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Santa's Reindeer Pony Girls


I bet you are all familiar with Santa's reindeer. Their names are Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. And on those stormy nights, Rudolph joins as the lead reindeer. But those are just the names of the regular magical creatures Santa keeps at the North Pole. Santa and his elves also keep a herd of enslaved pony girls at the North Pole, to help deliver presents to the fetish community. And believe you me, those enslaved girls sometimes wish they had never written the letter to Santa that had gotten each of them captured and enslaved.

It all began 30 years in the past, with a squad of majorettes from a local college. The girls all had been out drinking and all of them were a bit tipsy and giggly at the thought of the coming Christmas holiday from school. Their last official squad act was to write letters to Santa, as a joke, describing their fantasies. The girls had already grown out of believing in the magic of the holiday, but as a lark, they all agreed to include a paragraph from the squad captain, Sarah, about their desire to experience life as a Ponygirl reindeer slave.

Sarah had been fascinated with the life of a Ponygirl after seeing the images on the web of the naked women in their harnesses pulling carts for their trainers while their asses were whipped by the expert drivers. All the girls knew of Sarah's fantasies, and all of them at one time or another had convinced their captain that the only cure for her was to go over their lap for a good bottom warming spanking or paddling. Sarah of course played her part, and accepted their spankings with the usual girlish squeaks and yelps, but she loved it, and the girls all loved to see each other over their friends laps, especially after they had a game, and their leotards were tight on their bodies from their exertions.

So, the girls included the line in their letters to Santa, all describing their intense desire to be bound up helpless, and forced to pull Santa's bondage sleigh. The girls all giggled, signed their names, and sealed their envelopes and placed them in their stockings which they hung in their dorm rooms.

Of course, good old Santa loved to give presents, and fulfill desires, so naturally, after reading of this squad of girls who wanted to become reindeer pony girls, he couldn't jolly well refuse. After all, he was Santa, and he deserved a break too. So after delivering the rest of the world's presents, he stopped by the North Pole and picked up 24 elves, and had the leather workers stand by for some new additions to the stables. He ordered elf construction to begin work on stalls for his new reindeer, and then he loaded the sleigh with the elves, some rope, and magic sacks.

Arriving at the girls dorms, he unloaded the elves and the ropes and the sacks, and led the group into the rooms of the girls as they slept. Santa admired their sleeping bodies, and decided that Mrs. Clause wouldn't begrudge him some alterations. Waving his magic around, he began to alter the girls bodies, enlarging their breasts, toning muscles, and smoothing their bodies. He then set to work with the elves, binding the sleeping girls in a most rigid hogtie before helping the elves pull a sack over the squirming bodies of his new reindeer slaves.

Sarah was the last one to be bound and sacked, and as the captain of the squad, Santa picked her to be his reindeer Ponygirl number 1. The other girls would take the roles of the other true reindeer, thus making an 8 reindeer Ponygirl team. Santa loved the sounds the girls made as they squirmed in the magical sacks as Santa loaded the elves back onto the sleigh. Being magical, Santa made everyone forget about the girls, and made their rooms contents vanish into nothing, leaving 4 empty dorm rooms.

Santa and the elves rushed their bound and sacked possessions back to the north pole, and began the process of transforming the girls into their destined roles. Sarah as the lead reindeer Ponygirl slave had to go first, and the other girls were left bound in their hogties on the work table, as Santa and the elves began her transformation.

Sarah was released from her hogtie, and found her hands and feet being encased in the smoothest leather she had ever felt. It felt so snug and comforting on her feet and hands, she didn't even realize the magic within them. Santa watched as the leather closed over the zippers, sealing them within, and fusing the hooves to Sarah's hands and feet. Santa's elves then began to drape the soft leather over Sarah's body, which was nude thanks to a quick wink from Santa. Sarah was at first shocked as her pajamas disappeared into thin air, but the smoothness of the leather on her skin again caused her to feel the most intense bliss she had ever felt.

Santa and the elves folded the leather around her body, tucking her breasts into the cups, slipping her nipples thru some holes in the center, and draping the straps down to her waist, where a wide belt was fastened around her body, before a crotch strap was draped down between her legs. Santa and the elves decided to do some magic at this point, and on the crotch strap appeared a massive dildo which was soon nuzzled and prodded into Sarah's pussy. Sarah moaned as the massive dildo reamed into her cunt, spreading it wider than any of her lovers or even the girls toys had done when they played in their rooms. The elves watched as Sarah humped the dildo for a minute, and then they took the loose end and tucked it into the back of the harness. Magic took over then, tightening all the loose straps until they fit snugly against Sarah's body.

Sarah moaned as the dildo was pulled tighter into her pussy, and offered no resistance as the elves took her arms and bound them behind her back with the magical leather, which fused to the harness, effectively making her totally dependant on the elves for her care. Sarah felt a touch on the back of her knee, and a touch on her back and knelt down as an elf came forward holding a bridle of leather and silver, and slipped it over her head. Sarah let the bit slip into her mouth, and felt the elf tightening the straps behind her head, before she felt the magic in the leather pull the bridle tighter to her head. Sarah lost her ability to speak then, and instead let out a loud whinny as she felt a tail sprout from her tailbone, and drape over her ass, and swish as she stood up. She also felt some antlers sprout from the top of her head, and she knew her outfitting was complete.

One of the elves fastened a set of reins to the bit, and led the new reindeer Ponygirl to a rail, and hitched her to it, to watch as her team mates began their transformations. As each girl went thru the same thing, Sarah whinnied and nuzzled them as they were hitched up next to her at the rail. Sarah could see the looks on their faces as their enslavement began, and the emotions ranged from dreamlike acceptance to sadness and fear and anger.

As the last reindeer Ponygirl was tied to the rail, Santa and the elves smiled. Then Santa used 2 of the elves to slide a bar between the reindeer slaves and the hitching rail, forcing the reindeer pony girls to bend at the waist, exposing their asses. Santa smiled as he watched the reindeer pony girls swish their tails, trying to cover their stuffed pussies and asses, and with a jolly HO, HO, HO, Santa picked up his driving whip, and gave each reindeer slave rump 10 strokes, bringing a chorus of Whinnies and Whimpers from the helpless herd.

The elves all had enjoyed watching the faces of the reindeer pony girls as the whip snapped against their asses and pussies, and gave a hearty cheer as the tip connected with the clit of the victim. All down the line, the reindeer pony girls whinnied and snorted and whimpered, as Santa broke them to his will, and the will of his whip.

After spending the night warming their asses and watching them wiggle and shake their flanks as the whip and crops rained down blows upon their asses, Santa and the elves untied the reindeer pony girls, and led them to their new stalls. The girls all whimpered as they read their new names: Spank her (Sarah) and Dance girl (Emily), Prance her (Julie) and Vixen (Joan), Cum slut (Jasmine) and Cup it (Ariel), Done her (Hermione) and Fuck her (Ginny).

The year that followed had the enslaved reindeer pony girls learning to prance, to move as a team, and learning how to fly. Everyday seemed like it lasted for weeks, while at night, the girls all spent time bent over the spanking rail, having their bottoms turned red from a crop or paddle, or occasionally Santa's whip. All the reindeer slaves had lost their humanity, and all of them were so deeply under Santa and the elves control that even if they could rebel, there was no place to go.

Finally, the night came for the girls to make their appearance on the world scene. Santa of course would fly his children themed sleigh first, to make sure the kids were all asleep, and then it came time for Santa's adult deliveries. The reindeer pony girls were led out of their stalls, and led before a smaller version of Santa's massive sleigh. There the elves would first connect the sleigh's guide rail to the waist belt of the reindeer pony girl's harness, then when it was time, the elves carried out the strands of silver bells that went along the outside of the reindeer pony girls. The elves jingled each length to make sure the reindeer pony girls heard it, and each as they heard it, felt their pussies moisten and then begin to squirt as the bells caused them to cum over and over. The elves hooked the bells onto the outside portion of each waistband, and then they threaded the reigns thru the bits of the reindeer pony girls, and tying them off to Santa's adult sleigh.

Santa smiled as he sat down, and watched the wiggling asses and tails in front of him, smiling as he enjoyed the view of the reindeer pony girls perfect asses and smooth pussies. He picked up the whip, and with a loud SHISH CRACK, cracked the whip over the heads of the reindeer pony girls, who leapt on their hooves, and pulled with their bodies, until the sleigh took off, carrying with it the magical being who loved to grant wishes of both the young and the old, the vanilla and the kinky. Just don't forget that Santa is always looking to recruit more to his stable, and grant other deeply desired dreams one might commit to paper.

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year, from yours truly,


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