was free to experience his loving wife as if he were a stranger and had no need for care or responsibility.

Sandy thought about sending him a discreet signal -- perhaps a tiny smile in return. But she was frozen. Her knees were still trembling. She felt the 5 pairs of male eyes boring into her. And someone else - another woman sitting over near Tom. She guessed this was Gary's regular submissive - young, blonde and small. Perhaps she was here to learn more about her duties as his submissive.

The thought jolted her brain -- duties. Sandy had them, too, and tonight that meant she would be pushed to her limits. She thought once more about fleeing. Too late -- Gary had a firm hold of her hands now. Perhaps he meant to calm Sandy. That went out the window as soon as he spoke.

'Gentlemen,' he said loudly, 'This is Sandy.' There was a murmur of pleasure from the rest.

'She has been preparing for this for a long time. I have taken her through a lot of training and she has learned that she can get a lot of pleasure from obeying me and being my slut and my whore.' Gary was loving this ritual but Sandy was shocked at hearing herself described like this. It was a humiliation but it was thrilling all the same.

'Sandy is mine,' Gary went on, 'but tonight I am making her available to you. She will obey and please you all. I promise it. You all know the rules. But now she is a plaything for every one of you. She is yours to take and to use. Apart from the limits I have set, gentlemen, there is nothing you cannot have her do for you'.

He led Sandy to the middle of the room. She stood there as proudly as she could manage. She wanted Gary to see that she could match the challenge he had given her. And strangely she felt bolder from the sudden realisation that these men were somehow under Gary's command as well. It was she who was making this night possible. Sandy was the centre of attention. They wanted her!

Gary muttered something and one man, Peter, came and stood in front of Sandy. It was confronting. It was awful. A stranger was about to touch her. It would be the signal that the party had begun. She would be trapped. Sandy knew that her mouth was dry but she could feel that her cunt was wet.

She was determined not to let her fear show. She took a moment to look at him. He was young, maybe late twenties. He seemed rather handsome. Sandy was pleased by Gary's choice. It made her want to show what an older woman could do. There was no hint of nervousness in his eyes. Was Peter experienced at this? It seemed likely if he was a friend of Gary's.

'We don't need that dress any more' said Gary. At that Peter reached up to Sandy's throat and began to undo the buttons on her thin dress. She stood completely still as he worked his way down the front of her body. Gary had trained her well.

Peter stood up once more and looked into Sandy's eyes. Her dress was left hanging open -- she was still covered and yet she was exposed to them all.

He reached through the parted material and down to her bare mound. Their eyes stayed fixed on one another. His finger stroked slowly along her cleft. Oh Christ! Sandy only just managed to stifle her moan. 'Behave,' was what her mind was shouting. 'Very nice,' was what Peter mumbled.

A second man joined them. Gary introduced him as Nathan. He seemed the same age as her and his body was showing the first softening of middle age. But all Sandy could think about was that he was about to touch her as well.

Silently he slipped his hand through the opening of her dress and touched her right breast. 'Oh no don't,' she thought to herself, conscious once more of how erect her nipples were. But it was pointless, of course. Maybe Nathan had read her mind but his fingers were on her nipple now and gently rubbing her stiffened flesh.

'Dress off, boys,' said Gary and Peter and Nathan needed no more encouragement. They carefully peeled the thin material off her shoulders and down the length of her body before letting it drop to the floor. And there stood Sandy, before a group of strangers and with her husband watching, wearing nothing but high heels.

She moved her legs slightly apart -- as she had been trained - and shook her head to free her blonde curls. Her D-cups moved gently. Once more Sandy felt the fear fade. They were all staring at her now, Tom as well. Even the younger woman was paying attention. Sandy was happy to wear their stares, conscious of how good she looked with her light tan and her curves in all the right places. Her tits still sat up proudly and she knew how good her legs looked in those heels. For a fleeting moment she felt able to take advantage of her body. They all wanted her!

And then, too quickly, she was surrounded and Gary and his three friends closed in on her. The last of them still hadn't been introduced. Obviously he didn't feel the need to wait because he joined the others in putting his hands on her. All over her. She was being pawed and inspected and groped.

Sandy almost flinched at the shock. Despite her arousal, the weeks of sexual denial and her newly naked state she'd been expecting some more gentle. But there was to no foreplay. Gary had said it -- she was theirs to use as they pleased. If was clear the other men were taking him at his word. Sandy's cunt gushed slightly at the thought.

Those hand were everywhere -- squeezing her tits, pulling on her nipples, running along the insides of her thighs, stroking the cleft in her butt, testing the firmness of her butt cheeks and (most of all it seemed) exploring the wetness between her cunt lips.

Through all this Sandy did her best to stay absolutely still. She didn't want to embarrass Gary. But the other men wouldn't have cared. They were far too excited at being let loose with her body. They were focussed on Sandy as their plaything, their sex toy. Sandy's fear mixed with her excitement.

'Lets all have a good look at her cunt,' said Gary now. 'She'll give you a proper look if you give her the right command.'

Sandy felt her heart sink. Surely not this? To expose her most private place at a single command - surely this was a secret for just she and Gary? Sandy had worked hard at letting her inhibitions go. She had enjoyed his looks of approval as she found it more and more easy to respond to simple verbal commands. But what if these men were to laugh at her? These men, the men that Gary (and Tom for that matter) had gifted her to. But these were the consequences of whoring around behind Tom's back. She deserved this -- in a way, had even asked for it.

'LA,' said Gary. It was a direct command to Sandy. She almost couldn't believe it as she felt herself respond as he had trained her. She spread her legs a little further and bent her knees slightly. Then her hands travelled down between her legs and she grasped her cunt flesh with her fingers. Staring at Gary, hoping to see another look of approval, she splayed her cunt flesh and held her hole open so everyone in the room could see her juices glistening brightly.

'Fucking hell,' said one of the men. That caused Gary to smile that soft smile that Sandy wanted to see. The others were all looking at her with wide eyes. She noticed Tom, still on his side of the room, and he was agog as well at what he saw. It was another secret she had kept from him. Sandy knew that she had not even begun to make it up to her husband.

But the strangers knew nothing of that. They were focussed only on Sandy and their own debauched pleasures. 'She does that just when you ask her to?'

'Yes,' said Gary. 'That and more. Watch.'

And then to Sandy -- 'Bangkok'. Oh God this was the worst. But she knew now she could not resist. So she stood and turned away from them all, spread her legs wide and bent forward. Her hands gripped her arse cheeks and once more she obediently pulled her flesh apart, making sure that she bent deeply enough to display both her holes.

Someone whistled. There were sniggers behind her. Sandy suddenly felt very lowly, she felt like dirt before them. To submit to like this was a kind of horror. But this was the submission that Gary had demanded of her, trained her to give. And she knew deep down that she loved it! She was a whore and a slut but she was an obedient submissive above all that.

And Tom -- this was as much his idea as Gary's. Her husband had told her several times in recent weeks how much he loved and her and how happy he was for Sandy to explore her darkest desires. He had been the one who had insisted that she should submit to Gary on this night. Sandy reminded herself that by obeying Gary she was pleasing her husband.

She tried to keep that thought in her mind. But it was difficult now that the men once more felt free to stroke and prod her body. It seemed like several fingers were running up and down the length of her slit. She felt someone's hot breath close to her anus. Someone helped himself to her heavy tits as they hung down low.

She realised one man had taken his cock out and was masturbating. She was making them excited! Sandy loved cocks -- she wanted to see this one. If only Gary would allow it.

'Any more?" asked someone.

'Just one -- Paris.' And at that Sandy quickly stood up and turned back to face Gary. Quickly she cupped her tits in her hands and lifted them up as an offering -- to Gary, to Tom, to all of them. This was the easiest of her positions. She was proud of her tits, her best asset. With them on display Sandy still felt like a woman. They all wanted her cunt and her mouth but she hoped they would pleasure her tits as well.

Still the men touched and stroked and probed her entire body. At last someone took her tits - the one without a name bent his head to her left nipple. Jolts of electricity shot through her, but she was careful once again to stifle her sounds of pleasure.

She watched them circle her again and again. Except Tom -- he was still sitting across the room, watching but now sitting close to the young woman. Someone kept running their fingers through Sandy's butt crack. Her cunt was repeatedly touched -- though not penetrated as yet. Her wetness was obvious to everyone.

It was Nathan who'd started stroking his cock. From what Sandy could see it looked like a nice one. She wondered about trying to touch it. After all she was here to please them! But no -- this night Sandy would do exactly what she was told and no more.

She watched Tom pulling at his fly. In seconds she saw her husband pull out his own cock as he, too stared at her display. He watched his wife being mauled by a group of men and began slowly to stroke his own hardness. To be viewed by her husband like that, regarded in such an offhand way -- it made her cunt tingle. Sandy was pleased that Tom was enjoying himself. She would surely be fucked by his gorgeous cock the next day.

'I told you,' said Gary 'that Sandy will obey my commands and yours, too. But since we are getting our cocks out, gentlemen, I think its time to prepare her for the next phase.'

The others all began to remove their pants. As he did so Tom came across the room to join the group. Sandy felt a brief stab of fear at the thought Tom was about to join in her ordeal. She didn't want to disappoint him. She hoped she would be good enough.

Her hands were pulled behind her and there came the familiar feel of leather cuffs on her wrists. Sandy was pleased. The cuffs would help to make the scene complete, help her to be an obedient and willing sex slave. And there was something else -- leather around her neck. A collar! Her mind whirled -- she had seen pictures of this. She'd read about others experiences with being collared. Gary had always been non-committal. Perhaps he had been saving it up for an occasion just like this.

And then something was attached to her collar, something she could not see but could guess at.

'Is that a leash? Jesus,' muttered one of the men. Another stab of fear flew through Sandy. What next? Was this too much? She was no longer a slave -- no, she felt like a pet.

'She's very well-behaved,' answered Gary. He was feeding the leash down through the rings on her cuffs, to hold her hands in position behind her back. 'But you might find the leash helps you. Like if you want to pass her around. Or if someone wants to take her into the bedroom.'

There were more murmurs, sounds of awe. It made Sandy feel strong to know that she and Gary could shock these other men. But she was aghast at the idea of being led about. Oh no, she thought to herself. That would be going too far. She worried she would just laugh out loud if someone decided to take her for 'walkies'.

A hand grabbed her collar. It was Gary. He pulled her face to his and kissed her hard and deep. Their tongues met and swirled together. It was passionate. Sandy felt the protection and the care that Gary was offering her. She was safe. She could take anything they demanded of her. But she didn't want that kiss to end.

Gary whispered to her. 'You are totally sexy and beautiful. All of these men want you. You have been waiting for this for a long time. I know you can live up to your own dreams and desires. I am proud of you because of who you are. Tell me now that you are ready and it will begin.'

Sandy looked at Gary and quickly, gently nodded her head. Oh fuck, was she ready. He couldn't possibly get her into this position and then think that she wouldn't want what was coming.

Gary did not utter a sound in reply. Instead he tugged on the leash and Sandy realised that she was being taken down onto her knees. It wasn't easy with her hands tied and being forced to teeter on her high heels. But she lowered herself as gracefully as she could. She was trembling once again. 'Oh god,' her brain was screaming, 'here it comes.'

A cock was presented to her -- she couldn't bring herself to ask which one but she hardly cared. She tried to lick it, to savour its taste and its hardness. But the owner was impatient and a hand on the back of her head let her know what was required.

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